Henry: Defence turned game

2010-07-17 16:41

Wellington - A superb defensive effort midway through the second half had probably turned the momentum of New Zealand's match against South Africa in the Tri-Nations on Saturday, All Blacks coach Graham Henry said.

New Zealand secured their second successive bonus point win with the 31-17 victory in Wellington, to follow their 32-12 success last week at Eden Park.

"Around about the 60th minute I thought the game could have gone either way," Henry told reporters. "We were under pressure right on our line for about three or four minutes and we defended superbly.

"It was a very important part of the game - probably the turning point."

The All Blacks not only managed to hold out the Springboks as they hammered away at the try-line, but then swept down field to score their fourth try. Replacement winger Israel Dagg ghosted past four defenders to notch his first Test try.

Dagg's score was typical of all the All Blacks tries, started from deep inside their own territory with superb interplay between backs and forwards as they built phases, re-cycled ball quickly and ran and passed into space.

"I think we were prepared to play rugby from a fair way out," Henry said. "We attacked from our half and that resulted in a couple of tries.

"The new interpretation of the tackle law has changed the game as it allows you to get continuity and possession and build into points and the guys did that exceptionally well."


  • Waldo Pepper - 2010-07-17 16:52

    Well done to the mighty All Blacks. Hope the Boks will learn their lessons well and choose only the best - from player to coach!

  • V. Zela - 2010-07-17 17:01

    Rugby is becoming a farce. Graham Henry you know that all you have to do is thank that corrupt oke with the whistle

  • Blackout - 2010-07-17 17:08

    Great game AB's, great game!

  • Unbiased View - 2010-07-17 17:39

    Yes, alan Rolland was superb on All Black defense between him and Richie they easily turned over and slowed down SA ball all over the park but in particular in the red zone about 5meters out from the All Black line. Welldone Rolland you are New Zealands man of the match. To Henry, have some honour man, it was shameful how biased Rolland was in your teams favour. You guys do NOT have my respect at all, in fact you are a team without honour or integrity.

  • Claude - 2010-07-17 17:43

    Time for the South African authorities to take a stand against incompetent Refereeing or watch Soccer take their gate money!

  • Theo - 2010-07-17 18:19

    Spoken like a true All Black coach. The referee turned the game and gave you momentum pal, not the All Blacks.

  • Stone Cold - 2010-07-17 18:30

    Well done AB's!! You guys played extremely well, never looked tired & Dagg had a superb try!!! Bokke.... start getting it right next week against Aus at least!!!!!

  • Bok Fan no.1 - 2010-07-17 19:24

    Tiem for all South Africans to take action, we must protest in some way as a group. Start by e-mailing the IRB at the following addrerss - point out (in a respectful way please) everything that Rolland did wrong. This will be a start. Any other suggestions? Maybe at the next match we can all turn our backs on the refs and officials when they walk out and on the opposition. Then turn back when the Bokke stand there. How about it, come on people lets show solidarity with our team.

  • Kalahari - 2010-07-17 19:34

    I have for the past 18 years watched the poor referees foisted upon us influence game after game involving the Springboks. So many lost Test matches, damaging a rugby nation and legacy that refuses to die and be wiped out by the upper class twits that “rule” the IRB. There was, is and always will be an unbridled and uncontrolled bias against the Springboks by the officials, the “Test” referee dished up in New Zealand today being the latest and greatest example, in the fine tradition of McHugh, Wayne Erikson and Stuart Dickinson. Rolland sternly sure did show those buffoon Yarpies a thing or two. Why IS HE STILL A REFEREE??? These referees let their own prejudices run amok- do not be surprised if another biased scumbag “referee” is assaulted in this country when he gives another virtuoso display a la David McHugh. Enough is enough. NZ have no integrity or honour, just apologist supporters of the kind found on these pages. Rubbish.

  • Durbanite - 2010-07-17 20:08

    Once again the ref has influenced the game by not blowing consistently, Rousseau's "KICK" was in no way dangerous but was punished with a yellow card, Rangers tackle without using arms was very dangerous but was let off with a penalty and a comment by Lewis 'ask him to use his arms next time"!!!..pathetic. Botha was sent off for a professional foul in the red zone with no warnings by Lewis but Macaw was 'officially warned twice about slowing the ball down in the red yellow card. The refs must blow to the standard they set, if a yellow is issued then that is the standard they set for both sides, it seems that e mail intercepted about the NZ and AUS refs nailing the 'yarpies' was true. SA Rugby please do something about this as we are obviously easy targets. Ranger should be cited, but that wont happen.

  • Tugboat - 2010-07-17 21:20

    Why complain? This is why the All Blacks will never win the World Cup - the refs help them unashamedly and they think that they are great. But in a world cup tournament there are too many eyes on the officials and the All Blacks can't understand why they get eliminated. I think its pretty cool.

  • Sniff Sniff - 2010-07-17 22:30

    Hey all you stupid bok moaners and groaners, SUCK IT UP...!!!! You got deservidly thumped and now you moan and groan like women...ha ha ha ha...I wonder how many of those old ladies are bulls likely 85%....ha ha ha ha... The boks got what they deserved...2 big hidings to smash them down to earth, because they thought they were unbeatable....!!!! Well done Kiwis, you showed the world how to thrash SA. Go Australia Go for next weekend....I wonder what would be said if Australia manage to upset the might mighty green ninja turtles next!!! How many more excuses will they be able to think up...!!!

  • What does it matter - 2010-07-18 09:55

    You get bad referees... It's part of the sport! In the last world cup NZ lost out as the ref didn't see a 1meter forward pass of the french side. Truth be told, they were never going to win it that day, they were out of their depth there. Just as the bokke was out of their depth yesterday. Shocking refereeing. Good brand of rugby by the ABs. Well done!

  • Aabel - 2010-07-18 10:27

    God is an All Black supporter. Ask nikswerd Bakkies. God told him so when he went on his knees to pray.

  • gfm - 2010-07-18 10:34

    AB's have learnt from Louis Luyt "How to win Refs and Influence Them" from the buying of the '95 World Cup (the gold watch ref, remeber) so c'mon ladies shut up you were beaten 2 weeks in a row by a FAR SUPERIOR RUGNBY PLAYING TEAM!!! POOR COACHING, DISCIPLINE AND SELECTION AND "OUT-OF-POSITION" PLAYERS ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE ROT, NOT THE REF

  • bemused kiwi - 2010-07-28 08:33

    wow, what sore losers you lot really are. I hope you do not come over to NZ for next years RWC... make no mistake the issue is not about race, but who is competant to do the job. devilliers has not proven himself at the top and is comparable to John Hart who also inherited a good team. devilliers it seems uses his intellectual mental handicap (literally) to avoid the real issues with SA rugby. the whinging from you guys makes me cringe... as for the unfair calls, how do you think you won the RWC 2007.... if you played france in place of the all blacks, do you really think you would have won that match?

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