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As it happened: Australia 65 Uruguay 3

2015-09-27 14:58
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27 Sep 14:53

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27 Sep 14:50


Australia 65 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 14:50

80' - TRY to the Wallabies!

Replacement Kuridrani gets over in the corner for the Wallabies. That's their 11th try of the match. Cooper converts!

Australia 65 Uruguay 3 

27 Sep 14:48
78' - The Wallabies win the lineout and break away! Some great handling by their backs sees them get right up to half way until Cooper knocks on. 
27 Sep 14:46
77' - Uruguay are bashing away but they cannot get over. Mumm drifts offside and gives away another penalty. Uruguay set up another lineout. 
27 Sep 14:43
76' - So close! Held up over the line unfortunately for the minnows!
27 Sep 14:42
74' - Scrum penalty to Uruguay! They had the Wallabies in trouble there. Ormaechea sets up a lineout in the Wallaby 22m area. Can they get a try?
27 Sep 14:40

71' - TRY to the Wallabies!

That is a spectacular try! Cooper is heavily involved as he burst through a gap and then found men out the left with a pinpoint pass. Toomua is the man that gets over. Cooper misses with his conversion. He has only kicked 4 out 10. 

Australia 58 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 14:37
69' - Cooper doesn't have his kicking boots on today as he misses out to the right with the conversion attempt. 
27 Sep 14:36

68' - TRY for the Wallabies!

McMahon is the try scorer after an unstoppable Wallaby maul. 

Australia 53 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 14:35
67' - Uruguay now falling foul of the ref as they begin to spoil at every opportunity. Who can blame them. Cooper sets up a lineout 5m from the Uruguay line. 
27 Sep 14:35
67' - Uruguay now falling foul of the ref as they begin to spoil at every opportunity. Who can blame them. Cooper sets up a lineout 5m from the Uruguay line. 
27 Sep 14:31
64' - Uruguay destroy a Wallaby scrum but the referee has deemed their binding illegal. Penalty to the Wallabies. 
27 Sep 14:28

62' - CONVERSION slotted by Cooper!

This time Cooper makes no mistake!

Australia 48 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 14:27

60' - TRY to the Wallabies!

Far better from the Wallabies as they control the ball through a number of phases and then move it quickly out to the left. Excellent quick hands free the ball up to McCalman who goes over unopposed. 

Australia 46 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 14:25
58' - Very scrappy at the moment from both side with plenty of handling errors. A massive Wallaby scrum wins a tighthead and they move into the Uruguay 22m area. 
27 Sep 14:21
55' - Some niggle between the forwards. A few Australian players receiving attention as well with Skelton the latest man down. He will leave the field. 
27 Sep 14:17

51' - TRY to the Wallabies!

It's Mitchell again who rounds off a very good Wallaby backline move. Cooper found Mitchell in acres of space on the left-wing with a brilliant skip pass. That's 12 World Cup tries for the winger. 

Cooper misses with his conversion attempt. He has only kicked 3 from 7. 

Australia 41 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 14:12

48' - Cooper cannot convert.

27 Sep 14:11

47' - TRY to the Wallabies!

Mitchell gets his 11th World Cup try as he glides through a gap in midfield and powers his way over the line. 

Australia 36 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 14:10
46' - Australia receive a penalty for a ruck infringement by Uruguay. Cooper sets up a lineout just outside the Uruguay 22m area. 
27 Sep 14:08
44' - The minnows have kept the ball for a number of phases, but not really made any ground. McCalman does brilliantly and steals the ball to relieve the pressure on the Wallabies. 
27 Sep 14:05
41' - Uruguay start the second half very strongly as they surge into the Wallaby 22m. They have a penalty for a side entry into a ruck by Mumm. Again they opt to forego an easy three points and setup a lineout 5m from the Wallaby line. 
27 Sep 14:03
40' - Cooper gets the second half underway at Villa Park. 
27 Sep 13:48


As expected, Australia have built up a commanding lead, running in 5 tries in the process.

Australia 31 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 13:46
38' - Unfortunately for the minnows the maul collapses after they made at least 10m. Australia have a defensive 5m scrum feed. 
27 Sep 13:44
38' - Uruguay opt to attempt to go for a try as they set up a lineout from a penalty. 
27 Sep 13:42

36' - CONVERSION slotted by Cooper!

Australia 31 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 13:42

35' - TRY to the Wallabies!

An inside pass from Cooper puts McCalman in under the posts! Uruguay had no answer to that.

Australia 29 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 13:40
34' - The Wallabies are looking for another try before half-time as they setup a lineout in the Uruguay 22m area after receiving a penalty. 
27 Sep 13:38

31' - CONVERSION slotted by Cooper!

The Wallaby flyhalf makes no mistake with his most difficult kick of the afternoon so far. 

Australia 24 Uruguay 3 

27 Sep 13:37

30' - TRY to the Wallabies!

Speight is the man that gets the bonus point try! Very slick handling by the Wallabies as they kept the ball through numerous phases, eventually freeing up space for Speight to go over in the left-hand corner.

Australia 22 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 13:33
27' - Cooper misses with another fairly easy conversion attempt. 
27 Sep 13:32

26' - TRY to the Wallabies!

Mumm is the scorer after Phipps put him into a gap with a well-timed pass. 

Australia 17 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 13:30
24' - Cooper is back from the sin-bin. 
27 Sep 13:30

24' - PENALTY slotted by Uruguay!

Berchesi makes no mistake as he send the ball sailing through the uprights. 

Australia 12 Uruguay 3

27 Sep 13:29
23' - Some frustration boiling over now as the Wallabies not having everything their own way. Skelton is penalised for a very late tackle. Berchesi will have shot at goal. 
27 Sep 13:27


There are only four professional rugby players in the Uruguay squad. The rest of the players have full-time day jobs and include doctors, students and entrepreneurs. 

27 Sep 13:26
20' - Uruguay under all sorts of pressure in their own 22m area but the Wallabies are penalised for an infringement at the ruck. Berchesi sets up a lineout on the Uruguay 10m line. 
27 Sep 13:24
18' - The Wallabies look sure to score as Speight burst through a gap. He looks to link up with Mitchell on his left but his pass is intercepted by Prada coming back to defend. 
27 Sep 13:21
16' - Excellent defence from the Wallabies as they stop the maul and tie the ball up. The ball cannot be freed and the Wallabies have a scrum.  
27 Sep 13:20
15' - Uruguay opt to set up a lineout which they win. They look to maul the ball up towards the Wallaby line. They are only 10m out! 
27 Sep 13:19

14' - YELLOW CARD for Cooper!

Cooper will spend 10 minutes in the bin for his transgression. 

27 Sep 13:18
14' - Cooper might be in a little bit of trouble as he flung a Uruguay player to the ground. 
27 Sep 13:18
14' - An excellent passage of play for Uruguay as they have the Wallabies under some pressure. The TMO is called into action for possible foul play. 
27 Sep 13:16
12' - The Wallabies gift the ball straight back and Uruguay surge into the Wallaby 22m area. Unfortunately, some poor handling lets them down again. 
27 Sep 13:15
12' - Uruguay have their first piece of possession for the match, but they turn it over due to poor handling. 
27 Sep 13:14

10' - CONVERSION slotted by Cooper

Australia 12 Uruguay 0

  • 80'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, KURIDRANI! 63-3. Speight sets off on a bullocking run inside Uruguay's 22! He is brought to ground close to the tryline but from the ensuing ruck Phipps offloads to Tevita Kuridrani who gets over in the left-hand corner!

  • 80'

    CONVERSION, AUSTRALIA, COOPER. 65-3. Cooper finally lands one from the kicking tee to add the finisihng touches to a clinical display by the Wallabies! They were in control from start to finsih and outscored their opponents by 11 tries to nought. Uruguay were always under the cosh and the difference in class proved too much for them in the end.

  • 80'

    Australia 65 Uruguay 3

  • 78'

    The Wallabies stray offside on defence close to their tryline. Berchesi puts the resulting penalty out on Australia's five-metre line.

  • 76'

    Uruguay's forwards go on the drive from a line-out on Australia's five-metre line and are soon over the whitewash! Referee Gauzère rules that they were held up, however.

  • 74'

    Referee Gauzère has his hands full as Mumm and Beer have a difference of opinion. It all comes to nothing though and Gauzère has a stern word with both players.

  • 71'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, TOOMUA! 58-3. Cooper glides through s gap in Uruguay's defence and is soon inside their 22! He throws a long pass to Beale, who offloads to Toomua, who dives over!

  • 69'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, MCMAHON! 5-0. The Wallabies go on the drive at a line-out and Sean McMahon is in control at the base of the maul. When he spots the whitewash he dives over for his second try! Cooper is off target with the conversion attempt.

  • 68'

    Uruguay are penalised again for a scrum infringement. Cooper kicks for touch and puts the ball out on the five-metre line.

  • 66'

    Beale attacks from the back and beats a couple of defenders! He tries to offload to Mitchell but knocks on in the process.

  • 64'

    Alejandro Nieto is pinged when he breaks away early from a scrum. Cooper kicks for touch and puts the resulting penalty out on Uruguay's 10-metre line.

  • 62'

    CONVERSION, AUSTRALIA, COOPER. 48-3. Cooper makes no mistake from the kicking tee!

  • 61'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, MCCALMAN! 46-3. Kane Douglas sets up a ruck inside Uruguay's 22 and the ball comes out to Cooper who offloads to Beale. He draws in the final defender before passing to McCalman who gets over for his second try!

  • 59'

    Speight sets off on a mazy run and is eventually brought to ground close to Uruguay's 22. Australia recycle quickly but it all comes to nothing as McCalman knocks on.

  • 57'

    Oscar Duran is penalised for side-entry at a ruck. Cooper kicks for touch and puts the ball out close to Uruguay's 10-metre line.

  • 54'

    Toomua puts Tomane into space down the right-hand touchline! He is soon close to Uruguay's 22 and throws an inside pass to Phipps but referee Pascal Gauzère calls them back as the final pass was forward.

  • 52'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, MITCHELL! 41-3. Cooper finds himself in space inside Uruguay's 22 and throws a long pass to Mitchell who gets over in the left-hand corner for his second try!

  • 51'

    Mateo Sanguinetti is pinged for illegal scrummaging. Cooper puts the resulting penalty out on the edge of Uruguay's 22.

  • 48'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, MITCHELL! 36-3. Mitchell runs onto a pass from Phipps, inside Uruguay's 22, and beats four defenders before crashing over! Cooper misses with the conversion attempt.

  • 46'

    Uruguay are on the attack inside Australia's half. They set up a couple of phases but soon lose possession when Gaston Mieres holds on to the ball on the ground.

  • 44'

    Uruguay try to launch a drive from a line-out on Australia's five-metre line. The Wallabies are equal to the task and bring the maul to the ground close to their tryline.

  • 41'

    Cooper gets the second half underway with a high, hanging kick which Carlos Arboleya gathers before going to ground just outside his 22.

  • 40'

    The Wallabies are on the attack but nothing comes from it as Toomua throws a wild pass into touch close to the halfway line. That's the final act of the half as the half-time hooter whistle goes shortly afterwards. As the scoreline suggests, the Wallabies are in control and have already notched their try-scoring bonus-point. Uruguay will try to keep the score as low as possible after the break.

  • 40'

    Australia 31 Uruguay 3

  • 39'

    Mumm is pinged for not rolling away at a ruck. Berchesi kicks for touch and puts the ball out close to Australia's five-metre line.

  • 37'

    CONVERSION, AUSTRALIA, COOPER. 31-3. Cooper adds the easy extras and the Wallabies are in control of proceedings.

  • 36'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, MCCALMAN! 29-3. Australia attack from a line-out and Skelton sets up a ruck in midfield. The ball comes out to Cooper who throws an inside pass to Ben McCalman, who dots down under the posts!

  • 35'

    Berchesi is pinged for offside play on defence. Toomua kicks for touch and puts the ball out inside Uruguay's 22.

  • 32'

    CONVERSION, AUSTRALIA, COOPER. 24-3. Cooper shows his class as he lands the two-pointer from close to the touchline!

  • 31'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, SPEIGHT! 22-3. Australia attack from a line-out inside their 22 and take the ball through several phases and are soon inside Uruguay's 22. They've created an overlap and Mitchell draws in the final defender before offloading to Speight who scores in the left-hand corner!

  • 29'

    Rodrigo Silva makes a break and is soon inside Australia's 22! He has no support and the ball is ripped from his grasp by Beale! Phipps gathers and clears his line with a kick upfield.

  • 27'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, MUMM! 17-3. Australia take the ball through the phases inside Uruguay's 22 and Dean Mumm runs onto a pass from Nick Phipps before crashing over!

  • 25'

    PENALTY, URUGUAY, BERCHESI! 12-3. Berchesi narrows the gap from the kicking tee after Will Skelton is pinged for illegal play at a ruck.

  • 23'

    Australia try to attack close to the halfway line and Beale throws a long pass to Tomane, who knocks on.

  • 21'

    Tomane is pinged for offside play at a ruck inside Uruguay's 22. Berchesi kicks for touch and puts the ball out on his 10-metre line.

  • 19'

    Speight glides through a gap in Uruguay's defence and is soon inside his opponents' 22! He tries to get a pass out to Mitchell but Leandro Leivas does well to intercept before going to ground!

  • 17'

    Australia are awarded a penalty deep inside their 22 after Uruguay's front row are pinged for walking around at a scrum. Matt Toomua kicks for touch and puts the ball out close to his 10-metre line.

  • 15'

    YELLOW CARD, AUSTRALIA, COOPER! Australia will play the next 10 minutes with 14 men after Cooper is pinged for a head-high tackle, off the ball, on Ormaechea.

  • 13'

    The Wallabies take the ball wide, just outside their 22 but lose possession when Matias Beer wins a crucial turnover. Uruguay take the ball through the phases but it comes to nothing as Andres Vilaseca knocks on after a challenge from Tomane.

  • 11'

    CONVERSION, AUSTRALIA, COOPER! 12-0. Cooper adds the extras!

  • 10'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, TOMANE! 10-0. Australia attack from deep inside their 22 and are soon just inside Uruguay's half. Beale stabs a grubber kick through which Cooper gathers before offloading to Joe Tomane who gets over for another five-pointer!

  • 8'

    TRY, AUSTRALIA, MCMAHON! 5-0. The Wallabies go on the drive from a line-out close to Uruguay's tryline before Sean McMahon breaks away from the maul and goes over for the opening try! Cooper's conversion attempt is wide of the mark.

  • 5'

    Uruguay are on the attack just inside Australia's half but it comes to nothing as Agustin Ormaechea throws a pass into touch. The Wallabies throw in quickly and Beale is in the clear down the left-hand touchline! He is hauled in by the cover defence but throws an inside pass to Mitchell who knocks on close to Uruguay's tryline!

  • 3'

    Uruguay take the ball through the phases, close to Australia's 10-metre line. Mario Sagario takes the ball into contact but is brought to ground by a big hit from Quade Cooper!

  • 1'

    And we're off! Felipe Berchesi gets us underway with a deep kick which Sean MacMahon gathers inside his 22. He sets off on a bullocking run and is eventually brought to ground by two defenders five metres outside his 22.

  • 0'

    Good day and welcome to our live coverage of this Pool A Rugby World Cup clash between two-time champions Australia and Uruguay from Villa Park in Birmingham. The Wallabies know a big bonus-point win could take them to the top of the table, albeit level on points with Wales who beat England yesterday. Don't go away! We'll return shortly with team news.

  • 0'

    Dean Mumm will become the 84th captain of Australia when he leads out the Wallabies in this clash. Returning from England earlier this year, Mumm takes over the captaincy role from Stephen Moore, who moves to the reserves bench as one of 14 changes to the Wallabies run-on side following the team's 28-13 victory over Fiji in Cardiff. Supporting Mumm in a new-look leadership team will be first-time vice-captain Drew Mitchell, and Ben McCalman, who will deputise for the second time in his career. McCalman previously shared the Wallabies vice-captaincy with Matt Giteau in the recent Test against the USA Eagles in Chicago. Kurtley Beale starts at full-back alongside Mitchell and fellow wing Joe Tomane while Matt Toomua lines up at inside centre alongside Henry Speight who will wear the number 13 jersey. Quade Cooper and Nick Phipps are the halfback pairing and McCalman starts on the blindside flank with Wycliff Palu at number eight and Sean MacMahon on the other flank. Mumm is joined in the second row by Will Skelton while Toby Smith, Tatafu Polota-Nau and Scott Sio start in the front row.

  • 0'

    Uruguay head coach Pablo Lemoine has made minimal changes to his starting XV after last Sunday's 54-9 loss to Wales at the Millennium Stadium. Leandro Leivas comes in on the right wing in the only tweak to the backline as he takes the place of Santiago Gibernau. Juan Manuel Gaminara moves to number eight as Juan De Freitas starts on the blindside flank while Franco Lamanna, German Kessler and Mateo Sanguinetti get a run at lock, hooker and loosehead prop respectively.

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Australia Uruguay
  • 11 Tries 0
    • 6' Sean McMahon
    • 8' Joseph Tomane
    • 25' Dean Mumm
    • 30' Henry Speight
    • 35' Ben McCalman
    • 46' Drew Mitchell
    • 51' Drew Mitchell
    • 60' Ben McCalman
    • 68' Sean McMahon
    • 70' Matt Toomua
    • 80' Tevita Kuridrani
  • 5 Conversions 0
    • 9' Quade Cooper
    • 31' Quade Cooper
    • 35' Quade Cooper
    • 61' Quade Cooper
    • 80' Quade Cooper
  • 0 Penalties 1
    • 23' Felipe Berchesi
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 1 Yellow Cards 0
    • 14' Quade Cooper
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Scott Sio
  • Tatafu Polota-Nau
  • Toby Smith
  • Dean Mumm
  • Will Skelton
  • Ben McCalman
  • Sean McMahon
  • Wycliff Palu
  • Nick Phipps
  • Quade Cooper
  • Drew Mitchell
  • Matt Toomua
  • Henry Speight
  • Joseph Tomane
  • Kurtley Beale
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Mateo Sanguinetti
  • German Kessler
  • Mario Sagario
  • Santiago Vilaseca
  • Franco Lamanna
  • Juan De Freitas
  • Matias Beer
  • Juan Gaminara
  • Agustín Ormaechea
  • Felipe Berchesi
  • Rodrigo Silva
  • Andres Vilaseca
  • Joaquin Prada
  • Leandro Leivas
  • Gaston Mieres
  • Stephen Moore
  • Sekope Kepu
  • Greg Holmes
  • Kane Douglas
  • Rob Simmons
  • Will Genia
  • Bernard Foley
  • Tevita Kuridrani
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Nicolás Klappenbach
  • Óscar Durán
  • Carlos Arboleya
  • Alejandro Nieto
  • Diego Magno
  • Fernando Bascou
  • Alejo Duran
  • Alberto Roman

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