Jake wants his Bok job back

2010-07-25 21:55

Stephen Nell

Cape Town – Jake White wants to coach the Springboks again.

The man who guided South Africa to their World Cup triumph in 2007 told Sport24 that he will be applying for the job again next year.

White also wants to convince more or less the same management team – including former Wallaby coach Eddie Jones, who assisted the Boks as a consultant in 2007 – to come back on board.

“I’m currently coaching Wilgenhof (a residence side at the University of Stellenbosch) and am also involved at a number of top rugby schools,” he said.

“But my plan is to apply for the Bok job again next year. I’m already making sure that I have a good idea of the young talent in South Africa’s system.

“I’m feeling refreshed and have decided that I want to coach the national team again. I assume they will be going through the same tender procedure as last time to appoint the next coach.

“I never decided to go ply my trade overseas, but if South Africa don’t want me again next year, I will consider an overseas appointment.”

White currently serves on the International Rugby Board’s (IRB) rugby committee, where he has an input on important issues such as the application of laws, player welfare and coaching techniques.

The former Bok coach has also done consulting work at Saracens, Toulon and Suntory Sungoliath.

Jones is still involved at Suntory Sungoliath and Sport24 understands this is where injured Springbok scrumhalf Fourie du Preez will further his career after next year’s World Cup.

Should he get the Bok job again, White hopes to convince Jones, Gert Smal and Allister Coetzee to work with him again.

Smal is currently Ireland’s forwards coach and is contracted there until after next year’s World Cup.

Coetzee is coaching the Stormers and Western Province, and will be a strong candidate to be appointed as the next Bok coach.

The South African Rugby Union (SARU) advertised the job in 2007 while South Africa were still busy with their World Cup campaign.

“I did not re-apply because I was tired and didn’t think SARU wanted me to stay on,” he said.

“But I can’t help wondering where the team would be today if I had the same opportunity as Graham Henry to stay on.”

White believes it will be “fantastic” for the same coaching team of 2007 to get an opportunity to repeat their success.

“Eddie and I really want to win the World Cup again.”

What if Coetzee gets the job?

“That will also be fantastic. I’m sure he’ll involve me. The great thing about Allister is that he does not have an ego.”

Peter de Villiers’s contract as Bok coach runs out after next year’s World Cup.

Meanwhile, White has warned that South Africa can be vulnerable at the World Cup if they don’t come up with some new ideas.

“The team that gets the defence right will win the tournament. New Zealand have improved their defence, while ours has gone backwards. We won’t make it if we don’t come up with some new ideas.”


  • sean - 2010-07-25 22:08

    Lol !! Once PDV f@#%d up the team , get a guy in that knows what he is doing , to build the next team and then saru can appoint another idiot just becuase of the colour , lol !!

  • Greg - 2010-07-25 22:08

    yeeeehhaaaaa....bring him back. I very much doubt it happening though

  • FoxyCoach - 2010-07-25 22:11

    Now thats the BEST news I've heard in a loooooong time. BY TIME. At least we won't get humiliated at next year's World Cup. I was hoping for an epic Springbok All Blacks final...but in the current disposition my money is on an Aussie vs All Blacks final. Pleas Jake, come back and sort the mess out. And for heavens sake, don't get Kurt Darren and those traitor Netballl players to hand out the rugby jerseys!!!!!

  • Pop Idol - 2010-07-25 22:18

    Oh my dear dear Jake White,Peter de Villiers is a better coach than u will ever be.Take away your world cup victory as coach and what do u have? Pdv must remain coach after next year's world cup. John Smit must remain as captain,and just because they played badly,doesnt mean the coach and captain must be fired.With over 700 test caps between them,the players couldnt even hang on to balls passed to them,Ruaan Pienaar missed two kicks,is this the coach's fault? HELL NO. ! All that needs to be done,is to replace a few players,who are more keen to play for their country and get rid of this Ruaan Piennar fellow,will be a good start

  • Johann Marais - 2010-07-25 22:19

    Yes,yes, yes please Jake.

  • bulawayo-based-bok - 2010-07-25 22:51


  • marco@foxycoach - 2010-07-25 22:52

    There won't be an All Black vs Springbok final as they're due to meet in the Semi-Final if both get that far.

  • Martin - 2010-07-25 22:53

    @ Pop Idol. Please gte a live. We can all see you wrote that just so you can get a reaction becuase you clearly know nothing about rugby from what I can make out of your comments! And what did JW do, MM apart from winning the rugby he build the team that won everything over the last two years, that had nothing to do with Div! lol

  • Jimbo - 2010-07-25 22:58

    Can somebody tell me - what are PDV's qualifications ? Is he the most under-qualified coach of all time ?

  • MADIBA - 2010-07-25 23:03


  • Brandon - 2010-07-25 23:05

    @ Pop Idol: And what does Pdv have if you take away try nations???? less than Jake. Jake white is a better coach, you know why, he won the world cup. Pdv will fail us because he is an affirmative action employee. He did well at first because he inhereted Jakes winning side. Now that it has worn off, the true coaching skill of Pdv shows.... he sucks.

  • Don - 2010-07-25 23:08

    Yes PDV is not white so he is not right julle wit mense sal nooit ver ander nie

  • Mike@CapeT - 2010-07-25 23:13

    With respect to Jake White, I believe he has had his day! I also think he is carrying too much baggage. I honestly do believe that Allistair Coetzee deserves the job on merit. He has experienced top class coaching in the form of Springbok assistant coach, guiding Western Province and the Stormers to where they are now, building up a fabulous team spirit within the teams he coaches and, whenever he speaks, he speaks sense. He does not appear to favour certain players over others to the detriment of the team and seems to select wisely. He also has a clear game plan suitable for the occasion. As a Springbok supporter, I will back him as a coach any a Stormers supporter, maybe that is not such a good idea afterall :)!!!

  • Ian - 2010-07-25 23:38

    @Don, come on now! You want to live in SA yet you want to paint people and you feel you are a better man? Why look at the colour issue when we need to look at the many other issues at hand? Like: talent, brains ( something no Springbok player can currently lay claim to I'm sorry), a will to improve, a will to learn, a will to move forward and maybe just a little bit of a will to be proud.....

  • Dominic - 2010-07-25 23:46

    Guys Please!!! Lets give Pietie till the end of the trinations before we want his head.You dont easily win in NZ or Aus.They got their "own" Referees that they love because they always win when they ref. Jokes aside,you cant blame Pietie for the guys playing K@K,we can blame him for their fitness level that is clearly below par. Pietie....Pull up your socks ,trim your Snor and REPRESENT!!

  • Pop Idol - 2010-07-25 23:47

    The reason why PDV suceeded (and still is),isnt because he rode Jake White's wave.That was 3-4 years ago,people age,rugby players age,thats why some are not at the top of their game anymore.A yellow card within 3 minutes of Saturday's match,followed by another yellow card,two MISSED kicks by Ruaan Pienaar combined with players who couldnt even catch balls thrown at them EQUALS a team that will lose,which they managed to do,how is that the coach's fault? Looks like Ruaan Pienaar tries to throw matches whenever he gets a chance to aim for the poles,I might be wrong,but an international player doesnt miss the poles the way he does,again,not the coach's fault.....PDV hasnt won the world cup yet because he hasnt gotten a chance to win it,as its only next year.Everything is Jake White this,Jake White that.And by the way,just because rugby was a traditional white sport,doesnt mean the whites have ownership of it...PDv is an excellent coach,and his trying different things now as well,in the build up till next years world cup.So what if the tri-nations is lost,so what? It comes every year,unlike the world cup..Pdv for coach after the world cup next year !

  • Chris in Oz - 2010-07-25 23:55

    @ Don. Jislaaik, maar jy maak darem kwaai rasistiese aanmerkings. SA het nie rasiste soos jy nodig nie. The facts are that Jake White won the world cup (and Tri-Nations) and therefore needs to be seen as a successful coach. Pieter de Villiers are currently showing how out of his depth he is. He has been out-though, out-strategised and out-played by his counterparts. He has brough ridicule and shame to the Bok jersey. I was on Suncorp on Saturday. I was so ashamed to wear my Bok shirt afterwards. And I would have exactly the same view if PDiv was white and Jake was black. Or even purple. It doesn't matter - except for the racists like you.

  • matthew - 2010-07-26 00:03

    I frequently read these comments and sometimes find them amusing. The criticisms amed at PDV, whilst some may be valid, are on the whole reactionary to the defeats the Springboks have been suffering recerntly. Coaching is not rocket science. Our boys are plain and simply tired - They lack the winning attitude. John Smit, Victor Matfield, Bakkies Botha , Bryan Habana et al are past their sell by dates and must be replaced. We have enough potential star players just waiting for the opportunity to make our country proud. PDV open your eyes and - do not be afraid - I remain faithful in your ability to deliver.

  • terry - 2010-07-26 00:19

    Next year is too late!

  • Graham - 2010-07-26 00:22

    By far the best coach (in all respects) that the Boks have had since readmission to international rugby was Kitch Christie. Unfortunately, he passed away prematurely. After him, Nick Mallett, Carel Du Plessis and Ian MacIntosch were head and shoulders above any of the other coaches (including Jake White and Pieter De Villiers). Unfortunately, for "rugby-political" and other reasons, neither Carel Du P nor Ian Mac were ever given a fair and proper chance or opportunity to see through their visionary plans. Nick Mallett was initially a superb coach with a record-equalling track record. Unfortunately, as time went by, three major factors blotted his copy book. The first was a fall-out with his rugby boss. The second was his personality. The third was tactical selection errors that cost the Bokke dearly - not the least of which was his subjective and fatal decision to axe Gary Teichman for reasons based on unsound favouritism. Jake White was never a top coach by any measure; and those who advocate his return either have amnesia or pathologically short memories. White's lack of respect and popularity as a coach amongst real rugby experts has been forgotted in the euphoria of the World Cup triumph. Yet, in truth and in fact, he was very mediocre and simply happened to benefit from four remarkably serendipitous factors - (i) incredible luck; (ii) the Bok team's draw in the easiest half of the log at the World Cup (in not having to play the All Blacks, the Aussies or the French); (iii) Eddie Jones' rughy brain and coaching skills; and (iv) simply put, the Bokke won the last World Cup despite Jake White and not because of him. To reappoint White would be akin to a farmer ploughing his fields backwards. As for Pieter De Villiers, in all fairness, it is probably still too soon to be passing a final judgement on him. However, if his regular verbal utterances and gaffes are to constitute any type of yardstick or standard by which to judge or measure his rugby and intellectual acumen, potential or brain power, then there is little hope for our rugby in the short term - not even to mention the patently obvious fact that, during each test match over the past three weeks, the Bokke were completely and utterly outgunned - whether on attack or defence or in terms of tactics, smartness or endurance. I suspect that time is running out for both Pieter De V as well as four or five of his regular "stalwarts" in the Bok team; and I believe that, coaching-wise, Pieter De V is bankrupt and that he is slowly being found out as time passes. We shall be lucky if the Bokke proceed beyond the semi-finals next year. Has the time not come for expert coaching skills to be imported from overseas?

  • Jake - 2010-07-26 00:44

    Thanks for your trust in me. I will make the nation proud again!!! And for Pop Idol...nag ou grote.

  • marco - 2010-07-26 00:45

    Why now Jake White is my question to you?Not that long after the worldcup you was asked by SARU to re-apply for your job then and you refused and you'd be right in thinking and doing.But New Zealand and Australia have by now worked you and your methods out and the the team you want alongside you aswell so they know what to expect from you unless you and your potential team have something reallysignificant to offer I'd like see that.Surely you can't be that desperate for a job like this where you can't do this or that 'cause your bosses won't let you or rather they want this player,that affirmative action and all that K@K that goes with it?To me that's not the issue here.SARU is the problem and those who run our countries rugby institutions for appointing a person purely for racial reasons and nothing else which is absolutely pathetic.PDV in my opinion has one more chance one shot,one bullet to aim at to show intelligent South Africans watching, who know's rugby indepth,that he truly is more than a "clown" as some tv presenters make him out to be and that is at the return leg or home games of the Tri-Nations come August 21,2010 in Soweto against New Zealand.Lets see what happens then, now that the Springboks fully know the new laws at the breakdown,referee handling errors or whatevef else is to blame for dismal showing and being hammered by the islanders.

  • JB - 2010-07-26 00:47

    For once can we leave the "race-card" out of it. Up to now there have been enough yellows & subsequent suspensions. Rather one sided application of the laws too. JW didn't shoot his mouth off like PDV has been doing and neither does AC. They are humble with awesome ability! The Boks and what they stand for should be paramount here... I am sure we all want the BOKS to win so that we WANT to support & watch them! I hope sanity prevails but personally PDV & some senior players are falling short of the mark!

  • Michael - 2010-07-26 00:57

    Ja well...South Africa still has a long way to grow politically and socially.Why does everything small effing thing have to be about race or colour? If it has to be about colour, then at least get a good coach of colour. Allister Coetzee...look at what the stormers did this year.Look at WP at the moment...however, that said if you take politics out of the equation, back to 1906 the Springboks were a symbol. Nowadays every Tom,Dick and Harry wants to catch the limelight and so interfere with the team.Jake or no Jake...Div or whoever is there...they MUST put the best side out and treat this aggression/indiscipline spree.Also, what about fining the players? The loose,fine them.They get yellow carded fine them. Two fines and on strike three your out!!! Bring the Springboks back.

  • Werner - 2010-07-26 01:30

    I think it is time for PDV to be fired!!!! He has done nothing right since he became bok coach.... Listen Don.... This is not a White vs Black issue... Stop bringing that up... It is people like you that makes everyting a racial issue!! I do not care who is the next coach.. Allister Coetzee is a 10times beter coach than the THE CLOWN P.D.V. I'm glad the guys at Fox Sport Australia called him what he is... No one else had the balls to do it! Strange that if he is such good a coach, he has less than 60% winning streak with the Boks. Jake White which you say is so bad had an overall winning streak of almost 70% and in his last year as coach a 82% winning streak.... Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!

  • Bokgirl - 2010-07-26 02:01

    @Don - it is not about his colour ! Always about race ne? He is a useless coach who inherited one of the best Bok sides in history - I said it 18 months ago and now my words are coming true - eventually PDV will destroy what Jake created!!!!! And that is exactly what has happened !!!

  • Noooooooooooooooooo!! - 2010-07-26 02:29

    Please not Jake the Snake!

  • Steadfast - 2010-07-26 02:38

    @pop idol. If you take away the 2007 RWC from JW you have old Snor. Old Snor is not and will never be a top coach. He has no idea at adapting to the changing game. After Jakes book I am not a fan of his at all. But if JW came in tomorrow we would have a shot at the 2011 RWC.When you see some of Snor's selections (Rose, Zane, January, Chillyboy, Smit, Bakkies, Butch etc) then you know he is up the creek without a paddel. He has disrupted the side so much there is no way he can bring them together again. His aimless comments also have brought the Boks into disrepute.

  • Robert - 2010-07-26 02:44

    Yes, I am from New Zealand, and even I would like to see a change of coach. Lets enjoy rugby for what it is and not make a political thing out of it! Stop blaming ref's and trying to make excuses. Get back to what the game was and give credit to a team that wins, or loses. I want to enjoy the game with our old rivals the Sprinboks, without starting a war.

  • Kevin - 2010-07-26 02:56

    As a kiwi following the tri nations I would be far more nervous of a Jake White led Boks than I do under the current 'clown'. PDV is out of ideas and clearly out of his depth. It is well known for some time (here in OZ & NZ)that some of the senior squad members have been 'coaching' the boks for some time now. Jake White with Jones were awesome, great rugby, great defence and plenty of style. As a AB supporter... Go peter Go...... lol

  • Bob - 2010-07-26 04:06

    @Don - here we go again with the colour-chip on the shoulder, get over it! It is NOT an issue of colour, it is an issue of F'ing up SA Rugby you tosser!

  • oi - 2010-07-26 04:30

    get real boet!

  • @ Pop FIDDLE - 2010-07-26 05:41

    Mate you obviously know nothing about rubgy. Go do some research into the pre-2007 RWC and JW and Eddie's history in rugby, then come around and post comments that have substance...because between you and Julius Malema, you have all bases of stupidty covered.

  • Gordon Hadfield - 2010-07-26 05:46

    As a New Zealander I should let you in one a secret, PDV is our secret weapon to win the World Cup next year. The Bulls with their coaching team could do better (Of course Bulls supporters say that all the time ;-) ) Jokes aside your team isn't firing on the field that's a sign something's not working off the field. I'm a huge Pierre Spies fan but he just isn't firing at the moment ...phew!!!

  • TT - 2010-07-26 05:48

    Jake and Eddie are brilliant, as such the players would support them 110% only problem is, the are just to white Mr White and you had the same problems before..unless you can get the Major sponsers behind you as you did in the past, the ANC will not allow you to run the show again, period and you know it....pity but rubgy is all about how many black heads you can squeez into the side...try Soccer, they looking for Whitties now...for financial reasons.....nothing to do with the sport so you have a great chance there.

  • Karin - 2010-07-26 05:52

    YES!!!! Let's have a national referendum so we can vote Jake back in!

  • Jakes - 2010-07-26 05:56

    Transformation guys, transformation is the word! That is why they chose PdV, because Heyneke Meyer was a better coach (based on track record) than PdV. So if transformation comes to play again, they will maybe choose Alistair Coetzee as the next Bok coach, and give the WP to PdV? How does that sound? Then in 2 years time the WP only plays in the Vodacom Cup?

  • Jimbo the clown - 2010-07-26 06:27

    Hulloo Pieter...waar is jy jong? wag hier by die sirkus buite die groot tent met strepe...jy is nou laat...die mense wag vir jou om jou jokes te kom tel....word wakker man! Ons will almal a lag he...

  • pieter - 2010-07-26 06:27

    come on guys ( Don ) allister is also a person of colour , but he shows the results , i think jakes had his time so did pdv give allister achance he should be next in line

  • Impi - 2010-07-26 06:29

    Jake White had a rather poor record as coach, and in RWC SA was fortunate to by-pass playing the ABs, Aus, and France. Those are facts. There's no reason to believe he can turn things around. Bly by jou koshuis spannetjie.

  • Shaun - 2010-07-26 06:33

    My Bok squad plus coaching staff for the return leg of the TriNations 2010..... 15. Francois Steyn. 14. J.P. Pieterson. 13. Jacques Fourie. 12. Jean De Villiers. 11. Bryan Habana. 10. Butch James. 9. Ruan Pienaar. 8. Pierre Spies. 7. Juan Smith. 6. Schalk Burger. 5. Victor Matfield (vc). 4. Danie Rossouw. 3. B.J. Botha. 2. John Smit (c). 1. C.J. Van Der Linde. 16. Gurthro Steenkamp. 17. Gary Botha. 18. Jannie Du Plessis. 19. Juandre Kruger. 20. Francois Louw. 21. Francois Hougaard. 22. Morne Steyn. Coach : Jake White. Assistant Coach: Nick Mallett. Technical: Eddie Jones. Assistant Technical: Heyneke Meyer. Forwards Coach: Gert Smal. Backline Coach: Alister Coetzee. Defensive Coach: Gary Gold. Also DON you bringing up the race card shows what a true racist you are. Try not thinking about it and we can all move forward into a FREE and FAIR DEMOCRATIC SOUTH AFRICA FFS!!!!

  • DM - 2010-07-26 06:38

    PDV is an absolute joke! He is turning SA rugby into a joke. Read this article and see how he is viewed overseas.. Loe is right.. "Loe intimates that with De Villiers in charge, the Boks will be less of a factor in defending their World Cup crown "as I don't think he is doing them any good."

  • Glennm - 2010-07-26 06:50

    Yes bring the man back. If the country and our government really care about our rugby then yes make the change NOW. The ANC has medelled and interfered and eventually got the coach they wanted. But what a failure...sound familiar.

  • @Don - 2010-07-26 06:54

    kak storie! Dis omdat PdV bogger ops maak. Alister Coetzee kan ook maar die job kry!

  • GG - 2010-07-26 06:55

    I have just one thing to say about the difference between Div and JW. The players under JW had an attitude of wanting to win;wanting to defend, and they went out and won the game. Their attitude towards defence was that it was a form of attack. We scored so many tries from counter attacks as a result of good defence. Div has brought a feeling of blaming the external factors for failures (ref's, travel etc) and this has led to the boks sitting back, almost expecting to win every game because they are world champs. There isn't the same drive in defence like in the JW era, and that has been the difference. The All Blacks are playing rugby like we did at our best, and we cant compete. The poor officiating doesnt help, but a great team learns to adapt to the referee. Come on Boks, you are the world champs, lets pull our socks up, take responsibility, and tackle like men possessed!

  • Daniel Manchest - 2010-07-26 07:05

    I am amazed at how it is Jake White's team when the Boks win. The players are coaching themselves. John Smit and Victor Matfield are running the team. When they lose it is PDV's fault. Will we ever come right? The worth of the coach and his team will be seen in how they can come through this. Let us just support them for the love of the game and our country.

  • Lize-Ri - 2010-07-26 07:15

    Jake White is old news. The game has changed significantly. De Villiers is a fantastic coach - ask any one of the players and they will confirm this. But I suppose this is not good enough for all the perfect "experts" out there.

  • Dee - 2010-07-26 07:20

    Although I don't support decisions made by PDV especially with his selections do I hope that we retain our WC trophy next year. Sean you are really a disappointment, I don't understand why everything should revolve around the colour of your skin & Brandon a complete comparison between PDV & Jake can only be made after PDV has completed his tenure as coach. It is so easy to criticize from the sidelines... I am a Bok supporter and I wish the team the best!!

  • Vic J - 2010-07-26 07:25

    Jake, you are streets ahead of PvD but I'm afraid you have the wrong surname.

  • Blue Jake - 2010-07-26 07:27

    I'm all for Jake coming back. The only problem is that John Smit will now play another 100 test matches.