Div gives Rolland the nod

2010-08-23 22:30

JJ Harmse

Pretoria – Wallaby flank David Pocock is commanding respect from Peter de Villiers ... and the Springbok coach is singing a different tune about Irish referee Alain Rolland.

The Bok coach said that he has no problem that the Boks have the Irish referee again for Saturday’s Tri-Nations Test at Loftus Versfeld.

This is in spite of De Villiers being very outspoken about Rolland’s handling of the second Test between the Springboks and All Blacks in Wellington last month.

De Villiers later had to appear in a judicial hearing over his comments, but was found not guilty on a charge of breaching SANZAR’s code of conduct.

“I think Rolland will show on Saturday why he is considered one of the world’s best referees. Players have off days and so do referees. My view is that he had one that day,” said De Villiers.

“My actual frustration was that we had had a discussion with the International Rugby Board (IRB) before the game about how certain aspects would be refereed and that just never happened.”

It also appears as if Irish touch judge Simon McDowell will be spared the rod for his big mistake on Saturday when he missed a forward pass in the build-up to one of the All Blacks’ tries against South Africa.

Sport24 understands that he has already been admonished, but that he won’t be booted as a touch judge like Cobus Wessels was earlier in the competition.

De Villiers said that Pocock holds a big threat to his team. “He is a very good player and we have made plans to ensure that he does not give us problems at the breakdowns.”

The Bok coach said that his selections would not be determined by the defeat to the All Blacks, but rather by the specific challenge posed by the Wallabies and availability of players.

“There were just one or two critical errors against the All Blacks and that does not convince me that major changes are needed. I’m a little worried about Juan Smith, but as far as the rest are concerned it’s a pleasant selection headache,” he said.

Smith injured a stomach muscle and a call will be made on him later in the week.

Francois Louw and Ryan Kankowski are possible replacements, with the latter not having joined up with the squad without good reason. Kankowski also wore the No 7 jersey in Brisbane.


  • Polly - 2010-08-24 00:36

    How many try's have been scored down Habana's wing. Pierre Spies not making an impact and always loosing the ball going forward. JP Pietersen clearly lacks game time. Hougaard should not be starting scrumhalf but should be used as impact player. Mr De Villiers still believes we are playing the best players in the country????? Mr DeVilliers should be reminded that the one or two critical mistakes cost us the game. No problem , business as usual or should I say as unusual

  • Stan - 2010-08-24 01:42

    May be Hoskins was correct when he indicated that SA gets different treatment when punishment is dished out. How on earth can this assistent referee, Mc Dowell, walk free while Cobus Wessels was taken off duty? Probably because Paddy O'Brien is the main peanut deciding about the performance of referees?

  • Stephen Gold - 2010-08-24 02:34

    To the Bok supporters who are saying that the game on Saturday was lost because of a missed forward pass, look at the points objectively. Only 5 points came of that bogus try, the conversion wasn't kicked over. Just for giggles let's take that try out of the equation, the final score would have been 24 - 22 to the AB's. Again, just for giggles let's factor in all the penalties/conversions/drop goals that were missed (still excluding the forward pass try), then the scores would have been 34 - 25 to the AB's. The Boks are still a very good team, but at the moment they are not adapting their game quick enough. Last year the AB's suffered 3 defeats to the Boks. Incidentally, the scorelines were not very big either. It made them stop & think what they were doing wrong & they made adjustments. What exactly the matter is with the Boks at the moment, none of us on the outside will ever know for sure, but a big part of the problem is the coaching & management staff. The players are there, & they are all bloody good, but the coaching staff need to get their backsides into gear. Also, in closing, players being too old is not an excuse. Take a good look at Brad Thorn. He is 35 & plays every game for the full 80 minutes, even at the blistering pace that the AB's play at now. He will be playing in the RWC next year when he is 36. I hope the Bokke get their act together, & real soon. Peace out.

  • mike - 2010-08-24 02:57

    Can we get over this Louw phase, he is utterly useless and with so many Loose forward options avaliable I can't understand why we persist with him. Gives Potties a chance or call up Alberts!!!!

  • Happybloke - 2010-08-24 03:59

    DIV is a pissy he is scared as hell now, the ref robbed us with the forward pass that anyone could have seen that lets to Richies try.Rolland is a goose

  • BLOUBUL - 2010-08-24 06:13

    P Divvy you are pathetic. Your tune has changed so much about rolland. Wipe that egg off your face.

  • Big Cheese - 2010-08-24 06:29

    Roland is at best a prejudiced and at worst a cheating , inconsistent pillock who should not be allowed to ref again . His so called off day had huge implications for a lot of interested parties . He should be given time off to reflect . He falls into the same category as Wayne Barnes and a few others. If Mcdowell has been spared the rod by O Brien , I am afraid that doesn't say much about O Brien's consistency or motive either . I am starting to miss Pieter van Zyl's interventions at rugby matches .

  • koos - 2010-08-24 06:52

    what els must he say.or he will get suspended by irb or sanzar a..holes

  • morena - 2010-08-24 07:52

    on this past game he ref was a bit fair although Mcow is still getting away with murder, playing ball on the ground, slowing play, ect

  • Wynand - 2010-08-24 08:11

    It's disgracefull that the Irish touchjudge missed a forward pass as well ass McCaw's push in Schalk's face right in front of him and didnt get suspended like Wessels did! Actualy that doesnt surprise me and the fact that Paddy All Black Cheat O Brien didnt make any mention this time about a refs mistakes. Maybe its because the decisions went against the boks and favoured his beloved All Blacks. Why is it that all the refs are to afraid to penalise the rugbygod McCaw ??? Not to mention the lack of yellow cards towards the All Blacks! The only thing it can be is that the refs know that they will be badly graded by Paddy if they do??!! The fish rots from the head! And here we have a rotton cheat at the helm!

  • losers - 2010-08-24 09:13

    AA PDV + QUOTAS = LOSERS... .....HA HA HA HA ..!!

  • Fair Play - 2010-08-24 09:51

    Agree with Wynand 100%. Would just like to see one game not ruined by "officialdom" bungling. Brilliant teams and players - nows the time to get the Refs and the rules of the game up to the same standard.

  • StuartW - 2010-08-24 10:44

    @ Wynand...totally agree with you. What was interesting was when they showed some stats on penalties vs yellow cards last weekend. In the trinations this year SA 6 penalties per yellow card, AUS 8 per yellow card, NZ 46 per Yellow that says it all....

  • Jays Myth - 2010-08-24 11:25

    @ StuartW. Perhaps you can enlighten us on exactly what correlation there is between yellow cards and penalties? A yellow card issued for a spear tackle (or any foul play) is a yellow card regardless of how many penalties your team has conceeded during the game. You quote a completely meaningless statistic.

  • @JaysMyth - 2010-08-24 12:32

    It is not a meaningless stat. Once you get a certain number of warnings for doing the same thing, you should be given a yellow card. Or do you forget McCaw having a final warning 3 times in one test. The stats are very relevant because it shows that the AB's get away with much more than any other team. It is not a level playing field. And with fine margins between the sides, it ends up making a massive difference. It also results in our guys not wanting to be too robust at the breakdown because we are being penalised. The AB's are allowed to get away with anything so they are more active at the breakdown. With this part of the game being the most important by far in the modern game, it gives then an incredible advantage. When any team gets forward momentum on attack and disrupts when on defense, they are going to look fantastic. The AB's may be the best now but we just need to fine tune our game and get the selections right. Couple that with a ref that is not colour blind and actually sees black jerseys getting away with murder, we can still make an impact next year.

  • Here in London - 2010-08-24 13:21

    Such a pity we have be rough ridden by the irish refs this year, they had a chance to show they are world class but instead crumbled to the will of Paddy O'Cheat. It seems an irish ref or touch judge has been at the core of every wrong decision which cost SA 3 wins this season. Is this repayment for NZ's Paul Honis gifting Ireland their first victory over the Springboks in 2004 or is it just the IRB fixing the matches so their poster boys for 2011 can look good. No people, take out those dodgy calls and SA would be leading the 3Ns standings again. The AB aren't good but with 16 players and SA with 14 we have no chance. PDivy, please continue with your court case against the powers in charge for match fixing. You have our backing.

  • Jays Myth - 2010-08-24 13:35

    Now you are referring to persistent infringing only. The stat would have some meaning if it was yellow cards for persistant infringing only divided by penalties conceded. No team in this tri-nations has conceded a yellow card for persistant infringing therefore including cards for things such as spear tackles, professional fouls, kicking and shoulder charges which all have absolutely no correlation with the number of penalties conceded is completely pointless. If the All Blacks are allowed to get away with more why is that they are the most heavily penalised team in this tri-nations? If McCaw is allowed to get away with more why is he the most heavily penalised individual in this years tri-nations?

  • Jonno - 2010-08-24 14:52

    I just wanna know if Mr. Rolland is not wetting his pants just a little bit? He should be petrified to walk the streets alone...he better stay off the beaten track in PTA...those Blou Bulle vattie k..nonsens nie

  • Zion Pay - 2010-08-24 18:47

    In South Africa alone there are about a million rugby analysts, another million highly qualified referees and another million coaches with a billion combinations of 15 and somemore. Sadly only one DIV. Despite the above millions and billions and 1. our dearly beloved rugby team is still losing. The chances are better to get the Bokke winning is for the respective coaches to cast the die. At least the chances and probabilities are less than that of the chaos above.

  • problems - 2010-08-25 08:27

    AA, EA, BEE. QUOTAS, TRANSFORMATION = BIG PROBLEMS..... we now have in rugby...

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