Div has message for critics

2010-08-30 19:29

Pretoria - Springbok coach Peter de Villiers had a simple statement for all those critical of the national team even though they had won this weekend: Either you’re for us or you’re against us.

De Villiers said he believed the victory over Australia, which stopped a four game losing streak had achieved a lot more than was given credit for, saying it was an important step forward in the quest to retain the William Webb Ellis trophy in New Zealand next year.

But according to De Villiers, the team has had enough of those who purport to support the team, but because they dislike individual coaches or players, are happy when the side loses.

“The team has closed the laager. We don’t care about what people say on the outside, it doesn’t hurt us anymore,” De Villiers said.

“We don’t want to know about them because they aren’t interested in good news. We’ve decided those that aren’t for us, are against us. But the person we play for is the guy who is truly happy alongside you when the moment is great.”

De Villiers said he believed his side had achieved a lot with the victory over Australia, even though they let in three tries in the opening 14 minutes.

“We’ve definitely achieved a lot. Many people look at the moment, but we look at the structures we have and the impact we made with the world cup in mind. If you remember what happened the week before and you add that to this past weekend then there is a good platform for the guys to work on,” De Villiers said.

“Every brick that we lay in this foundation now needs to be the right one for the World Cup. This is our biggest concern now – how do we handle the players psychologically, physically and how their own situations are managed.

“If you go look at some of the situations in the country – like what happened with Bees Roux this past week. How will this impact upon them?

How do we ensure that we learn out of situations like this to see that nothing stands in our way on the way to the World Cup.”

De Villiers also hinted that there would be few players rested this weekend even though his own medical team have said that certain players had overplayed this season.


  • Carls - 2010-08-30 19:49

    For the boks, against YOU Div, you box. Beating Aus on home soil? Since when is this an achievement for SA?

  • One WIn - 2010-08-30 19:52

    One win and now we are windgat and arrogant again. Please shut this idiot’s mouth, he is such a "dom" d**s. If we are against you (and against some of your overrated, overpaid, overweight, etc. players), who will pay your salary which you don't deserve. Pleeeaaaaassseee can someone HELP!!!!

  • Ingwe - 2010-08-30 19:57

    I am for the Boks and against PdV

  • Pat Stevens - 2010-08-30 19:57

    The Bees Roux case is sub judice and it is illegal to comment on it, extend your sympathies to the families of the policeman and the rugby player, then leave it there Peter

  • Garth - 2010-08-30 20:01

    the good old for or against argument. i always support the springboks and hate it when they do not win. but please if PDV thinks that nobody can question team selection the players and coach without wanting them to fail then he is deluding himself

  • Polly - 2010-08-30 20:15

    A typical political statement by a coach fortunate enough to have been put in a position beyond his capabilities. One swallow does not make a summer Mr De Villiers. He refuses to admit there are selection problems,players are not up to scratch and the team tactics have not moved with the times. We arm chair critics are paying your salaries Mr De Villiers and many of us have played the game at a high level and can see poor form and play. Although I am a Bok supporter (win or loose) I think the All Blacks would have beaten us at 3,o clock and then beaten the Aussies at 5,0 clock. You dont have to be a rocket scientist to see the shocking defense on both sides. Div is either having a go at the Sanzar officials,the ref and now the bok supporters but never himself. I wonder if Div and his wise men questioned why there were so many empty seats at the game????

  • Wayne - 2010-08-30 20:17

    A picture tells a thousand stories, but the one of PDV alongside the article tells only one story and that is "totally clueless". We want to win PDV, we want the best players to play and we want to look like we have some sort of a plan. That’s not negative you clown. Our anger stems from the drivel we have watched over the past 4 weeks. So as a supporter I say "PDV, stop embarrassing us and go back to Narnia.

  • Ruck & Maul - 2010-08-30 20:18

    "...for us, or against us." That's George Bush mantra. Who's going to be Div's Obama?

  • Groot Piet - 2010-08-30 20:19

    OK Pieter de Villiers, so your big mouth hidden behind that ridiculous 'snor' is atit again. Great, then I am against you and yes for that matter against the Boks as well. If they can't open their mouths and come out in the open comdemning you they are the same as you. You and your team are going to be a disgrace in the WC next year - same as in the 2003 WC. Get a life and just resign !! Alastair Coetzee will make you look like mud !!

  • Gemsbok - 2010-08-30 20:21

    Yip old Snorre. You're so right. I am for the Springboks, but totally against you, John Smit, JP Peterson, Buth James, Ricky Jannewarie. The more you say, the more stupid you sound. Maybe you should shutup and let the team do the talking on the field. That includes your out of breath captain.

  • Beza - 2010-08-30 20:23

    For the Boks and for Div. For Bees, but against what he did. Always a proud Bok. In good times and in bad times. Div's absolutely right;we don't need the good weather supporters. Go Bokke!

  • Kobus - 2010-08-30 20:23

    PdV jy ry nog op Jake se gedissiplinerde span. Hulle het die wereld beker huis toe gebring maar sedert jy oorgevat het was hulle nog goed maar jy probeer hulle afrig om jou spel te speel en dit is die rede hoekom ons nou down en aper out is. Die spelers is goed maar jy het hulle af gebring waar hulle nou is. gee hulle vir iemand wat weet van rugby afrig soos Paul Tru of Allister dan sal jy sien hoe dit gedoen moes gewees het. VAT JOU GOED EN WAAT!!!!!

  • Sportsnut - 2010-08-30 20:23

    This guy is an I D I O T - I typed it slowly 'cause he can't read too fast. The reason why we comment is because we're passionate about Springbok rugby!!! Yeah, we won... well done Bokke... wasn't convincing - one swallow doesn't make a summer! It doesn't mean that PDV knows anything about strategy 'n tactics.. the ol'guys are STILL pulling him through.

  • Derek - 2010-08-30 20:25

    You said it Carls, box deluxe.

  • Jacky - 2010-08-30 20:25

    Div - you've got it totally wrong. I am FOR the National rugby team of South Africa, which forces me to be AGAINST're not up to snuff !

  • Groot Piet - 2010-08-30 20:27

    OK Pieter de Villiers, so your big mouth hidden behind that ridiculous 'snor' is atit again. Great, then I am against you and yes for that matter against the Boks as well. If they can't open their mouths and come out in the open comdemning you they are the same as you. You and your team are going to be a disgrace in the WC next year - same as in the 2003 WC. Get a life and just resign !! Alastair Coetzee will make you look like mud !! Don't mess with Bok supporters - they pay you salary and they will GET RID of you.

  • still crocked - 2010-08-30 20:28

    Div, Jy played a team of youngsters at Loftus, average age under 24.What was so great about your improvement.Your Captain played against a little school boy of a hooker, what was so great.Ek se youse guys are going back wards and de All Blacks and Ausies are doing a lot reg. Wake up, Woega, is jy blind of wat???

  • MEYER - 2010-08-30 20:30

    Helium... You are not a psychiatrist and you are certainly not a good coach,be it rugby or life skills. The old warlords are not good enough to secure your comfort zone anymore...(John Smit,Victor Matfield etc) Please be humble enough to admit to your short comings and do the beautiful sport of rugby a favor and f-off....

  • HowNow - 2010-08-30 21:09

    We are Springbok supporters that is why we can be critical because we know what could and should be done! Snor it is a pity you are a political appointment.

  • jacques - 2010-08-30 21:13

    I am appalled at all of you. I cant believe what i am reading here.No wonder the rest of the world think that, we, south african rugby supporters are worst in the world.Just get behind the team win or lose .Come on they have not played badly

  • Bee - 2010-08-30 21:13

    Yes Kobus, Jake White's disciplined guys lost the last 4 test and now his disciplined guys won the last. You're an idiot of the highest order. John Smit must go. That much is clear. PDiv's record - games won and lost is still better than that of JW's. JW was also quick to threaten a journalist with a bouncer who was involved with Kebble Clan...what an absolute w@nker! I am a bok support but also clear headed to know that but for the hometown decisions that allowed France to beat the All Blacks, we'd have seen our @rses at the last WC.

  • Peter - 2010-08-30 21:20

    PDV - you never cease to amaze us. Instead of the for or against story, why don't you and your team either resign or start coaching our national rugby team correctly. You do not own the springboks or the supporters - do you ever watch the same game that thousands of supporters watch - it was nice to win again, however you surely cannot believe that on that performance we will win the world cup next year - if you do please resign now and save us the embarrashment.

  • Truth - 2010-08-30 21:20

    I am behind you and the boks DIV... good luck with Saturdays game.

  • G - 2010-08-30 21:30

    Well if DIV departed from the BOKS then you would see thousand that will be 4 the BOKS - YOU DIV are the "weak link" for the need to just "go away"

  • Pikkie - 2010-08-30 21:42

    Do you guys really think that the Boks will never loose a game under a different coach??? I support the Bokke!!! even if i don't always agree with the coach or the players that has been selected. You boxes need to man up and give your support to OUR team, win or loose. And have you guys noticed the Schalk is being groomed as the next Springbok captain???

  • IZ IT - 2010-08-30 21:54


  • kjac - 2010-08-30 21:58

    It is clear that many of you that critisize the springbok coach are blind to your inherent racist roots and are not willing to acknowledge it. The team can play as c**p as they want, as long as the coach is not black. Please examine yourselves and start accepting that this is how things will be in this democratic country. If you do not like it then you are free to leave. We will definitely not miss your negativity.

  • Pop Idol - 2010-08-30 22:05

    Geeez,,,give this guy (PDV) a break...The all blacks have already peaked and the springboks are climing the peak,so they will be at a peak at the world cup...All blacks have peaked to soon....Im really constantly amazed at all the personal insults pdv has to take.Its true what he says,that ya either with us or against us....People must stop being racist,apartheid is dead

  • Jannas - 2010-08-30 22:16

    Diep stelling daardie Pieter. Hoe lank het jy dit oordink?

  • IZ IT @KJAC - 2010-08-30 22:36


  • gcr - 2010-08-30 22:37

    Pop Idol and kjac why make it a racial matter. The facts are simple - PdV shouts his mouth off too frequently - old saying let the game be played on the filed not in the press. The whole squad has unbelievable potential - when the team doesn't realise that potential them the spectators get hacked off. In modern rugby today you have to go into a game with a plan, but you also need to change your plan if its not working - in all the games against the AB we failed to change our tactics and Steyn is the problem as he is not an adventurous fly half and can't tackle so he leaves a channel of attack for the opposition - we need to find a fly half that directs the team not hinders them.So by definition I am for the Boks when they apply themselves but against them when they don't think theirs way out of tough situations

  • will - 2010-08-30 23:09

    Pieter de villiers sees the big picture.Clearly his critics don t.No team that peaked the year before the worldcup ever won it.Pieter wants at least 2 or 3 players of thesame quality,that can on short notice fit into the gameplan.His management team will overcome any surprise or injury coming their way because they are preparing to be in top form when the world cup kicks off.Hope some of your critics don t use the same language in front of their children.99% of these critics have no idea what the game is like on the highest level.A Jake White coached team lost by nearly 50 points a year before the world cup.With supporters like these,who needs enemies.

  • What? - 2010-08-30 23:15

    Who does this little clown think he is? Dont have to answer to anyone hey AA coach! Well we are paying your salary and other passengers in the team’s ar$ehole! O excuse me the sponsors are you think that the Boks will get any sponsors when the stadiums are empty? Did you look around you at Loftus and saw the thousands of empty seats you stupid clown! It’s an disgrace! When last was there a test at Loftus with empty seats? They have sold out crowds with normal S14 games at Loftus, Kings Park and Newlands but your Boks cannot fill up Loftus.Open your eyes and close your big mouth you little twit. You are an embarrassment to SA Rugby with your ridiculous comments. Why don’t you join politics where you get paid to bullsh$t. Go to hell with your puppets like FATBOY useless Smit, Spies, ChilliBOY and other passengers.

  • Pop Idol @ gcr - 2010-08-30 23:30

    Its FIELD and not spelt FILED...Jirrre man,,anyway,,,it IS a racial matter..Once the players get on the field,its up to them to perform.Just look at how many attempts at the post Ruaan Pienaar missed..On Saturday,Bryan Habana screwed up and a try was scored,is this the coach's fault? ITS NOT...The coach isnt the only center of power in any sports team.Players form a clique and sometimes play bad intentionally.Now everyone blames the coach,yet once they get on the field,his hands are mostly tied behind his back for the duration of the game.All i see from critics are words like" helium,snorre,clown,",nobody can tell me that their is no hidden racism behind using such words.If it was a white coach,u wouldnt hear such name calling on here...Pdv is a good coach,and its good that he is trying different things before the world cup..And should they win the world cup? What would these white racists have to say then? Jake WHite would have been a distant memory by then,or would he,in the minds of backward racist whites?? If a person of colour achieves something,its a huge pain for racist white south africans.I dont have anything against white south africans,i only hate racist whites,and they are the ones who say nasty things on here,whereas level headed decent whites criticise the sutuation in a respectable manner,,get my point???

  • Birdman - 2010-08-30 23:31

    The Peter Principle states that one rises to the level of one's own incompetence - and then stays there. The shoe fits this Peter perfectly!

  • kIwi ross - 2010-08-31 00:07

    All i would say is that as a kiwi we support our team and they lose just look at 2009. We lost 3 We came back stronger. For those that think the All black have peaked well good you think that. they are just getting started. Carter has just had an operation and has been playing with an injured ankle at a about half measure,There is a player of Lomu proportions about to step in called Sony bill williams, There are injuries to Ali Williams ,Hore,Sitiveni, Hayman will return,Kahui is an unbelievable talent, You havent seen Dagg at his best yet who can has electric feet and Cruden is an escape artist who can slice a backline. Then there is a new Mc caw in the waiting which is the youngest Whitelock and his brothers George and Sam are already Allbacks So yes there is no further improvement coming for the All blacks . humbug

  • Kiwi - 2010-08-31 00:46

    @ IZ IT. So n bek moet jam kry!

  • Mike B - 2010-08-31 00:51

    By making such comments, Hellium is again showing exactly how clever he is. No supporters, No Team and No Salary you moron! It was good to have a win again, but based on Saturday’s game, we are so far behind the best teams in the world. Div continues with his selection process and “game plan” and even comes out in support of Habana. Speaking of conspiracies. It has always been the ANC’s goal to destroy the Springbok. Just how much are you being paid Div? I hope it is enough to retire on you wanker!

  • slg - 2010-08-31 02:24

    I really feel for PDV. With the best intentions, but prematurely, he made the mistake of applying for the position. Regan made the mistake of placing the casting vote "for reasons other than rugby". Now the chickens have come home to roost. PDV is not equipped for international rugby. He did not go through the established route of excelling in provincial and Super 14 rugby. The same goes for Gary and Dick. They should not be in the top positions. We must learn the lesson: Springbok Rugby is not for learning on the job. Only the very best the country has to offer should be selected, for managers, coaches and players. Regan, you really made a big mistake here. Essentially you've failed your position as top custodian of Springbok Rugby. The brand has been ravaged by your well intentioned but ultimately wrong decision. Solution: everyone just own their mistakes, change and lets move on, having learnt the lesson. The public must adopt a forgiving attitude once the owning takes place. The change that is needed is for PDV, Gary, Dick and management to resign. Regan, at the very least, should make a public statement about the mistake he made. It's important that this be done now, sooner rather than later. We're heading for a repeat of 2003.

  • @ "gcr" - 2010-08-31 05:10

    WELL SAID! F you people who keep on pulling out the race card! This has got NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! Another coach probably would've have been fired a long time ago if they lost games on top of making stupid remarks & comments. I think more people have wanted to see PDV succeed than almost any other Bok coach. And yes, Steyn is our weekness! He kicks superbly .... and thats about it!

  • Claude Felbert - 2010-08-31 06:36

    I will always support the Boks through thick and thin and that does not mean that I won't criticise where criticism is due. I don't think P de V is the right person to Coach the Boks and he embarresses his Country and the Rugby public far too often. If he thinks criticism is being against the Boks then he is even less qualified for his possition than I thought

  • Ek lag vir Balsak - 2010-08-31 06:50

    I am beginning to like Div. He has a lot of character and have always stood with the players. Have never heard him criticize players. Div show all these racist that you are as good as anyone. The boks had to lose sooner or later. Better now then at the world Cup. I know you will make the necessary changes. When Fourie Du Preez and Bakkies and Brussow returns things will immediately be better. Just keep the choking Stormers out. 3 hoorays for Piet Div. Hip hip hooray.

  • Mike - 2010-08-31 06:56

    No no no you silly clown. We are for the boks and we are against you!! SNOR MUST GO!

  • Francois Smith - 2010-08-31 07:01

    Peter, I am with you when you play rugby regardless if you win every test or not. I am against the whole team and you when you openly support a person that is accused of muder under the cover of what it will do to the team. It does not help that you sit hands in the air and praise the Lord at Mighty Men, but when push comes to shove openly support a person that was allegedly drunk and killed a Metro Policeman. Coach the rugby team, there in the pep talks and on the SMSe you can support Bees, but not as a team. I never heard you supporting Jacob Zuma, because he cannot keep his fly closed! Then you do have a problem at flyhalf - you had the solution when you said that Ruan Pienaar is a flyhalf in your opinion. Thus it will be easier to get Ruan and Frans Steyn to get a 95% plus kicking record than to make Morne quick enough and visionary enough to be a test fly half. Morne cost John Smit his victory at Soccer City with him not being able to boot a ball into touch ten meters from the All Blacks line. It was not needed to boot it into touch 2 m from the All Blacks line. It resulted in a scrum on the Boks 10m line and not a line out 10m from the All Balck try line. See this as positive critique - retract your statement on Bees and get rid of Morne Steyn and please don't openly praise the Lord and then support drunk rage killings. The Lord does not condone it.

  • Henry - 2010-08-31 07:15

    The last 3 letters says it all. Snorre the world cup is in NZ. You will not win again in NZ if the current squad stays the same. He says one thing but do the opposite. Players that preformed in the Super 14 has not been rewarded although he claims that's Super 14 is like Bok - trails. Your senior players brought you a lot of fame but be carefull : They might mean you down fall aswell.

  • JR - 2010-08-31 07:27

    Hier gaan Forrest al weer. Die game was ok en ons het gewen, baie goed, maar onthou dat ons al die ander verloor het. Ek is dus nie teen jou nie DIV maar ek kan nog sien en ek dink dat jy moet dalk joune oop maak.

  • sean - 2010-08-31 07:42

    Same old DV. Shooting his mouth off. He says he does not worry about the people on the outside. So he is talking about all you Springbok fans. Lets boycott the games and get rid of this idiot!

  • @kjac - 2010-08-31 07:49

    @kjac, i dont know if you are a black or white South African, maybe your interest in rugby is something new or maybe you have a short memory. Rugby supporters have ALWAYS been hard and critical on coaches, not because we are racist but because we are hugely passionate about winning. In soccer, a draw is seen to be as good as a win in most respects, in rugby, a draw, is seen to be as good as a loss. We are passionate rugby supporters, end of story!

  • pieto - 2010-08-31 07:50

    @Polly and others. Please explain how arm chair critics pay Bok & Coach salaries? Money comes from sponsors who want exposure on TV. Your paying at the gate does not evene buy enough electricity to switch the lights on. So rather support your team and forget about the petty fights with individual players and coaches.

  • Ifundi - 2010-08-31 07:59

    Pop idol you are truly ignorant.go forward and Get a life.