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2015/09/18 | 21:00 |  Rugby World Cup | Twickenham |  Full Time
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As it happened: England 35-11 Fiji

2015-09-18 20:20
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18 Sep 23:08

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Tomorrow's fixtures are as follows;

Tonga v Georgia @ 13h00

Ireland v Canada @ 15h30

South Africa v Japan @ 17h45

France v Italy @ 21h00

18 Sep 23:00


England 35 Fiji 11

The home side have run out winners here in a nervy match from both sides.

Fiji made a number of mistakes, missed a number of kicks and generally didn't take their chances. For England, their replacements made a huge difference with Farrell bringing some more direction to the backline. One player to stand out for England was fullback Mike Brown

18 Sep 22:58

84' - CONVERSION slotted by Farrell!

England 35 Fiji 11

18 Sep 22:57

83' - TRY to England!

Vunipola has secured the bonus point for England. How important will that be at the end of of the round-robin matches in Pool A?

England 33 Fiji 11

18 Sep 22:55
80' - It looks like Vunipola just grounds that on the whitewash! TMO still having a look...
18 Sep 22:54
80' - Brown is almost through but he is just caught with an ankle tap. May then goes close and Vunipola is over the line... is it a try. The TMO will decide. 
18 Sep 22:52
79' - More poor execution by Fiji as they pass the ball straight into touch. They have let themselves down a bit tonight. 
18 Sep 22:52
80 015 people at Twickenham tonight!
18 Sep 22:51
77' - Brown very prominent still. I will be surprised if he is not named man of the match. 
18 Sep 22:50
76' - England looking for a fourth try and a bonus point. They sweep into the Fiji 22m area. 
18 Sep 22:45

72' - CONVERSION slotted by Farrell!

England 28 Fiji 11

18 Sep 22:45

71' - TRY to England!

Brown has his second of the evening. May, Farrell and Brown combine to put the game out of sight for England. 

England 26 Fiji 11

18 Sep 22:42
69' - Another penalty to England, this time a result of an absolutely MONSTER scrum. Brooks making an immediate difference at tighthead prop. Farrell sets up a lineout inside the Fijian half. 
18 Sep 22:41


Coles is replaced by Brooks.

18 Sep 22:40

67' - PENALTY slotted by Farrell!

The replacement flyhalf makes no mistake. England have a 10 point lead once again.

England 21 Fiji 11

18 Sep 22:39

66' - More silly play from Fiji as they kick a ball as Wigglesworth was going to clear from a ruck. Farrell will have shot at goal from straight in front. 

18 Sep 22:37
65' - England are penalised from the kick-off.. Fiji really have a chance here. They can't find touch from the resulting penalty... silly mistakes by the visitors. 
18 Sep 22:36

64' - PENALTY slotted by Volavola!

Finally Fiji land a penalty...

England 18 Fiji 11

18 Sep 22:35
62' - Another penalty to Fiji after Nadolo forces his way through midfield. England are penalised at the resulting ruck. Volavola is given the kicking duties on this. 
18 Sep 22:34
Still no points in the second-half... 
18 Sep 22:33
61' - Fiji have a penalty, Nadolo has a shot at goal but he misses again. Fiji leaving some points out there tonight. 
18 Sep 22:33


Barrett is replaced by Burgess

Ford is replaced by Farrell

18 Sep 22:32


Waqaniburotu is replaced by Yato

18 Sep 22:31
59' - England battering away in the Fijian 22m area, but Wigglesworth is playing the ball on the ground and Fiji have a penalty which is cleared to near half-way. 
18 Sep 22:27
56' - Nadolo gets the ball in a little bit of space but Launchbury stands his ground and forces him into touch. Great defence! 
18 Sep 22:26
54' - Fiji are awarded a penalty and Volavola sets up a lineout  near the England 22m area. 
18 Sep 22:25


Marler is replaced by Vunipola

Parling is replaced by Launchbury

B Youngs is replace by Wigglesworth

Morgan is replaced by Vunipola

18 Sep 22:22
51' - Wood is penalised for pulling a Fijian player out of the maul by the neck. 
18 Sep 22:21
51' - After an initial drive by England, Ford attempts a cross-kick for Watson but Nadolo is up to the task. England have a penalty however. TMO called into action for some foul play. 
18 Sep 22:19
49' - A massive scrum from England brings them a penalty. Ford sets up a lineout inside the Fijian 22m area. 
18 Sep 22:16
47' - Nadolo has hooked that wide of the right-hand upright. The left-footer just tried to hit that too hard. 
18 Sep 22:15
46'Volavola tries another grubber in behind the England backs. Barrett is penalised for a professional foul and playing a Fijian chaser off the ball. Nadolo will kick at goal to try and narrow the gap. 
18 Sep 22:13
44' - England can't take advantage of the position. Watson is caught in possession and Barrett is penalised for sealing the ball off. 
18 Sep 22:12
43' - The second-half taking a similar pattern to the first couple of minutes of the first with both teams making unnecessary mistakes. Nadolo has kicked the ball out on the full gifting England a line-out just outside the Fijian 22m area. 
18 Sep 22:10
41' - Laboured handling by the English backs, trying to work some space for May on the leftwing. The pass to him is forward however. 
18 Sep 22:09
40' - Ford gets us underway. Fiji secure possession and Matawalu clears. 
18 Sep 22:08
The second half of the opening game of Rugby World Cup 2015 is about to get underway. Can Fiji get back into this?
18 Sep 21:54


England 18 Fiji 8

After a nervous start both teams have produced some excellent rugby at times!

18 Sep 21:53

40' - May breaks away from a number of Fijian defenders after taking a kick-ahead. He is finally hauled down and England win a penalty. It probably should have gone the other way as May was not releasing after he was tackled. Ford will kick at goal. From the left-hand side of the field and around 42m out. 

Ford is just short with his attempt and that's half-time in the opening game of Rugby World Cup 2015. 

18 Sep 21:51
39' - Fiji are awarded a penalty with they take quickly. They force England back with some strong running but then Volavola tries a grubber into the 22m are which Watson manages to grab. England secure the ball, clear upfield but Fiji attack again. 
18 Sep 21:49
38' - England have had 57% of the possession so far. 
18 Sep 21:47

36' - PENALTY slotted by Nadolo!

No mistake from the big winger!

England 18 Fiji 8 

18 Sep 21:47
35' - Now Fiji have a penalty as Lawes has not rolled away. Nadolo will take over the kicking duties. This is straight in front and around 40m out. 
  • 80'

    TRY, ENGLAND, B. VUNIPOLA. 33-11. There's the bonus point with the last play of the game! May is stopped just short but Billy Vunipola uses his power to get the ball onto the whitewash. The TMO takes a while to confirm it, but that's try number four for England!

  • 80'

    CONVERSION, FARRELL. 35-11. That's full time! Fiji were right in the game deep into the final quarter but England's subs had a big impact. Thanks for joining us, cheers!

  • 78'

    Basketball-style stuff from England as they throw it about inside the Fiji 22, looking for that fourth try. Waisea latches onto a loose pass to get Fiji out of jail though.

  • 76'

    A series of scrums just outside the Fiji 22 sees England ply the pressure, but Fiji are not buckling.

  • 75'

    England have their tails up now. Mike Brown seems to be the go-to man as he counter attacks from deep.

  • 73'

    CONVERSION, FARRELL. 28-11. England must have thoughts of a bonus point now.

  • 72'

    TRY, ENGLAND, BROWN. 26-11. Great try from England- May does well to have a second go after not being held. Farrell provides great support and a wonderful offload before Brown beats two defenders to score.

  • 70'

    Huge scrum from England this time as Fiji are driven back. The only possible result is a penalty. England set up the lineout inside the Fiji half.

  • 68'

    PENALTY, ENGLAND, FARRELL. 21-11. Crucially, the ten-point buffer is restored.

  • 66'

    England are clearly rattled. Fiji are leading the turnover stats 9-4. Billy Vunipola rampages forward though to win a penalty on the Fiji 22.

  • 64'

    PENALTY, FIJI, VOLAVOLA. 18-11. Ben Volavola takes back the kicking responsibilities and Fiji are now within striking distance. They have the momentum.

  • 62'

    Bad missed penalty from Nadolo...that should have brought Fiji back into the game.

  • 60'

    Big moment here as England bring on Farrell and Burgess at 10 and 12.

  • 58'

    England building now, keeping it tight. Strong runs from Robshaw and Launchbury. They crash it up to 7m short but Wigglesworth spills it under pressure.

  • 56'

    Some poor kicking from both sides gives Fiji the chance to counter attack. Fiji get the ball to that man Nadolo but Launchbury makes a crucial cover tackle.

  • 54'

    Penalty to Fiji at scrum time. The ref has a word with the Fijians tough...they're very local and trying to ruffle English feathers.

  • 52'

    Masses changes from England. The Vunipola brothers, Launchbury and Webber all come on.

  • 51'

    Ford kicks wide to Watson but he can't beat Nadolo in the air. We'll come back to a penalty though as the TMO has spotted some foul play. Wood is penalised for a high tackle so Fiji can clear their lines.

  • 50'

    Geoff Parling gets some attention from the medics after a knock to the head but he'll play on. England a bit stifled here.

  • 48'

    Barritt is penalised for obstruction and Nadolo has a crack at goal from 40m, but his effort sails wide. Let off for England.

  • 46'

    A bit of kick tennis until Fiji decide to keep ball in hand in centre field. Progress is slow though.

  • 44'

    Good pressure from England on Nadolo, who kicks out on the full. Wood gathers the lineout and England drive forward into the Fijian 22...but the hosts are penalised for sealing off as Watson is isolated.

  • 42'

    England looking to keep the ball a bit tighter early in this second half. That's probably a good idea, they were a bit erratic in the first 40.

  • 41'

    Here we go for the second half! Ford kicks off. Fiji gather and return the kick so England have the first chance to attack.

  • 40'

    Brown tracks back to dot down after Volavola chips into space. England under pressure here.

  • 40'

    George Ford misses a penalty after the hooter to finish the half. Justice is done - that should have been a penalty against May for not releasing. England have a good lead, but they're not having it all their way. We'll be back in ten!

  • 40'


  • 38'

    Another ruck penalty against England but Nikola Matawalu takes it quickly. England under pressure but they manage to rip it away on their tryline. Young clears but he can't find touch.

  • 36'

    PENALTY, FIJI, NADOLO. 18-8. What power! Nadolo chips on over...from 40m like is was 20. Robshaw penalised for not rolling away.

  • 34'

    PENALTY, ENGLAND, FORD. 18-5. The lead stretches after Fijia are penalised for being offside. Their line speed has been great but they jumped the gun there.

  • 31'

    The conversion is wide. But Fiji have come to play, this game is not over yet!

  • 30'

    TRY, FIJI, NADOLO. 15-5. Brilliant finish from Nadolo to beat Watson in the air and touch down. But all credit to the Fiji scrum for winning the ball back!

  • 29'

    Wow! A huge scrum from Fiji sees them win the ball back as they shove England off it. The cross kick goes to Nadolo, who gathers in the it a try? The TMO will decide.

  • 27'

    Devastating for Fiji! Nikola Matawalu breaks away to score what at first glance looks like a brilliant try but the replays show he lost possession in the act of touching down!

  • 25'

    Fiji probing but it's very scrappy. Brown hacks a loose ball forward. Fiji try to counter and Jonathan Joseph almost intercepts! He can't hold on though. A scrum near halfway isn't a bad result for England though.

  • 23'

    Ford's conversion effort is wide. 15-0 it remains but Matawalu is back on the field.

  • 22'

    TRY, ENGLAND, BROWN. 15-0. Simple enough. England spread it through the hands and the extra man counts as Brown crosses on the overlap.

  • 21'

    England spread it wide quickly to Watson, but he is tackled into touch in the corner by Nadolo.

  • 20'

    Penalty against Apisalome Ratuniyarawa for not using his arms when clearing out a ruck. Ford sets up the lineout inside the Fiji 22.

  • 19'

    Mike Brown wastes a great chance to counter attack by kicking out on the full. Fiji keeping it tight after the lineout. Volavola chips for Nadolo to chase and Brown is under pressure at the back. The cavalry arrives though and Ben Youngs clears.

  • 17'

    England look to take the ball through the phases but Fiji's line speed is excellent, leaving their hosts no room. Lawes spills the ball in contact. Scrum just outside the Fiji 22.

  • 15'

    George Ford's nerves seem to have settled. He finds touch on the Fiji 22m line with a great kick.

  • 14'

    CONVERSION, FORD. 10-0. Easy extras for Ford.

  • 13'

    PENALTY TRY, ENGLAND. 8-0. The first try of the tournament is a penalty try after Nikola Matawalu comes into a powerful England maul from the side.

  • 13'

    YELLOW CARD, FIJI, MATAWALU. Fiji lose a key man to the sin bin.

  • 12'

    Dominiko Waqaniburotu is lucky to escape a yellow card after lifting Jonny May past the horizontal. England kick to the corner from the penalty though.

  • 10'

    England have a chance to attack now after Ford finds touch following a ruck penalty. Brown tries a grubber but it bounces out off a Fijian leg.

  • 9'

    Watson beats Nadolo in the air as he chases a bomb. England have a great chance to attack but they give away a penalty for not releasing. Fiji kick for touch and then spread it wide after winning the lineout.

  • 7'

    Ben Volavola is off target with his first shot at goal, it hits the upright and bounces away...

  • 6'

    Nemani Nadolo shows his power out wide and it takes two defenders to bring him down. Brad Barritt is penalised for not rolling away!

  • 4'

    England looking shaky with the first real attack of the game. Ford drops an easy pass. Lots of nerves out there, clearly. Better scrum from Fiji this time.

  • 3'

    PENALTY, ENGLAND, FORD. 3-0. Straight down the middle. Solid start for George Ford.

  • 2'

    Bad start by Fiji fly-half Ben Volavola who fumbles the first high ball. Scrum to England just inside the Fiji half. And that's the first penalty against tighthead Manasa Saulo.

  • 1'

    Here we go! Fiji kick us off and the 2015 Rugby World Cup is on! It goes deep, Ben Youngs allows it to bounce before regathering.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the first match from this year's Rugby World Cup, as hosts England take on Fiji at Twickenham.

  • 0'

    England have named an unchanged starting XV for their Rugby World Cup opener against Fiji, with Ben Morgan preferred over Billy Vunipola at eight. There is one change on the bench where Rob Webber comes in for Jamie George but otherwise it's the same 23 that beat Ireland just over a week ago. Ben Youngs will pick up his 50th cap as the Leicester Tigers scrum-half, first capped in 2010, lines up for the opening game of the 2015 tournament.

  • 0'

    Fiji have named their side that will take on England in the Rugby World Cup opener, with Nemani Nadolo starting on the wing at Twickenham on Friday. In a strong XV, Nadolo is joined in the back three by Waisea and full-back Metuisela Talebula, with Gabiriele Lovobalavu and Vereniki Goneva the centres. Ben Volavola is in ahead of Joshua Matavesi at ten alongside Nikola Matawalu. Akapusi Qera will skipper the side in a strong back-row that includes Sakiusa Masi Matadigo at number eight and Dominiko Waqaniburotu on the blindside. Meanwhile, the dangerous Leone Nakarawa partners Apisalome Ratuniyarawa at lock while Campese Ma'afu, Sunia Koto and Manasa Saulo are up front.

  • 0'

    The teams are on the field for the anthems. Please stand. England are in red tonight, Fiji in white.

  • 0'

    ENGLAND 35-11 FIJI

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England Fiji
  • 4 Tries 1
    • 12' Penalty Try
    • 21' Mike Brown
    • 71' Mike Brown
    • 80' Billy Vunipola
    • 29' Nemani Nadolo
  • 3 Conversions 0
    • 12' George Ford
    • 73' Owen Farrell
    • 80' Owen Farrell
  • 3 Penalties 2
    • 2' George Ford
    • 33' George Ford
    • 67' Owen Farrell
    • 36' Nemani Nadolo
    • 63' Ben Volavola
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 1
    • 12' Nikola Matawalu
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Joe Marler
  • Tom Youngs
  • Dan Cole
  • Geoff Parling
  • Courtney Lawes
  • Tom Wood
  • Chris Robshaw
  • Ben Morgan
  • Ben Youngs
  • George Ford
  • Jonny May
  • Brad Barritt
  • Jonathan Joseph
  • Anthony Watson
  • Mike Brown
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  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Campese Ma'afu
  • Sunia Koto
  • Manasa Saulo
  • Api Ratuniyarawa
  • Leone Nakarawa
  • Dominiko Waqaniburotu
  • Akapusi Qera
  • Sakiusa Matadigo
  • Nikola Matawalu
  • Ben Volavola
  • Nemani Nadolo
  • Gabiriele Lovobalavu
  • Vereniki Goneva
  • Waisea Nayacalevu
  • Metuisela Talebula
  • Rob Webber
  • Mako Vunipola
  • Kieran Brookes
  • Joe Launchbury
  • Billy Vunipola
  • Richard Wigglesworth
  • Owen Farrell
  • Sam Burgess
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Talemaitoga Tuapati
  • Peni Ravai
  • Isei Colati
  • Tevita Cavubati
  • Peceli Yato
  • Nemia Kenatale
  • Josh Matavesi
  • Asaeli Tikoirotuma

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