Few world-class Boks - White

2011-08-02 15:55

Cape Town - Former Springbok coach Jake White says not many Boks would get his nod for a current World XV in 2011.

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An under-strength Springbok side had a disastrous start to their 2011 campaign, losing 39-20 against Australia and then going down 40-7 to New Zealand in Wellington on Saturday.

But the Boks should be bolstered in the next few weeks with the return of several of their seasoned campaigners from injury, and should field a different team for the World Cup in New Zealand.

However, White - who was recently announced as the new coach of Australian Super Rugby franchise, the Brumbies - says he would struggle to find a spot for any current South African player if he had the chance to pick a World XV.

"I'd say that not many are there at the moment, and if they are, they're just edging in. Four years ago there was no debate Fourie du Preez, Victor Matfield, Schalk Burger, and Jaque Fourie were viewed in that esteem. In 2007 eight of our Boks were in the World XV, and that puts things into perspective. That's the challenge for this World Cup, to get the Boks to that level," said White on his website, RugbyXV.

The Springbok team will assemble in Durban on Sunday ahead of their Tri-Nations clash with Australia next Saturday.


  • jk - 2011-08-02 16:02

    jakie boy- i want to see you when you struggle with your brumbie tean in 2012- cause i never rated you as a coach..

      jk - 2011-08-02 16:05

      honestly- yes

      Gorilla - 2011-08-02 16:27

      jk. You serious?! You need some rugby lessons mate.

      Leftyloosy - 2011-08-02 16:27

      +10 if he doesnt toe the line at the brumbies the player will get rid of him before the end of the season. ps. Jake you have a very short memory, before the world cup 8 would not have been in the world XV. you forget the only reason you had your job was because saru couldnt afford R3.4mil+ to fire your ass in 2006. Ps. the only reason you won the world cup was because of Eddy Jones and the fact that the bokke played the weaker teams. You road your luck to a world cup, now eff off.

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-08-02 16:30

      Never rated Jake.....he had to rely on his Aussie mate to bale him out. Would love to klap his smug face in the photo above......whoops, I am needing a bit of anger management. That's what the pr*#k does to me!

      Shawn - 2011-08-02 16:33

      JK, totally agree bud... because he won the world cup does`nt make you a good coach, he had help from Eddie Jones...

      Makutu - 2011-08-02 16:36

      This lucky bastard. He struggled so much in the Tri Nations. He only won it in 2004 because the Aussies and the All Blacks were rebuilding their squads. This guy won the world cup out of the luck of the DRAW. Sheer luck! - 2011-08-02 16:38

      Leftyloosy - I could not have said it better.

      richard.wraith - 2011-08-02 16:41

      Are you saying he's wrong? And if so where?

      Dash - 2011-08-02 16:50

      @jk I must say I agree with you on this one, just because we won world cup when he was in charge does not make him the best out there. His got a big mouth for a coach who chickened out after the WC.

      Monsterz - 2011-08-02 16:54

      who are you jk...some nondescript nerd who used to carry on the oranges when your team 4th team primary school used to play.NERD !!!!

      Bricktop - 2011-08-02 17:25

      @Jk Agree 100% @Monsterz, please Jake W go troll on Keo.

      Kaapie - 2011-08-02 17:34

      Yip I agree on this score.. he coached a boring, negtive brand of rugby..and oh... listened to Eddie that scrumms are not important.. just to restart the play and it has taken 4 yrs to rectify that crap coaching

      horsehair - 2011-08-02 17:39


      will294 - 2011-08-02 18:12

      JW is spot on - we only have to look at our poor results in the Super15. The Reds and the Crusaders rang rings around our top teams. How can we expect those same players to suddenly drastically improve their skills? - or would you say that PdeV is such a brilliant coach that he is going to turn them around. Regrettably affirmative action is now beginning to show what happens when players (and coaches) have to selected on skin colour and not only merit

      Chris Bester - 2011-08-02 18:40

      You might have to eat your words...If you have the players it's easy

      standoff - 2011-08-02 18:49

      Go to rugby school boy and then come back and make statements

      Anneck - 2011-08-02 19:16

      Jake White is the best coach we have had! He was technical advisor to Nick Mallett, and look how well we did then. Nick Mallett fired him under Alan Solomon's guidance and it all went downhill afterwards! Jake White won the Tri Nations in 2004, and we damn nearly retained it in 2005! Remember Mr. Makutu??? We were poor in 2006 because we had jealous POLITICIANS muscling in telling Jake White who he can and cannot pick for his side! Jake White has now done the right thing and I wish him only the best with the Brumbies. The biggest mistake was letting him go! The Brumbies are going to be unbeatable next season. What scares me is one day he will coach The Wallabies. And when that happens, I think the Bledisloe Cup will be coming back their way before long! Why? Because he won't have any politicians breathing down his back! Be afraid, The All Blacks. Your Bledisloe Cup winning days are numbered.

      Jason - 2011-08-02 19:52

      Good thing your opinion doesn't really matter... He turned South African rugby around... remember when he said you had to pass fitness and strength tests before you would have to would be considered "so many complainers can't do that moan moan". It worked, he turned our large heavy slow forwards who could play 60min into a professional stronger, fitter and tougher squad. And yes he won a world cup, what have you managed to win coaching? Oh most importantly he never got involved with those who tried to bait him, he always conducted himself in a professional manner!

      Creeky - 2011-08-02 21:41

      Didn't he TRY assistant Coach withthe LION last season.... left very QUIETLY..... and the LIONS ended up on the Bottom of the Log... I would keep my mouth very QUIET if I was Mr White... had your 15 minutes of fame.... leave PdV for his 5 years of Fuct Up Fame!

      Anneck - 2011-08-02 22:20

      Since Jake White left, our Bok team has gotten fatter and slower!

      Thats_that - 2011-08-02 23:00

      You are an absolute colwn. jake was the best coach we ever had. he was the most successful and when he left the Sriongboks, they were in the best shape ever. Look what SNOR has done since then. What a stuff up. You should be awarded a fat lip for that comment.

      CliffB - 2011-08-03 06:08

      Mike@CapeT : Whoosa , Whoosa , Dont get pissed at someone , or someting we can't do anything about - RELAX and enjoy our teams success

      CliffB - 2011-08-03 06:09

      Makutu: But nevertheless , still 2000% better than this idiot in the seat now !!

      LOGIC - 2011-08-03 07:18

      All I can remember from Jake White is our 49-0 loss in Canberra, what an idiot!!!!!

      theunsvw - 2011-08-03 07:49

      @jk, there is a saying that goes: "engage brain before opening mouth...!"(or put a comment on this forum)

      MB1810 - 2011-08-03 08:37

      @ Anneck: the best coach SA ever had was Kitch Christie, but I do agree with you that SARU made a mistake by not extending White's contract, I think he would have seen the "aging" problem coming and prepared for it.

      ray - 2011-08-03 09:06

      You must admit that Jake got the result-for whatever reason-if he pulled in Eddie Jones and it worked,his management was good.Do you think the current management will get the result we want?

      JohnnyBB - 2011-08-03 09:17

      ...Jake White is a much better coach than paloooka AA PDV...!!

      Honey_Spider - 2011-08-03 09:33

      You absolutely right jk, Im so sick of jake white he should head for Australia now and stay there.

      Leftyloosy - 2011-08-03 11:47

      @will294 - is it. So who are the affirmitive action coaches in the super 15 or even the CC for that matter. I didnt know a black wing can screw up an entire team. He clearly has some strong juju. or maybe you are refering to de jong, johnson, beast, Ndlovu or the new kid on the block Kolisi?

      Anneck - 2011-08-03 23:44

      It also takes a bloody good coach to know other good coaches, and to be able to take advice from each other as was always the case with Jake White; he is good friends with Eddie Jones and Clive Woodward. And MB1810, I agree with you: Kitch Christie was in fact the best coach we have had, but just bear in mind that was before the professional era, and the start of the Tri Nations.

  • Sbuda - 2011-08-02 16:06

    Oh shut up Jake White!!!!

      Dash - 2011-08-02 16:51

      That's my point Sbuda.

      2012 - 2011-08-02 17:20

      Jake must concentrate on his love affairs again..and stop whinging about what he would have done, a real merchant banker!!!

      Jason - 2011-08-02 20:02

      He is right if you put a world side together tight 5 "Bismark" flankers "current form scary don't think we have one good enough for top 3, New Zealanders are dominating this area". 9 Du Preez might still be 1, 10 no chance, centers possibly Fourie, wingers non, fullback maybe F.Steyn.. Think we will dominate allot more in the 2nd best 15... But lets not get down its only a game and the injured squad has done us very proud in international and super rugby.

      JohnnyBB - 2011-08-03 09:19

      ....I fully agree with Jake White...!! .....very true...!!

      James - 2011-08-03 22:33

      The comments about Jake white always amaze me...People love him or hate him.... not much in between...For me I hated Jake's stubbornness and sometimes dictatorial (schoolmaster) approach to the team. But I loved the fact that he selected very well, planned and strategised, pulled in the right accomplices etc. He still gave alot to SA rugby in my opinion...

  • Superdude - 2011-08-02 16:06

    Juan Smith?

      Marx - 2011-08-02 16:15

      Superdude, Juan hasn't played any rugby this season, how can he be part of the World XV today??

      Makutu - 2011-08-02 16:37

      mxm! I'm sure Willem Alberts plays better than Juan Smith at this stage. Players are not immortal. They also age and their performance decreases.

      Coach18 - 2011-08-02 17:36

      Rembember Juan hardly played before 2007 as well but he came on the field and shut alot of you up, before juan got injured resently his game is one of the best in the world because he is a all round flanker that is creative on attack and is not scared to get dirty i hope he pulls through because we need him, Albert aaaahhh average not need more test match experience!

      Makutu - 2011-08-02 17:43

      2007 is 4 years ago. He is not getting any younger. Look at how well the Cheetahs flared without him. Isn't that a sign?

      Jason - 2011-08-02 20:03

      Injured...all the time.. but love that guy he is class!

      Frans Smith - 2011-08-02 21:00

      Juan is great - is he better than mccaw though? not really hey?

  • Jenny - 2011-08-02 16:08

    Sour grapes? Please worry about your Brumbies! leave us alone!

      jk - 2011-08-02 16:20

      hi jenny- you tell him!!

      JohnnyBB - 2011-08-03 09:20

      ....Jake White is way better than paloooka AA PDV...!!

  • Marx - 2011-08-02 16:10

    I can't see any SA players in a World XV currently, let's hope that will change over the next couple of months.

      Jason - 2011-08-02 20:04

      Bismark, Du Preez and J. Foure

      mycentswrth - 2011-08-02 20:46

      Bismark is a hard one dimensional player with very little rugby finess. Schalck Brits and Deon Fourie so much better. Best player we have is Francios Houghaard...has it all.

      JohnnyBB - 2011-08-03 09:23

      ......get rid of paloooka AA PDV .......asap...!!!

  • Isikhulu - 2011-08-02 16:13

    People, put Jakes thinking to the test and add your World XV?

  • Izak - 2011-08-02 16:16

    i wish i could dissagree with jake here,

      Gazza69 - 2011-08-03 08:31

      A coach is only as good as his pool of players.......ask John Mitchell.

      JohnnyBB - 2011-08-03 09:23

      ..agree with Jake..!!!

  • ChumScrubber - 2011-08-02 16:18

    White just blowing his own trumpet again. Chop. But what he is saying is true, I just don't believe he is saying it for the right reasons.

  • Herman Nel - 2011-08-02 16:18

    Well interesting way for him to end the article "That's the challenge for this World Cup, to get the Boks to that level," He's right with this, currently the boks need to perform, the veterans need to show why they are rated highly, the newcomers are showing that they can ( Lambie, Chilliboy etc ) I hope and pray that the senior players wake up, we have the players and the guys to do it

  • Johann - 2011-08-02 16:18

    what a chop.

  • 2nd coming - 2011-08-02 16:19

    Worry about your own team, there aren't a lot of Brumbies that can make it into the Aussie team let alone world XV

  • Jayxer - 2011-08-02 16:19

    Is it too late to replace div with Jake?

      Wayne - 2011-08-02 17:14

      Good one :-)

      2nd coming - 2011-08-03 07:57

      Is it too late to replace your peanut with a brain?

  • Sh@rks Fever - 2011-08-02 16:22

    Mr White although I respect you as a coach I also cannot see you as a coach of the World team, so don't worry about having to select them. There are many others before you. Sounds a bit cruel but its the truth so if you can dish out you should receive as well.

      Tools1 - 2011-08-02 16:30

      Look he was a great and inovative coach and he was a good communicator. But i cant help fealing that their are some sour grapes at play here, i think because he offered to take over the boks last year and was declined. Jake you realy are pushing the boundries of our respect for you. Because lately you remind me of a moscuito in a tent.

      Tools1 - 2011-08-02 16:33

      Sh@rks Fever I heard Virgin SA offered some huge sponsership to the Boks but when Richard Branson heard of this he said no way is he putting Virgin on the Springbok jumper if they get Fu@$% all the time.

      Sh@rks Fever - 2011-08-02 16:50

      Eish tools now that is just painfull..... and funny. But don't dispare our might BOKS will soon rise once again and prove to the World why we have won 2 World Cups and are true world champions. Kick off in 5 weeks. Now can you believe that.

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-08-02 17:43

      @Tools....I find it extremely difficult to figure out where he was innovative. aah......that's right...fetchers are for fetching the newspaper...silly me!

  • Coach18 - 2011-08-02 16:23

    All these shut the F up's have to say that you okes are completely mental, here you are telling the man that allowed you to be proud bok supporters after clean sweeping the world cup and building a team that went on to take the trinations and beat the lions and and and... you owe this man your allegence when he was forced out of the springbok set up!! have some respect i assure you if it were he going to the WC you would feel differently. I cant wait to see what new perspectives he brings to the brumbies and when he wins the S15 with them you will all be sulking, dont forget retards, he was video analyst to Kitch Christie who won the world cup for SA the first time, Jake brings something completely different to the fore and know how to manage his boks over his four year period. year one clean sweep the trinations, year two say fare well to some old timers, year 3 start testing new waters to build combinations in key positions ie: Victor and backies Juan Scalk Spies(got injured) Key kicker percyPOINTS win games not fancy steps and baby faces(lambie) year 4 tighten nuts and bolt fix problem areas end result World cup Champions!!!! Eastblished team to simply hand over to Divy to F*@K up!

      Sh@rks Fever - 2011-08-02 16:30

      @ Coach. Just as angry as you get at the oaks slating Jake White they get angry at anyone slating our beloved Boks. You feel angry at what they say and they feel angry about what Jake says. As said before I respect him. He and is assistant coaches did much more for SA rugby than any other coach but if he is asked for an opinion and his opinion isn't something positive about his own countrymen he should rather keep his opinion to himself. And this is just my opinion

      Shawn - 2011-08-02 16:36 f>>>ing mental bud... - 2011-08-02 16:46

      Coach18 - Did we beat the lions under Jake?? Really?? Really?? Did we beat the ABs in NZ? He "clean swept" a world cup where the strongest team we played was England and then Argentina. Congrats to him. Please!!! How he got through 2006 with his job intact is a miracle. The most overrated Bok coach ever. - 2011-08-02 16:55

      Coach18 year 1 he lost to Australia in Australia and to the AB's in NZ. Do you even know what clean sweep means. Victor Matfield and Bakkies Botha new combination?? Really Really?? - 2011-08-02 17:13

      Jake did video analysis for Oom Kitch?? Really??? Really???? Where do you get all your "facts" from? A chappies wrapper?

      Sh@rks Fever - 2011-08-02 17:18

      You tell him Spike.

      Coach18 - 2011-08-02 17:20

      @ Naai Fever, the foundation had been laid pal, had jake been coach of the boks when we beat the lions we would not have lost the last game we would have dominated them totally, the structures he brought into sa rugby was something we never saw again now you are going to sit there and tell me luck won it, it was not the boks fault that we played who we played i would have loved to see NZ in the final that year would have make the victory that all the more sweeter! Jake had his ups and downs but when his bok team hoisted the cup knobs like you praised and cheered with him = irony! love you narrow minded criticsts who think A holes like john plumbtree would do a better job, have you read jakes book?? he even says that he feels sorry for guys like snor to become coach as the politics are too much to handle, how do you pick your best when you are force to put quota players in?? dont hate play player Naai Fever or sorry Haai fev... whatever prick go and sulk that your useless team has never won more than currie cup... RUGBY never made any sense to you chops anyways?

      Ozymandios - 2011-08-02 18:15

      @Sh@rks Fever, You end off your message stating that is your oppinion. Jake too is allowed to express his opinion even if we don't like it. You sound lke Juliarse Dilema. Is it that we must demand he says good things when in his heart he feels otherwise.? Must he now just make the right noises to please everybody? Gosh Helium Piet is no great shaker and until he has a WC behind his name and on his CV he is not up there with Jake at all. No matter wherther he got there with Eddie Jones or not he had the bright idea to get Eddie Jones in tow. And it won us the WC. And boy does PdV need some good test results in the next 3 weeks, to make up for his atrocious blunders Down Under. Is he really able to hold a flame to Jake? I don't rate Jake but to imply that unless his comment is a positive for the Boks then he must shut up is narrow in its thinking. Unless our old guard come up with 'the Real MCCoy" very quickly we might not even beat Fiji, Samoa or Wales at the WC. That group is now more than likely going to be the Group of Death of we don't spark and really light up the sky, in PE. You take 2 or 3 weeks off rugby you get soft and rusty and thats only at Currie Cup level. At International level these "injured Boks" have been a long time out of the running and they need to really shine with a great performance on the 13th August to convince me we have a chance of even getting to the semis @ the WC.

      Coach18 - 2011-08-02 20:18

      spike dont be a knob show how much about rugga you actually know, if you read his book you will know that he was video analyst for kitch i can prove it if you like......(Background Total rugby enthusiast and a very real link with the team of 1995 – White provided all the video analysis for Kitch Christie and his team. Interested in technical aspects and sits on the IRB Laws committee.) ....... oh and the link you prick!!!!

      nick - 2011-08-02 21:46

      haha you funny bunny jake can't coach his son out of a paper bag. he was the face of the team never did any coaching got the aussies in to coach and to sort out the defence. we were very lucky not facing anyone of note during the world cup with the big boys taking each other out on the other side . judge de villiers after the world cup he hasn't lost a game 49-0 ps his record as coach is better than jakey prior to the senior team ..... you are a retard dude he pushed play for nick mallet

  • Met Uysh! - 2011-08-02 16:23

    Now that is interesting, cause most of the current Boks are players Jake selected and now he says they are not world class players? hmmmm.....

      bakkebul - 2011-08-02 16:29

      You can't be a world class player for ever. I wonder however how Jake would have approached 2011 if he was still the coach.

      JustinD - 2011-08-02 16:29

      4 years older now maybe??????

      JJSnuffels - 2011-08-02 16:30

      4 years make a big difference.

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-08-02 16:31


      Mrgreeky - 2011-08-02 16:31

      I suppose age has nothing to do with it? Most of those world class bok's are 30 something. You ever see someone look themselves in the mirror and ask what the hell you doing this for? Believe me when rugby players hit 30 the pay better be damn good.

      Jason - 2011-08-02 20:06

      Lambie and Basson are the 2 players coming through that have the potential world class ability. The rest are aging but thats life.

      Kleinboet - 2011-08-03 02:30

      It's just Jake patting himself on the shoulder - "in 2007 eight of our Boks were in the World XV …" He is actually saying: "In my time I was such a very good coach I had 8 Boks up there!" He is not giving credit to those Bokke, he is crowning himself in glory!

  • Tolerant - 2011-08-02 16:24

    Don't you need more time snorreman? Assembling the team only 6 days ahead of a match?

      radar - 2011-08-02 18:46

      Tolerant you clown - the Bok A team have been training under the guidance of Rassie Erasmus for 3 weeks and it will be a month before they kick off against Aussie. The plan is to peak with teh best at the World Cup. SANZAR should have their arses kicked for scheduling so many Tri Nations games before tthe World Cup. The Boks will be competitive, but probably not as good as All Blacks and Aussie.

  • jock - 2011-08-02 16:24

    In the same way i dont rate you as one of the best coaches around at the moment.Go to Australia and prove us wrong then you can talk again

      Coach18 - 2011-08-02 17:29

      jakes track record prooves itself, world cup champs under 21 23 and opens.

  • Clive - 2011-08-02 16:31

    Folks the only Bok side we have seen so far has been a weakened side. Let's wait and see the full strenght side and then put them down if they deserve it. Let Jake say what he wants, it's just his opinion, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Who choose this so called "world team"? Couch selectors. People like Jake, who has not been part of the South African system for a number of years. He base his opinion on our Super 15 achievements. The record will show, at one stage we had 3 teams in the top 6 this year. That is 50% of the top sides. If you combine the strenghts of those teams, we still have a world class team that can knock any team in the world over, dispite what Jake says.

      AndrewG - 2011-08-02 17:31

      The only problem is the strategy that is likely to be used. Whilst we can kick and chase and win against the weaker teams and Northern Hemisphere teams, Aus and NZ will tear us apart (as they did the last couple weeks, and against every team who tried that tactic in the S15). Hopefully though M. Steyn will not be starting at #10 and we can play a more intelligent brand of rugby.

      Coach18 - 2011-08-02 17:33

      clive jake structure SA rugby to what it is now he did us alot more favors than we think, but chatting to the franchise head on a regular basis laying down his expectations of them, think it over nicely the Bulls won 2007 and after that SA rugby along with the world came became ultimately stronger, bulls took it another 2 times after that it was only till SA beat the lions did its start to deteriorate. Jake remains a legend in my books!

      Drewka - 2011-08-02 18:26

      Give this Clive man a bells...

  • JJSnuffels - 2011-08-02 16:35

    Just read the article on his website. Apparently you can ask questions, and this was one of the questions that an user asked him. To be honest, I cannot disagree with him. Can anyone name a player that is the best in his position? Maybe Victor M, due to his good line out work, but other than that I don't think we have one.

      Dash - 2011-08-02 16:58

      @JJSnuffels are your snuffing some white up your nose?

      AndrewG - 2011-08-02 17:33

      Bismaak du Plessis

      standoff - 2011-08-02 18:54


      Gazza69 - 2011-08-03 08:54

      C'mon......what about Earl Rose???

  • Makutu - 2011-08-02 16:39

    he has a point. The others are too old and the others are too inexperienced. Simpel as that!

      Sh@rks Fever - 2011-08-02 16:52

      And John Smit Makutu???

      Makutu - 2011-08-03 00:40

      Yes, John Smit included.

  • HumanKind - 2011-08-02 16:41

    I agree, and the coach is "low class"

  • BG - 2011-08-02 16:45

    Sorry my english ain't good enough;OU SUURGAT!!!!!

  • Monsterz - 2011-08-02 16:52

    Jake White, alongside Kitch Christie, was about the best coach we have had. Kitch won a world cup, Jake won a world cup. Lets see if PDV can even get the Boks to the semi"s. Me think not. There is no game plan. The Springbok supporter does NOT want to see the team humbled like they were in OZ/New Zealand....but PDV takes positives out of the tour. Shocking!! And to all the anti Jake faction>>>watch the Brumbies next year !!!

      MB1810 - 2011-08-03 08:51

      I agree about Kitch, best coach we ever had. White might have won a World Cup, but he had a much easier road in doing so, regardless of me thinking he is an a$$hole for enjoying the Boks' current situation I think if he stayed on, he would have seen this "age" problem coming and prepared for it. It seems the only person who didn't see aging as a problem was Div, Rugby forums on Y Answers has been saying it since 2007, the Boks will get older and in a year or two, we'll have a side filled with newbies, well we finally reached that point in last years Tri Nations, the senior guys are too senior and the newbies to inexperienced. Regardless about my feelings toward our current coach and the granpa's in our team I still hope the guys do well though. I don't think I could ever support another team but the Boks.

  • Mike - 2011-08-02 16:52

    Bottom line is he did win those trophys and has loads of experience so lets show some respect and cut out the sour grapes just because he has moved over to our arch enemy gook luck Jake and thanks for what you did for our rugby.

  • BryanJhb - 2011-08-02 16:53

    if Jake White was so lucky winning the WC as some claim then how come his luck continued thereafter as indicated by the post WC success of the Boks ..... sorry, I forgot, it was PDV that was the coach behind that sucess. as regards eddie jones, if Jake knew his limitations and therefore brought in eddie, i hav np with that, far better than a coach that doesn't know his limitations. as regards us playing the weaker teams in the WC one forgets that we actualy played the losing finalist (England) in the qualifying rounds. bottom line giv jake credit for deliverying us an awsome WC victory!

  • adam - 2011-08-02 17:01

    South african jealousy is amazing. The man won you the world cup and you still go on on how he was not good. Just like the coach is rubbish when the team loses, the coach can take full responsiblity when they win. I rate him and think he will do well at the brumbies. Poor P Divvy has kept Whites team and is ruining it. I would take him back into the springbok setup as he would make a difference.

  • 106SA - 2011-08-02 17:01

    Guys...soon quotas are back,as the sport has again been deemed as to white,so enjoy whatever we have with rugby as in the next ten years the ANC will simply break this passion.Why??It's white(with some black) and us whites(and many blacks) are good at it and us whites(and all blacks..I think) enjoy it!!!!

  • JH - 2011-08-02 17:02

    I think he is right!! The fact is that our national sports teams are performing worse and worse when competing against the rest of the world on a yearly basis the last few years. We are losing top sportsmen and women and coaches to other countries around the world at a very fast pace. Standards are dropping in SA, we are moving backwards, how do we expect our sports teams to improve then?

  • Steven F - 2011-08-02 17:02

    Jake is one cocky SOB considering his record against the ABs is dismal and PdV has basically equalled his success. Jake still needed Jones for the RWC and won against nobodies. Jake, you need to shut them sour grapes

  • Bok Fan - 2011-08-02 17:03

    I dont appreaciate people dissing the Boks. Not bitter ex-coaches and certainly not any local fairy commentators. Constructive critiques are required. The rest must go hang.

  • Crawfords - 2011-08-02 17:04

    Cheap shot Jake - a lot of rugby has been played, and there is still plenty to come...

  • Werfbobbejaan - 2011-08-02 17:21

    Ag sharrap man, nobody cares what you think anymore. Schmuck!!

  • 2012 - 2011-08-02 17:24

    jake you merchant banker!!!

  • AndrewG - 2011-08-02 17:25

    Whilst Jake's statements are pretty disrespectful to both SA players and fans alike, he does make a good point. Personally the only Bok who'd definitely make my World XV is Bismaak. PdV screwed the pooch by not blooding new players over the last few years and now we're in the same position as England was a few years back; an ageing team there more on reputation than ability. Problem is, rugby is a team game and your could take a World XV and play them against a top tier nation and they would lose as to win you need to have trust in your team mates and systems, and that comes from playing together; our up and comers/form players haven't played enough together to be effective. Lets just hope our veterans have one last hurrah in them and can do the jersey proud.

  • Marcello - 2011-08-02 17:26

    Please, Please win the world cup for us Boks and prove this arrogant Jake White wrong, Maybe he should stay in Australia for ever, my full support for "Div" . Moz

  • cava1 - 2011-08-02 17:32

    Perhaps so Jake, but individuals don't win world cups, teams do. It remains to be seen if Aus and NZ has BMT.

  • Raggafan - 2011-08-02 17:33

    Fellow supporters, this is exactly the skills of this man, he is an Aussie now and is doing a great job in confusing you all with physocological war starting. Of course as a traitor he will tell us how bad we are, drowning our confidence after being dragged throuh the mud down south. Maybe he is correct on one matter he is not mentioning, our greatest downfall, in fact disgrace.................our coach, and sadly paid for all of his failures. Let us draw up a honest balance sheet and see what this comedian has achieved the past four years....................not one new talented player that was allowed to grow into a position, not one new combination he discovered and or build to become something noteable measurred against world standards, no game plan to out play any intl opponent, no stategy, nevermind tactics, all in all a disatrous rugby tsunami, or maybe "melt down" of what I for 40years of my life held onto as pride and honour. This idiot made us as world champs a shame to be mentioned, a sight that we would rather turn our heads from. The only mentionable exposure, during which he was nothing but a clown, was his press confrences. I SAY GET RID OF THE IDIOT AND LET US RATHER HAVE SOMEONE AT THE RWC WHO WILL AT LEAST RESTORE PRIDE IN THE GREEN AND GOLD DESPITE LOSSING ALL OUR ENCOUNTERS.

  • edalsg - 2011-08-02 17:35

    Jake is right : a 3rd world African country even Rugby wise. May as well scrap the tri Nations --Let SA (no longer SPringboks in my opinion)play figi and Samoa in a new 3rd world tri Nations.

  • JANEEMAN - 2011-08-02 17:40

    For those of you giving all the credit to Eddie Jones: assuming Jones made all the big calls, well, White asked him to be assistant coach (which is to White's credit), White listened (credit), and the Boks did well. Div hasn't done any of that has he?

  • kurtvs - 2011-08-02 17:44

    Shut up already.

  • Totman - 2011-08-02 17:45

    I am sure Sport24 choose that photo on purpose to go with this article.

  • sphiwe.mboyane - 2011-08-02 17:45

    Can Jake White just shut up and concerntrate on the brumbies. Please Please Please

  • Bradley - 2011-08-02 17:50

    I would rather have Jake white (however wrong his comments are) than who's coaching be dead hnest i would have niether and have someone who was there because he was good. I have lost alot of faith in SA rugby of late. I see players who are over played and have basically been made old before their time because of playing too much rugby. I think we had the best players and they would still have been but resting them 2 months before the world cup instead of leaving them off the end of year tour and having a strong tri nations just doesnt make sense...and lets face it...Div is riding Whites wave and we havent sen the team or game plan change much. So yes Jake White i dont like you because you u come out and say these things BUT i also dont like Div because i honestly think he doesnt have a clue. Heyneke Meyer should of been the springbok coach...PERIOD!!!

  • Petras - 2011-08-02 17:53

    lol, All I know is he won the WC for us, something DIV will never do. In fact if JW kept he job as he should have then he woudl have been the most successful coach we ever had and in fact all DIV did was take over from JW, got all the praise from the team JW build up and he destroyed it all in 4 years! DIv is going to leav u with NOTHING to build on when he leaves ( Hopefully soon )

  • Vrisbaba - 2011-08-02 17:53

    be prepared to not make the knock-out stages this year people...our coach has NO plan apart from hoping that a bunch of 'old boys' can carry it through. ask Australia how well THAT worked 4 years ago. worse still...snorre has no plan to GET a plan. we're losing badly this year people...just be ready.

  • Deon - 2011-08-02 17:54

    Jacob Westerduin (aka Jake White), unfortunately I think you are correct on this one, but I am very disappointed in you for saying this. We should all unite behind the Boks now. We have enough great players to make up a great team and as a unit, win any team if we focus.

  • Gavin Grierson - 2011-08-02 17:57

    Let's wait and see when the Home Leg of the Tri Nations starts, if we get klapped then we have reason to start worrying. Looking forward to seeing what Rassie has up his sleeve. Go Bokke :)

  • Kok - 2011-08-02 18:01

    Focus on the Brumbies dude!!!!

  • scud - 2011-08-02 18:07

    Come on guys-perhaps Jake is taking too many digs at the Boks,but is it at all possible that the veterans from 2007 can be as hungry and as motivated as they were in 2011?

  • Gunter Richter - 2011-08-02 18:09

    Well the fact that he has led three Springbok Teams to victory would indicate that he is good. That aside, I think the thing that people like JK struggle with is the fact that South Africa is not the premier sporting nation that it used to be. Along with everything else that is declining in the country, sport is following suit. The comments are just misplaced patriotism because they think that SA has got the best rugby team, the best cricket team, the best red wine, the best sunshine, etc. in the world. Totally inward looking and unaware of anything beyond the borders of SA.

      PajeroMan - 2011-08-02 18:36

      I totally agree with you Gunter!