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World Cup

As it happened: England 13-33 Australia

2015-10-03 20:29
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03 Oct 22:57


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03 Oct 22:56
Wales v Australia on Saturday, October 10 at Twickenham to determine who finishes top - and likely avoids the Springboks in the quarter-finals.
03 Oct 22:52
Celebrations in both Wales and Down Under as Wales and Australia both secure their playoff spots with tonight's result
03 Oct 22:52


England 13-33 Australia

03 Oct 22:51

80' - Foley lands the conversion - who doubted him?

Match over. England's tournament over before the final Pool match is even played

03 Oct 22:51

80' - Giteau deleivers the final stake in the heart of England

Australia's biggest ever win over England at Twickenham

03 Oct 22:50
80' - Conversion to come - then the final whistle
03 Oct 22:50
80' - First name not called Foley on the scoresheet
03 Oct 22:50
80' - Magic try by Australia to well and truly dump hosts England out of the tournament
03 Oct 22:49
79' - Australia turn the ball over and MATT GITEAU scores!
03 Oct 22:48
78' - Australia looking to rub salt into the England wound with a late try
03 Oct 22:47

77' - England suddenly have no answer at scrum time

Embarassingly poor

03 Oct 22:46
77' - England fans stream out of Twickenham
03 Oct 22:45

76' - Foley on target - AGAIN!

Australia/Foley 26-13 England

03 Oct 22:44

75' - Australia well and truly pumped for this match

Foley to extend his - and Australia's tally

03 Oct 22:44

74' - Time now well and truly against England

Even worse now that they concede another scrum penalty

Good night nurse

03 Oct 22:41

72' - Foley lands the penalty to extend Australia's lead to 23-13 with 8 minutes to play

Twickenham boos...

03 Oct 22:40

71' - Mass confusion between Poite and Veldsman

Looked like 2 illegal tackles

Anyway, penalty to Australia

03 Oct 22:40
71' - Going to be a yellow - but to Farrell not Burgess
03 Oct 22:38
71' - Confusion between Veldsman and Poite
03 Oct 22:37
71' - Looks to be a penalty, but will it be a yellow... ?
03 Oct 22:37
71' - Referee consulting the TMO for a no-arms tackle by England's Sam Burgess
03 Oct 22:36


England have 600 seconds or they are heading home

03 Oct 22:35
69' - Sands of time ticking away for England
03 Oct 22:31


Israel Folau off

Stephen Moore too

03 Oct 22:30
65' - Owen Farrell lands the penalty to close the deficit to 20-13
03 Oct 22:30


Sam Burgess on for Brad Barritt

03 Oct 22:28

64' - England turn defence into attack as they surge into Australian territory

Penalty to England. What will they do?

03 Oct 22:28
62' - Nick Phipps on for Will Genia for Australia
03 Oct 22:26

62' - This time it's Michael Hooper who effects the penalty as he stays on his feet and England refuse to let go off the ball

Hooper has an English father by the way...

03 Oct 22:25
Wonder what an England early exit would do to TV ratings... ?
03 Oct 22:24


Into the final 20 minutes of what has been a terrific match

03 Oct 22:23

59' - Should be a fantastic end to this match

Crowd getting behind England

Ford has made a strong impact

03 Oct 22:21

56' - Wing Anthony Watson scores and Farrell converts

England 10-20 Australia with 24 minutes to go

03 Oct 22:19
03 Oct 22:19

56' - England throwing everything into this now

And they SCORE!

03 Oct 22:16

53' - TMO being consulted

Bernard Foley went for the intercept, almost pulled it off, was held back by England prop Dan Cole as he failed to regather

No deliberate knock-on ruled Shaun Veldsman

03 Oct 22:13

51' - England make a number of changes in desperation

Richard Wigglesworth on at No 9 for Ben Youngs

03 Oct 22:11

50' - Penalty to Australia

Foley extends the Wallabies' lead to 20-3

03 Oct 22:09

48' - England scrum gets shoved back at a rate of knots

Oh dear, Australia now dominant in all aspects of the match

03 Oct 22:08
47' - England beginning to rue the fact they don't have an out and out fetcher
03 Oct 22:07

44' - Pocock wins Australia a penalty as England hold on

Well played that man

  • 80'

    CONVERSION, FOLEY! 13-33: Foley converts from the touchline to seal the win. What a miserable way to go out for England, who threatened a comeback in the second half. In the end, they were completely outplayed at the breakdown and concede their biggest ever loss to Australia at Twickenham. The inquest will be brutal. Australia look World Cup contenders.

  • 80'


  • 79'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, GITEAU! 13-31: Another turnover for Australia and they go to the right. There's a huge overlap and Ashley-Cooper plays the two-on-one perfectly to send Giteau over.

  • 78'

    Another turnover for Australia but England get it back and Watson gets away on the right. England want to at least save face with a final try.

  • 76'

    England gather the restart, but then after a couple of offloads, George Kruis knocks on.

  • 76'

    And another scrum penalty. England are marched backwards and concede the inevitable penalty. This is falling apart here.

  • 75'

    PENALTY, AUSTRALIA, FOLEY! 13-26: No mistake from Foley, who's had a cracking game and that could be the final nail in the coffin. Surely no way back now.

  • 74'

    Australia get the nudge on in the scrum and earn the penalty as England drop it. Should be another three points on the way for Foley.

  • 72'

    That has clearly taken the sting out of England. Easter knocks on and it will be an Australian scrum on the English ten-metre line.

  • 71'

    Problems for England as Australia go through the backs and there are two illegal tackles. We're going to the TMO...

  • 71'

    YELLOW CARD, ENGLAND, FARRELL! Owen Farrell tackled Giteau without the ball and he's going to the sin-bin. Farrell's not happy, but he can have few complaints.

  • 71'

    PENALTY, AUSTRALIA, FOLEY! 13-23: Foley stretches the lead back to ten points. England have to score twice with 14 men to stay in the tournament.

  • 69'

    The scrum pops up and we'll have a reset. The next one is solid but Watson slices it straight out. There must have been a better option there.

  • 67'

    Patient defending from England but Foley almost squeezes through. He knocks on though and England will get it back.

  • 65'

    Big moment as Australia have a lineout just outside the 22. But Phipps is scragged and loses it. He's had a tough time since coming on.

  • 64'

    Australia struggle to make their way through and then a pass to no-one from Phipps allows Ford to hack forward. Beale gets back and Australia go off their feet at the breakdown. The easy penalty should bring England to within a score.

  • 64'

    PENALTY, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 13-20: Easy as you like, Farrell slots the three. It's getting very close. Australian nerves will be kicking in now.

  • 63'

    The Australian maul makes ground initially before being stopped. Still Australia keep coming...

  • 61'

    England get a huge steal at the lineout. They are up to halfway but again get isolated and concede the penalty. Still, the momentum has swung a little.

  • 60'

    England decide to play a quick lineout to avoid pressure from Australia and eventually put the ball out after some more ping-pong.

  • 59'

    England have stepped up their intensity and turn the ball over with good work from Wood. Australia edge a kicking battle though and have their hands back on the ball.

  • 57'

    England clear comfortably from the restart but it will be an Australian lineout about 30 metres out. On comes Nick Easter for Morgan.

  • 56'

    CONVERSION, FARRELL! 10-20: Farrell adds the conversion from the touchline. England are up and running, can they keep the pressure on?

  • 55'

    TRY, ENGLAND, WATSON! 8-20: England make some space and Watson does brilliantly to finish. He has Wood outside him and dummies to get through Beale's tackle before holding off Foley.

  • 54'

    Good scrum from England but the pass out the back is telegraphed as Beale shoots up and makes a huge tackle.

  • 53'

    The ball goes straight through the scrum and England escape despite being shoved backwards. We'll have a reset.

  • 51'

    England almost get through but Foley sprints up. He taps the ball up and almost has an interception but gets tackled as he was about to reclaim the ball. We're going to the TMO and he confirms it wasn't deliberate.

  • 49'

    England ring the changes, bringing on Mako Vunipola and Richard Wigglesworth. Kane Douglas then flies up in defence and catches a Robshaw without the ball. That's a penalty and England will kick to the corner.

  • 48'

    PENALTY, AUSTRALIA, FOLEY! 3-20: Three more points for Australia and Foley. It's now a three-score game. Is there any way back?

  • 47'

    Marler gets a talking to from Romain Poite over the angle of his scrummaging. Last warning for him, as Foley lines up the penalty.

  • 46'

    England have an extra man in the lineout and concede a free-kick. The Wallabies take the scrum and will be looking to add more points here and they get the penalty. Huge moment in the game.

  • 45'

    Australia struggle to find a way through so Giteau dabs a delicate little kick over the top. It's touched by an England player and it's a Wallaby lineout on the 22.

  • 43'

    Genia is charged down and England get it back and are on the attack. Brown almost gets through but Pocock gets in and wins the penalty. Australia's two opensides are killing England at the breakdown.

  • 42'

    Ford puts up a great high ball but it's to Folau. Watson actually gets above him, but just with an arm and knocks on.

  • 41'

    May ran on after half-time but felt something so left his place to Ford. The Bath man goes to fly-half, with Farrell at inside centre and Joseph out to the wing.

  • 40'

    England look nervous, and ruin a final chance with a knock-on out wide. That's half-time, it will need a record comeback from England to stay in this World Cup. Foley has been the key man for Australia, who look very good.

  • 40'


  • 40'

    England need to change things and Stuart Lancaster has made a big change bringing on George Ford. Jonny May is the man to go off. That will require a reshuffle.

  • 40'

    Foley gets us going again and Youngs collects under pressure. Australia get their hands on the ball and are trying to make ground on halfway but Genia goes blind before passing into touch.

  • 38'

    Danger as Ashley-Cooper finds some space. Brown tries to get in for the turnover and gets smashed by Hooper. It's a shoulder charge though and he concedes the penalty.

  • 36'

    England get the ball back but a loose pass from Youngs allows Australia to get up quickly and get it back. They clear into space and May has to sprint back and kick it into touch. It's an Australian lineout just outside the 22.

  • 35'

    CONVERSION, FOLEY! 3-17: Over go the extras and Australia are running away with it. Foley has scored all 17 points for the Wallabies.

  • 34'

    Foley is over again and we're just going to check with the TMO if there was a forward pass. If not Australia are in complete control...

  • 34'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, FOLEY! 3-15: Australia switched directions, then Foley found Beale inside him. Beale went straight through then gave the ball back to his fly-half for the simple finish.

  • 33'

    England are penalised for not driving straight. Joe Marler is being pinged for coming in at an angle. After all the criticism of his scrummaging angles this week, this is a problem.

  • 32'

    Australia almost get away as Adam Ashley-Cooper gets the ball on the right but the pass was forward from Pocock. It's end-to-end stuff.

  • 31'

    Massive danger as Genia is charged down by Launchbury. Parling and Foley chase back and go down as both appeal for the penalty. The ball is hacked forward but the Wallabies get back and dot down for the 22 drop-out.

  • 29'

    Great chance for England as Launchbury gets away down the left. England are up to the 22 but Australia to a good job of spoiling and Pocock gets the vital turnover.

  • 28'

    Australia push early and this time it's a penalty against them. England will certainly take that.

  • 27'

    Good work from England and Ben Morgan to get round and block the ball in the maul. The ball doesn't come back and it's going to be another scrum on the 22.

  • 26'

    England got first blood at the scrum but this time they are shunted backwards before it drops. The Wallabies get the penalty and will kick for touch and are up into the 22.

  • 25'

    The English lineout is firing and after going off the top Farrell puts up a high kick. May challenges but just reaches out an arm and knocks on.

  • 24'

    England are isolated in midfield, and while Pocock can't effect the turnover, Scott Fardy is in straight after and gets the ball back for Australia.

  • 22'

    Joseph almost away on the outside then May does likewise with a mazy run. England up to the 22...

  • 21'

    Good clearing kick from Foley and England are pushed back to halfway. It will be their lineout though. They need to respond quickly.

  • 20'

    CONVERSION, FOLEY! 3-10: Foley adds the extras, Australia strike first blood with that try. It's been high-quality stuff so far.

  • 19'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, FOLEY! 3-8: The pressure tells eventually. A huge hit on Hooper looked to have slowed things but Australia stayed patient and England ran out of numbers. Foley dummied, cut inside Ben Youngs and then Brown to dive over for the first try.

  • 18'

    The scrum is messy but Australia turn to their backs. England are up well though. Still there in the 22...

  • 17'

    Australia have a scrum in the England 22, big opportunity here provided their scrum holds up.

  • 16'

    Folau's had a tough start but beats two men and is almost through in midfield. Australia recycle quickly and Foley tries a little kick through and Brown can't collect it, knocking on.

  • 14'

    The chance is wasted as Farrell fires in a poor pass that Joseph can't collect. Australia turn it over, Will Genia clears and Jonny May has to chase back and kick to touch. Still, dangerous stuff from England.

  • 13'

    Good work from Tom Youngs to break through from the restart and then England are almost away when Folau knocks on a high kick. Wood is away and then England come back left. Australia stray offside but England keep coming through Brown...

  • 11'

    Australia got the nudge in the scrum but Scott Sio is then penalised as it goes down and England will be able to draw level.

  • 11'

    PENALTY, ENGLAND, FARRELL! 3-3: No problem for Farrell from right in front and England are level. That will ease some of the pressure after a tough start.

  • 9'

    Farrell makes a half-break then Watson is nearly through. England up to the 22...

  • 9'

    The Australian defence holds firm and when the ball doesn't emerge from a ruck, England get the scrum. Big pressure on this set-piece on the 22 right opposite the posts. Rob Horne gets some treatment and is heading off. Kurtley Beale is going to replace him. That's a big change.

  • 8'

    Good work from Australia on the restart as they set up Giteau to clear into touch. Still, it's an England lineout 40 metres out.

  • 7'

    PENALTY, AUSTRALIA, FOLEY! 0-3: Australia take the lead as Foley slots the penalty. England will probably take that after huge danger from the Wallabies.

  • 6'

    England race up offside and concede advantage five metres out. Foley tries the high kick and Folau beats Anthony Watson to it but knocks on and can't quite claim. That was a try if he takes it.

  • 3'

    Brown makes up for his mistake as he gets in on Israel Folau with the overlap. Australia should have scored there but he couldn't get the pass away.

  • 2'

    Great Australian scrum and Bernard Foley kicks it right down into the corner. Mike Brown then has a howler as he catches it and steps into touch. Lineout five metres out...

  • 1'

    Australia push early and England have the free-kick. Ben Youngs then tries a chip over the top and it's too deep and goes dead in-goal. Scrum to Australia now.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of the biggest game of the tournament so far as England take on Australia at Twickenham. England know that it's win or bust for them, while Australia still have another big clash against Wales to come.

  • 0'

    England have made three changes from the team that lost to Wales, with Jonathan Joseph fit to return in midfield where he comes in for Sam Burgess. Elsewhere Ben Morgan replaces the injured Billy Vunipola and Joe Launchbury starts at lock.

  • 0'

    Australia have named their strongest possible team, sticking with the pairing of Michael Hooper and David Pocock in the back row. Matt Giteau and Tevita Kuridrani start together in midfield for the Wallabies.

  • 0'

    Owen Farrell is going to get us underway. Here we go!

  • 0'

    Australia start boldly by trying to run the ball out of their 22. Matt Giteau eventually clears but England run it back through Farrell. He's hit hard by Hooper and there's a knock-on in the tackle. First scrum on the way.

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England Australia
  • 1 Tries 3
    • 55' Anthony Watson
    • 19' Bernard Foley
    • 34' Bernard Foley
    • 79' Matt Giteau
  • 1 Conversions 3
    • 56' Owen Farrell
    • 21' Bernard Foley
    • 35' Bernard Foley
    • 80' Bernard Foley
  • 2 Penalties 4
    • 12' Owen Farrell
    • 64' Owen Farrell
    • 7' Bernard Foley
    • 49' Bernard Foley
    • 71' Bernard Foley
    • 75' Bernard Foley
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 1 Yellow Cards 0
    • 70' Owen Farrell
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Joe Marler
  • Tom Youngs
  • Dan Cole
  • Joe Launchbury
  • Geoff Parling
  • Tom Wood
  • Chris Robshaw
  • Ben Morgan
  • Ben Youngs
  • Owen Farrell
  • Jonny May
  • Brad Barritt
  • Jonathan Joseph
  • Anthony Watson
  • Mike Brown
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  • Scott Sio
  • Stephen Moore
  • Sekope Kepu
  • Kane Douglas
  • Rob Simmons
  • Scott Fardy
  • Michael Hooper
  • David Pocock
  • Will Genia
  • Bernard Foley
  • Rob Horne
  • Matt Giteau
  • Tevita Kuridrani
  • Adam Ashley-Cooper
  • Israel Folau
  • Rob Webber
  • Mako Vunipola
  • Kieran Brookes
  • George Kruis
  • Nick Easter
  • Richard Wigglesworth
  • George Ford
  • Sam Burgess
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Tatafu Polota-Nau
  • James Slipper
  • Greg Holmes
  • Dean Mumm
  • Ben McCalman
  • Nick Phipps
  • Matt Toomua
  • Kurtley Beale

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