Div: Don't write off new Boks

2011-07-10 14:45

Cape Town - Springbok coach Peter de Villiers feels his so-called B-team - who travels to Australasia for the Tri-Nations this week - could spring a few surprises.

Six of the players in the Bok squad have never played Test rugby before, and will get their first taste of international rugby against two of the world's most dangerous sides, New Zealand and Australia.

De Villiers feels these newcomers bring a new energy to the Bok squad and believes they could just show the mighty All Blacks and fleet-footed Wallabies a thing or two.

"For younger players like Bjorn Basson, Patrick Lambie and Ashley Johnson, this is a massive opportunity to prove their worth at a higher level," said De Villiers.

"I'm also very excited to see different props like Werner Kruger and Dean Greyling in action.

De Villiers feels this is an ideal opportunity for these players to stake a claim for a spot in the Springboks' World Cup group.

"There's a good seven, eight or nine spots open in the World Cup team for later this year."

Meanwhile, the SANZAR governing body has said that it is satisfied that South Africa are sending their best available team to Australasia.

This comes after Australia's rugby boss, John O'Neill, complained last week that he believes the Boks are resting their best players for the Tri-Nations.

Altogether 23 Springboks are currently out injured and SANZAR is convinced that all of them are in fact struggling with injuries.


  • Caveman28 - 2011-07-10 15:11

    Go Bokke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      René Müller - 2011-07-10 19:23

      Agree, we should always stand behind the Bokke! I will however, withhold judgement until about 15:00 on the 23rd of July 2011.

  • manuel28 - 2011-07-10 15:35

    looks like SA 1 - 0 NZAR , well done! cant wait to see how well the new team do.

  • Pedro - 2011-07-10 15:55

    I would love to see them win but I think they will lose, but with honour.

      Exoteric - 2011-07-11 09:46

      I agree Pedro, lets not worry too much about them winning or losing but getting good experience as Bok understudies and possible replacements for injured 1st team boys (there is an awful lot ha ha)

  • slg - 2011-07-10 16:35

    Should be "Div: Don't Right Off New Proteas"

      Francois - 2011-07-10 19:04

      No Div does not understand, we have not written off the Boks. We have written off him.

      Makutu - 2011-07-11 13:29

      Francois, it's" "We have written him off." What English did you do in school?

  • slg - 2011-07-10 16:37

    He believes in 'the mighty All Blacks". Right there he puts SA Rugby second.

      Kevin van Dyk - 2011-07-10 17:00

      Read the article - it's not a quote - the journalist called them that. No matter what Div says, there will always be those out there to gun him down. Who needs enemies when you have South African supporters.

      Marcell - 2011-07-11 04:26

      @will294: die mense hou nie meer van die waarheid nie. Soos alles in SA moet die waarhied onder die tapyt gevee word.

  • FanieWP - 2011-07-10 17:04

    maybe they are better than the A team !

      will294 - 2011-07-10 18:29

      What have we got to lose ?

      Lance - 2011-07-11 10:06

      Remember a hungry aspiring Bok side will beat any Aus/ NZ side that takes under-estimates them.. Hwho hungers more wins as there is no shortage of talent and power in this "B- Side" ! Go Boks !

  • JanNiemandt - 2011-07-10 17:26

    Baie goeie plan!

  • Juggernaut - 2011-07-10 18:05

    Is there anybody who believes a word this mXXXn says?

      Scaramouche - 2011-07-10 19:34

      I don't have to believe him (or even listen to him), all I want is the Web Ellis for another 4 years. So PdV can have interviews dressed in drag for all I care!! As long as the Springboks play their heart and guts out. As for the decision to send the, lets say, less experienced team to Aus?NZ, I am all for it!

  • will294 - 2011-07-10 18:27

    We don't stand much hope anyway - so might as well try some new blood !

  • Kaapie - 2011-07-10 18:29

    I would also like to Greyling and Kruger in action. Just to think the best loosehead on show in the S15, Crocket could only make the reserves for the Blacks.. i think the other teams must be so happy!

      Scaramouche - 2011-07-10 19:35

      I don't understand that Kaapie, Crocket has the potential to be as much of a legend as the old Crocket from the Wild West!

  • Lean - 2011-07-10 18:34

    I Have no doubt, that they don't stand a chance. The wings will be probably the best, as for the rest of the backline, locks, and loosies, i see huge trouble.

      Hein - 2011-07-11 07:58

      You also believe that a glass is half empty instead of half full.

  • George - 2011-07-10 18:43

    I am no fan of Div. However I have to agree with him that the so called "second" team will not be a walkover at all. In fact there are many of these players who are hungry and want to prove that they can do the job. Beware NZ and Australia!!!

  • Johann - 2011-07-10 19:24

    Have not seen the squad yet but have a good idea what it looks like. A Bok "B" team will still draw the Aussie and A-B fans 'cause they would like to see us nailed, but the Tri Nations is not the tournament to be won in 2011 ............ the RWC 2011 is the one!!

  • brinjal - 2011-07-10 20:15

    PeeDivvy, has a point here, some players & combinations in that squad that I'd like to see as well.

  • Roger David - 2011-07-11 00:40

    I agree with George - as a Kiwi, when the Boks or AB's turn out a "B" side, watch out world! These guys are 'on the cusp', have nothing to lose, are young,fit and hungry, and many will progress in the future to icon standard. Only the Saffa's and Kiwi's have the depth to do that! These 'new' guys have cut their teeth in serious , hard, combative footy at the second tier ( Currie/ITM Cups) - it's a matter of who can step up to the top Test level where the will to dominate against the best, for your country, becomes paramount and apparent. It's an advantage SA/NZ have over the Aussies, Poms etc. Don't worry my friends, the World Cup squads haven't been named yet in either country! Our 'top' guys know how to prepare for playing in SA; your 'top' guys know NZ too. Like yourselves, I don't think you'll see our 'best' team in the Tri this year - the "quakers" are sick of travelling - and reserve combinations need to be worked on. Watch-out for long-shot game breakers in the next few weeks! Bring it on!!

      ruan.verwey - 2011-07-11 10:37

      I don't think it could have been said better!! I am looking forward!!

  • Glenn - 2011-07-11 03:34

    Any SA coach that still thinks guys like Smit, Bakkies and Matfield are still worthy of Springbok selection is only on borrowed time.

      Makutu - 2011-07-11 08:41

      You can say that again my brother. Look at the Reds squad with an average age of 23 and dominate the Wallby team. And us on the other hand...? Gosh! Anyways, I'll be optimistic. Go Bokke!

      jan du preeaz - 2011-07-12 19:19

      don't forget to mention the fashion show weepie hasbeens dude

  • Marcell - 2011-07-11 04:29

    Eish, maar ek is lekker dom. Is dit sewe plekke, of nee, is dit agt plekke, of nee, dis dalk nege plekke!

      Hein - 2011-07-11 08:01

      Kan selfs tien wees - onthou dit is in die "squad" en nie in die "eerste" span nie.

  • wolverine - 2011-07-11 09:25

    Wat maak elton jantjies en adi jacobs daar ? Maar net weereens politieke kwotas,waar is peter grant en sadie ?

      Lance - 2011-07-11 10:14

      Moenie paniek oor Peter Grant se afwesigheid nie..As they say "Save the best for last" Rassie wont leave the S15 leading point scorer out of a RWC side..let the others play the Tri- nations and injure themselves(hopefully not)..Grant will be a fit and ready late inclusion that will give our Boks the winning edge !

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-11 10:51

      @Lance - Peter Grant leading S15 point scorer?? You dont know what the hell you are talking about. Peter Grant was woeful in semi, and I cant see him making the squad. Rassie isnt going to take charge the whole bok setup, an include all the non-performing Stormers boet!

      jan du preeaz - 2011-07-12 19:20

      hulle pappies en pdivvy is papsak maaitjies tjom

  • Andrew - 2011-07-11 11:12

    we would never write of the boks just you coach? grreat to have so much depth! go bokke

  • theunsvw - 2011-07-11 13:36

    These youngsters are going to prove a thing or two, how about these youngsters bring home the tri-nations trophee. I believe they are hungry enough and want to prove themselves against the worlds best.

  • FrankLee - 2011-07-11 13:50

    Sorry to be a sour note: The Springboks will be very fortunate to even make the semi-finals. The way the players are playing and with a lack of intelligence in both attack and defense, they just are not going to make it past there. I'm hoping either NZ or the Aussies win the world cup, hence I don't have my hopes up for the soon-to-be Proteas.

  • blackgoblin1 - 2011-07-11 16:09

    de Villers about the B-Team......" I would love it if this plan comes together"

  • seansauk - 2011-07-11 16:55

    Maybe this is the so called "B" side, but after the WC this will prob make up most of the first side no matter what happens. The old boys know it's there last curtain call in the Bok jersey. Baring one or two slots we always have more than one good player per position, so bring it on AUS and NZ. Never think a game against the Bokke are going to be a walkover.

  • AgPseDaddy - 2011-07-11 17:03

    We are not writing off the new Boks snore, we are writing off the 'old' hasbeens that are in the new Bok squad. you had 4 years to build a new young team but you chose to take the wrong path so don't cry now!!!!!

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