SARPA claims shock SARU

2010-09-09 15:03

Johannesburg - The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has contacted the South African Rugby Players’ Association (SARPA) to express its surprise and alarm at their representation of the Springbok conditioning programme.

SARU shares their disappointment that certain contracted players are unable to currently enjoy much-needed match practice. However, their release is a gross distortion of the facts as set out below for media information and explanation.

•  All players are primarily contracted to provinces.
•  A number of elite players also accept Springbok contracts.
•  SARU cannot prescribe when, or how often, these contracted Springboks appear for their provinces.
•  In order to lighten the workload of players SARU set the goal of managing players on an individual basis in 2010 as per the pattern of the 2006 season.
•  Provinces agreed to the proposal earlier this year and are compensated for the time that the players are not available to them.
•  The outline plan was shared with the contracted players and SARPA CEO Piet Heymans in February 2010.
•  Individual conditioning programmes have been provided for the players. The hope was that players’ workloads could be managed on an individual basis in conjunction with their provinces.
•  SARU announced on July 2 that contracted Springboks would be rested for a month, following the Vodacom Tri-Nations. SARPA made no comment at that time nor has SARPA contacted SARU in the intervening nine weeks to raise an objection.  
•  The provinces were asked in a conference call this week to treat player resting on a case-by-case basis. Provinces preferred to uniformly rest the players to prevent unfair advantages or disadvantages being created in the Currie Cup.
•  No Springbok player has spoken to team management or the national teams department objecting to the principle either now or at any point in the last nine weeks.


  • paul - 2010-09-09 15:18

    I have no confidence in SARU. Some players like Bakkies need game time others like Habana and Matfield rest. The whole perception we have is that SARU is stupid and does not think things through in the very best interest of SA Rugby. They have caved in to the pettyness of harold Verster, naka Drotske and others. Just look at the poor planning in the Tri-nations series. I am sick and tired of the clowns who are in control of SA Rugby.

  • Sparky - 2010-09-09 15:23

    Mr Hoskins, what club/province did you represent in your playing days???

  • What? - 2010-09-09 15:28

    Elite players.....January?

  • assegaai - 2010-09-09 15:32

    Can someone say: Housekeeping?

  • Johan - 2010-09-09 15:36

    Eisshh. Maybe I am only uninformed and probably just not interested in the garbled information SARU, SARPA and the Media are dishing up to us mere mortal rugby followers. I do not understand whose "release" is a distortion of the "facts". Will someone pse tell me who is saying what about whom and also tell me who is to be believed in their interpretation.

  • Steve - 2010-09-09 15:41

    What does this idiot know about rugby?

  • @ Paul - 2010-09-09 15:44

    Bakkies is banned!

  • @ Sparky - 2010-09-09 15:47

    That didn't help Strauli playing at club, provincial or international level! Or Harry Viljoen... Did YOU have experience at running an Provincial or International tema that YOU are qualified to point a finger??

  • BadWes - 2010-09-09 15:47

    Bunch of morons!!! Do not know how to plan anything. Falling all over the place, making their names crap!!! Too many chiefs here.

  • BOKLDN - 2010-09-09 15:50

    Is it not an idea to petition for the sacking of PDV? We have the best players in the world and have lost 10 from 13 against teams that cannot match us man for man.

  • Andre Burger - 2010-09-09 15:52

    Typical SARU with the classic it wasnt us, instead of growing a pair and taking some much needed action. The Freestate cheaters were the chief @ holes in this debacle, one again putting self before country. How stupid and petty are you when you dont even realise it will impact your own selection of CJ.

  • FRED - 2010-09-09 15:59

    Ag shame! Arme bliksems het nie 'n clue wat aangaan nie. Wys jou in watter staat SA Rugby is.

  • venno - 2010-09-09 16:00

    shows you how they talk to the organisations and players arrogant administrators

  • @@Paul - 2010-09-09 16:08

    Actually his ban is over and he could have played for the bulls this saturday. He really needs the game time

  • Greg - 2010-09-09 16:09

    Bakkies has served his ban, don't comment until you have checked your facts. BAKKIES IS NO LONGER BANNED...

  • Marius - 2010-09-09 16:15

    Agree with you Paul. At the @Paul chap - wake-up - you probably support a province scared of Bakkies strengthening the Bulls team - his ban is over.

  • @"@Paul" - 2010-09-09 16:20

    Bakkies' suspension is up/over this weekend. As far as I know he will be playing for the Bulls this weekend.

  • Jordan - 2010-09-09 16:25

    bring in the younger players with Springbok colours and lets see what they can do....... I bet we will have a winning world cup team! Scrumhalfs and fullbacks definately need to be looked at!!!!

  • Cheating Cheetahs - 2010-09-09 16:40

    The Free State Cheetahs should feel ashamed!!! What a bunch of sissies! Too scared to play agaist a full strenged team huh! You dont worry about the players or national interest, only whats best for you! What a bunch of @ssholes you CHEATING LOOSERS are!!!!

  • Kobus - 2010-09-09 16:42

    Exactly! Now why on earth would SARU want Bakkies Botha to rest? He hardly played rugby and we need to get him match fit as soon as possible. Except for those faggot (in Stephanie Price's words) Cape Town supporters, we all know how important he will be for the Boks over the next 12 months. So how is it possible to rest him? Does it make any sense? Well, nothing in SA Rugby seems to make sense lately - just look at the coach we have.

  • Joe - 2010-09-09 16:59

    These are fat lazy okes fire them! They need to be conditoned or go play in Europe with the 'has beens' !!!

  • Michael - 2010-09-09 17:24

    @Starky's detractor. What is your name. Hoskins and Alexander need to produce their rugby credentials. It is a fair question to ask of Hoskins. Looking at the players released from Boks to play for provincial itmakes no sence. Maybe rest the top players for England tour and let them play Curry Cup.Bakkies and Habana need game time not more gym time.

  • @Cheating Cheetah - 2010-09-09 18:55

    You must be terrified of the Cheetahs, you're reaction and verbal diarrhoea boiling out of your mouth proves that. Are you not confident in the depth of players at provincial level? I sense a degree of worry in your statement, suddenly you are unsure of your team and you are possibly looking for an excuse already IF the bulls lose this week-end. I can just see the headlines in Pta.

  • slg - 2010-09-09 19:12

    Contracts are renewable and change. SARU should contract more Springboks and have the right to decide when they play for their provinces. The interests of the national team should be paramount.

  • Alan Ingram - 2010-09-09 22:04

    all players are contracted to a Province except Ricky Januarie course no one wants him! yet he still get Springbok time?? Boetie Boetie between the clown and januarie

  • Spear - 2010-09-09 22:47

    Shame ek wonder wie is die k@kste,Spies,Januarie,Habana of Smit?

  • Robz - 2010-09-10 07:24

    I copied and pasted: "The provinces were asked in a conference call this week to treat player resting on a case-by-case basis. Provinces preferred to uniformly rest the players to prevent unfair advantages or disadvantages being created in the Currie Cup." Were the Blue Bulls not in on this call. If they were, then they agreed on not playing the Boks. Why blame the other provinces. Are you scared to play them without your Boks. Oh yes. I just remember. You lost against the Cheetahs in Fortress Loftus earlier this season. You might just loose the away match as well.

  • Raka13 - 2010-09-10 10:05

    Elite players? I will have to accept it, I have no eye for inform players, talented players or just plane good sportsman. Januarie, Olivier, Jacobs, no wonder I think de Villiers and Co is crap, because I do not know what to look for in a rugby player. I will have start measuring back line players against these 3 elite players,

  • blou snor - 2010-09-10 12:57

    Dat mense so bang vir bakkies kan wees. eendag sal mense die dag onthou wat die ander spanne so bang vir bakkies was.

  • Trek vinger! - 2010-09-10 13:24

    The players rested enough during the tri-nations fiasco- it is time to earn their money "en hulle moet hul vinger uit hul g@tte trek en rugby speel, their overseas vacation Courteously given by mother Pdv and SARVU has come to an end.

  • hardiblu - 2010-09-10 13:29

    @Robz, exactly how many players from the team you support are not legible to play CC due to this conditioning program? The Bulls and Stormers are victims of their own success, they have the most to lose from this and yes they sorely miss the contributions made by these players, they do count on them as they have the right to. To taunt however that the Bulls are scared displays your lack of understanding of team structure and reliance. If as you say there is blame on the "other" provinces, then perhaps the blame should be on them for not having better coaching and development structures in place in order to make a more meaningful contribution towards the Bok side. Quite rightly too the Bulls would have agreed to release these players, as the interests of the nation far exceeds domestic commitments, for that they were willing to sacrifice their title.

  • Terry G - 2010-09-10 14:36

    Typical Hoskins reply, all poletics and no sense. Fact is that the directive came from SARU as the unions dont have the authority over each other. Fact is Hoskins (and SARU) are too weak to stand up the national team and its players. Conditioning camp 1 year out from the competition what a joke.

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