Pocock: Boks will stand up

2011-07-24 16:20

J.J. Harmse

Sydney - The Wallabies won Saturday's Test against the Springboks because they dominated at the breakdowns, scrums and tackle situations.

That was the view of Wallaby captain, Rocky Elsom, who praised his team for the physical dominance they displayed over the Boks.

"There's only one scenario. The one team overpowers the other physically and they win the Test match. The other team comes second. We overpowered them," said Elsom.

Aussie coach, Robbie Deans was also highly impressed with their dominance from set play.

"We taught them a lesson in the scrums and that gave our backline momentum. We also defended much better than them," said Deans.

However, despite all the praise the Australians received, flank David Pocock did have some words of encouragement for the South Africans.

"They are a proud team and they will stand up against the All Blacks," said Pocock.


  • peter the gr - 2011-07-24 16:30

    Yeah, the will stand up. . . just to be railroaded again next weekend.

  • !!Vrystaat!! - 2011-07-24 16:31

    We really need a ball steal forward there. think connie and brussow can make a big change in this game. would love to see them get into the field. back line needs to pass more and then one of the BIGGEST problems I see is the bokkie trying to KISS the other players. everybody is going high and getting bump off as if they are irritating flies. Why they cant tackle the players low and stop them dead I recon just there super coaches will know.

      Scaramouche - 2011-07-24 16:56

      We need a tighthead, flyhalf and inside centre

      Gomez - 2011-07-24 17:34

      I agree with you 100%.I think you can tackle high and try to rip the ball when you are in the opposition side of the field but anywhere close to your own goal line is suicide,you just allow them to suck in your own defenders.They must try at least once or twice to get the ball extra fast to Basson for him to then chip and chase.We need to get that ball behind them and put them on the back foot.

      Durasmart - 2011-07-25 07:16

      @Scaramouche.And a scrumhalf. That is where most of our problemsastarted and now everyone is blaming the rest of the backline. We have the two worst scrumhalves in the country over there at the moment. There are at least 4 scrumhalves that played Currie Cup this weekend that are better than both Pienaar and McCleod.

      ARRA - 2011-07-25 09:10

      we only need a scrumhalf and a hooker

  • Evan - 2011-07-24 17:15

    I don't want them to stand up... I'd like them to just play decent rugby!

  • Riana - 2011-07-24 17:26

    come on guys...this is a B team, what did anybody expect!

      peter the gr - 2011-07-24 17:53

      "B" Team or not, the representing SA and the make us look like "School- Boys". My son is playing better then them!!!!!!!!!

      ARRA - 2011-07-25 09:18

      one expect that your worldcup captain and senior capped scrumhalf to play proper rugby 2 tries from Smits lack of commitment and Pienaar running across the field before passing the ball putting the whole backline under pressure with the defense already in their faces no backline can play decent attacking rugby if your scrumhalf dont clear in time with ,fast and frontfoot ball

  • - 2011-07-24 17:35

    There has been much said about this being a "B" Springbok side. There should be no reference to that!!. If you're good enough to be a Springbok, then you should be able to play as test rugby requires you too. The situation is that these guys are NOT good enough to be Springboks. There are guys in the team who just cannot step up to the level required. Locally, they are probably ok, but internationally, they suck. Either that, or the coaching staff are not able to coach the team to reach test standards. Stop hiding behind "B" status. If first choice players are injured and this is the depth of our back-up, then there's not much point in looking forward to the world cup as a Springbok supporter, is there?

      JR - 2011-07-25 11:27

      I disagree Storm.... most of the guys that played needed the game time. We are playing this Tri-nations with one eye on the RWC so we need all our players to be fit and ready.... lets look at the bigger picture. I know that we as South Africans are very Proud and hate losing but i honestly believe these decisions are being made to benefit us in the RWC.

  • Barry Edwards - 2011-07-24 18:17

    David Pocock. Ex ZIM so a 100% import for the Aussies. My extended family have ties to the Pococks. What a gentleman.

      Tshepo - 2011-07-24 19:47

      you want a medal?

  • Ronel - 2011-07-24 18:18

    you people are crybabies now you criticise the boks but if they win everybody cheer shame on you all you are not proudly s a supporters,give them a chance look how many games did the ausies loose last year with the young players now they are getting the rewards sometimes you need to give some on the short term to win on the long term come on unite behind the boks win or lose i mean the world cup is the bigger picture in the end then we can judge them.

  • Magnum - 2011-07-24 18:35


  • Karoobloed - 2011-07-24 19:04

    Classy guy Pocock, He is more gracious towards our Boks than the bitter little band of local backstabbers.

      InternetMan - 2011-07-24 19:55

      Thats cause he is a rodesian.

      Oukoos - 2011-07-24 20:03

      KAROOBLOED, niemand verwag dat die Springbokke altyd sal wen nie. Alle spanne verloor van tyd tot tyd (selfs die magtige (?) Blou Bulle!). Maar dit is die patetiese wyse waarop verloor is. Sleutelspelers het gelyk asof hulle eerder in die B afdeling van die Curriebeker tuishoort. Van commitment en leierskap op die veld was daar geen teken nie. Besluitneming deur die afrigtingspan het geheel en al ontbreek (bv. Lambie wat hopeloos te laat 'n van stryk af Morné vervang het). Ek is nie 'n besondere groot Luke Watson fan nie, maar sy leierskap sou Saterdag 'n groot verskil gemaak het

      Karoobloed - 2011-07-24 21:56

      I do not judge people by their ethnicity or home language. But I do reserve the right to judge people who judge others by their ethnicity or home language. Luke Watson has expressed his ill feelings towards "Dutchmen" in the Springbok team and SA Rugby. Referring to Afrikaners as "Dutchmen" when criticising them blindly as a group, in stead of picking on racist individuals irrespective of the language they speak, is absolutely disgraceful and unacceptable. Statements or attitudes like that should be an automatic disqualification for membership in especially our National teams - and we are not even talking captaincy here. I would rather have the Springboks lose forever than captained by a man biased against some segments of our population, based on stereotypes. Rather give me someone like Chilliboy Rallapelle, who deserves to be looked up to.

  • Tawriq - 2011-07-24 22:32

    words of encouragement for the boks: defence? tackle? 4 leaf clover, rabbits foot, horse's shoe? $1000 000 to bribe the ref ? hahaha

  • Morne Maritz - 2011-07-24 22:38

    I am even more appalled by the lack of any objective knowledge from our so called fans. Blaming Steyn for missing the final tackles in what were certain tries anyway is plain stupid. If you play the game back slowly and actually keep track of what is happening, you will see that IOANE constantly attacked Steyn's flyhalf channel and never got through. Also, while he was on the field, the backline had a far greater net yards gained than when Lambie was on the field. Add to that the fact that Lambie turned the ball over three times in 15 minutes and I begin to wonder where all of this love for him comes from. The big difference came when Kanko, Chili and Deysel started carrying the ball. Lambie had absolutely nothing to do with it. Without John Smit knocking every go forward ball, we actually managed to gain some front foot ball. By the way, statistically, we controlled the ball alot better in the first half than the second, unfortunately the littany of knocks killed every front foot ball we had.

      Hannes van der Linde - 2011-07-25 09:54

      I'd still start Lambie over Steyn. Look at Whoosa's team, he's got it spot on

  • Whoosa - 2011-07-25 06:48

    In my view: Big problem at 9,10 and 12. Pienaar- cant clean behind a ruck, hes slow, hes passing is not secure, he cant kick and cant defend(in my opinion the worst player on the field) Morne- cant tackle! No imagination on attack, one dimensional, indecisive, kicking not up to scratch, just plain poor the whole season. Wynand- just plain useless at the moment. 2. John Smit, world of respect for you, but you are not good enough, end of. Hargreaves to light and weak scrummer to put behind inexperienced front row already handicaped with John Smit. My team (considering everyone is fit and only players who is on tour) 15.Aplon 14.Basson (no one else, very worried about his defence especialy against the Ab wings) 13. Du Jongh 12. Jacobs ( who else?) 11. Mvovo 10. Lambie 9. Mcleod ( where the f$%^6 is Jano Vermaak) 8. Kanko 7. Deysel 6. Brussouw 5. Muller 4 Rossouw 3. Kruger 2. Chillie (Captain) 1. Greyling

      Dwerg - 2011-07-25 07:59

      Looks like a crappy team... but I'm with you, as the touring party really is a rubbish bunch especially our centers and outside backs I rate Ralapele and Lambie as the only guys to put in a performance worthy of green and gold.

      Whoosa - 2011-07-25 09:30

      Dwerg we are in serious trouble, i reckon the blacks will come at us hard this weekend. This can be a career ending match for alot of guys. I hope im wrong but i reckon we can easily loose this game by 50 points!

      Hannes van der Linde - 2011-07-25 09:52

      I agree wholly with this team. Jacobs and De Jongh could make for some great viewing as AD actually understands that he needs to create the space for de Jongh and Bjorn to work with in stead of just crashing it up. I hope div sees it like you do. Chillie and lambie was impressive and the whole game picked up as soon as they came on.

      JR - 2011-07-25 12:20

      Jacobs is one of the best ball distributors in the game!

  • SonOfaPitch - 2011-07-25 09:04

    Kind words. Like dumping a girlfriend then saying she'll make a wonderful wife one day

  • StBad - 2011-07-25 10:47

    The breakdowns, scrums and tackle situations... isn't that everything?

  • Stefan Pretorius - 2011-07-25 14:07

    @JR, Jacobs is also one of the slowest !

  • Russell - 2011-07-25 17:13

    We at least found the flyhalf for the WC in this debacle....Lambie is the one....he gave the backline some impotus when he came on and he looked dangerous. We will not win the WC with penalties so we do not need Steyn. Basson was useless....what use is speed when he cannot do anything else, and Stegman was no where....only time I saw him was when he ran on the field and off again at the end. It also appears that besides Matfield, Botha, and Becker we have no other locks in the country, except if Rossouw is used there. We are struggling at center too, ours were ineffectual against a make shift Aussie pairing, and I must admit that I am A HUGE John Smit fan, but he does now appear to be past his best. We do need Frans Steyn at fullback, Aplon was always doomed to fail...who in their right mind spouts off about doing something special days before the game....what an idiot. And to those who trashed Ruan Pienaar's defence...he seemed to do quite well in this debacle, he justified his pick and should be in the WC squad.

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