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As it happened: France 32 Italy 10

2015-09-19 23:02
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19 Sep 23:01

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19 Sep 22:57
After the drama of South Africa against Japan, that was a very drab affair.
19 Sep 22:52


France have won fairly easily here tonight. A very scrappy game with lots of ill discipline it must be said.

France 32 Italy 10

19 Sep 22:52
79' - Strong finish from Italy, they are only 2m from the French line and the have a penalty as the French go offside from a ruck. No time left on the clock, so Italy opt to take a tap kick. 
19 Sep 22:50
78' - Spedding launches a brilliant attack from the back. He eventually is pulled to ground, doesn't release and is penalised. Italy set up a lineout in the French 22m area. 
19 Sep 22:48
77' - France back onto the attack, they will need to score two very quick tries if they want to grab a bonus point... not going to happen!
19 Sep 22:45
74' - Italy not giving up here.. they are bashing way at the French line, but again brilliant French defence by Dumoulin forces them out into touch.
19 Sep 22:42

69' - CONVERSION slotted by Michalak!

France 32 Italy 10

19 Sep 22:41

68' - TRY to France!

Replacement Mas has forced his way near to the poles and pressed the ball against the base of the posts! Joubert signals a try!

France 30 Italy 10

19 Sep 22:39
67' - Starting to lose count of the amount of penalties. Will Craig Joubert bring out a card? Maybe he should. Geldenhuys is the guilty party this time. He is pinged for not rolling away. France set up yet another lineout in the Italian 22m area. 
19 Sep 22:35
63' - France trying to move the ball around, but handling errors letting them down. Italy cannot win the resultant scrum as they are penalised for collapsing the scrum, Castrogiovanni is the man pinged. France opt to set up a lineout in the Italian 22m area. 
19 Sep 22:29
60' - Yet another penalty... again to France. Zanni is penalised for going off his feet. France will have a lineout in the Italian 22m area. 
19 Sep 22:28
59' - Excellent defence by France and they now win a penalty on their own try-line. Michalak clears to near half-way. Even more niggles... we might see a card at some point here. 
19 Sep 22:26
57' - Another penalty to Italy as France are penalised at a ruck. Allan sets up a lineout near the French 22m area. Some niggles out there now. 
19 Sep 22:23
55' - TMO called into action as Guirado holds Minto around his neck and brings him to ground. Italy receive a penalty for that. No other action taken. Allan relieves some pressure with a kick downfield. 
19 Sep 22:21
54' - Huget is down for France. It looks like a very serious knee injury. 
19 Sep 22:18

53' - CONVERSION slotted by Allan!

Italy back in with a chance here...

France 25 Italy 10 

19 Sep 22:17

52' - TRY to Italy!

They desperately needed that! A brilliant pass from Gori finds Venditti on the right-wing and he rounds a few Frenchmen to score under the post. 

France 25 Italy 8

19 Sep 22:16
51' - Italy are straight back onto the attack. They are only a few metres out. 
19 Sep 22:14
49' - Indeed it was a knock-on. France have a defensive scrum, 5m from their line. 
19 Sep 22:13
48' - Italy go within a metre of the line through Gori. He just can't get over. TMO called into action. Try or no try. Gori might have scored after a ball goes loose, but there looks like a knock-on from the little Italian scrumhalf
19 Sep 22:10
47' - Handbags at five paces from both sides, a few push a few shoves. Italy have a penalty after all that. Allan will set up a lineout in the French 22m area. 
19 Sep 22:08

45' - CONVERSION slotted by Michalak!

France 25 Italy 3

19 Sep 22:07

43' - TRY to France!

What a start to the second-half for France. Nakaitaci started it all with a break down the left-wing and it was finished off by tighthead prop Slimani who ran onto a brilliant little grubber from Michalak.

France 23 Italy 3

19 Sep 22:05

42' - PENALTY slotted by Michalak!

Just the start that France would have wanted, but Italy will be wondering how they can get into this match. Cutting out silly mistakes might be a good start. 

France 18 Italy 3

19 Sep 22:03
41' - France have an early penalty and Michalak will have a shot at goal. That was for offside, as a number of Italians were in front of their kicker. 
19 Sep 22:03
40' - Allan sees  his clearance kick charged down but France cannot capitalise, Italy collect again.  
19 Sep 22:02
40' - Second-half underway as Michalak kicks off. Can Italy work there way back into this. 
19 Sep 21:47

39' - PENALTY slotted by Michalak!

Michalak extends the lead once more on the stroke of half-time.

France 15 Italy 3

19 Sep 21:46
38' - French surge back onto the attack with Picamoles making a number of metres and stepping a defender. He opts to kick ahead and Italy take the ball into touch. Another penalty to France from the resulting lineout as a French jumper is taken out in the air. Michalak will kick at goal from 30m and on the right-hand touchline. 
19 Sep 21:44

37' - PENALTY slotted by Spedding!

That was a monster kick!

France 12 Italy 3

19 Sep 21:44
36' - Another scrum penalty for France. The Italian scrum is a huge worry at the moment. Castrogiovanni is the man penalised for putting his knee on the ground. South African born Scott Spedding will have a long-range attempt from around 55m. 
19 Sep 21:42


This is Frederic Michalak's third World Cup. He missed 2011 as well. 

19 Sep 21:41


France have had 56% of the possession so far in this first half. 

19 Sep 21:41

34' - PENALTY slotted by Allan!

Italy finally on the board!

France 9 Italy 3

19 Sep 21:40
32' - Penalty awarded to Italy as Picamoles tries to kick the ball out of the hands of Italian scrumhalf Gori. Allan will have a shot at goal from around 45m and slightly to the right of the uprights. 
19 Sep 21:38
31' - Lots of errors from both sides so far tonight. Not the greatest game of rugby as of yet. 
19 Sep 21:35
29' - Lots of huffing and puffing from Italy, but not quite blowing the French house down as yet. The French defenders tackling like demons out there!
19 Sep 21:33

27' - PENALTY slotted by Michalak!

France 9 Italy 0

19 Sep 21:33
26' - France surge upfield with Picamoles the man leading the charge. They have looked the far more dangerous side with ball in hand. Yet another penalty as Zanni uses his hands in a ruck. Michalak looks to extend the French lead. 
19 Sep 21:29
22' - France penalised again, and now warned by Craig Joubert. Allan sets up a lineout on the French 22m area. 
19 Sep 21:27

21' Michalak misses again, this time hitting the left-hand upright. France knock-on following up and now Italy win a penalty from the resulting scrum. Allan finds touch near half-way

11 penalties in the match so far. Latin passion or indiscipline? 

19 Sep 21:26
20' - The Italian scrum is under huge pressure! Another penalty awarded against them, this time loosehead Aguero goes to ground. Michalak will have a shot at goal. 
  • 80'

    It's it! The game ends - appropriately - with a French knock on. Louis Picamoles is named man of the match. Ireland won't be overly concerned by this display. Thanks for joining us, cheers.

  • 80'

    FRANCE 32-10 ITALY

  • 79'

    Again an offload mistake, this time from Spedding, ends a French attack. Considering their domination up front, France will be disappointed to not have a bonus point.

  • 77'

    After a series of reset scrums in centre field, France are now pushing for a third try, probing on the Italian 22.

  • 74'

    Excellent defence by France. Dumoulin denies Sarto a try in the corner as the Italian wing runs out of space and is stopped just short.

  • 73'

    Italy, in typical fashion, won't go quietly. They're hammering away deep inside the French 22.

  • 70'

    CONVERSION, MICHALAK. 32-10. Easy extras. Game over, surely?

  • 69'

    TRY, FRANCE, MAS. 30-10. That should be the ball game as Mas shows his power by barging through a handful of defenders before getting the ball against the base of the posts for his first try for France!

  • 67'

    Benjamin Kayser leaves the field with blood gushing from his face after a clash of heads. Italy meanwhile can clear their lines after another French handling error.

  • 65'

    Nice step from Michalak to give Dumoulin a chance but the centre throws a poor offload that goes to ground. The execution has just not been there. French domination at scrum time hasn't been changed by the addition of the subs though as they kick to the corner from another penalty.

  • 63'

    After that bright opening to the second half, this game has lost some of it's style. Italy have upped their game but it's all very scrappy.

  • 61'

    So many penalties in this game. Poor discipline by both sides. France kick into the Italian 22

  • 59'

    A few tempers fraying here. France need to watch themselves. This game should be in the bag but a yellow card now will give Italy a sniff.

  • 57'

    Whoa! The handbags are out. Nothing serious though.

  • 56'

    A chance is lost by France as Guirado is penalised for grabbing an Italian around the neck at a ruck. No card, but Italy can clear there lines.

  • 55'

    Bad news for France here as Huget goes down in a lump...this looks like a serious knee injury. His RWC looks over as he is carried off!

  • 53'

    CONVERSION, ALLAN. 25-10. Italy are still in this!

  • 52'

    TRY, ITALY, VENDITTI. 25-8. A lifeline for Italy, who suddenly have a spring in their step. A patient build up ends with Giovanbattista Venditti sneaking over in the corner!

  • 50'

    Gori has a great chance to score but fumbles the ball on the line. The TMO has a few looks at it, but it's a clear knock-on.

  • 49'

    Italy are throwing caution to the wind and benefiting greatly from it. A quick tap gets them onto the edge of the French line for the first time in the entire game.

  • 47'

    France are rampant! What a raise in tempo. Italy are just hanging in as the French go for the jugular.

  • 45'

    CONVERSION, MICHALAK. 25-3. Easy extras.

  • 44'

    TRY, FRANCE, SLIMANI. 23-3. After a great break by Guirado, who is stopped just short, Michalak grubbers through for Slimani to crash over!

  • 42'

    PENALTY, FRANCE, MICHALAK. 18-3. Great start to the half for France.

  • 41'

    Here we go for the second half!

  • 40'

    PENALTY, FRANCE, MICHALAK. 15-3. Louis Picamoles makes a huge run but butchers a sure try by kicking instead of giving it to Huget on his outside. France still land a penalty to close the half. They're good value for their lead.

  • 40'


  • 38'

    PENALTY, FRANCE, SPEDDING. 12-3. Huge penalty as Spedding hits the mark from long range.

  • 36'

    Italy are really struggling at scrum time - you don't hear that often. Castro gives another penalty away...

  • 34'

    PENALTY, ITALY, ALLAN. 9-3. The Azzurri are on the board at last.

  • 33'

    Italy under huge pressure at scrum time. But they are lucky to get a penalty after Tillous-Borde kicks the ball out of Gori's hands.

  • 30'

    Picamoles is causing all kinds of problems for the Italians. Not many try-scoring opportunities for les Bleus though, Italy have done well in terms of field position.

  • 28'

    PENALTY, FRANCE, MICHALAK. 9-0. Zanni penalised on the deck. France are looking good, they should be further ahead.

  • 26'

    McLean tracks back to dot down after Michalak kicks ahead. Such a high tempo...a lot of players huffing and puffing.

  • 25'

    A great counter attack by France takes play back to halfway. Big runs by Picamoles and Spedding.

  • 23'

    Andrea Masi off on a stretcher with an Achilles tendon injury. That's a huge blow for the Azzurri.

  • 23'

    Referee Joubert lectures France for giving away too many penalties. Allan sets up the lineout after les Bleus are found offside.

  • 22'

    Michalak hits the POST again! Another scrum follows under the sticks but this time Italy get the penalty and Allan clears.

  • 20'

    Scrum penalty against Aguero. Both Italian props have now been pinged at the set piece. Michalak lines it up.

  • 18'

    Italy are penalised for sealing off after a big hit from Pape give the French a chance to poach. France looking to use Bastareaud to punch a hole after the lineout but his pass doesn't find Huget.

  • 16'

    A booming kick from Spedding takes some pressure off France but Maestri gives away a lineout penalty. Italy kick for touch on the French 22.

  • 15'

    Oh dear! Tommaso Allan misses a sitter of a penalty after Dumoulin is caught offside. Bad miss that.

  • 13'

    Great reply by Italy as they now ply the pressure in the French 22 after a big run by Ghiraldini.

  • 11'

    PENALTY, FRANCE, MICHALAK. 6-0. No try, but France still get three points as we come back for an offside penalty.

  • 10'

    The TMO strikes again! Michalak was lining up a conversion after Noa Nakaitaci touched down after a Picamoles offload bounced off Sarto...but the TMO spotted that Nakaitaci didn't control the ball when grounding.

  • 9'

    Referee Craig Joubert is not allowing Italy to get away with hanging on on the deck. France set up a lineout on the 22 from another penalty.

  • 7'

    PENALTY, FRANCE, MICHALAK. 3-0. No troubles this time after Geldenhuys is pinged for not rolling away and Gori gives up an extra 10m for kicking the ball away.

  • 5'

    Michalak hits the POST with his first shot at goal from long range.

  • 4'

    A bit of indecision in midfield leads to an obstruction by France. But Ben Arous hammers Castrogiovanni at the ensuing scrum to win the penalty.

  • 2'

    Good start by Italy as they take it through the phases but Picamoles does great work to win a penalty on the deck. France set up the lineout.

  • 1'

    Here we go! Tommaso Allan kicks off for Italy. It goes deep to Pacale Pape. Michalak puts up a high ball. Allan takes it and Italy win a penalty at the ruck which Gori takes quickly on halfway.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of today's final Rugby World Cup game as Six Nations rival France and Italy face off. On paper, France should win comfortably, but Italy have caused a few upsets in recent years. Kick off is at 20:00 local (19:00 GMT)

  • 0'

    Both sides are without one key player, with France missing centre Wesley Fofana after he failed to recover from a thigh injury. He's replaced in the starting lineup by Alexandre Dumoulin, while Yoann Maestri is back in the second row after missing the final warm-up game against Scotland.

  • 0'

    Italy's absentee is even more damaging, with skipper and star player Sergio Parisse recovering from a leg operation where he had fluid drained after taking a knock against Wales. He is replaced in the team by Samuela Vunisa, while Jacques Brunel has also tweaked the backline, pairing up Andrea Masi and Michele Campagnaro in a new-look midfield.

  • 0'

    The teams are on the field for the anthems. Italy are in blue, France are in red. Please stand!

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  • 2 Tries 1
    • 43' Rabah Slimani
    • 68' Nicolas Mas
    • 51' Giovanbattista Venditti
  • 2 Conversions 1
    • 44' Frederic Michalak
    • 69' Frederic Michalak
    • 52' Tommaso Allan
  • 6 Penalties 1
    • 6' Frederic Michalak
    • 10' Frederic Michalak
    • 27' Frederic Michalak
    • 37' Scott Spedding
    • 39' Frederic Michalak
    • 41' Frederic Michalak
    • 33' Tommaso Allan
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Eddy Ben Arous
  • Guilhem Guirado
  • Rabah Slimani
  • Pascal Papé
  • Yoann Maestri
  • Thierry Dusautoir
  • Damien Chouly
  • Louis Picamoles
  • Sebastien Tillous-Borde
  • Frederic Michalak
  • Noa Nakaitaci
  • Alexandre Dumoulin
  • Mathieu Bastareaud
  • Yoann Huget
  • Scott Spedding
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  • Matias Aguero
  • Leonardo Ghiraldini
  • Martin Castrogiovanni
  • Quintin Geldenhuys
  • Josh Furno
  • Alessandro Zanni
  • Francesco Minto
  • Samuela Vunisa
  • Edoardo Gori
  • Tommaso Allan
  • Giovanbattista Venditti
  • Andrea Masi
  • Michele Campagnaro
  • Leonardo Sarto
  • Luke McLean
  • Benjamin Kayser
  • Vincent Debaty
  • Nicolas Mas
  • Bernard Le Roux
  • Alexandre Flanquart
  • Morgan Parra
  • Remi Tales
  • Gael Fickou
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  • Andrea Manici
  • Michele Rizzo
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  • Simone Favaro
  • Guglielmo Palazzani
  • Carlo Canna
  • Enrico Bacchin

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