McCaw, Carter skip SA tour

2011-08-12 06:56

Wellington - All Blacks coach Graham Henry has elected to rest captain Richie McCaw and flyhalf Dan Carter for the New Zealand team's Tri-Nations match against South Africa in Port Elizabeth next week.

The All Blacks, Tri-Nations champions and favourites for the World Cup starting on September 9, would be captained by 84-Test hooker Keven Mealamu, with flyhalf Colin Slade named in the 25-man squad on Friday.

Prop John Afoa, who suffered a fractured cheekbone in the All Blacks' 40-7 trouncing of South Africa in their Tri-Nations opener, was named in a fillip for his World Cup chances, but winger Sitiveni Sivivatu was left out after fracturing an eye socket during the 30-14 rout of Australia last week.

Henry has welcomed back a raft of players from injury, including fullback Israel Dagg, utility back Isaia Toeava, centre Richard Kahui and prop Tony Woodcock.

Tom Donnelly has joined the All Blacks squad as injury cover for lock Jarrad Hoeata, who was having a scan on his injured right shoulder later on Friday.

"As with any All Blacks side, the coaches and players set high expectations and the squad which is heading to South Africa is no different," Henry said in a media release. "There is real excitement amongst the squad.

"We have players returning from injury who will be playing for the All Blacks for the first time this year, while others will be looking to take the opportunity to stake a further claim in the black jersey and ensure selection in the Rugby World Cup, so we will have a team which is hungry to play well."


Forwards: John Afoa, Wyatt Crockett, Ben Franks, Jarrad Hoeata *, Andrew Hore, Jerome Kaino, Keven Mealamu, Liam Messam, Adam Thomson, Samuel Whitelock, Ali Williams, Tony Woodcock, Victor Vito.

Backs: Jimmy Cowan, Israel Dagg, Andy Ellis, Hosea Gear, Zac Guildford, Richard Kahui, Cory Jane, Ma'a Nonu, Colin Slade, Isaia Toeava, Piri Weepu, Sonny Bill Williams.

* Tom Donnelly has been named as injury cover for Hoeata.


  • BLOODY AGENT - 2011-08-12 07:06

    Hope the are injured,otherwise the AB,s are not honouring the tri nations contract

      5 slot - 2011-08-12 07:25

      so true BA! who's the daddy now?

      BCC - 2011-08-12 07:26

      The ABs can pretty much do what they want after the springbox embarrassed themselves and their country with the two most recent hidings.

      docraven - 2011-08-12 07:42

      PDV Broke that contract long ago.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-08-12 07:44

      doc we had 21 injured players ,lol

      Dok - 2011-08-12 09:04

      I agree that we had 21 injured players (lol) but no injured player should be allowed to go hunting and shoot a defenseless Zebra! So now the Boks win a so called B side of both the AB's and the Aussies. That means nothing to us as we still do not know what we will be capable of come World cup time. Just hope the Bok coaching staff know what they are doing. BOKKE! (not Zebras)

      StaalBurgher - 2011-08-12 11:27

      Well, for all peoples "doubts" as to whether our players were injured 3-4 a few of them seems to still be out with injury and 2-3 were in doubt up until yesterday.

      FJ2 - 2011-08-12 14:36

      @Dok: How do you know the zebra wasn't armed? Anyway, you should get your facts straight: without hunting there would be very little conservation of wildlife in SA. Game farmers are he true conservationists in this country and not the armchair experts who are forever shooting their mouths off without researching the facts. And that's a fact, no matter how much you woul care to ridicule it.

      Barry Edwards - 2011-08-12 17:56

      @docraven. The only reason I can think of why Dan is being rested is becuase of the Butch James factor. Dan does not like facing up to him.

      Magmansa - 2011-08-13 01:32

      @FJ2 Nature always balances itself out, nature doesnt need us to "conserve" it. Only reason we now have to is because we f@#ked up the balance. Those are the facts.....

      Ryan Tunney - 2011-08-15 13:07

      I'd also rest my players if I was playing a "nothing" game against a minow team that have a coach that belongs in Austin Powers movies. The PDiv curse has taken it's toll on a once great Springbok team that has been reduced to minows who's biggest rivals should be teams like Samoa and Fiji. The sooner PDiv gets his marching orders the better.

  • Drewka - 2011-08-12 07:30

    Still a good team, but i thing without those two the Boks will have the edge.

      Makutu - 2011-08-12 08:36

      There is no way the Bokke will beat the All Blacks. lol! How...?

      rockster666 - 2011-08-12 13:10

      The Crusaders did well with out them in most of the super rugby so why you think there will be any different.

  • Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-08-12 07:46

    Sanzar should look into this, what injuries are Richie, Dan and Hore carrying? Having said that, any coach would be more than happy at the inclusions; Israel Dagg, Isaia Toeava, Richard Kahui and Tony Woodcock.

      goofree - 2011-08-12 10:46

      Why don't you blokes read what Graham Henry said instead of making false accusations about the word INJURIES resting his players is the what he said and which he can afford to do look at the names the that are coming out do you really think these blokes are going to be easy believe me its game on

  • BokBru - 2011-08-12 07:57

    I'm so glad they are leaving the greatest cheat in rugby history at home. Maybe now we can have a good honest game for a change. He's a disgrace to rugby and should not be allowed to play at all.

      BCC - 2011-08-12 08:01

      No, Matfield is playing i think.

      PurpleDragon - 2011-08-12 08:11

      Shame boo hoo, someone jealous? Brussouw does the same as McCaw.

      Tools1 - 2011-08-12 08:14

      He is one of the smartest opensiders to ever play the game and kudo's to him for achieving that. The fault lies with the refs for not blowing him for infringments. Dont blame the player, blame the game! Go the Bulls! go the Sharks! Go bokke! lekker weekend fella.

      POLAR_BEAR - 2011-08-12 08:15

      Easily the most misinformed, misguided comment ever written on any rugby thread. Surely you were talking about Butch James.

      BokBru - 2011-08-12 08:45

      Being rugby experts as you all are, you must have seen this video before: I've been watching him since I've seen this and it's how he plays every time. Just because the refs allow him to do it does not make it right. He's a cheat. End of story.

      BlueRaven - 2011-08-12 09:04

      Bokbru good clip thanks. Let's hope the refs in the world cup does not allow the AB's to play like that. Go Bokke!

      rockster666 - 2011-08-12 09:29

      @ BokBru do you drive a motor car?? Have you ever driven over the speed limit??. If you have you are a cheat as well just like McCaw. He plays beyond the rules like you drive above the speed limit. So think before you post your crap comment for others to read.

      Mike B - 2011-08-12 23:28

      @BokBru. Wierd that we do not see your storey everyday for one of the major newspapers. After all you are theexpert and all other knowledegable journalists and experts who rate Richie Mc Caw as the best in the world do not know what they are talking. And Yes, the reff's world wide have a monthly meeting to discuss Mc Caw and ensure that everyone of them allows only Richie to play offsides. You are a WANKER-nothing more, nothing less.

      goofree - 2011-08-13 07:28

      For a bloke you call a cheat 3 I.R.B. players awards 2010,2009,2006,he not a drug taker to enhance his performance like you know who and that's what you call a disgrace to rugby that's why he is the greatest captain going around at present and the most successful winning captain get over it until someone can take the mantle off him sit back and watch a master apply his trade .eye gouging , biting head butting little blokes on the ground stamping on blokes no where near the ball, disgrace you say yeah! right!

      Ryan Tunney - 2011-08-15 13:11

      Listen bru, we have Donald Duck as our coach and you're worried about what the All Blacks are doing? There's worse things to worry about...

  • Marcus Daily - 2011-08-12 08:13

    No need for NZ to explain anything, coaches are allowed to leave players out. Its just that we went about it in the wrong way, Im sure SANZAR did not really believe we had 21 players injured who somehow all just managed to recover in time for the home tests(lol). No one complained when Robbie Deans left out Matt Giteau. So for the sake of Rugby lets move on or are we scared The All Blacks 2nd First team will beat us at home?

  • Steyts - 2011-08-12 08:16

    Surely you would have expected the Australian rugby bosses to have said something about this by now??

  • Chief Kok - 2011-08-12 08:20


      Jamal - 2011-08-12 08:41

      Ag those losers are having pre World Cup counselling before the choke.

  • - 2011-08-12 08:40

    Don't want to bruise Cater's confidence before the WC.

  • lalaland - 2011-08-12 08:43

    So if we beat the Aussies with a bonus point Sturday and keep them pointless and then do the same to the All Blacks the next week and the following week the Aussies beat the All Blacks but neither earns a bonus point, we will win the Tri-Nations!!! Have to go feed the flying pigs now.

  • All Blacks aotearoa - 2011-08-12 08:44

    All Blacks will still deal to the Springboks, The Springboks have old timers who still think they can keep up and young kids who dont know the try line from there.....well you know what. All Blacks still have a lot experienced players mixed with young future All Blacks who are competing for selection for the RWC.

      Jamal - 2011-08-12 09:04

      Werent they saying that about the English in 2003. And as far as I can remember the AB didnt win there as well

      BlueRaven - 2011-08-12 09:08 Cheats

  • Chief Kok - 2011-08-12 09:12

    Look here. Kevin is following a whole lot of Maori's who already had the privilege of captaining the best rugby nation ever - Mills, Zinzan, Rodney, Tana, etc. When are we gonna see a player of colour captaining the boks. Div has failed. He had the chance to introduce Chilliboy as the WC2011 captain.

      TheDuck - 2011-08-12 11:06

      Cute story bro.

      PajeroMan - 2011-08-12 11:42

      Kok you make comments like this just to get people going, you're a turncoat and perhaps that silver fern should be a white feather...

      michaelx - 2011-08-12 12:50


      Hoofbite - 2011-08-12 13:28

      @Chief Kok. Get your facts straight. Mils Muliaina and Rodney So'oailo were born in Somao. Keven Mealamu and Tana Umaga had Somoan parents. At least you got one out of five right...

      Andrew - 2011-08-12 13:30

      Not one post mentions Kevin or the privilege of being a person of "colour" being captain. You are well off topic, as usual so as we are off topic allow me to meet you there. Unlike you we are over the colour thing as supporters, just go to Loftus and watch the boere cheer for their black players, or any other stadium for that matter. For our part the entire team could be totally black ..... that would make us the only real ALL BLACKS. What we resent is the artificial inclusion of non deserving players into teams primarily on the basis of political agendas. Do you not remember how pissed off we were when Luke Puke got his cap as a favour to his fathers ANC ties. We were outraged ..... you see it actually has nothing to do with colour, it was simply wrong. We don't like Divvy 'cause he has not done right by S.A. Rugby, not because he is a person of colour. Equally we don't like Gold or Muir not because of the colour but that they are not doing right by S.A. Rugby. Bryan Habana was the darling of Loftus not because of his colour but his skill, now that he is off form he is taking stick, not due to his colour but his form. There are many players of colour who's posters adorn the rooms of young white rugby players, my grandson (11) wants to be like Bryan. So you see it actually has little to do with colour.

      Andrew - 2011-08-12 13:36

      You on the other hand sir are a person who has colour high on your political agenda as you apparently have not managed to overcome the racial bias you so glibly accuse the rest of of. I strongly suggest that you practice what you preach. It is people like you that constantly remind us that we cannot have racial harmony unless it is forced on us. Humans in modern form have been around for some 13 000 years now. We did not develop overnight, nations have taken thousands of years to develop. Go clean out the racial problems where your "heart is" first before you come poke your nose in here.

      iamasouthafr - 2011-08-12 15:23

      @Andrew - well said bud.....well said.

  • Maori - 2011-08-12 10:27

    The other AB's are probably in rehab in Rustenburg! This squad will cause the bokkies serious nightmares. Cannot wait for PE

  • michel2803 - 2011-08-12 11:15

    Good for the all blacks thosecplayers need to rest. At least they didn't ly about it!!!

  • Andrew - 2011-08-12 11:40

    Great tactics by Mr Henry. If I was Divvy I would have a "contract" out of Carter, I would have him marked so tightly that the probability of him ending up injured would increase dramatically. No Carter in the NZ WC team would be a blow for them. We cannot afford to have Steyn playing against Carter, simply no contest. Remember how Larkham was a marked man, they used to donder him to the point that he spent a lot of time on the injured list. The other thing is if NZ were to beat us here, the message would be that without their two most influential players they can beat us away from home. If they lose then it would be less of a bitter pill as they could hide behind the "away game" and "lack of Carter and McCaw". I think they have nothing to loose. If we were to lose EISH. Another scary thing is that their team is apparently so tight that they can rest their captain, conversely we are petrified to play without ours. Does not say much about the remaining leadership among the senior players. Mr Henry is ahead in the tactical stakes, by a long shot. DAMN

      Maori - 2011-08-12 12:15

      Excellent and well balanced post!

      FJ2 - 2011-08-12 14:46

      About 17 furlongs ahead, I should say. Divvy's problem is, like Rob Houwing's, diarrhea of the mouth with constipation of ideas.

      iamasouthafr - 2011-08-12 15:26

      @Andrew - dude you are a legend!

  • Lwazi - 2011-08-12 12:57

    Still a great side.I certainly hope that our style of play changes to running rugby so that we can close the gap with Australia and NZ. We have great young players who are keep match the opposition toe-to-toe but for some reason, we keep trying to bulldoze our way over the try line.

  • Cadder - 2011-08-13 20:01

    If they were left at home, and not replaced, the Springbok's might have had a chance at winning - maybe.

  • Ryan Tunney - 2011-08-15 13:17

    They should come and play for us...we're looking for all blacks to put in the team...

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