Steyn ready to punish NZ

2010-07-07 22:37

JJ Harmse

Auckland – The recipe will only be put to the test on Saturday, but the All Blacks can brace themselves for a hiding if their play lacks discipline against the Springboks on Saturday.

Morné Steyn, who scored a record 31 points for South Africa against New Zealand in a Tri-Nations Test last year, is kicking well and he can punish the Kiwis again even if a New Zealand Adidas ball and not a Gilbert is used.

“It does not make a difference to Steyn’s kicking,” Springbok kicking coach Percy Montgomery told Sport24.

“Morné is striking the ball well and I’m satisfied,” said the former Bok points machine.

“We trained this morning and he kicked very well. The ball is a little different, but it does not worry Morné.”

Last year, Steyn notched 95 points in six Tests in the tournament and succeeded with 23 penalties.

His kicking was inconsistent at Eden Park earlier this year when the Bulls lost to the Blues in the Super 14.

“We have not been there yet, but I understand that the new pavilions can make the wind swirl a little. But I doubt it will be a problem considering how well Morné kicked this morning,” said Montgomery.

The Bok points machine has not put a foot wrong of late. He scored 15 points against France and then 14 and 26 in the two Tests against Italy for a total of 55 to date this season.

This year his total of 192 points for the Boks saw him pass three of his predecessors – Henry Honiball (156), André Pretorius (171) and Jannie de Beer (181).

He now has Braam van Straaten (221) and Joel Stransky (240) in his sights.

Montgomery’s record (893 points) is far beyond his reach, with Naas Botha (312) also still safe in second place.


  • Burgiesburnin - 2010-07-08 07:03

    Why have South African got to have such big jaws in sport. Dont talk about "punishing NZ" do it. In rugby, cricket and of course soccer, you think that you have won the game before turning up. Take a look at the cricket side and Bafana, both look silly after failing especially your cricket side with the empty cabinet. You are not entitled to win anything, you actually have to win it.

  • Stava@Burgiesburnin - 2010-07-08 08:56

    It's to annoy retards like you...

  • Karl - 2010-07-08 09:35

    Completely agree with Burgies! Remember Brave Cricket! How many times has a Safrican team done this? Even the supporters! & then they get all pissed off when it doesnt happen! Y cant we just say that we do the talking on the field and let it be. Finally the Boks have broken that mentality of one win and we're the best that used to be so prevelant. At least the Boks have been relatively quiet compared to NZ! Now thats interesting!

  • Bokke - 2010-07-08 09:41

    Sorry to bust your bubble pal, but this bok side is going to take the Tr-Nations tilte AGAIN.

  • Anti - 2010-07-08 09:44

    @Burgies - you are smoking your socks! Have you seen our cricket trophy cabinet. We have won every test match, and ODI series trophy up for offer. Only trophies missing are the elusive ODI world cup, and the insignificant ODI 20/20, which is generally won by the toss of a coin. This article is about how well Morne Steyn has been kicking this year - do you want to deny that?

  • A.T@Burgiesburnin - 2010-07-08 10:12

    You must be a kiwi or a Wannebie(wallaby) to write crap like this our cabinets are full boet. You are just jealous because the SWC rocked in SA and you are to loose the RWC in your backjard next year. Go Boks Go!!!!!!!!

  • Beast@Burgiesburnin - 2010-07-08 10:44

    Spoken like a true aspiring sheep shagger...

  • @Burgies - 2010-07-08 12:03

    F*ck cricket! F*ck soccer! Rugby is the king of all sports.

  • R4 - 2010-07-08 12:12

    Guys this burgiesburnin boy is a troll... i.e 'it' comes on here to get a response. The kaas kop was doing it during the pommie and potato eating series (british and irish kittens series). He is a pom, most likely kitchner from the sports blogs... funny i havent seen england win anything lately, except a caouple of meaningless cricket games and one rugby game against a weakened Australia.

  • Bokfan4eva - 2010-07-08 12:39

    @ Burgiesburnin 7:03) Us South Africans have been put down in many ways and have been called many things regarding our rugby. playing admin etc. I think this is all usually started up by your load mouth commentators who talk too much crap....this then incites the fans and we eventually use that energy on the field. Right now the BOKS are the best and nobody can come close. Physically and tactically we are faultless and we feel we have the right to be proud about it. The best is immigrate to SA if you want to back a winning side, cause we will soon have so much metal in our cabinets that the it will affect the stock markets in SA's favour !!! Bokke for ever !!!!

  • GW - 2010-07-09 10:45

    @burgiesburnin, well said and i totally agree, lets step back a few year's when Sannie De Berr dropped kicked all the teams out of the WC to make it to the semis, then came along Steven larkem and dropped a goal from the half way mark to send the Bok's packing. Steyn is a prolific points machine but hell guy's he cant score try's against good opposition, or did i miss the point is rugby a kicking game or what??? lets drop Tshabala in Bafana and send Steyn i am sure he will be better than Pele.I trust the best team will win on the day and when they win lets not think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Go AB

  • Vito - 2010-07-09 12:00

    GW, what the hell are you talking about, son? Your comment is quite similar to saying "the lanwmower is is red and therefore buildings are tall." I am not surprised that you support New Zealand.

  • James - 2010-07-09 13:04

    Well the Kiwis are bleating like sheep again. This Bok side has what it take to win the RWC back to back, and that is scaring the wool off the islanders. It will be really nice to lift the Webb Ellis trophy on Kiwi home soil. What will the sorry excuse be then I wonder? Food poison, or just poor losers?

  • @GW - 2010-07-09 15:09

    Lay off the hard-tack son, take a few headache pills before you go to bed and it'll protect you from a severe hangover when you wake up. Also, drink lots of fluid, and ask mommy to cook you a nice fry up in the morning.

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