Horan wants consistent bans

2010-07-28 11:23

Sydney - Wallabies great Tim Horan has called for tournament-specific suspensions after Wallaby flyhalf Quade Cooper lost his appeal against a two-match ban that robs him of a eagerly-anticipated Bledisloe Cup debut.

Cooper copped a second blow in four days when a three-man appeals committee dismissed Australia's objection to his punishment for last Saturday night's dangerous tackle on South African Morne Steyn.

The red-hot No 10 will miss both Saturday's clash against the All Blacks at Etihad Stadium and the return encounter in Christchurch the following weekend.

Cooper's punishment is effectively the most severe of three similar lifting tackles in consecutive Tri-Nations matches even though his offence was arguably the most tame.

His Australian Rugby Union legal counsel and coach Robbie Deans argued Springboks Jean de Villiers and Jaque Fourie were given more lenient bans as they could serve their time through missing provincial Currie Cup matches in South Africa.

While De Villiers's tackle on All Black Rene Ranger was viewed as the most dangerous and Fourie had a prior conviction, they both only have to miss one Tri-Nations Test.

Horan, who acts as a rugby mentor for Cooper, also felt back-to-back Bledisloe Cup Tests was an overly harsh punishment for a lifting tackle that went wrong.

But the inconsistency of the sentence was the biggest issue for the 80-Test centre.

"It's just a shame that the two Test matches are week after week (against NZ)," Horan said.

"In a competition any bans handed out should be served within that competition."

"If you commit an offence playing Currie Cup you miss Currie Cup matches and if you commit it in the Tri-Nations you miss Tri-Nations matches."

Deans felt the same way after the appeal, which aimed as much for a reduction to a one match ban as a complete exoneration.

Asked if suspensions should served within the same competition, he said: "Yeah, ideally.

"That's obviously one manifestation if you like that hasn't been consistent, but it depends where you sit," Deans said.

"The critical message out of this for Quade and any subsequent players who find themselves in this circumstance and you're in this predicament you lose control of your own destiny, so you're much better to avert being in this predicament in the first place."

Horan agreed.

"It (damage to Steyn) wasn't serious but it could have been and you can't have young kids seeing that and trying to imitate it,' Horan said.

"It's a shame but the Wallabies have a quality replacement in Berrick Barnes."

Born in New Zealand's Waikato province, Cooper must now hope he can break back into Australia's team to make his first-ever appearance against his homeland in Sydney in September.

"I'm obviously pretty disappointed but at the same time we had a fair appeal," he said.

"All I can do from here is work hard and concentrate on getting back out there at the due date.

"You have to learn from it. Hopefully I don't get into this position again so I have to work on my technique."

His loss remains a massive blow for the Wallabies as he has been their most dangerous player in their opening five Tests this year, winning two man-of-the-match awards.

It certainly reduces Australia's unpredictability against an All Black outfit looking to inflict an eighth straight win over their trans-Tasman rivals for their worst Bledisloe streak in 63 years.

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  • StuartW - 2010-07-28 11:31

    If you are banned for 2 weeks and you don't play any games in those 2 weeks, its your luck. If they ban you for 2 games, that is different. He must accept his ban and carry on, just like Jean and Jaque

  • SHAME - 2010-07-28 11:34

    Who's whining now!!! The problem of consistency within these panels is frustrating all parties.We don't condone dirty play,but half the problem is the inconsitency of the reffing,allowing frustration to be vented out their on the playing fields.Obviously Paddy O'Brien will never admit to his ref's being below par-therefore for now we must grin and bare the consequences.

  • El Nicko - 2010-07-28 11:35

    Hey Tim and Robbie - When a sheep goes "BAAAAAAHHH !!!" it means NO. cry me a river !!!

  • Eish - 2010-07-28 11:38

    "though his offence was arguably the most tame.'" - are you serious? Did you watch the match? His offence was the most malicious of all of all 3.

  • JLC - 2010-07-28 11:40

    Finally the Aussies are feeling what we've had to endure for years

  • Chris - 2010-07-28 11:51

    I'm truly gutted for you Tim. Pas me another beer Mate.

  • bok4life - 2010-07-28 11:51

    Aaah shame things not going your way you aussie idiots!! WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!!!! Autralians are such chops!! I could do my nut when i hear their stupid comment during the rugby!!

  • Oval Ball - 2010-07-28 11:57

    Boo Hoo!Tough Titty! Go bleat somewhere else!

  • Polly - 2010-07-28 12:00

    Its amazing how quiet the Aussies and the New Zealanders were when Jaque and Jean were fined. Now they want to change the rules when it affects one of their players. If all three nations spoke with one voice we could take on the idiots from the UK & Ireland influenced IRB.

  • Deon - 2010-07-28 12:01

    WTF are you stupid Timmy/Deans? "Asked if suspensions should served within the same competition, he said: "Yeah, ideally." So if you play in the last game of the tri-nations it's a free for all because you won't be able to serve the suspension you get?? Wake up dude!! Who's complaning now???

  • James - 2010-07-28 12:04

    Timmie ( as the Aussies call all their favourite sons or Clarkie or Johnie, get my drift) shame, so the penelties if for a lifting tackle that went wrong, this only happends in S14 games, but will not happend in other level matches. did not think you are that stupid. problem remains, the ref and these admin'tors have two big an influance on the game.

  • katman - 2010-07-28 12:05

    The reality is, none of those offenses - not De Villiers, Fourie or Cooper - deserved a citing and suspension. If any tackle warranted it, it was the no-arms shoulder charge by Rene Ranger. I feel sorry for these players missing out because of an overly pedantic citing commission.

  • DIV WAS RIGHT - 2010-07-28 12:07

    I think Div is correct in saying that ABs have the RWC and now all much suffer. COOPER is crucial for AUS and the IRB knows that if they remove him, than the ABs can continue to win. Just watch AND SEE where the Aussies will find themselves after the 2 games. FIRE ROBBIE/FIRE DIV. WATCH THE SPACE. IRB is losing it big time. FIRE O'BRIEN IS MY CALL.

  • Dave - 2010-07-28 12:09

    dry your eyes

  • webb - 2010-07-28 12:09

    Consistancy? WTF - the boks got yellow carded in the 2nd AB test and the Australian test match (BJ Botha) for offences that barely warranted a penalty - match changing yellow cards.Fourie's tackle was not nearly as bad as Cooper, yet he got 4 weeks. When the bok management complained we're told to shut up and accept it. I suggest Horan you do likewise.

  • Love Africa - 2010-07-28 12:10

    I think they should do away with week bans and make it game bans. If you baned in an international you banned from playing internationals. Curries cup super14 and so on. IRB is so backward the can't organise anything. Who runs this show? Its very annoying.

  • mandi - 2010-07-28 12:12

    ag shame. built a bridge and get over it.

  • Spartan - 2010-07-28 12:23

    who the *uck cares, I dont have any sympathy for either Kiwis or the Wallabies, as far as I am concerned they have been cheating for years against the Boks, its time that we gave them as good as we get. Once we get rid of snore & his embarrasing rants, they will get whats comming to them.

  • JJ - 2010-07-28 12:32

    Timmie you are a clown

  • Johnno - 2010-07-28 12:35

    Consistency, consistency, consistency. That's all we're asking for.Whether it's the referree on the field, citings or punishments handed down, all we want is to ensure the decisions made are fair to BOTH sides. I agree that ref's are human and don't always see everything, but when they continually miss penalty offences by one team and pick only up those same offences by the other team, then clearly they are only focussing on the team THEY think are "dirty" in their play. We not whinging about losing, we're frustrated that referree's who make one sided decisions are still untouchable. Now Messrs Horan and Deans are complaining about consistency in punishments, whether it's in one competition or whatever, the buzz word is consistency. So lets get these game officials to be consistent with whatever their area of officialdom is and try stop rugby from waning any further in its popularity. Gate takings are already dwindling. It's natural that we all have our teams that we support and we'd like to see that team win, but if we lose in a fair game to a better team, then there can be no controversy can there?

  • Gabba - 2010-07-28 12:37

    If they are getting so strict on the tackle than rather keep Butch James on the bench or drop him out of the match 22 completely. I am sure the NH Refs and the Citing commisioners can't wait to have him on the field to punish us even more.

  • Anti - 2010-07-28 12:44

    How on earth did the citing panel miss O'Connor's tip tackle on Matfield? (4 week ban) Oh, yes I forgot, if you're a white Australian, the laws don't apply to you.

  • Deon - 2010-07-28 12:45

    Tipical of Australian rugby / players - cry babies, get a grip!!!1

  • D the M - 2010-07-28 12:52

    I somewhat agree - being banned for a month when you dont play (say after an end of year tour) is pointless. The bans should be split between international and domestic competititons, and be per game rather than per week. For instance, what if you get a 2 week ban during a world cup? that could be 3 games out, whereas all you deserved was 2 games...while another guy getting cited after a world cup final (maybe changing the course of the game) gets no meaningful ban whatsoever because he doesnt play for 2 months after that. Ironic that cooper will miss as many games as de villiers and fourie despite getting half the ban they did...

  • Clown? - 2010-07-28 12:54

    When the Boks asked for consistency they were called cry-babies and clowns. So what do we call the sheep-shagging convicts now....pigs? Get a life mate Coopers tackle was 100% intentional as he never backed off but rather “drove” Morne into the ground with the clear intent to hurt him. Should have been an fkn month!

  • Sean - 2010-07-28 12:55

    Horan is a twat anyways, what TV was he watching

  • NGS - 2010-07-28 12:59

    The consistency they are asking for is that the Boks continually get cited and punished, and the AB and Wobblies nevr get cited and punished. If it has always been so and remains so, that is consistencey in itself, is it not?

  • Johnf_pro - 2010-07-28 13:02

    Cry me a river as my son would say. Cooper is not the paragon of virtue he is held out to be. Ask the Aussie police.

  • Joe Rugby - 2010-07-28 13:04

    Let the ABs peak. They do it every year before the RWC. We'll be back next year. They wont. So who cares about this year?

  • Skubbe - 2010-07-28 13:07

    These poor Aussies really seem to get raw deals with refs and citing commisioners. Shame.

  • Cire@bok4ife - 2010-07-28 13:16

    Ignorant comments like yours could just confirm what other people (not just Aussies) think about South Africans. Fortunately most of them are more grown up than you are and realize that not all of us are the same.

  • Funny - 2010-07-28 13:29

    Well I guess when you love sheep.......

  • Sandile - 2010-07-28 13:53

    Bok fans see on facebook: FARAC campaign - stands for Fans Against Rolland And Cheating.

  • Leon - 2010-07-28 14:11

    Whats wrong with this picture? A Bok lifts a player in a tackle and he is called a thug, a bullie, a bad loser. An Aussie does the exact same thing and "a lifting tackle that went wrong." is the comment. Who are the cry babies now? At least the Bokke took their punishment like men and not like cheating cowards.

  • Leon - 2010-07-28 14:52

    @D the M. Your math sucks. If you are banned for 2 weeks, you miss 2 games. Next week's and the week after. Lets say you are banned for 9 weeks. That means you are banned for 9 consecutive IRB sanctioned rugby matches. If there are no games your ban will carry over to the following IRB sanctioned rugby matches. That is why JF will only miss 1 test (Aug 21). He is also not eligible for selection for the three Currie cup matches played in between. And this horses for courses, punishment for tournaments deal is a load of crap. Lets say vuilgat Aussie gets a 12 week ban because of a seriously dangerous tackle, or head butt, in a test. Would you want him banned from all rugby, including S14 and/or provincial; or just 12 tests. What if I try to take your head off with a late, high and dangerous tackle in the S15 final and I receive a 10 week ban from rugby. Would you want me banned from all rugby within but not limited to the prescrbied ban or just the first 10 games of the next S15 tournament? Its not logical.

  • Rob - 2010-07-28 15:16

    #%@k all these aussie and all black coaches,players and ex-players with Paddy O sh$# and his biast and incompetent referees as well. Cooper's tackle was WAY more dangerous than Fourie's and Jean's combined. It's a bloody sircus run by clowns and rugby is turning into a sport suited for softies. Boks will be back and enjoy your turn in the sun with the help of the officials.

  • Scottie - 2010-07-28 16:10

    Write to and tell them they are a bunch of old farts who should be co-sheepshagging. Rugby supporters' numbers are dwindling due to them turning the game into a circus.

  • YoMama - 2010-07-28 20:36

    I am a little disappointed in Cooper's judiciary, as well. Of all the spear tackles he was the only one who purposefully drove his oppositie number into the ground. I would have banned him for 9 weeks. Breaking someone's neck is far more serious than giving someone a bruise on their empty shell.

  • sa = yag - 2010-07-28 21:01

    man i cant wait for the worst in the world fans - south africa fans to cry when NZ actually do win the world cup next year. man u guys are gonna be shamed out. south africa is the country no-one likes in this world, cracks me up.

  • NZKiwi - 2010-07-29 02:27

    I think suspensions at international level should be served at international level only. if you spear tackle someone at international level you should miss the next 2 international games, oherwise you will have players purposely targeting key players eg. Mccaw, Dupreez, Genia etc, with the intent of injuring them for the rest of the tournament and then only having to rest out provincial games (his would be a good tactical plan that coaches can use). If Jean Devilies' spear tackle happened last week he would of not missed any internationals. Although im not complaining cause i think Quade could have been the difference between the AB's winning or losing.

  • RCH - 2010-07-29 04:37

    sa=yag, the all blacks are the same as the SA cricket team when it comes to world cup tournaments. White hot inbetween them, but suck when it comes to the big one. Do not bet the sheep on the all blacks winning the world cup......Italy has a better chance...!!!

  • @NZKiwi - 2010-07-29 17:10

    Well said. Looking forward to the grown ups playing on Saturday. Cheers Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

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