Law-flouting Kings penalised

2011-03-11 15:57

East London - The Eastern Province Rugby Union (EPRU) have been found guilty of breaching Regulation 4.2 of the Player Status, Player Contracts and Player Movement Regulations by fielding two players, Hannes Franklin and Jacques Coetzee, to play in four matches (two in the Vodacom Cup for EP Kings and two friendlies for the Southern Kings) earlier this year, without the necessary clearance certificate.

EPRU were fined R15,000 in respect of the two friendly games against the Bulls (R5,000) and the Cheetahs (R10,000), and will forfeit all log points accumulated from the Vodacom Cup games against the Welwitschias (25 Feb 2011) and the Leopards (4 March 2011).

The complaint, that the EPRU transgressed Regulations 4.2 and 4.12 of the Player Contracts, Player Status and Player Movements Regulations, was made by the Mpumalanga Rugby Union. Franklin and Coetzee were used by EPRU without a clearance certificate as required by Regulation 4.1.

Mr Koos Basson was the Judicial Officer in the complaint heard on Friday, 4 March, at the Offices of SARU in Cape Town. Mr Frikkie Erasmus acted on behalf of the EPRU, Mr Christo Ferreira on behalf of SARU.

EPRU have the right to appeal against the findings and the penalties imposed.


  • powachair - 2011-03-11 16:14

    How can the Kings do something so frikkin stupid????

  • Bernard - 2011-03-11 16:24

    This just makes me the moer-in. Come on okes. You have the supporters so stop bu&&ering it up for us. Go Kings (with legal players!).

  • Pauljay - 2011-03-11 16:47

    Naughty naughty, oh ja who cares man!

  • Ragged-Tooth - 2011-03-11 16:49

    That's just dumb. btw, what's with all the pink teams in the voda-cup?

  • Pauljay - 2011-03-11 16:49

    Reminds me of the handball movie... Rule 53,3 subsection 5 paragraph 9, players with one testicle not allowed as well as players with IQ lower than 100. C'mon Cheeky, blame the DA, lol

  • BlackSwan - 2011-03-11 16:53

    Pathetic If you were in the Currie Cup you would have lost the same league points idiots Bou 'n nasie!

  • Weller - 2011-03-11 21:39

    ANC chronies in charge? Laws does not apply to them

  • Durasmart - 2011-03-12 05:34

    Koos Basson, WP board member, boosts WP into the top 2 of theSouthern section by taking the Kings points away. The judicial officwe should have been someone from the Northern Section unions, not someone with a vested interest.

      Martin - 2011-03-12 07:46

      Stop talking rubbish. WP will destroy that mixture of a wannebe team without problem

  • Patrick - 2011-03-12 07:23

    Very unprofessional by EPRU!!!!

  • Durasmart - 2011-03-12 07:33

    Something smells here. Why was the complaint not laid after the first friendly that was played at the beginning of the year? Then everything would have been sorted out before the start of the Vodacom Cup. Only after EP reached the top of the log in their section and WP was bumped into 3rd place after their draw against the Lions, was the complaint laid and conveniently the judicial officer appointed was a WP board member. Then also if the Kings are guilty, why were both players allowed to play against the Pumas, the union that laid the complaint, last night. Something is not kosher here.

  • Punani - 2011-03-12 11:27

    Absolutely hilariuos! How can a union be so pathetically stupid in modern sport. Well done to the Pumas for exposing the Kings as cheats. Perhaps some of these loyal Kings supporters should roll up their sleeeves, climb out the bleachers, and go a sort the management mess out. The place is a joke, man!

      Durasmart - 2011-03-12 13:12

      The Sharks were allowed to do it with Alberts, why not the Kings too? The other question that should be asked is why were the mentioned players then allowed to play Pumas last night, the only game that would have affected the log points of the Pumas. The scrapping of the log points from the first two games has no effect on the Pumas log position. The only team that benefits from the verdict is WP, because one of their main opponents for a semifinal spot has been effectively removed from the competition by one of their board members. Rugby politics are even dirtier than real politics.

  • Bjorn - 2011-03-12 15:20

    No wonder Government like Cheekie and his Kings so much.......all the same ... just as corrupt hahha

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