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2015/09/23 | 21:00 |  Rugby World Cup | The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park |  Full Time
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As it happened: France 38-11 Romania

2015-09-23 20:29
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23 Sep 22:54
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23 Sep 22:53


France prove to be too strong for a game Romanian side. France struggled at times however. 

The final score France 38 Romania 11

23 Sep 22:52
79' Kockott converts and the whistle goes in Cardiff!
23 Sep 22:50

That's it!

Much better final 15 minutes from the French!

A win with the bonus point sees them match Ireland in this pool!

23 Sep 22:49
Fickou breaks the line with a magic step!
23 Sep 22:48
23 Sep 22:46

77' Nyanga with the steal.

Wins the praise of his team-mates as France kick up field in search of a 5th try.

23 Sep 22:44

76' Peyper with the shrill of his whistle.

He's not pleased about the French scrum and lectures the French captain.

Was he a former headmaster? Been at the receiving end of a few chats like that I have...

23 Sep 22:43


France 10-5 Romania

23 Sep 22:43

The French right winger is deemed to have lost it forward.

He's been outstanding and certainly gets my vote for MAN OF THE MATCH.

23 Sep 22:42

75' Restart is regained by France.

Guitoune chases his own kick and is denied a hat-trick by these tiny in-goal areas.

23 Sep 22:41

Ursache scores after a rapid rolling maul.

Conversion is missed.

Lovely moment and the crowd enjoyed it!

23 Sep 22:40


23 Sep 22:39

7mins to go and Romania not giving up.

They kick to the corner with their penalty, can they do enough to score a try?

23 Sep 22:38

Romania do well and move inside the French 22m but once again a turn over is forced from a handling error.

France clear the danger.

23 Sep 22:37
71' France get a bit carried away, running it from inside their own 22m
23 Sep 22:36
Kockott on for Parra, converts!
23 Sep 22:36

Fofana with a bit of individual brilliance!

Had a lot to do after being put through and did his job brilliantly!

Lovely try!

23 Sep 22:35
23 Sep 22:34

Rory Kockott now on.

Can France get that valuable fourth try?

23 Sep 22:33

Parra converts.

He's kicked well tonight and makes it 4/4.

23 Sep 22:32


France score their third.

Another solo effort by Sofiane Guitoune!

23 Sep 22:31

66' TRY!

Or is it?

Peyper checking with the TMO if Sofiane Guitoune scored...

23 Sep 22:30

15 minutes to go.

France looking for two tries for the bonus point while Jaco Peyper is looking to not blow his whistle every 25 seconds...

23 Sep 22:28


Metres made:

France 355

Romania 144

And yet the score in the second half is 0-0.

France lead 17-6.

23 Sep 22:25

60' Le Roux with a great turnover.

Valentin Ursache makes a break and moves into the French 22m but he loses possession on the ground and is penalised.

23 Sep 22:23

It's actually a bit comical.

Romania lose the ball at the lineout, France swing wide but the last pass is forward.

It's been like that the WHOLE game - mistake after mistake.

23 Sep 22:22

58' No points yet in the second half.

Are you still awake?

23 Sep 22:22

57' Would you believe - France give away a penalty.

Truck and trailor from the rolling maul.

Possession stats are 50-50...

23 Sep 22:21

56' They can't score.

France keep the ball well but Romania made a good few bone crunching tackles.

France get their penalty out instead of taking the points from right out in front.

23 Sep 22:20

55' Much better from France.

Over 11 phases but Romania's defence holds firm...for now.

23 Sep 22:17
52' Again France penalised. Another scrum infringement.
23 Sep 22:16

51' Woeful.

Fickou knocks on just as the ball was being passed down the line.

France are lucky they are playing Romania and not Japan...

23 Sep 22:14

50' Parra kicks the ball away. 


Trying a chip kick from 5m out...Romania take care of the danger.

23 Sep 22:14
49' French coach Saint Andre makes a bunch of substitutions - usually doesn't help the flow of a game.
23 Sep 22:11

47' France give away another penalty.

Gosh, Peyper might need a new whistle after this one.

Atonio blown up for illegal scrumming.

France have conceded 8 penalties.

23 Sep 22:08

44' Romania lose it in contact, inside the French 22m.

Dulin kicks it up field and Romania scramble back and kick it out.

France now move into opposition territory for the first time this half.

23 Sep 22:06

43' Van Heerden knocks it on.

Good bit of play by Romania spoilt as the lock takes his eyes off the ball.

France scrum now, on their own 22m.

23 Sep 22:04

41' This game has certainly been physical enough.

French fullback Dulin taken out unceremoniously!

23 Sep 22:02
Second half underway!
23 Sep 21:48


France 17-6 Romania

23 Sep 21:46

The Romanian centre makes no mistake.

17-6 to France and Romania are back to 15 men.

  • 80'

    FRANCE 38-11 ROMANIA. France come out on top in an entertaining clash at the Olympic Stadium as they overcome a valiant Romaian side, who showed they may have the quality to pull off an upset this tournament. Thanks for joining us. Cheers

  • 79'

    CONVERSION, FRANCE, KOCKOTT. Kockott kicks it over from close range to make it 38-11.

  • 78'

    TRY, FRANCE, FICKOU. France take it off the top from the line out and produce a superb backline move that sees Fickou step and leave the tired Romania defence for dead to score under the posts.

  • 76'

    Romania pushing for another try now with as much physicality as they showed in the first minute. France turn it over though as Nyanga gets his hands on the ball.

  • 75'

    Close! Guitoune comes within a whisker of a hat-trick. The winger showed great skill as he chips it over the Romanian defence and gathers the ball under pressure but he just loses control and knocks it on AFTER Crossing the try line.

  • 73'

    TRY, ROMANIA, URSACHE. A superb line out and maul see the Romanian forwards leave the French pack in it's wake and Valentin Ursache crashes over for a deserved score.

  • 72'

    Romania continuing to give their all despite the scoreline and they have a chance to put some more points on the board with a penalty in the French half.

  • 70'

    CONVERSION, FRANCE, KOCKOTT. Rory Kockott''''s first contribution is to kick over from close range after replacing Parra.

  • 68'

    TRY, FRANCE, FOFANA. A brilliant solo try from Fofana. The centre stepping and breaking a series of tackles before turning and finishing superbly for the bonus point try.

  • 67'

    CONVERSION, FRANCE, PARRA. 25-6. Parra kicks his third effort from the right hand corner tonight.

  • 66'

    TRY, FRANCE, GUITONE. 22-6. Another great finish from Guitone in the corner. The winger capping off a some good running from the backs by breaking an umber of tackles and stretching to dot it down and put France in a commanding lead.

  • 65'

    Despite all their running France have yet to produce any meaningful line breaks as Romania continue to defend well.

  • 62'

    France guilty of wasting possession this time as produce an opening down the left only for Benjamin Kayser to knock it on.

  • 61'

    Romania squander another excellent opportunity as a lack of support at the breakdown sees them blown up for holding on and France can clear once more.

  • 59'

    France looking dangerous every time they send it through the hands but a forward pass allows Romania to set up a scrum on the French 10 metre line.

  • 57'

    Brilliant defence from Romania forces the French to cross in the maul and the referee awards them a penalty.

  • 55'

    France up to the five metre line as the referee brings it back for a penalty. Parra puts it into the corner and the French will drive for the line.

  • 53'

    France getting up a head of steam now as the go through the phases, displaying their attacking verve for the first time in the second half. Romania struggling to repel the attack.

  • 52'

    A poor throw from the line out results in a turnover and France take the opportunity to clear their lines. Missed opportunity for Romania.

  • 51'

    Romania force a penalty inside their own half and have a great chance to attack the French try line after a good kick by Vlaicu.

  • 49'

    France ring the changes now as they switch their entire front row.

  • 48'

    France approach the try line but Parra wastes their good field position with an ambitious chip for Fickou, who is unintentionally blocked by the Romanian defence.

  • 46'

    France look to have up their intensity now and look the most likely to score. An attacking line out in the corner provides with with the perfect platform.

  • 44'

    France move up the field again with another driving maul and set up another back line attack. They are once again frustrated by some poor handling, this time Gel Fickou is the guilty party.

  • 43'

    A knock on from Johann Van Heerden relieves the pressure and its a scrum to France. Les Bleus set up a ruck and Remi Tales clears.

  • 42'

    Romania looking fired up in the early stages of the second half and their physicality looks to be causing the French problems.

  • 41'

    Romania kick off to start the second half.

  • 40'

    FRANCE 17-6 ROMANIA. That proves to be the last action of the first half as the sides go into the break.

  • 39'

    PENALTY, ROMANIA, VLAICU. 17-6. Vlaicu sends the kick over from similar position to the one where he missed his previous one to make it 17-6.

  • 38'

    Romania win a penalty well inside the France half as Ion returns from the sin bin and they opt to go for the three points.

  • 36'

    The Romanians have been made to pay so far for going down to 14 men despite enjoying a fair share of possession

  • 34'

    CONVERSION, FRANCE, PARRA. Parra kicks over from virtually the same spot. three from three for Parra.

  • 32'

    TRY, FRANCE, NYANGA. 15-3 And they've scored again! Just like that and France show their class. An excellent line break from Dulin gets Les Bleus going and some quick play from Parra sees it goes through the hands to Nyanga, who finishes with ease in the corner.

  • 31'

    CONVERSION, FRANCE, PARRA. Parra kicks it over from the corner to put France seven points up.

  • 30'

    TRY, FRANCE, GUITONE. 10-3. A fine finish from Sofiane Guitoune in the corner. France pressure pays off as they go down the short side and find the winger, who holds of a last ditched tackle to reach over and dot down it down with one hand.

  • 29'

    France set up an impressive driving maul from the line out and the referee is forced to go to his pocket, Paulica Ion guilty of collapsing the maul.

  • 27'

    France looking increasingly disjointed as the half wears on. Maybe making 13 changes has had a negative effect on the side? Romania have been by far the better side and win another scrum with ease.

  • 25'

    Vlaicu misses the opportunity to put Romania in the lead as he pushes his penalty wide despite it being a relatively straightforward kick.

  • 23'

    France really struggling to keep possession at the moment and the Romanians seem far hungrier to play the ball wide, particularly when they turn it over.

  • 21'

    France force a rushed clearance from the kick off and have a great chance to set up an attack from just outside the 22. They set up another impressive driving maul only for the robust Romanian pack to force another penalty.

  • 19'

    PENALTY, ROMANIA, VLAICU. The Romanians level it up as the centre makes no mistake from right in front.

  • 18'

    With the referee playing penalty advantage for offside, he brings it back for a penalty right in front of the posts.

  • 17'

    A superb line out sets up the driving maul for Romania and they manage to force it over the line after a series of pick and drives. The referee asks the TMO to have a look, but it seems it may be held up.

  • 15'

    Romania get the chance to run for the first time in the game and an excellent kick from Florin Vlaicu puts Brice Dulin under pressure deep inside the 22. Where he is blown up for holding on.

  • 13'

    France set up a great attacking position inside the Romanian 22 but a tremendous leap by Macovei forces a turnover and allows them to clear their lines.

  • 12'

    Romania looking dangerous in the scrum early on and force a free-kick just inside their half as they push the French back.

  • 11'

    Turnover now as the scrum wheels around 180 degrees. Scrum to France.

  • 10'

    Handling errors have plagued the opening exchanges and Romania now have a scrum on half way as Fofana spills the ball in contact.

  • 8'

    PENALTY, FRANCE, PARRA. 3-0 Morgan Parra kicks it over from right in front to put France in the lead.

  • 7'

    Romania doing well to turn the ball over but some indiscipline at the breakdown means France have a chance to open the scoring with a penalty.

  • 6'

    France win another scrum and start putting the ball through the hands in typically flamboyant style but their progress is curbed for obstruction as Wesley Fofana breaks the line.

  • 4'

    A poor line out sees France regain possession deep in their own half and clear well.

  • 3'

    What a scrum! Romania issue a statement of intent as they dominate France in the scrum and win an early penalty. Their pumped up now!

  • 2'

    First scrum of the game to France as Mihai Macovei knocks it on.

  • 1'

    And we're underway as France kick off from left to right in their distinct blue strip. Romania are in yellow.

  • 0'

    Hello and Welcome to our coverage of the Rugby World Cup 2016 Pool D clash between France and Romania at the Olympic Stadium. The clash will be the 50th between the two sides and the third at the World Cup, with France winning 39 and Romania eight.

  • 0'

    France started their campaign with an impressive 32-10 victory over European rivals Italy and Phillipe Saint-Andre has rung the changes for their second match, making 13 in all. Louis Picamoles and Noa Nakaitaci are the only ones to keep their place while Wesley Fofana is fit once more after missing Les Bleus' opener. Morgan Parra and Rémi Talès form a new half-back pairing.

  • 0'

    Yet to play at this year's tournament, Romania come into the clash as staunch underdogs and are not expected to cause France much trouble. Despite their minnow status, they do possess some quality in the form of Saracens full-back Catalin Fercu and will have the experience of Florin Vlaicu to call on in what is the centre's third World Cup.

  • 0'

    The sides emerge from the tunnel as they ready themselves for the national anthems in front of a capacity crowd at the Olympic Stadium.

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France Romania
  • 5 Tries 1
    • 29' Sofiane Guitoune
    • 33' Yannick Nyanga
    • 65' Sofiane Guitoune
    • 68' Wesley Fofana
    • 78' Gael Fickou
    • 73' Valentin Ursache
  • 5 Conversions 0
    • 31' Morgan Parra
    • 34' Morgan Parra
    • 66' Morgan Parra
    • 70' Rory Kockott
    • 78' Rory Kockott
  • 1 Penalties 2
    • 7' Morgan Parra
    • 19' Florin Vlaicu
    • 39' Florin Vlaicu
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 1
    • 29' Paulica Ion
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Vincent Debaty
  • Dimitri Szarzewski
  • Uini Atonio
  • Bernard Le Roux
  • Alexandre Flanquart
  • Yannick Nyanga
  • Fulgence Ouedraogo
  • Louis Picamoles
  • Morgan Parra
  • Remi Tales
  • Noa Nakaitaci
  • Wesley Fofana
  • Gael Fickou
  • Sofiane Guitoune
  • Brice Dulin
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  • Mihaita Lazar
  • Otar Turashvili
  • Paulica Ion
  • Valentin Poparlan
  • Johann Van Heerden
  • Valentin Ursache
  • Viorel Lucaci
  • Mihai Macovei
  • Florin Surugiu
  • Danut Dumbrava
  • Adrian Apostol
  • Florin Vlaicu
  • Paula Kinikinilau
  • Madalin Lemnaru
  • Catalin Fercu
  • Benjamin Kayser
  • Eddy Ben Arous
  • Nicolas Mas
  • Yoann Maestri
  • Damien Chouly
  • Rory Kockott
  • Frederic Michalak
  • Mathieu Bastareaud
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Andrei Radoi
  • Andrei Ursache
  • Horatiu Pungea
  • Ovidiu Tonita
  • Stelian Burcea
  • Valentin Calafeteanu
  • Ionut Botezatu
  • Csaba Gal

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