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2015/10/06 | 17:45 |  Rugby World Cup | Leicester City Stadium |  Full Time
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As it happened: Canada 15-17 Romania

2015-10-06 19:57
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06 Oct 19:42

That's all folks!

Stay glued to for the next RWC game as Fiji take on Uruguay at 21:00.

06 Oct 19:41

Stunning comeback completed!

Romania win!

The crowd goes wild. The Romanian players go wild. Heck, even I'm going wild!

What a great fightback!

06 Oct 19:40
15 seconds left, the Romanian bench is on their feet - they can feel the win.
06 Oct 19:40

79' Romania have penalty advantage.

This one is all but over. Crazy from Cudmore as he slams into the ruck from the side.

06 Oct 19:39

Less than 90 seconds.

Romania win the lineout as Hassler is tackled out.

Romania have scored 17 unanswered points 

06 Oct 19:38

Bang. Over.

Romania lead for the first time in the match.

06 Oct 19:37

76' Scrum penalty.

Vlaicu with the chance to send his side into the lead.

Relatively straight forward chance.

06 Oct 19:35

75' Disaster for Canada.

They give a scrum inside their half after the ball went dead in the tackle.

Why didn't they just kick it deep?

06 Oct 19:33

6 minutes to play.

Conversion by Vlaicu is good.

It's a one point game!

06 Oct 19:32

TRY awarded!

Game on!

06 Oct 19:31

73' Looks like a try!

TMO will decide if Macovei made a double movement...

06 Oct 19:30

Canada with a brilliant scrum - but deemed to have wheeled it.

Another penalty. Another scrum to Romania.

06 Oct 19:28

72' Barnes sends Jebb Sinclair to the sin bin.

He was deemed to collapse the maul.

Romania now a man advantage at the scrum.

06 Oct 19:27

Romania annihilate the scrum and win a penalty.

They kick to the corner.

06 Oct 19:26

70' Into the final ten minutes.

Canada have a scrum on their own 5m

06 Oct 19:25

69' The crowd boos as Romania charge down the kick and look to have secured possession but Barnes calls for a knock on.

Correct call - take that back Leicester crowd!

06 Oct 19:23

68' Romania won't win this game with passing like that...

Woefully forward pass with just 20m to go to the tryline.

06 Oct 19:21
66' Romania win the penalty after six phases as Canada go in at the side at ruck time
06 Oct 19:20
66' Canada finally get inside Romania's half but the Romanians have the ball.
06 Oct 19:18

63' Crowd goes wild for a Romanian try but the whistle had already gone.

Knock on by Romania.

It's been a frantic few minutes as Romania throw the kitchen sink in a bid to reduce the 8 point gap.

06 Oct 19:15

Wayne Barnes to be offered Canadian citizenship?

Instead of a 5m scrum to Romania, Canada win a penalty.

06 Oct 19:14

62' Canada survive.

They wait until the jumper is down and they just use all their men to push the maul out.

Fantastic effort.

06 Oct 19:13

No - they kick to the corner.

5m out now...

06 Oct 19:12
61' One way traffic now as Romania win a penalty - will they kick for poles?
06 Oct 19:11
60' Canada must now defend from the lineout inside their 22m...
06 Oct 19:09

57' Bit scrappy now as both sides fail to get their basics right.

Canada going backwards but Romania knock it on.

06 Oct 19:08

Another miss for Canada!

That's at least 3 misses - will they regret it?

06 Oct 19:07

Hirayama will take a dip at the posts from over 40m...

Tough kick from the left.

06 Oct 19:06
55' Canada will be pleased - they win the penalty from the ruck as Romania fail to roll away.
06 Oct 19:04
Mihai Macovei receiving the backslapping after coming up with the ball from the rolling maul which easily moved over about 20m for the try.
06 Oct 19:03

52' TRY!

Romania are back in it!

06 Oct 19:03

Romania have made 93 tackles to Canada's 58.

Romania have missed 15 to Canada's 8.

06 Oct 19:00

50' A good kick from Canada goes bad as Romania run from inside their 22m - twinkle toes down the line and way...

They move into Canada's half, really looked out to me but fortune favours the Romanians.

06 Oct 18:58
49' Bad mistake from Romania as they kick the ball deep and over the Canadian deep ball line.
06 Oct 18:56
47' Romania attack but Canada stand up to the challenge - they've hardly had to tackle in this match so they still fresh.
06 Oct 18:53
Change of kickers - and it works as Hirayama pops over the conversion!
06 Oct 18:52
Hirayama made the break but Hassler beat at least four to get over the line!
06 Oct 18:51
06 Oct 18:51

43' Canada on the rampage...

Hassler again!

And he's over!

06 Oct 18:50

41' Bullocking run from Hassler!

But he's brought down and Canada win the scrum

06 Oct 18:48
40' Time for the second forty
06 Oct 18:44
Enough chitter-chatter, the second half gets underway shortly!
06 Oct 18:41


This is the lowest scoring first half of the RWC 2015.

Possesion: Canada 65% - 35% Romania

Territory: Canada 67% - 33% Romania

Metres made: Canada 348 - 115 Romania

06 Oct 18:33


Low scoring 40 minutes but not due to a lack of trying by Canada - they have run almost all their ball and only some resolute defending has kept Romania in this one.

  • 80'

    Kicked to touch by Romania and the Oaks are seconds away from a famous victory. Won by Poparlan and the maul is back as the clock goes over 80 - it's hammered into touch by Calafeteanu and Romania have done it! What an amazing turnaround, with Canada on top for so long but Romania have turned things around in dramatic fashion. Canada will be gutted, but credit to Romania, especially Macovei and Vlaicu, for those points late on. The World Cup delivers another great contest.

  • 80'


  • 79'

    Restart so important now, but it goes off Hassler into touch. Another penalty to Romania at the lineout as Cudmore comes in at the side. Less than a minute left now.

  • 78'

    PENALTY, ROMANIA, VLAICU! 15-17: What a strike! It's over and Romania lead for the first time! Great scenes in Leicester.

  • 77'

    Romania's scrum is on fire! They've won a kickable penalty inside Canada's half and Vlaicu is going for the win...

  • 75'

    Macovei looks like he has scored a second! We''re going upstairs for confirmation...

  • 75'

    TRY, ROMANIA, MACOVEI! 15-12: It''s given! The scrum wheels again but the captain scoops up and powers over! TMO needed to confirm the grounding but the ball was on the line.

  • 75'

    CONVERSION, ROMANIA, VLAICU! 15-14: Another good strike from the centre and it's a one-point game!

  • 74'

    Another penalty to Romania, as Canada are penalised for wheeling the scrum. We'll scrum down again...

  • 73'

    YELLOW CARD, CANADA, SINCLAIR! The blindside flanker is yellow carded for coming into the maul from the side. Romania go for the scrum five metres out.

  • 72'

    Both teams edgy at the scrum so we reset. Penalty Romania! What will they go for here... Vlaicu kicks to the corner.

  • 72'

    Good catch and drive from Romania as the backs get involved in the maul! Held up... but it's another penalty and there's more to come.

  • 71'

    Hirayama charged down which sparks a mad scramble in the Canadian 22, but Romania knock on trying to gather the loose ball. Scrum to Canada five metres out from their own line.

  • 70'

    Romania secure the lineout and drive over Canada's 22. Poor pass though and that slippery ball goes forward for Botezatu, as the pressure starts to tell.

  • 68'

    Kicking from both sides looking for territory as Fercu does well under the high ball. Hearn thumps Fercu back in the tackle but Romania cling on to the ball. Now they get a penalty for in at the side, chance for territory.

  • 67'

    Huge scrum from Romania again as Hassler does well to touch down inside his own dead ball area, making sure it's only a dropout to Canada and not a five-metre scrum.

  • 66'

    Canada unravelling here, knocking on under pressure on the edge of their 22. Poparlan knocks on though under pressure, so Canada have the scrum - although Lucaci didn't hear it and thought he'd scored after Hirayama lost possession!

  • 64'

    Penalty to Canada, Macovei accused of playing the man in the air of the lineout. Canada get a chance to clear.

  • 63'

    Lineout won by Van Heerden but Canada are sharp to that one, driving Romania out into touch and winning the lineout themselves! Chance to clear.

  • 61'

    Solid attack for Romania driving towards the line. Less than five metres out now! Penalty to Romania and they will go for the lineout in the corner.

  • 59'

    Penalty to Canada and Mack goes quickly, but he gets turned over at the breakdown and that will be a penalty. Chance for Romania to kick for territory.

  • 57'

    Romania, who have upped their game in the last five minutes, starting to apply pressure on Canada in the tackle but Van Heerden just knocks on. Canada scrum.

  • 56'

    Hirayama trying to curve in that attempt at the posts, but it fades away to the left. Romania to drop out.

  • 54'

    Good step from Jones as Canada attack Romania's half. Hirayama trying the chip kick which doesn't work but it comes back Canada's way. Hirayama now to the corner and it rolls perfectly to touch, but we come back for the penalty.

  • 53'

    CONVERSION, ROMANIA, VLAICU! 15-7: Perfect conversion down the middle from the centre - game on!

  • 52'

    TRY, ROMANIA, MACOVEI! 15-5: Well executed rolling maul from Romania and Macovei won't be stopped! All the pack involved there as the captain drives over from five metres out.

  • 50'

    Clever kick from Hirayama towards the corner but Fercu does so well, collecting the ball and dancing down the touchline as Romania get out of their own half. TMO checking for a deliberate knock-on by Canada which is given, so Romania have a penalty and Vlaicu kicks to the corner.

  • 49'

    Poparlan wins the Romania lineout but they're struggling to make ground against this Canada defence. Vlaicu kicks towards the corner but it rolls dead, scrum all the way back from where he kicked it for Canada.

  • 47'

    Romania look to respond with a good lineout off the top from Ursache. Now outside the Canadian 22. Poor pass through from Wiringi as Hearn hacks on, Botezatu back there to clear up. Ripped out of Ursache's hands as McRorie dabs that kick into touch.

  • 45'

    CONVERSION, CANADA, HIRAYAMA! 15-0: Extra two from the fly-half and Canada are well ahead.

  • 44'

    TRY, CANADA, HASSLER! 13-0: Solid scrum from Canada who are on the attack again. Hassler with a great run and he'll score - brilliant! Coming in off his wing he spun out of the tackle and then powered through two more to score by the side of the posts. Super finish.

  • 42'

    Top carry from Hassler over the 22, but Romania turn the ball over, knocking on in the process. Canada scrum near the left touchline.

  • 40'

    Romania looking for the final say in this half, as Wiringi kicks to the corner with only seconds left. Canada simply have to clear to touch and that will be half-time, which they do. Won by Beukeboom and McRorie thumps it into touch - we've reached the interval! Canada ahead and they could have been by more had it not been for some missed kicks by McRorie. Second half coming right up.

  • 40'


  • 40'

    Hirayama starts the second half with Wiringi clearing, but Canada have a lineout in a good position outside the Romania 22.

  • 38'

    Vlaicu just not getting the distance on that attempt, missing wide to the right. Canada instead clear and win a penalty, but Hirayama's quick cross-field kick doesn't come off as Botezatu gathers the ball.

  • 36'

    Timely penalty win for Romania at the breakdown as Vlaicu lines up another long but straighter penalty attempt.

  • 34'

    No conversion from McRorie but Canada have an 8-0 lead as we edge towards half-time.

  • 33'

    TRY, CANADA, VAN DER MERWE! 8-0: Hassler breaks up the middle! Good offloads from him and McRorie keep the ball alive and once the ball goes wide left there's an overlap, with Van der Merwe going low through the gap to score.

  • 31'

    Missed touch from Romania so Canada run it back through Jones. Long passage of play as the ball changes hands, Canada looking for space but Romania's defence standing off cleverly.

  • 29'

    Canada in possession as the cross halfway. Wide pass bounces to Moonlight but he tidies up. Now over the Romania 22, trying to go wide to Blevins but Kinikinilau intercepts! Vlaicu trying to go wide but we'll come back for the penalty. Romania back to 15 men as Fercu returns to the field.

  • 27'

    Great defence from Canada at the scrum, who worked hard for that to pop Turashvili out and win the penalty. Hirayama clears to touch.

  • 26'

    Lineout tapped back off the top by the Oaks as the forwards drive forward. Penalty Romania - Canada going off their feet. Romania call for a scrum!

  • 25'

    Quality scrum from Romania as Buydens struggles again for Canada. Long kick to the corner from Vlaicu and Romania are in position to strike.

  • 23'

    Good hands from Canada trying to move the ball wide, but that's forward from Jones out of the tackle. Romania scrum.

  • 22'

    That's 1/3 from McRorie now as he snatches that kick to the left of the posts. Rain now hammering down as the score stays at 3-0. Surugiu, who took an early knock, is replaced by Calafeteanu.

  • 21'

    Penalties keep coming against Romania as McRorie gets another attempt at the posts, this from wide on the right just outside the Romania 22.

  • 19'

    YELLOW CARD, ROMANIA, FERCU! And it's yellow! Fercu didn't have his eyes on the ball and he's now going to spend ten minutes in the bin. Canada kick to touch.

  • 18'

    Fercu knocks on chasing a high kick, Canada with the scrum outside their own 22. Cleared by Canada before Wiringi just overcooks that kick to touch and it goes out on the full. Canada then with the lineout but referee Wayne Barnes is checking with the TMO for a mid-air collision involving Blevins of Canada, who was taken out by Fercu...

  • 17'

    Good hit from Vlaicu as the rain starts to fall in Leicester, and his effort falls to the right of the posts. Tough kick that on the angle from the halfway line.

  • 16'

    Misfire from Romania at the lineout handing Canada a scrum, with Hirayama clearing long. Fercu returns over halfway and Romania get the penalty with Carpenter lying on the wrong side at the ruck. Vlaicu lining up a long attempt at the posts.

  • 15'

    Buydens penalised at the scrum for Canada for collapsing, so Romania kick to touch. First real bit of territory for the Oaks so far.

  • 13'

    Handling error from Canada this time as the pass goes just too far behind Hassler. Romania scrum.

  • 12'

    Fercu knocks on under the high ball for Romania, but Macovei is penalised for a neck roll on Barkwill so Canada clear to touch. They'll have a lineout around 35 metres from Romania's line.

  • 10'

    PENALTY, CANADA, MCRORIE! 3-0: No problem with that one! Canada take a deserved lead after ten minutes.

  • 9'

    Canada still controlling all the territory so far as Van Heerden goes offside for Romania. Another chance for McRorie.

  • 7'

    Romania penalised handing McRorie a chance for to score the first points of the match, but he can't convert the penalty from out wide.

  • 5'

    Hassler knocks on trying to take a pass and Kinikinilau looks destined to score for Romania, but his pass is intercepted by Canada who clear. On the attack through Van der Merwe as they cross halfway and get another advantage. Mismatch out wide but Van der Merwe is flung into touch by Romania, who have a lineout in their own 22.

  • 4'

    Romania's pack outweighing Canada and how it shows on the first scrum, but Canada get the ball away quickly, shifting it wide to Hassler. Advantage played for offside, space out wide though as Canada cross the Romania 22! Moving the ball well from side to side as Hearn looks for an offload. Another advantage, as McRorie thinks he's scored in the corner, but instead Canada have been penalised for a neck roll and it's reversed! Romania clear.

  • 2'

    Safe lineout from Romania to the tail. Battling out wide but the captain Macovei is held up in the tackle, handing Canada a scrum.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Rugby World Cup match between Canada and Romania.

  • 0'

    Canada have made six changes to their team for Tuesday's clash with Romania in their final game of the 2015 World Cup in Leicester. Jamie Cudmore will lead the side in the absence of Tyler Ardron, as he equals the Canadian record for World Cup appearances held by Rod Snow with 14. Elsewhere in the team, hooker Aaron Carpenter has shifted to the back row where he will slot in for Ardron at number eight, with Ray Barkwill taking his place up front. John Moonlight and Jebb Sinclair complete a completely new back row, while there are also three changes in the backs. Gordon McRorie starts ahead of Phil Mack at scrum-half, with Jeff Hassler and Harry Jones in on the wing and at full-back respectively.

  • 0'

    Romania head coach Lynn Howells has made seven changes to his starting line-up. In the backline, there are three changes with Madalin Lemnaru replacing Adrian Apostol on the right wing, Florin Vlaicu taking over from Csaba Gal at inside centre and Florin Surugiu taking over from Valentin Calafeteanu at scrum-half. Up front, captain Mihai Macovei shifts from openside flank to number eight, where he replaces Daniel Carpo with Viorel Lucaci coming in to the run-on side in the number seven jersey. The other changes are in the second-row where Johannes van Heerden takes over from Ovidiu Tonita and in the front-row where Otar Turashvili and Mihaita Lazar replace Andrei Radoi and Andrei Ursache at hooker and loosehead prop respectively.

  • 0'

    Both sides are out on the field in the Leicester sunshine, as we prepare for the anthems.

  • 0'

    Kick-off has arrived! Michael Wiringi of Romania starts the proceedings, as Canada clear safely to touch through McRorie.

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Canada Romania
  • 2 Tries 2
    • 32' DTH Van Der Merwe
    • 43' Jeff Hassler
    • 52' Mihai Macovei
    • 73' Mihai Macovei
  • 1 Conversions 2
    • 44' Nathan Hirayama
    • 53' Florin Vlaicu
    • 74' Florin Vlaicu
  • 1 Penalties 1
    • 10' Gordon McRorie
    • 77' Florin Vlaicu
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 1 Yellow Cards 1
    • 71' Jebb Sinclair
    • 19' Catalin Fercu
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Hubert Buydens
  • Ray Barkwill
  • Doug Wooldridge
  • Brett Beukeboom
  • Jamie Cudmore
  • Jebb Sinclair
  • John Moonlight
  • Aaron Carpenter
  • Gordon McRorie
  • Nathan Hirayama
  • DTH Van Der Merwe
  • Nick Blevins
  • Ciaran Hearn
  • Jeff Hassler
  • Harry Jones
  • 1
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Mihaita Lazar
  • Otar Turashvili
  • Paulica Ion
  • Valentin Poparlan
  • Johann Van Heerden
  • Valentin Ursache
  • Viorel Lucaci
  • Mihai Macovei
  • Florin Surugiu
  • Michael Wiringi
  • Ionut Botezatu
  • Florin Vlaicu
  • Paula Kinikinilau
  • Madalin Lemnaru
  • Catalin Fercu
  • Benoit Piffero
  • Djustice Sears-Duru
  • Jake Ilnicki
  • Kyle Gilmour
  • Nanyak Dala
  • Phil Mack
  • Conor Trainor
  • James Pritchard
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Andrei Radoi
  • Andrei Ursache
  • Alexandru Tarus
  • Daniel Carpo
  • Stelian Burcea
  • Valentin Calafeteanu
  • Adrian Apostol
  • Csaba Gal

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