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2015/10/10 | 21:00 |  Rugby World Cup | City of Manchester Stadium |  Full Time
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As it happened: England 60-3 Uruguay

2015-10-10 20:30
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10 Oct 22:52
Thanks for joining us tonight, folks! 
10 Oct 22:52
FT: England 60-3 Uruguay. It was always going to be one-way traffic. It's the end of the road at RWC 2015 for both these sides. 
10 Oct 22:51
TRY ENGLAND: PENALTY TRY! That'll be the last move of the game. England were in there and the Uruguayans were offsides. The conversion is good and it ends England 60-3.
10 Oct 22:48
80' Penalty for Uruguay. One last chance. 
10 Oct 22:46
78' But it's not to be. They win their lineout this time, but the ball disappears in the maul and it's a turnover. 
10 Oct 22:45
77' The crowd are screaming for a Uruguay try now. They have a lineout 5m out. 
10 Oct 22:44
75' Ford misses one more time. England 53-3 Uruguay.
10 Oct 22:44
74' TRY ENGLAND! NOWELL IN FOR HIS HAT-TRICK. A simple case of moving it through the hands for the English and Uruguay are dead on their feet right now.
10 Oct 22:40
73' Uruguay still not giving up here. But they can't hold onto the ball and here come England again.
10 Oct 22:39
71' Ford misses the conversion again. England 48-3 Uruguay. 
10 Oct 22:39
70' TRY ENGLAND! NOWELL AGAIN! England were patient on attack there and went through a few phases on the try line. In the end the numbers were too much Uruguay and it's an easy try. 
10 Oct 22:37
69' Ford sets up another attacking lineout for England. Danger here for Uruguay.
10 Oct 22:35
68' Goode thinks he has scored but there is a little forward touch before he received the ball. 
10 Oct 22:34
67' Now a series of reset scrums ... so the crowd decides to belt out a bit of "Swing Looooow ..."
10 Oct 22:31
65' But Uruguay have been poor on their own lineout ball all night and they lose a golden opportunity to score.
10 Oct 22:30
65' Another lineout ...
10 Oct 22:30
64' Interception but Uruguay get the penalty after England stray offsides. 
10 Oct 22:29
64' Can Uruguay get a try? They're just 5m out now. 
10 Oct 22:29
63' Both sides turning to their benches in a big way now and there is a very different look to the sides.
10 Oct 22:26
61' Ford misses the conversion. England 43-3 Uruguay. 
10 Oct 22:26
60' TRY ENGLAND! EASTER GETS IN FOR HIS HAT-TRICK! Thqat rolling maul again and the No 8 just controls it from the back before dropping over the line. This is getting a bit messy for Uruguay now. 
10 Oct 22:23
58' Farrell adds the extra two. England 38-3 Uruguay. 
10 Oct 22:22
57' TRY ENGLAND! JACK NOWELL this time. England counter attack set up by Goode before Care made the yards and found Nowell with the killer pass.
10 Oct 22:21
55' The conversion is wide once more. England 31-3 Uruguay.
10 Oct 22:20
54' TRY ENGLAND! HENRY SLADE! Uruguay were in possession, but a box kick from Ormaeachea was charged down. Slade was quickest to react, kicking the ball towards the tryline and getting in for England's 5th.
10 Oct 22:18
52' Danny Care makes the break, but this time Haskell gives away the penalty at the breakdown for falling off his feet. It's not happening right now for the hosts, and when they play like this their early exit from the tournament makes a bit more sense. 
10 Oct 22:16
51' James Haskell drops the ball when a certain try was on for England. Horrible hands from the flank. 
10 Oct 22:15
50' England looking for their 5th try but Chris Robshaw knocks on in the contact. 
10 Oct 22:13
48' England move the ball out wide to Nowell and the crowd gets excited, but good cover defence from Uruguay knocks him into touch. Not that it matters, because Uruguay can't win a lineout right now.
10 Oct 22:11
47' But they lose their own lineout ball and England clear. 
10 Oct 22:11
46' England have a scrum now inside their own half. But they are penalised and Uruguay set up an attacking lineout just 5m out.
10 Oct 22:09
43' Farrell misses the conversion. That's his first miss of the tournament. England 26-3 Uruguay. 
10 Oct 22:07
42' TRY ENGLAND! ANTHONY WATSON rounds off the simplest of backline moves off the base of that England scrum
10 Oct 22:06
41' Second half is underway and immediately England are on the front foot.
10 Oct 21:52
HT: England 21-3 Uruguay. Resilient display from Uruguay in the last 20 minutes there not to concede and more points. 
10 Oct 21:50
40+2' Yellow card to Uruguay captain Santiago Vilaseca for a professional foul at the ruck
10 Oct 21:48
40+2' England penalty 35m out and they tap and go ...
10 Oct 21:47
40' One last chance for England in the 1st half as they have the scrum 40m out.
10 Oct 21:46
39' Penalty to Uruguay. Finally the underdogs deal with the rolling maul. They're finishing the half strong here. 
10 Oct 21:45
38' Alex Goode breaks for England and is high tackled. They'll have another lineout 5m out as a result.
10 Oct 21:43
36' Uruguay's best passage of play their takes play up towards the England 22m line, but they are penalised for holding on. 
10 Oct 21:41
34' Uruguay, to their credit, are trying to move the ball quickly whenever they have it. But the high-risk stuff is resulting in errors. 
10 Oct 21:38
31' English hooker Tom Youngs leaves the field injured and is replaced by Jamie George.
10 Oct 21:36
30' Great passage of play there. Uruguay soak up a lot of pressure and then turn the ball over. The clearance kick is charged down, and Uruguay will have the lineout on their own 22m line.
10 Oct 21:33
28' Uruguay consolidate but England have it about 35m out.
10 Oct 21:33
27' But it's turned over and England have numbers out left ...
10 Oct 21:32
27' Uruguay now with a rare trip into the English 22.
10 Oct 21:31
25' Farrell adds the extra two. England 21-3 Uruguay.
10 Oct 21:30
23' TRY ENGLAND! EASTER AGAIN! Uruguay can't cope with this at the moment. The rolling maul again causing the initial damage.
10 Oct 21:28
22' Jack Nowell penalised for holding on and then Berchesi misses touch horribly with the penalty. 
  • 80'

    One last chance for Uruguay as they win a penalty. Nick Easter named man of the match for England as Berchesi kicks to the corner.

  • 80'

    PENALTY TRY, ENGLAND! 58-3: Turned over by England and Joseph breaks free, one last attack for the hosts. Ford stopped inches short and the pass wide to Goode is blocked, but illegally so meaning an England penalty try!

  • 80'

    CONVERSION, ENGLAND, FORD! 60-3: No mistake from that attempt by Ford and it's all over, England finishing with ten tries. Uruguay faded as expected while Nick Easter and Jack Nowell both racked up hat-tricks. That's England's last World Cup game until 2019.

  • 80'


  • 78'

    Los Teros can't capitalise as England win a scrum. Wigglesworth with a long kick to touch over halfway.

  • 77'

    Loose pass from Brown flies into touch, missing all the men outside him. Good opportunity for Uruguay here.

  • 75'

    Ford with another missed kick as he fails to land the wide conversion.

  • 74'

    TRY, ENGLAND, NOWELL! 53-3: Penalty to England and referee Chris Pollock has a word as he starts to lose his patience. Taken quickly by Ford as Joseph puts Slade into space, releasing Nowell for his hat-trick! There's England's 50.

  • 72'

    England's bench unloaded now as they go wide for Nowell again. Turned over by Uruguay who then have to scamper back to get on the loose ball. Ball secured and Berchesi can clear.

  • 70'

    Ford pushes the conversion wide to the right of the posts, so no half century for now.

  • 69'

    TRY, ENGLAND, NOWELL! 48-3: Score in the corner for the winger as Ford floats a good ball out wide. England close to 50 points.

  • 67'

    Goode looks as though he's over for England but there was a knock-on from each side, so we come back for a scrum to England. Penalty England - they go to the corner.

  • 65'

    Ormaechea concedes a penalty for Uruguay so England kick to touch. Chip over the top from Ford doesn't come off, gathered by Gibernau before Uruguay knock on.

  • 64'

    Uruguay inches short of the England line and they get another penalty. Berchesi puts it in the corner again!

  • 63'

    Better from Uruguay with a fine offload by Vilaseca off the ground, as they win a penalty. Kicked to the corner.

  • 61'

    Missed conversion from Ford as he takes over the kicking duties. Haskell replaced by Wood.

  • 60'

    TRY, ENGLAND, EASTER! 43-3: Rolling maul back in action for England as they go to the lineout. Easter looking for a hat-trick and he gets it! Simple stuff but the 36-year-old won't complain.

  • 59'

    Farrell now off for England, replaced by Joseph.

  • 58'

    CONVERSION, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 38-3: Two more from the inside centre as England creep closer to 40 points.

  • 57'

    TRY, ENGLAND, NOWELL! 36-3: Another for the hosts, Nowell and Care with a one-two as Nowell has the speed to beat the cover tackle from Vilaseca. That's England's sixth.

  • 55'

    Farrell misses his second conversion of the night, but England won't be caught now.

  • 54'

    TRY, ENGLAND, SLADE! 31-3: Fine individual score from Slade on his World Cup debut. Charges down the kick and then hacks on to score, all his own effort. Good finish.

  • 52'

    Bad minute for Haskell - Care makes a half break and then the flanker goes off his feet, conceding a penalty.

  • 51'

    Slade and Watson combine well for England down the right, just short of the Uruguayan line. Haskell with a two-man overlap drops the ball forward. Uruguay with a chance to clear.

  • 50'

    Watson comes off his wing to join the line as England try to put Nowell away, but Uruguay are there to cover and then Robshaw knocks on. Launchbury with an attempted charge down but Ormaechea clears, as Vilaseca returns to put Uruguay back to 15 men.

  • 49'

    Overthrown lineout by Uruguay and England then get a penalty for offside. That's Uruguay's 11th penalty of the game so far. In the centre of the pitch, they go for the scrum.

  • 48'

    Uruguay in possession inside England's half, but that's won back as Nowell attacks down the touchline before being bundled into touch.

  • 47'

    Turned over by Parling five metres from England''s own line, as they clear their lines.

  • 46'

    Uruguay's maul gets some early momentum before it collapses, for an England scrum. England then collapse the scrum, Wilson the offender, as Uruguay return to the corner.

  • 45'

    High tackle from Goode after a brilliant take in the air by Berchesi. Uruguay go to the corner.

  • 43'

    TRY, ENGLAND, WATSON! 26-3: The winger gets his second try and that's England's bonus point - the ball going through the hands in the backs before he finishes in the corner.

  • 42'

    Confident start from George in particular as England get a scrum in a promising position.

  • 40'

    YELLOW CARD, URUGUAY, VILASECA! England with one last attack before half-time. Another penalty as Uruguay go off their feet, but there's no time for the lineout. Tapped and wide to Watson who is brought down. Another penalty, and this should be a yellow card - the captain Vilaseca has gone!

  • 40'

    England go quickly, but Uruguay win a penalty at the breakdown! A disjointed first half for the hosts in their final game of the tournament as they only have three tries to their name - which is a credit to Uruguay and how they've held out in the first half. See you after half-time.

  • 40'


  • 40'

    Ford starts off the second half as England and Uruguay play their final 40 minutes of Rugby World Cup 2015.

  • 38'

    Penalty win for Uruguay! Easter gets called for holding on and Berchesi can clear.

  • 37'

    Another lineout win for Launchbury as Slade crashes up the middle. High tackle on Goode gives England an advantage and they go to the corner from the penalty.

  • 35'

    Scrum for England after that lineout, with Slade clearing long. England back on the attack through Launchbury but that's another turnover for Los Teros. Mieres looks down the blindside and Gibernau breaks into space! But England win the penalty at the breakdown through Goode.

  • 33'

    Ford looks to find Watson with a cross-field kick, but he overcooks it as it flies out on the full. Lineout for Uruguay in England's half.

  • 31'

    Launchbury with the lineout win after George nearly overthrows, but it's Uruguay who recover the ball, before Nowell marks Ormaechea's chip kick into the 22. Cleared to touch.

  • 30'

    Tom Youngs now does depart, replaced by George at hooker for England.

  • 29'

    England up to ten phases as they reach Uruguay's 22. Whipped along the line through the hands as England look for space out wide. Long attack hits 20 phases before the ball is lost forward, with Care charging down Ormaechea's clearance as the ball flies into touch.

  • 27'

    Positive work from Uruguay on the attack, with Berchesi and Silva involved, but the ball is turned over in England's 22. Counter-attack goes far through Watson as they enter Uruguay's half.

  • 25'

    Basic error from England off the restart as Easter knocks on. Uruguay scrum in a good position.

  • 24'

    CONVERSION, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 21-3: Farrell goes three out of three as England pull away.

  • 23'

    TRY, ENGLAND, EASTER! 19-3: Big maul from England, hitting the five-metre line. Penalty advantage as Care goes close - but it goes loose and Easter is there to mop up and score! The two Harlequins team-mates supporting each other there.

  • 22'

    Lineout won by Parling but England's loop move to Nowell is too predictable and too slow, Uruguay's defence eating it up and winning a penalty. Berchesi though misses touch, the replying kick putting him under pressure before he clears well to touch and escapes.

  • 20'

    Uruguay look to have won the kicking battle but Nowell goes quick. A few risky passes from Ford but England have a penalty for offside. England find touch on the Uruguay 22.

  • 19'

    CONVERSION, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 14-3: Two more points from the boot of Farrell as England increase their lead.

  • 18'

    TRY, ENGLAND, EASTER! 12-3: Uruguay have no answers to that rolling maul as Easter controls it at the tail before crashing over.

  • 17'

    Uruguay penalised again, this time at the ruck, as Ford goes back to the corner.

  • 16'

    Dominant scrum from England and they get the penalty, with Ford booting to touch.

  • 14'

    Another handling error gives England a scrum on halfway. Free kick to Uruguay! Early engage from England costs them there. A forward pass though from Berchesi stops their attack, England scrum.

  • 14'

    Tom Youngs receiving treatment there but he'll carry on, no World Cup debut for Jamie George just yet.

  • 13'

    Care goes quickly as England build the phases five metres out from Uruguay's line. Ford backs himself but is just chopped down, Uruguay holding firm. Ball lost by Slade and Uruguay clear to touch.

  • 11'

    England attack through the maul, Tom Youngs at the tail, but Uruguay stop that well. Care and Ford look wide before Arboleya pops up with an interception, but it's an England penalty.

  • 10'

    England with a scrum deep in Uruguay's half, just outside the 22. Penalty, Farrell kicks to the corner.

  • 8'

    CONVERSION, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 7-3: Farrell makes no mistake from out wide with his first kick of the night.

  • 7'

    England's pack outweighing Uruguay's by 77kg and it shows, clearly winning that first scrum. Ball goes all the way wide to Nowell whose chip ahead is chased down by Watson for the first try! Or is it? TMO to check the grounding.

  • 7'

    TRY, ENGLAND, WATSON! 5-3: It's good! England take the lead through Watson's acrobatic flip to score that try.

  • 6'

    Uruguay steadily building phases in possession, but a forward pass brings that to an end. England scrum.

  • 5'

    England attacking off the lineout, Nowell with a carry in midfield. Farrell sprints into space as England build momentum. Possible neck roll from England in the build-up but we play on until England lose the ball forward. TMO checking...

  • 5'

    Penalty to Uruguay after Tom Youngs grabbed a player around the neck. Berchesi kicks to touch.

  • 4'

    Smart kick from Care as he pins Uruguay back into their 22. Lineout to come - Uruguay catch and drive before Ormaechea clears with a box kick to touch.

  • 2'

    PENALTY, URUGUAY, BERCHESI! 0-3: It's good! Los Teros take the early lead.

  • 1'

    England go offside and Uruguay will have the chance to open the scoring off the tee.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Pool A Rugby World Cup clash between England and Uruguay in Manchester.

  • 0'

    England have made eight changes for their final match of World Cup 2015 against Uruguay. George Ford returns to fly-half, the position where he began the tournament against Fiji, while Alex Goode at full-back, Henry Slade at outside centre, Jack Nowell on the left wing, Danny Care at scrum-half, Nick Easter at number eight, James Haskell on the blindside flank and Mako Vunipola at loosehead, will all start for the first time at RWC 2015.

  • 0'

    Uruguay head coach Pablo Lemoine has made two changes to the starting line-up that lost 47-15 to Fiji on Tuesday. Felipe Berchesi replaces Alejo Durán at fly-half and Mateo Sanguinetti steps in for Alejo Corral at loosehead prop.

  • 0'

    The players have taken the field in Manchester to a generous welcome, although there are a few empty seats in the ground. No rain in sight as the two sides belt out the anthems.

  • 0'

    Berchesi gets us underway in Manchester! England gather and then clear through Ford.

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England Uruguay
  • 10 Tries 0
    • 6' Anthony Watson
    • 17' Nick Easter
    • 22' Nick Easter
    • 41' Anthony Watson
    • 53' Henry Slade
    • 56' Jack Nowell
    • 59' Nick Easter
    • 69' Jack Nowell
    • 73' Jack Nowell
    • 80' Penalty Try
  • 5 Conversions 0
    • 7' Owen Farrell
    • 18' Owen Farrell
    • 24' Owen Farrell
    • 57' Owen Farrell
    • 80' George Ford
  • 0 Penalties 1
    • 1' Felipe Berchesi
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 1
    • 40' Santiago Vilaseca
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Mako Vunipola
  • Tom Youngs
  • Dan Cole
  • Joe Launchbury
  • Geoff Parling
  • James Haskell
  • Chris Robshaw
  • Nick Easter
  • Danny Care
  • George Ford
  • Jack Nowell
  • Owen Farrell
  • Henry Slade
  • Anthony Watson
  • Alex Goode
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Mateo Sanguinetti
  • Carlos Arboleya
  • Mario Sagario
  • Santiago Vilaseca
  • Jorge Zerbino
  • Juan Gaminara
  • Matias Beer
  • Alejandro Nieto
  • Agustín Ormaechea
  • Felipe Berchesi
  • Rodrigo Silva
  • Andres Vilaseca
  • Joaquin Prada
  • Santiago Gibernau
  • Gaston Mieres
  • Jamie George
  • Joe Marler
  • David Wilson
  • George Kruis
  • Tom Wood
  • Richard Wigglesworth
  • Jonathan Joseph
  • Mike Brown
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Nicolás Klappenbach
  • Óscar Durán
  • Alejo Corral
  • Diego Magno
  • Mathias Palomeque
  • Agustin Alonso
  • Alejo Duran
  • Manuel Blengio

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