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As it happened: Italy 32-22 Romania

2015-10-11 15:00
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11 Oct 17:28

FT: Italy 32-22 Romania. Romania won the second half 17-10, but there was too much damage done in the first.

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11 Oct 17:26
80' Vlaicu misses the conversion. Italy 32-22 Romania.
11 Oct 17:25
79' TRY ROMANIA! And it came through the backline! Apostol gets his second!
11 Oct 17:22
78' Romania turn it over, kick ahead and win the 5m scrum! Do they have time for one more try?
11 Oct 17:20
77' Italy lineout 40m out ...
11 Oct 17:19
76' Vlaicu adds the extras. Italy 32-17 Romania.
11 Oct 17:18
75' TRY ROMANIA! A late TMO call is going to award Romania a try! It's Valentin Poparlan!
11 Oct 17:15
75' Another penalty for Romania and Italy are warned that the next one will be a yellow! 
11 Oct 17:14
73' Romania penalty. They set up the lineout.
11 Oct 17:13
73' Romania 10m out now ...
11 Oct 17:13
72' Romania not done here though. They're giving it a go!
11 Oct 17:12
70' Allan kicks over a penalty for Italy and that puts it beyond doubt with 10 to play. Italy 32-10 Romania.
11 Oct 17:08
67' Vlaicu adds the extra two to become Romania's all-time leading points scorer at World Cups! Italy 29-10 Romania.
11 Oct 17:07
66' TRY ROMANIA! Adrian Apostol scores. It came from a good scrum and Romania finally have something to show for their efforts.
11 Oct 17:06
66' Is that a try to Romania? We're going upstairs to have a look!
11 Oct 17:04
65' Romania get a break as referee Romain Poite misses a clear offside. Scrum to the men in yellow 5m out.
11 Oct 17:03
64' A decent passage of play there from both sides. Some good running rugby. It ends with an Italian player bundled into touch on the half way line.
11 Oct 17:01
62' Allan overcooks a kick from 45m and they will have to come all the way back for a Romanian scrum. A rare mistake from the Italian No 10.
11 Oct 16:59
61' Romania with a decent looking move. A kick through takes play up to the half way line.
11 Oct 16:58
59' Romania trying to run out of trouble from their own line. Eventually they go to the boot. Italy lineout 22m out.
11 Oct 16:56

58' Italy go close there, but a grubber sees the ball go into touch. Why not keep it in the hands?

11 Oct 16:53
56' The benches getting involved now for both sides ...
11 Oct 16:50
54' The Italian kicking game has actually been pretty good. And Allan has had a blinding game! 
11 Oct 16:49
52' And Romania lose their lineout ball. Very frustrating. Italy clear but it's still in their 22. 
11 Oct 16:47
51' Romanian penalty for offside. They'll set up the lineout here and have a go.
11 Oct 16:46
50' Romania trying to be a bit more expansive now. They're up to the 22m area. 
11 Oct 16:46
49' Italy are surely home and dry now. It's just a matter of how many more they can get. Romania not coping in the forwards.
11 Oct 16:43
47' Allan's conversion is good. Italy 29-3 Romania.
11 Oct 16:42
46' TRY ITALY! ALESSANDRO ZANNI! The No 8 powers over from the base of the scrum.
11 Oct 16:41
45' And eventually we have a ruling. NO TRY. Ball held up, 5m scrum to Italy. 
11 Oct 16:40
45' Don't envy the TMO here ... there are about a million things going on at once. 
11 Oct 16:39
45' Italian flyhalf Allan makes the break and tries to offload but he passes it into a Romanian player, but we're going upstairs to see if there was an Italian knock-on involved. Could be an Italy try.  
11 Oct 16:37
44' Slow start here from both sides with a bit of aimless kicking.
11 Oct 16:35
42' Big scrum from Italy and Gori makes a charge towards the try line, but he is tackled into touch.
11 Oct 16:33
41' And we're off through the boot of Allan, A Romanian knock-on in the first contact gives Italy the scrum. 
11 Oct 16:33
41' And we're off through the boot of Allan, A Romanian knock-on in the first contact gives Italy the scrum. 
11 Oct 16:32
The second half is about to kick off. Is there any way back for Romania? Probably not. 
11 Oct 16:19
HT: Italy 22-3 Romania. The Romanians came so close to scoring during a period of 8 minutes when they were camped on the Italian try line. That was a massive moment for them, and it looks like they have left themselves far too much to do in the 2nd half.
11 Oct 16:17
40' Allan is accurate with the conversion. Italy 22-3 Romania. 
11 Oct 16:16
39' TRY ITALY! That's a beautiful run from Allan, the flyhalf! He just slices through the Romanian defence and has the pace to round the last defender with ease! 
11 Oct 16:14
38' Romania conceded 10 points when they were down to 14 men. 
11 Oct 16:13
36' Romania get the penalty inside their own half and they miss touch with the kick! That's not going to help them get back into this game. 
11 Oct 16:11
35' Italy lose centre Michele Campagnaro to injury.
11 Oct 16:09
33' Tragic for Romania there as they lose the ball when they get the backline involved. Italian penalty for holding on. 
11 Oct 16:07
31' Another lineout 5m out for Romania ...
11 Oct 16:06
30' Another penalty to Romania for offside. The Romanian backline never saw the ball once there ... they're trying to go over with their big boys. 
11 Oct 16:04
28' Another penalty for Romania 5m out ... this time for an infringement in the lineout. They kick it out ...
11 Oct 16:02
27' Penalty to Romania for an Italian player being off his feet. They're setting up the lineout! Three points could have done them nicely right now ...
11 Oct 16:00
25' Conversion is good from Allan. Italy 15-3 Romania. 
  • 80'

    Vlaicu pushes his conversion kick to the left.

  • 80'

    Romania go through the phases after gathering the restart. They spill the ball however and that's the half. What a come back by the Oaks, but too little too late as Italy go away with the victory.

  • 80'


  • 79'

    TRY, ROMANIA, APOSTOL. 32-22. Romania now go through the phases. vlaicu floats a brilliant ball out wide to Apostol who scores in the left hand corner.

  • 78'

    Italy looking for final flourish as they attack inside Romania's half but it comes ton nothing as Romania make a turnover. They hoof the ball down field and Gori is caught at back. He spills the ball and Romania have one more chance to score a try!

  • 76'

    CONVERSION, ROMANIA, VLAICU. 32-17. Vlaicu adds the extras.

  • 75'

    TRY, ROMANIA, POPARLAN. 32-15. The TMO will have a quick look to see if the Romania grounded the ball in the previous movement and try! Valentin Poparlan scores a pushover try!

  • 74'

    Romania rumble forward with their driving maul. They are brought to ground inches away from the try-line and now the forwards try to bustle their way through. They win another penalty and Vlaicu kicks for the corner again.

  • 73'

    Romania win a penalty at the deck and Vlaicu finds touch 5 metres from Italy's try-line.

  • 72'

    Romania take a quick line-out and they take play up to Italy's 22. Now they go through the phases with their forwards.

  • 70'

    PENALTY, ITALY, ALLAN. 32-10. Allan's kick is good!

  • 69'

    Romania are pinged for illegal scrummaging. Allan will have a shot at goal from 15 metres out.

  • 68'

    Italy have an attacking scrum inside Romania's 22.

  • 67'

    CONVERSION, ROMANIA, VLAICU. 29-10. Vlaicu adds the extras from the kicking tee.

  • 66'

    TRY, ROMANIA, APOSTOL. 29-8. Romania thump Italy at the scrum. Apostol runs a crash ball and he is over for Romania's first try!

  • 65'

    Calafeteanu kicks for space and it's a good one as Italy are forced to dot the ball down. Attacking scrum Romania 5 metres from Italy-s try-line.

  • 63'

    Romania looking to get over the advantage line with their forwards. They take play up to Italy's half.

  • 62'

    Italy have an attacking line-out just short of halfway! They go through the phases and Allan kicks again as the ball rolls over the dead ball line. Poor kick!

  • 59'

    Romania trying to run themselves out of trouble and finally they clear finding touch just past their 22 metre mark.

  • 58'

    Italy attack and take play up to Romania's 22. Allan stabs a grubber through but it's a poor one as the ball bobbles into touch.

  • 56'

    Too many errors creeping in now. Let's stick to the basics and keep ball in hand!

  • 55'

    Zani breaks away from the line-out and he snipes on the blind. He offloads to Manici, but it comes to nothing as he spills the ball.

  • 54'

    Indecision by Romania in midfield as they give away a penalty on the deck. Allan finds touch inside Romania's 22.

  • 53'

    Another turnover for Italy and Gori launches a bomb. Now Romania counter from deep.

  • 52'

    Italy make the turnover at the line-out and Gori feeds to Allan who finds touch. Attacking line-out Romania inside Italy's 22.

  • 51'

    Romania win a penalty after Italy are caught in an offside position. Vlaicu finds touch 5 metres from Italy's try-line.

  • 50'

    Now Romania return the favor as they make a turnover and take play up to Italy's 22.

  • 48'

    Van Heerden gathers the restart and now Romania attack as they go through the phases. But it comes to nothing as Italy make the turnover.

  • 47'

    CONVERSION, ITALY, ALLAN. 29-3. Allan adds the extras from the kicking tee.

  • 46'

    TRY, ITALY, ZANNI. 27-3. Zanni pics up at the back of the scrum and he bustles his way through and he's over! Poor defence by Romania!

  • 45'

    Italy are testing Romania's defence as they take a quick line-out ball. Allan hits a gap and offloads to Minto but he spills the ball however.

  • 45'

    TMO Ben Skeen says the ball was knocked backwards. But still no try as the ball was held up over the try-line.

  • 43'

    Calafeteanu clears and finds touch just short of halfway.

  • 42'

    Zanni picks up at the back of the scrum and he breaks down the blind. He offloads to Gori who is thumped into touch however.

  • 41'

    Romania spill the restart and Italy's have an attacking scrum inside Romania's 22.

  • 40'

    CONVERSION, ITALY, ALLAN. 22-3. Allan converts his try!

  • 40'

    Italy gather the restart and Gori kicks the ball into touch from the base of the ruck. That's the first half as the players head into the shed for a well deserved break.

  • 40'


  • 38'

    TRY, ITALY, ALLAN. 20-3. Italy attack from a line-out on halfway and Allan hits a gap! He's too quick for the cover defence as he scores under the sticks! What a try!

  • 36'

    Romania win a penalty at the deck. Romania are struggling to get through Italy''s resolute defence!

  • 35'

    Gori launches a bomb and now Romania counter. Vlaicu kicks for space, Fercu gathers and finds touch on halfway.

  • 33'

    Brilliant defence by Italy as Romania drive with their forwards. Now Italy win a penalty after Romania are pinged for holding onto the ball on the ground. Brilliant defence by Italy!

  • 30'

    Romania go through the phases with their forward as they try to bustle their way through.

  • 30'

    Italy are caught in an offside position at the ensuing ruck and Vlaicu finds touch 5 metres from Italy's try-line yet again.

  • 28'

    Geldenhuys is pinged for taking out a Romania player in the air at the line-out. Romania line-out 5 metres from Italy's try-line.

  • 27'

    Italy make a hash of their line-out and now Romania attack deep inside Italy's half. Manici is pinged for going off his feet at the breakdown. Vlaicu finds touch 5 metres from Italy's try-line.

  • 25'

    CONVERSION, ITALY, ALLAN. 15-3. Allan adds the extras from the kicking tee.

  • 24'

    TRY, ITALY, GORI. 13-3. Zanni picks up at the back of the scrum and he is brought to ground inches away from the try-line. Gori snipes and he scores their second try!

  • 23'

    Romania make a hash of their line-out and Italy almost score their second try, but the ball was spilled over the try-line. Romania are thumped at the scrum as they are driven over their try-line. Attacking scrum Italy.

  • 21'

    Italy rumble forward with their driving maul and take play up to Romania's 22. Gori spots space at the back and finds touch 5 metres from Romania's try-line. Italy take the quick throw at the line-out, but the throw is skew.

  • 19'

    Italy thump Romania at the scrum and they win a penalty. Allan finds touch just past halfway.

  • 18'

    Italy make a hash of the restart and Romania have an attacking scrum inside Italy's 22.

  • 17'


  • 16'

    YELLOW CARD, ROMANIA, VAN HEERDEN. Johannes van Heerden will spend 10 minutes in the sin bin for cynical play.

  • 15'

    Kinikinilau is pinged for a high tackle on his opposite number. Allan finds touch inside Romania's 22.

  • 14'

    Romania take play up to Italy's half. They set up a maul from broken play and they rumble forward, but it comes to nothing as they fail to produce the ball from the maul. Italy scrum just outside their 22.

  • 12'

    Allan misses his conversion kick however.

  • 10'

    TRY, ITALY, SARTO. 5-3. Italy rumble forward with their driving maul and now they swing the ball wide to their hard running forwards. Allan swings the ball wide to Campagnaro who offloads to Sarto and he''s over! Well worked try!

  • 9'

    Good counter rucking by Italy as they make the turnover. Vlaicu is pinged for a side entry at the ruck and Allan finds touch inside Romania's 22.

  • 8'

    Italy are pinged at the scrum yet again. Vlaicu finds touch on Romania's 10 metre mark.

  • 6'

    Calafeteanu clears from the base of the ruck after Romania gathered the restart. He finds touch on halfway

  • 6'

    Gori snipes and puts a chip kick through and the chase is on. Gori gathers but he spills the ball in the process. Romania scrum.

  • 5'

    PENALTY, ROMANIA, VLAICU. 0-3. Sweet strike by Vlaicu who opens the scoring for Romania.

  • 4'

    Italy are obliterated at the scrum. Romania win a penalty after Italy are pinged for illegal scrummaging. Vlaicu will have a shot at goal from about 40 metres out.

  • 3'

    Italy launch an attacking run from halfway, but they spill the ball in contact however. Romania scrum on halfway.

  • 2'

    Good counter rucking by Italy who win a penalty after Romania are pinged for going off their feet at the breakdown. Allan however misses touch.

  • 1'

    Italy gather the restart and find touch on their 10 metre mark. Romania now go through the phases with their forwards.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Pool D Rugby World Cup encounter between Italy and Romania from Sandy Park in Exeter. We'll return shortly with team news.

  • 0'

    Italy head coach Jacques Brunel has made just two changes to the starting line-up that lost 16-9 to Ireland last Sunday. After making his comeback from injury in the Ireland match, captain Sergio Parisse drops out of the match-day 23, and is replaced in the back row by Alessandro Zanni. In the absence of 114-test Parisse, the starting line-up has a total of 576 caps, the lowest for Italy in a RWC since the run-on team (533) in the 31-5 win over Portugal at RWC 2007. In terms of average age, at 27 years 201 days it is also Italy's youngest RWC starting XV since RWC 2007 and the 18-16 final pool-match defeat by Scotland (27 years, 133 days). Without Parisse and hooker Leonardo Ghiraldini, who still has not recovered from a thigh muscle injury, lock Quintin Geldenhuys will take over as captain. Geldenhuys will be the 11th player to captain Italy in a RWC match, but has already led Italy three times, in tests against Fiji, Samoa and Japan in June 2014. Italy captains have scored tries in the previous two RWCs, Parisse in 2011 (2) and Alessandro Troncon in 2007, so perhaps the armband will bring Geldenhuys some luck and his first test try for Italy. Only Salvatore Perugini (83) has played more tests for Italy without scoring a point. The other change is Tommaso Benvenuti who comes in at inside centre for Gonzalo Garcia, which he also did after just three minutes of the 16-9 defeat by Ireland. Those minutes were the only previous test rugby Benvenuti and Michele Campagnaro have played in that combination. Campagnaro will play on his new home ground, having signed a two-year contract to represent English Premiership team the Exeter Chiefs when RWC 2015 is over. Alberto De Marchi, who joined the squad at the start of the week as an injury replacement for Martin Castrogiovanni, could make his RWC debut if he gets off the bench. He is the only player in Italy's match-day 23 who has not played any RWC 2015 minutes so far. Alongside him on the bench is Valerio Bernabo, the only player in Italy's 23 now who played the last time Italy took on Romania in a test, the 24-18 defeat at RWC 2007. The only other player who was involved then for Italy is starting prop Matias Aguero, but he was an unused replacement in 2007.

  • 0'

    Romania Coach Lynn Howells has just one change to the starting line-up that beat Canada 17-15 on Tuesday. Valentin Calafeteanu starts at scrum-half in place of the injured Florin Surugiu. Calafeteanu is just one of three Romania players who remain from the match-day 22 when Romania last played Italy in a test, the 24-18 defeat at RWC 2007. Catalin Fercu, who starts at full-back, and Csaba Gal, who is on the bench, are the other players who were involved back then. No player has made more test appearances off the bench for Romania than Calafeteanu (35), but nearly a third (11) of his career starts at scrum-half have come in the last two years. As Surugiu drops out of the match-day 23 for this match, it gives a place on the bench to the only uncapped player in Romania's RWC 2015 squad, Tudorel Bratu. If he gets off the bench, Bratu could become the 10th Romania player to make his test debut in a RWC match, and the first since Stefan Ciuntu in the 85-8 defeat by New Zealand at RWC 2007.

  • 0'

    The teams are on the field for the anthems. Please stand!

  • 0'

    Florin Vlaicu gets us underway!

  • 0'

    Allan gets the second half underway!

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Italy Romania
  • 4 Tries 3
    • 9' Leonardo Sarto
    • 23' Edoardo Gori
    • 38' Tommaso Allan
    • 45' Alessandro Zanni
    • 65' Adrian Apostol
    • 74' Valentin Poparlan
    • 78' Adrian Apostol
  • 3 Conversions 2
    • 24' Tommaso Allan
    • 39' Tommaso Allan
    • 47' Tommaso Allan
    • 66' Florin Vlaicu
    • 75' Florin Vlaicu
  • 2 Penalties 1
    • 15' Tommaso Allan
    • 69' Tommaso Allan
    • 4' Florin Vlaicu
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 1
    • 15' Johann Van Heerden
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Matias Aguero
  • Andrea Manici
  • Lorenzo Cittadini
  • Quintin Geldenhuys
  • Josh Furno
  • Francesco Minto
  • Simone Favaro
  • Alessandro Zanni
  • Edoardo Gori
  • Tommaso Allan
  • Giovanbattista Venditti
  • Tommaso Benvenuti
  • Michele Campagnaro
  • Leonardo Sarto
  • Luke McLean
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Mihaita Lazar
  • Otar Turashvili
  • Paulica Ion
  • Valentin Poparlan
  • Johann Van Heerden
  • Valentin Ursache
  • Viorel Lucaci
  • Daniel Carpo
  • Valentin Calafeteanu
  • Michael Wiringi
  • Ionut Botezatu
  • Florin Vlaicu
  • Paula Kinikinilau
  • Madalin Lemnaru
  • Catalin Fercu
  • Davide Giazzon
  • Alberto De Marchi
  • Dario Chistolini
  • Valerio Bernabo
  • Samuela Vunisa
  • Guglielmo Palazzani
  • Carlo Canna
  • Enrico Bacchin
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Andrei Radoi
  • Andrei Ursache
  • Horatiu Pungea
  • Marius Antonescu
  • Stelian Burcea
  • Tudorel Bratu
  • Adrian Apostol
  • Csaba Gal

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