Henry: I am very proud

2010-07-11 22:30

JJ Harmse
Auckland – “It was a special day for this team and a special day for All Blacks rugby. Our commitment and discipline was outstanding and we dominated the Springboks up front. I am very proud.”

That was the reaction of All Blacks coach Graham Henry after his side swept the floor with the Springboks in their first game in this year’s Tri-Nations.

“Our first-phase play was excellent and we put them under a lot of pressure. The senior guys showed they could still make a contribution and were outstanding,” Henry said when asked about the reasons for the easy victory.

“Players like Mils Muliaina and Tom Donnelly, who had not played for a long time, were very good. Kieran Read was excellent.”

Henry admitted that last year’s three consecutive defeats to the Springboks were a big reason for the team’s performance here.

“We were driven by last year’s results. I had a number of players that were desperate to play in this game,” he said.

“The Boks are still the number one side in the world as far as I’m concerned. But where we had to wait for a year after our defeat in Hamilton last year, we are getting another chance this coming weekend. We don’t want it to slip through our fingers.”

Henry believes they are capable of winning again.

“But we’ll just enjoy this one for now. It was a special performance and we’ll celebrate it properly and then start building towards what we want to achieve in Wellington.”

All Black captain Richie McCaw said he had not seen the headbutt by Bakkies Botha.

“It would not have contributed to our motivation. The guys have been waiting for this opportunity for a year,” he said.

He explained the reasons for the victory as follows.

“We finally succeeded in doing all the good things for 80 minutes. In the other games this year there were bits and pieces, but this time everything came together. We never gave the Boks a chance to draw breath,” said McCaw.

He believes the All Blacks have laid down a marker for the rest of the tournament.

“We know what we are capable of and won’t let our guard down. This is the standard we have to strive towards,” said the flank.

“The nice thing is that we know it didn’t just happen. We worked hard and it’s a sweet taste.”

Forwards coach Steve Hansen said that the team’s performances from the first phases were the best to date this year.

“We sent good quality ball to the backs and they could attack with it. We also put their backline under pressure,” he said.

Backline coach Wayne Smith said the players were also delighted that the Springboks could not score a single try.


  • Theo - 2010-07-11 23:53

    Sure Graeme, but you are still a New Zealander. Bummer for you.

  • KOOS - 2010-07-12 07:14


  • Mr D - 2010-07-12 07:38

    Ja I will too if I lost 3 in a row against the Boks and win one in my backyard. Let's hope ur luck hold till next year. The AB are tops till they get gippoguts on big game O well do I have to say more..Boks Booooo

  • well done - 2010-07-12 08:21

    Well done Graham Henry..!! ...You outsmarted the quota coach and his quota proteas very easily..!! ...He he he ..!!

  • @koos - 2010-07-12 08:32

    Tipies suid afrikaner, nou dat die bokke verloor en van die veld afgespeel word, word die ref blammeer, laas jaar was die bokke vrek gelukkig met die ref se beslissings, aanvaar net vuilgat springbokke het op hul M@#R gekry!!!!!

  • James - 2010-07-12 08:38

    n Blinde hoender pik ook nou en dan n pit raak.

  • Whatever - 2010-07-12 08:56

    bit of sour grapes Mr D, Koos, and Theo? Have some dignity and give credit where credit is due

  • Ruffdog - 2010-07-12 09:10

    Well done a brilliant match and well deserved win, the All Blacks dominated at every phase of the game !

  • Pierre - 2010-07-12 09:59

    Die All Blacks was puik en het verdien om te wen. (Waarskynlik verder as wat hulle het...) Die Bokke het baie te sê gehad voor die game, maar op die dag was hulle nowhere. Hopelik sal hulle volgende Saterdag opdaag vir die game. O Ja, en Bakkies Botha is 'n flippen moroon.

  • Steve - 2010-07-12 10:01

    @well done. You stupid Saffa, sounds like a BB. Henry implemented his plan last year already, but what I have seen on Sat was a typical Blue Bull match, ( including the head Butt). The Boks were too arrogant, big heads, and theyu were lucky up too now. I am glad that it was not a quota player doing the headbutt dance. If you look closely you will see that except for Steenkamp, all the quota players did more then expected. January tried his best, butt the forwards dropped him. Zane, was playing his BB game, and nobody supported him. Habana tried his best, but the Blacks were 100% better. The flops were, Steenkamp, Smit ( we should add the h in the place of the m) Victor/Bakkies, go home, you have had your time and luck. Schalk, nice if Daddy was a boke in the early days, Flo, same as Schalk but grandpa a bok. Spies, Same daddy helped you. January sorry man, but this is the AB. Steyn learn to play rugby please, you need to run with the ball, talk to a guy named Dan Carter, he is a 10. Blondie, jaque and Jean, that person saying you are the best centres in SA, plaese sue him, he lied. Good to have the boks back on earth again. Welcome back. You are outdated. And please dont pick more BB players, they need a SA ref to win a S14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Aussie Ausborne - 2010-07-12 10:32

    South Africans blaming the ref again. Last year, after every test, win or lose did S.A. blame the ref.

  • blou bul - 2010-07-12 11:45

    Stevie mate, what is really funny is that NZ girls (the few and far between nice ones) recon saffas are way better in bed that you NZ chops, because you spend more time in the gym checking each other's muscles out than spending time with them. But then again, if we saffa guys also growl every time we come near a standard SA chick we would also probably spend time “checking” each other out……so piss off gay lord

  • to many - 2010-07-12 12:26 many stormbarian poofters in the Protea team.. ....and a quota coach with silly selections..

  • @bok supporters - 2010-07-12 12:36

    Wow the Bok's blame the ref? that's something new. die all black's het julle 'n groot pit gedruk. take on the chin guy's you lost and that's only the start. when will the bok supporters ever wake up and congradulate a better side? Oh, as for the new zealanders been skaap steeker's, lets rather say that the Bok's were leeker in die hol genaai duur hulle maatjies....

  • Steve - 2010-07-12 15:43

    @blou bul, Sorry man I feel it for you, you sound like a typical Blue Bul orphan. Your mommy must have hate you that much. lets play the game between the white line, and I am sure you bulls know about the white line (snuff snuff snuff) and pink socks or the underpants. Sorry for spoiling your party. but u have ask for it. The sad story is the mighty AB's did not even fire on all 15 cylinders, ( actually it was no need to the stupid brainless BB Botha did it for us. Did you seen the Kieran run thru a guy named Spies. Me thinks Spies looked so confused. Oh and we know how wonderfull the Safa men are in bed we seen the video of the Blue Bull with holes in his underpants and did some (snuff snuff snuff). Oh and the one in Cape town in the Park bench, the photos is so nice. Send more please.

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