Div has SARU's 'full support'

2010-07-29 17:05

Cape Town - Springbok coach Peter de Villiers was backed by the South African Rugby Union (SARU) on Thursday following his team's dismal Tri-Nations tour.

"We had an informal chat this morning and we intend to have a full review with him next week," SARU president Oregan Hoskins said.

"We would normally only have a review at the end of the Tri-Nations series, but this time we see the need to have one in the middle of the competition given the gravity of the situation."

Hoskins said De Villiers's job was safe despite calls for him to be axed following the 32-12 and 31-17 losses to the All Blacks and a 30-13 defeat by Australia.

"It's important that you don't change management at this stage, although it is certainly a grave situation. After three losses, we need to take stock and try to rectify the wrongs," Hoskins said.

South Africa's recent triumphs in Hamilton (2009), Dunedin (2008) and Perth (2009) raised expectations back home but the Springboks' overall record in away Tri-Nations matches is poor. They have won just six Tests in 14 years in New Zealand and Australia.

"History is one thing, but recently we've done better over there and we won the Tri-Nations last year," Hoskins said.

"We want to improve rather than go backwards and we feel this year may be a step back."

The Springboks returned from Australia this week to newspaper stories alleging there was a split between De Villiers and assistant coaches Gary Gold and Dick Muir over the team's style of play.

Gold, however, said there was no truth in them.

"We believe we are all on the same page. We sit down every Sunday night after a game and decide, with the very senior players, on the way forward for the next game, and we always emerge with a united front," Gold said.

"Of course our execution could have been better overseas and we will be doing an in-depth factual examination of where it went wrong for us in the last three games."

The Springboks have also been criticised for appearing lethargic overseas.

"Where they lost the plot was in November when they dragged all the top players on the end-of-year tour to England," Tim Noakes, South Africa's leading sports scientist and a consultant for the World Cup-winning 2007 side, said.

"The guys appeared cooked in Australia and New Zealand, emotionally and physically drained, and the cooking happened there in England and in the pointless Test against Wales," Noakes said.

"The more matches the guys play, the less training they can do, the less work they can do on their conditioning, and the classic result is that the players are less fit at the end of a competition.

"And it's not just the physical demands that take their toll on the players. There's all the travelling, the being away from home, and the mental exhaustion has a profound effect on the body," Noakes said.

De Villiers was not available to comment and would not allow Reuters to interview the Springboks' conditioning coach Neels Liebel.


  • Man in BLACK - 2010-07-29 17:14

    NZRU has Divies support as well, thanks mate- we couldn't have done it without YOU!!!!!!

  • Aussie Ausbourne - 2010-07-29 17:34

    Thank you SARU for your ignorence. All Blacks, Wallabies, here we go!!!

  • MAN IN GREEN - 2010-07-29 17:54


  • brinjal - 2010-07-29 18:24

    @ Man in Green I don't think we'll ever see that day

  • Michael - 2010-07-29 18:31

    SARU would have been silly to dump Snor now. But should we go out in 2011 RWC in second round then we can get rid of the whole lot - coach, administration and Smit. So we have to abide our time.

  • Tjoppie - 2010-07-29 18:38

    WTF. Ek skud my kop in ongeloof.

  • Man in BLACK - 2010-07-29 18:44

    @Man in Green (smells like it to), at my Marae/Pa (meeting place), we were thinking the same thing.......... WHEN WE PICK OUR TEAM, not under YOUR RULES but ours, are we too quick, strong, fast????? No, in fact your too slow, weak and fat. Cheers BOET, your apple crumble tastes devine, we taste it, smell it and EAT IT, KIA ORA, start cooking me eggs because your the new MAID on the block hahahahaha KIA KAHA KIA ORA, bye bye my "honarary BOK"

  • Joeman - 2010-07-29 18:52

    Now this statement will pee o some o Div detractors.. Last year the kiwis were calling or henry's head after losing to the boks. Must have been a hard pill to swallow getting beat by a team coached by a third rate coach.. Nogal beat beat both the blacks and the aussies. That must have sucked, so now you're trying to get one over him.. Pity you're still going to lose the WC. man in green dont forget when your Govt didnt want D Oliveira to play or England and stopped people rom going to beaches and the like...

  • Mike@CapeT - 2010-07-29 19:03

    Yes but lets put it into perspective, touring New Zealand and Australia is not easy and we rarely win however, when last did we allow teams to put 30 on the board 3 games in a row. On top of that we are the laughing stock as a result of our 'coach's' moranic outbursts! Not a pretty picture!

  • Man in BLACK - 2010-07-29 19:07

    @ Man in Gringo, apparently Australia have 2 World Cups also, New Zealanders respect Australia (ANZAC), but if your trying to throw crap concerning our nations regarding sport then try closing your mouth because your breath smells of shite

  • haha - 2010-07-29 19:22

    I think SARU is more incompetent as Peter de Villiers. If they had a good enough coach then their own shortcomings will be more noticeable so its in their own best interest having an incompetent coach.

  • MAN IN GREEN - 2010-07-29 19:40


  • haha - 2010-07-29 19:42

    @man in are obviously very stupid Australians do NOT respect the All Blacks and the Ozzies dont need your respect. GO talk shit on the All Black website! looser!

  • Michael Bowery - 2010-07-29 19:47

    I think that the correct thing to do would be to make the Beast coach, Habana take Dick Muir's job and January the other slot. After all they couldn't do much worse.

  • monster - 2010-07-29 19:51

    Praise him, be sooo proud of those other useless Bafana Bafana!!! He's a puppet..with nil backbone...but they all pally pally him and oregon hoskins...patheitc...nepotism/ cronyism..I hope the Springboks get drilled in the remaining 3 games..which they will with Moeg Johnnie and slapgat Victor!!!

  • Walt - 2010-07-29 20:11

    Wht can't the media talk to the conditioning coach? Bevause some of his answers might be too honest and frankly scary? Perhaps its time for interviewers toask {Divvy and S some real hard questions, like how this seasons physical tests reveal compared to a year or two ago? And what does JS weigh compared to a year ago!

  • Man in BLACK - 2010-07-29 20:21

    Ohhhhh, have I rocked the BOET, "wake up a little Suzie, wake up wake up wake up" Mommas gonna cry, boo hooo, at last there's no divide concerning colour and yet we still THRASH YOU, No#1, squeel like a pig Boar, eqqqqqq,eqqqqqq,eqqqqqqq, feel it good and proper, bye bye my little pet, imagine what's going to happen when we play Dagg, Ranger, S.B. Williams, Jacobs, Tama, Kapa etc etc etc, at least you guys have Fatman, who ate all the pies????????????

  • Div - 2010-07-29 20:26

    Springbok supporters, braze youselves for the worst Springbok era ever in history. Sip on the beer, whiskey or whatever is nearby and try to relax. You are going to need it for a long time to come. Bcause I have no clue what to do next!! I inherited super Boks but I have turned them into &^&^&^&^^&^&^

  • Vic J - 2010-07-29 20:29

    I do not know who has Divs full support, not us in Shark country anyway. Man in Black, there is always one kiwi who is a poepol and does not know the game. Won the 1st world cup and thats it. Chokers wont win again. Super 14, bunch of profesional cheats cohurts with the Irish.

  • duppies - 2010-07-29 20:31

    Just shoews you how bad sa rugby is at the moment a clown for a couch has beens and necer weres for players.Bring back White or any other previos couch to help with the WC

  • Cherrie - 2010-07-29 20:32

    @Man in old are you??? 10 years old ?? Firstly, you made a spelling mistake on one of your messages...go and check it out - Secondly you are too childish to be an adult !!!

  • Man in BLACK - 2010-07-29 20:39

    @haha, learn to read BOET, I'll reapeat myself just for you. I clearly said I/WE respect Australia. Perhaps you should learn english-- would you prefer we converse in Maori, hmmmmmmmmmm, yep, your not only thick- you can't read. WE/I call that supreme arrogance. Read it then weep like the score board

  • lionel rose - 2010-07-29 20:48

    Hi guys, don't panic after three losses. Almost all who wants Petertjie out wanted the same for Jake in 2006. Remember, 2 losses against the All Blacks followed by a 49 to 0 drubbing by the Aussies. Those who calles for Jake's head are the one's who thought the world of him after 2007 WC. Know they want's Peter's head. Wys net hulle het geen beginsels nie. Pikesie, sterkte vorentoe. Just one request, and I mean it in a good spirit. Please consider a spokesperson and concentrate on your job. You've ben doing we'll up to now. Sometimes the things you utter is an embarresment. There is nothing wromg with your ability as a coach. But let's be frank, nobody is perfect and being interviewed is not one of your strenghts. To continue live in denial, is to the disadvantage of yourselves and it also influence the players. Make us proud. Be a man and admit to yourself that you need some to do your talking. Good luck. I wish you well fot the rest of the Tri nations. You will bring home the WC next year if you get your priorities right.

  • Slimey - 2010-07-29 20:49

    I say PLEASE let PdV be the coach to the RWC in 2011... so that SARU can see just how PATHETIC he really is! Boks will ''pull a Bafana'' and get booted out 1st Round!!! Doubt AB's will make it to the 2nd Round too! I recall they are currently the Rugby World Champion Chokers for the past 4 RWC's!!!!!!

  • Graham - 2010-07-29 21:00

    Please carry on it is just another sport that has been stuffed up by the power and money hungry ANC cronies. Time we start a new Barberian team and show them what rugby is all about as Div does not have a clue or is he also a pawn.

  • Gruntfuttock of Africa - 2010-07-29 21:00

    Let's be guided by the supporter of rugby supporters.. Player23 far NO WORD!! We supporters are surrounded by rip-offs and idiots.

  • Bongo - 2010-07-29 21:15

    This palooka has used up all the talent Jake White left behind. To Mr Oreagan Hoskins, you my friend are as useless as Div, Jake white won us a world cup and his contract was not renewed !!!! But old Snor stuffs up horribly (with the best players in the worl no less) and his job is safe....... Puleeze

  • Halfnine - 2010-07-29 21:17

    I have just been on tour with the Boks, and they did look out of sorts and something a miss, spoke to a whole lot of kiwi"s and they fear us no matter what, they say there are only 2 teams in world rugby them and us, they further expected to lose to us, but once the results were on the board, they further stated there seems something wrong in the camp. Spoke to a couple of the boks as they were on the same flight back, they were very disapionted in there preformance, but vowed to come back fighting( no pun intended), one learns from your mistakes so will they, so lets stand up and support our team in the home leg. Do aggree that changes need to be made, as some players are not up to scratch(John, ricky) and players must not play out of position

  • Jappie in Kiwi land - 2010-07-30 01:39

    @Man in Black, what a load of crap are you talking, I live in New Zealand and you people dislike the Aussie's more then we do, you are constantly compared to them and are considered there poor cousins, you are effectively South Africa's version of Zimbabwe, now do us all a favour and go stick your head into one of Rotorua's mud pits.

  • glennm - 2010-07-30 03:03


  • Douw@Joeman - 2010-07-30 07:30

    Just joking, but maybe... just maybe... the boks ensured Henry's position as headcoach, remember he failed dismally in 2007. Maybe, just maybe, the wrong impression has been created about the strength of NZ-Rugby? Maybe, just maybe... everyone has fallen for the oldest trick in the world... Think about it, things can really not take such a roundabout from S14 to 3NS. Someone is playing games and the RWC is more important... "I like dreaming..."

  • PdV Fan - 2010-07-30 09:05

    ahahahah. You guys are funny. Firstly you say.. bring back Jake White-man. Then you say PdV is using Jake White's talent group... and this includes the Matfields, Schalks, Smit and the others... Then you complain that Smit & Co are playing rubbish and must go... Who are you really against here?? Jake White-man's men or PdV? Because you clearly do not know what you want. Jake White lost a lot more games than PdV and didnt have international experience before taking over the Boks... Like PdV. Give PdV a chance and judge him after the WC 2011.

  • Oval Ball - 2010-07-30 09:45

    @Man in Black..... Weskoppies wants to know where you are - you escaped without taking your meds... again!

  • MTV - 2010-07-30 09:46

    The Bokke are in serious need of coaching and "the clown" hasn't got it.

  • @Jappie in Kiwi Land - 2010-07-30 10:39

    But they are our cousins mate....don't forget that

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