NZ victory came at a cost

2010-07-11 21:50

Adnaan Mohamed

Wellington – The All Blacks convincing 32-12 victory over the Springboks at Eden Park in Auckland on Saturday has come at a cost.

Scrumhalf Jimmy Cowan (abdominal strain), wing Joe Rokocoko (hamstring) and centre Richard Kahui (shoulder) could possibly miss next Saturday’s second Tri-Nations fixture at the Westpac stadium in Wellington.

Replacement centre Kahui’s shoulder problem is the most serious, and he’s set to be off for an extended period.

Cowan and Rokocoko’s injuries could rule them out for their next clash against the Springboks.

“He’s had them in the past and it doesn’t sound good,” said All Black coach Graham Henry of Kahui on Sunday.

“We’ll know more after a scan tomorrow.”

Blues scrumhalf Alby Mathewson and Hurricanes wing Hosea Gear are the likely replacements if Cowan and Rokocoko are ruled out.

The All Black coach expects a massive Springbok backlash when the arch enemies meet again on Saturday.

“The Boks will be hurting,” said Henry

“They are a strong side who are well coached and it will show this week.

“We expected to play well, 32-12 was a bit of a 'wow' and we were surprised by the magnitude of the result, but I am sure things will be more realistic this week,” he said of the Tri-Nations champions.

“The expectation from the coaches was that they were going to play well. The scoreline got blown out of proportion from our point of view. We were a bit surprised at the score but we thought we played well.”


  • Man in BLACK - 2010-07-11 22:05

    I agree with Henry regarding the score not being a true reflection of the game, except in contrast to what Henry is saying I think if the ref was more consistent especially regarding forward passes and penalties I think the Springboks were lucky to get away with not being beaten by at least 50 points. Bring on Hosea Gear. By the way, yes of course the Boks will come back stronger at Wellington and possibly win. I hope the Springboks play more of a running game because quite frankly the Boks are probably the most boring team to watch and relying on penalty kicks is not what rugby is about. The Boks have the players to play running rugby but unfortunately they dont have a coach to implement running rugby, PdV is way to one dimentional

  • Tommygun - 2010-07-11 22:23

    I doubt our coaching staff have the brains to come up with a plan or the guts to make the selection changes to turn this around. If the plan was to let the ABs have the ball at the rucks and then give them our own ball and hope they make a mistake, well it didn't work.The differance is last year the ABs were missing the big match players and now it's our turn.

  • capey - 2010-07-11 22:40

    Woe to the Springboks, its one way and its down from here. Mark my words. The AB's will smash the Boks in Wellington. P div is far to arrogant to make the changes that should be made and we will still see Telly Tubby at #9 and that is the crucial position that cost the game and of coarse Bakkies. Cant wait to see Pdiv removed as coach. Sorry he never cut it for me and he never will even if the Boks are lucky enough to win a game or two. I vote for Alister Coetzee as coach!!!

  • Daniel - 2010-07-11 23:44

    John Smith is old and slow and he and the golden oldies in the team WILL NOT win the world cup next year! If only his buddy Pieter D... will admit it!

  • @Man in Black - 2010-07-12 02:48

    Rugby is about wining, who cares about the tactics!

  • fat barstard - 2010-07-12 04:18

    go abs , alot of kiwis r stunned at the way we beat the boks at the physical game. good 2 see . im sure SA will b up 2 it this week.

  • brinjal - 2010-07-12 04:22

    Why use this phrase "when the arch enemies meet" the AB's & us are not arch enemies, we are rivals yes, basics Mr Mohamed.

  • Marcus - 2010-07-12 05:29

    Hosea Gear's one heck of a replacement!

  • Impi - 2010-07-12 06:59

    The problem is not with PdeV - he is SA's best coach ever (something like 70% win rate). And remember what Ricky did at Dunedin ... The problem is with the arrogance of senior has-beens like Smit, Matfield, Botha, Burger, etc. I bet they came to Eden Park actually thinking they could win. Instead they got bullied by a superior side, as was the case in 2009 versus the Irish and France. If SA doesn't start a rebuilding effort NOW, which includes dropping players like Smit & Co., then the Eden Park trend will continue. Remember, they are World Cup holders because they did not meet the likes of the ABs, OZ or the French in 2007 RWC ...

  • george - 2010-07-12 08:07

    Leading by example John Smit should call it a day. Or let SAB sponsor him a golf cart - he is just not up to the task of playing contsructive rugby for 80 minutes. There is plenty captain material around around with many agile hookers. You retire when you still get applause - please do not be asked to leave that is a disgrace son.

  • PDV-hater - 2010-07-12 08:09


  • Tank - 2010-07-12 08:10

    @Impi Div het n goeie rekord maar hy is die afrigter met die beste groep spelers wat n bok afrigter nog gehad het ons s14 spanne wen gereeld weg en die ouens het meer vertroue in hul self, dis hoekom ek se div moet ook skuld kry as die bokke so k@k speel.Dit het nie gelyk of hy n game plan teen die ab gehad het nie, en sorry maar ek is gatvol dat hy net elke keer se "you win some you loose some" ek gee nie om as die bokke verloor nie maar dan moet hulle darem hul beste gee

  • PDV-Hater - 2010-07-12 08:17

    GET A DECENT COACH..!!! ...The QUOTA coach is a joke..!!

  • gareth - 2010-07-12 08:44

    Impi and I suppose you would like to run new players in the team with NO experience. The team as we have it is the best except for scrumie, and bakkies. They just did not play well and were out played by a team that they have beaten twice. I agree with what Pdiv says this is not a train smash, this gave us a smack around the head and tolds us to wake up! Has for winning the world cup in 2007 we would have beaten any team, and the fact that NZ, Aus and France were not in the final against us means they were BEATEN buy a better team when they played them.

  • Daniel - 2010-07-12 08:47

    How sadly typical. One loss and everyone is crawling all over how P. de V and these Boks are no good. You whingers all shut it last year when we were smashing them in every game, but I suppose fair-weather fans never change their spots.

  • SUPER AB - 2010-07-12 08:59

    How can you expect to put up a challenge if your match winners are on the bench or not even in the squad (Aplon, Duvenhage, Beast,De Jongh) ? And on top of it all you put a slow inside centre on the wing who has got no idea of defense but instead he is trying to get an opportunistic intercept all the time. PDiv is only a puppet as usual in SA rugby ! Well done All Blacks !

  • KB - 2010-07-12 09:17

    Thumped! Thumped!!! and THUMPED AGAIN!!!!!!! So much for all the hype and media reports that our guys were going to make history..blah...blah ...blahhh! Sounded like our cricket team and just did not deliver and looked so ordinary that I could not believe that this was our national side. Bakkies.... well say no more....did he really think he was going to get away with his thug type tactics AGAIN!!!!! we really do not need him in this side anymore....bring on Bekker. As for our guys playing out of position...well it was telling.... de villiers pack up with trying to intercept all the time.... and play rugby.... does he know how to tackle.....NOT!! I do not see this side making headway in this tri-nations at all. Rather carry on experimenting with our players out of position, including third chouice players and look towards the world cup. The AB are well on their way to winning the tri-nationas and the world cup next year.

  • stormbarian quotas - 2010-07-12 09:31 many stormbarian quota players in the Protea quota team... ...he he he..!!!

  • Super springk@k - 2010-07-12 09:41

    Hoe kan jy die 4 beste skrumskakel laat speel.Hy is nie eens die eerste keuse by sy eie provinsie nie.Ja die bokke het k@k gespeel.Oom Piet begin spelers wat regtig verdien vir groen en goud n speel kans te gee.En stop met die verskonning hy het nie ondervinding nie.Ons voorspelers was pateties en Wynand net n nommer.Wil oom Piet maar nie herken die twee Vrystaat voorspelers(Brussow, Juan) so n baie groot invloed in die game gemaak het.Maar ja een is beseer en die ander een wil nou n slagter word.

  • Steve - 2010-07-12 10:06

    Joke of the day. What is Bakkies doing on his knees, before the match. dont know, but praying nobody must catch him. bakkies only targets small guys. I am sure Bakkies is bang of the big guys. Moffie

  • Staalburgher - 2010-07-12 11:34

    Jeez, you people moan. Only change to team required is January must go. Other than that no changes are needed.

  • kyri - 2010-07-12 15:57

    Not sure if Januarie is best available but he made 2 crucial tackles.We were blasted away physically and were never really in the game.

  • Frazer - 2010-07-12 18:15

    For those who really know how to measure the ability and talent of rugby players you will agree - Matfield and du Preez would be the only likely candidates to make a world team right now. The rest I'm afraid have reached their levels of incompetence whilst the younger generation (apart from Aplon) will not get the pundits excited. The glue that has held this team together for so long is rapidly losing its texture, and as we are seeing with many of the structures in this part of the world, we are going have to watch the Sprinboks pale into insignificance and inconsequence. Unfortunately the dye has been cast.

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