Boks switch Lambie and Steyn

2011-07-28 22:01

Cape Town - Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has made one positional change to his starting line-up for their Tri-Nations clash against the All Blacks in Wellington.

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The 21-year old Patrick Lambie will now slot into the flyhalf position, with Morné Steyn moving to fullback.

De Villiers earlier named Steyn at flyhalf and Lambie at fullback.

But, according to Beeld's J.J. Harmse, the change was apparent during the Boks' final training session on Thursday, when Lambie called the shots from flyhalf.

Steyn has only played two matches at fullback - in 2008 for the Bulls - but he is not worried about the challenge he faces. "I may not have played many games at fullback, but I'm confident that I could make a success of it," said Steyn.

Steyn says he has an idea of how Carter's head works, which will help him to cover the All Black pivot's lethal tactical kicking and even pose an attacking threat to the New Zealanders from the back.

Steyn will still be taking the kicks at goal for the Boks.


All Blacks:
15 Mils Muliaina 14 Cory Jane 13 Conrad Smith 12 Ma'a Nonu 11 Zac Guildford 10 Daniel Carter 9 Jimmy Cowan 8 Adam Thomson 7 Richie McCaw (captain) 6 Jerome Kaino 5 Ali Williams 4 Samuel Whitelock 3 Ben Franks 2 Andrew Hore 1 Wyatt Crockett

Substitutes: 16 Corey Flynn 17 John Afoa 18 Jarrad Hoeata 19 Liam Messam 20 Piri Weepu 21 Colin Slade 22 Sonny Bill Williams

15 Morné Steyn, 14 Bjorn Basson, 13 Adi Jacobs, 12 Juan de Jongh, 11 Lwazi Mvovo, 10 Patrick Lambie, 9 Ruan Pienaar, 8 Danie Rossouw, 7 Jean Deysel, 6 Deon Stegmann, 5 Alistair Hargreaves, 4 Gerhard Mostert, 3 Werner Kruger, 2 John Smit (captain), 1 Dean Greyling

Substitutes: 16 Chiliboy Ralepelle, 17 CJ van der Linde, 18 Ryan Kankowski, 19 Ashley Johnson, 20 Charl McLeod, 21 Wynand Olivier, 22 Odwa Ndungane


  • Drewka - 2011-07-28 22:09

    Ha Ha Ha.... Did'nt see that comming!!!!

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-28 23:39

      Me didnt see it iether. I thought the guys who mentioned such a move were smoked, and wham - Divy pulls the move. Okie dokie

      Gomez - 2011-07-29 00:04

      This move is interesting.I like it and am looking forward to the game.I know things seem or probably are a little chaotic to say the least but something tells me that when RWC arrives everything will slot into place.I'm still confident that the boks can hold on to the world cup!

      Neilson - 2011-07-29 00:36

      I was one of the "smoked" people suggesting the move. And I am happy with it. However, with the recent change in centre combination we not only have bad defence on the side, but now we have bad defence in the middle as well. This will really confuse the AB's, they wouldn't know who to target as everywhere they look they have a revolving door to run through. Carter will not kick the ball, not with these "Springbok" backs, they will run at them, hard, and poor Steyn will have to stop worrying about catching balls kicked at him, and hopefully hit the tackle bags, because he is going to need it, BIG TIME! HAHAHA. The Boks have two choices, either keep all the balls, never give possession away, becasue if they do, it will be a try for the AB's. I can see a massacre coming up, unless we give tour wings a lot of balls. But one think is for sure, we will probably see 10 tries. I just hope 1 or 2 is from the Boks.

      Blougroen - 2011-07-29 01:33

      Almost everyone asked for Lambie to be played at 10 during last years end of year (when Steyn was out on his feet - was this where his form finely dipped) tour to learn the ropes - why only now at one minute to 12 ????????? Aggggeneeeemyfarkman !

      Karoobloed - 2011-07-29 03:21

      With the depleted mix of available personel, I think Pienaar could have been better utilized at 15, with Steyn on the bench. And too bad Chilli is not in starting 15 - this was an ideal opportunity with Bismarck injured to give that fine man some decent playtime. It pains me to say this about John Smit, but I hope that this is his last game for the Boks.

      peter the gr - 2011-07-29 06:42

      It wont change the outcome.......the will get nailed!!! Big time!!

      Marx - 2011-07-29 07:03

      This is a bold move that could backfire so badly, why select players out of position against the All Blacks of all sides!! If this was Scotland or somebody I would have said take the chance, but this.....

      roboman1 - 2011-07-29 07:17

      Its crazy, Lambie is a good full back and Sharks second choice only at flyhalf, Steyn is a rubbish fullback and a great flyhalf, this is to weird

      rugby_guru - 2011-07-29 07:29

      Finally!!!! A very good looking outfit and I think it can work well!!! Lets see this backline on fire now... Morne can secure his boot when danger strikes at the full back after a hefty boot by Carter... GOOO BOKKKE!

      rugby_guru - 2011-07-29 07:31

      I believe any 'flyhalf' can slot in well at Fullback, as they use this area for this tactical kicks, etc... I got a good feeling Morne will do well here in this game.. And will make a great powerful weapon for the WC if Lambie and Steyn are able to switch up positions and confuse the game plan of the other team.

      René Müller - 2011-07-29 07:42

      Morne is NOT a fullback. Happy for Lambie though. What is it with PDivvy playing players out of position. He is just setting players up to fail and look to like amateurs. The coaches have lost the plot completely. Bloody fools!

      Marx - 2011-07-29 07:43

      RugbyGuru, we all know Steyn can kick, but can he defend against the number one team's explosive attacks, having only played fullback twice in many years?

      apie - 2011-07-29 07:44

      Karoobloed are you smoking something? chilliboy is even worse than Smit and that is bad. he is the perfect example of a quota player totally out of his depth. he cannot even make the starting lineup of his own team. You should rather support bafarter bafarter.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-07-29 07:57

      Would rather play Pienaar at 15,Lambie at 10,Charl at 9,and Morne 22

      René Müller - 2011-07-29 07:59

      @apie, a year ago, I would have agreed with you. However Chiliboy, in my opinion, has been one of the better hookers this season. He has grown as a player in leaps and bounds. To call him a quota players, really uncalled for! He deserves to be where he is today, in fact he should not be on the bench but the starting line-up. Furthermore he started every 2nd game at the Bulls as part of their rotation system, with Gary being the other no. 2.

      Drewka - 2011-07-29 08:07

      Its good to see so many of you support the move. Carter and the AB's is not gonna make it easy for the youngster, but with Lambie, Jacobs and de Jongh in the backline who knows whats going to happen. Think the AB's must go back to their drawing board in terms of their game plan. Also hoping that Dean and Werner would stand up to Franks and Crocket, because they scrum really well and with that bloody agent ref Rolland, things are not gona be easy. Play for position first, don't try any thing fancy and look after the ball on the ground. Good luck to them......

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-07-29 08:12

      Apie ,as n swart speler goed is dan hoort hy in die span ,en Chilliboy verdien sy plek,om aan te sluit by jou rasistiese uitlatings maandag.Jy moet begin besef dat daar nie plek is vir sulke kommentaar nie haal die chip van joun skouer af en gee goeie opkomende spelers n kans

      Coach18 - 2011-07-29 08:24

      @ Apie you must be smoking dagga boet, Chilli and Gary are on a rotation policy for the bulls that is why he does not always start you may as well get used to the fact of chilli beeing there because it wont be long before he takes the reins at no 2 as skipper for the bok, that is unfortunately politics in sport and awe cant get around it so deal with it! I dont think that its a bad move for steyn to move to 15 as he reads the game well from a kicking perpective and he can nullify carters intent to put the ball behind the boks defense, lets hope that the forwards have sorted them selves out to secure better ball for the back or else its going to be a hard day at the office for lambie and his inside centre. i try not doubt the youngsters potential as a 10 if he can get front foot ball it may be very exciting to watch so even though i dont rate him as most of you do i wish him all the best and hope that he proves me wrong. tight 5 is where the game will be won and its upto deysel russouw and stegman to stop McCaw or else we have no chance, lots riding on the boyz tomoz keep it real and go with God! Bokke for Life!

      PunkBuster - 2011-07-29 08:39

      Steyn @ fullback???? We must be desperate....

      Creeky - 2011-07-29 08:42

      "SONNY BILL" PIENAAR AT No 9???? FFS! Me thinks PdV has seriously LOST THE PLOT!!!! Pienaar played like a genuine PLONKER last week... Am DREADING the final score...!!!!!! Can only get worse.... NEVER BETTER!

      Phelan Wulf - 2011-07-29 09:43

      Does not matter how good Lambie is. With Pienaar at 9 the young man is on a hidding to nothing. Add to that Morne's shaky defence at 15? AND the worst no 2 in the country..... Sorry boys, I see another thumping in your future.

      Wessel - 2011-07-29 16:39

      Apie now i now were your name come from he apie.Chillyboy is a better player as Smit.He playing a verry good game.Dont think like a ape please.Talk sens or dont speak.Yes Steyn is a good kicker of the ball but defending is a problem.Also he is also not a good man to take a ball out of the air.He always think that he will hurt him self.Maybe he will show us wrong this time.Go Steyn and Go Bokke.

  • K-R - 2011-07-28 22:11

    Surely not? 25 odd cap Steyn struggled as first reciever behind a demolished pack, and now Lambie needs to prove his validity in the green and gold in that position??? Sounds like this reporter just wanted to make a valuable scoop and took his assumptions a step too far? Well if it is true I hope Pienaar's service will be alot better this week!

      Marx - 2011-07-29 07:27

      If this is true the next step should have been to play Mcleod at 9.

      Pierre - 2011-07-29 08:20

      My 1st reaction was NO! I like Steyn and think he needs to be given more time with Pienaar. We have many good individuals, but no established combinations in this touring side. Even worse some people are being played out of position. My real criticism is that from the Mallette days, we have these silver bullets that will move the world if only they are played; when they are played they are thrown out after the 1st bad game, only to be replaced with the next silver bullet. There is a long list of these guys, with a few examples Gaffie du Toit, Louis Koen, Derick Hougaart, Morne Steyn...with the last three replacing each other like dominos. (Sadly only Morne Steyn still plays S15 or Premuim Div for SA...if only the Stomers had another nr 10 of the quality of one of these guys when Grant was injured...) On the other hand NZ keeps and allow their players to grow in a position. Dan Carter did not have the best of S15 seasons, but he is not replaced by the next young silver bullet coming through the ranks in Auckland. (That specific guy is still being groomed at provincial level.) However as a spectator in this, I am still interested in the outcome and maybe as a previous comment states, this is about trying combinations for the future. But at some point I would like to see the Boks win tri-nations games and not just building...

      BlouBos - 2011-07-29 09:03

      A Flyhalf is as good as your scrumhalf. Just hope Lambie will get good service from Ruan, otherwise on Saturday after the game people will realized that the real problem all along was Ruan and not Morné. Why is that Morné is so briljant with Fourie or Hoogi next to him?

      Coach18 - 2011-07-29 13:34

      @ Bloubos my very point exactely people are quick to write of Steyn but they forget about his previous achievments and abiltiy to win game with the boot, lets not forget he is the fastest player to score 100pnts in a green and gold jersey! i wish lambie well but if he gets crap ball he will be on back foot the whole game long!

  • Cuzin - 2011-07-28 22:11

    And this just after I made my Superbru picks. This can make a huge difference.

      Cuzin - 2011-07-28 22:49

      And with huge I mean good for the Boks.

      Bulldozer - 2011-07-29 06:10

      I think it's going to be huge for the All Blacks. Not because of Lambie at 10 instead of Steyn, but rather because of Steyn at 15 instead of Lambie. Steyn can't play fullback to save his life.

      gooinat - 2011-07-29 06:54

      Morning Ace,I know that you are not a fan of this move where as I am,lets give it a go maybe Steyn surprises us all.Lambie played well at flyhalf when he came on last week and I think he deserves a start,who else can you play at fullback,Ruan Pienaar???

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-07-29 07:28

      Hello Lloyd and Gooinat. I like this move...not in terms of it changing the result on any way, but in terms of using this opportunity to finalise WC places and positions. We know Butch will start at 10 in the 'A' team - that has been finalised, whether folk like it or not. It's about back-up now. We know what Morne can do - and we know what he can't do.....Time for Lambie to stake his claim, and what better than a 'sink or swim' scenario for that? There is a shootout on folks - Lambie vs Morne Steyn for a place in the Bok squad - one of them will be staying in SA when the WC squad head to NZ.

      docraven - 2011-07-29 07:41

      Bulldozer, and you cant comment on rugby to save your life.Thank goodness for S.A Rugby your not directly involved.

      gooinat - 2011-07-29 07:46

      Morning Saffa and Doc,if I had to pick between Steyn and Lambie to go to the WC it would be Lambie,he can play Fullaback and Flyhalf even centre if need be but then again so can Steyn but after last weeks performance Lambie is the one I would go with.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-07-29 08:01

      Morning Doc. Lloyd uses his time here to make friends and influence people......just ask a chap named Paul.

      Bulldozer - 2011-07-29 08:45

      Ek sien die aap het vanoggend sommer vroeg uit sy gat uitgekruip. SAFFA, I'm here to make friends and alienate people.

      Mrgreeky - 2011-07-29 12:40

      Lambie played well when our pack started going forward for the first time, that was only because the Wallabies relaxed. They doing an injustice to the kid, this pack going to go backwards at a rate of knots, he going to be all at see. They should have given him a start when we have enough power in the engine room so he can run onto the ball. I think a couple of guys going to get hurt trying to stem the tide.

      Wessel - 2011-07-29 16:48

      Bulldozer how can you say Steyn cant play fullback if he only played 2 games years back as fullback.Dont think like a ass.Talk sens.

  • Wilbri - 2011-07-28 22:13

    Flyhalf change. Now we are talking. With great respect to Morne we need someone who can not only think and make breaks, but who can also provide a mean defensive role.

      Logoll - 2011-07-28 23:04

      I agree, it was so obvious the minute Steyn and Olivier went off the field the backs actually got direction. Steyn stands horribly deep and does nothing with the ball and Olivier just crashed the ball up never looking for a gap or another player. I think these changes could be good for the boks. I still don't think we will win because our so-called loose forwards are retreaded tight forward and are way to slow to compete for the ball but it is a better team. The next change I want to see is Chiliboy must start in place of Smit. Smit showed his age in the previous test match.

      apie - 2011-07-29 07:48

      Logoll the only reason why things changed when the replacements came on is because the aussies took their foot off the pedal as they had already got their bonus point. Its amazing how many clueless people there are on this blog.

      Kevin - 2011-07-29 07:52

      Lambie always does well when the stakes are high, kid has such massive BMT, its uncanny.

  • jock - 2011-07-28 22:15

    man its just getting worse!

      HanHan - 2011-07-29 02:09

      Why? Did you fall?

  • Drewka - 2011-07-28 22:24

    One thing about PdV is that he's always got something up his sleeve. Must be a capie thing.. LOL neather the less, i think the move is good, this should give the AB's something to think about.

      Nikki - 2011-07-28 22:46

      Do you honestly think the All Blacks spend ANY inkling of a second thinking about this move? Ha-ha! Dream on dude....half the AB team is probably going: Who's this schoolboy Lambie? Should have LISTENED to Jake White earlier in the week....Stop f-ing around with the most important part of the team...9 & 10!! ....I can't wait for the: I told you so on Saturday....

      Logoll - 2011-07-28 23:06

      @ nikki we still won't win but Steyn is useless at 10. He does nothing. At least Lambie brings something to the match.

      Drewka - 2011-07-28 23:08

      You don't get it you moron, a win on Saturday would be nice, but this tour is about future generation springboks and maybe one or two backups for the WC. I'm glad that PdV moved Lambie to no.10, because he is the future legend like Naas Botha was in his younger days... Talking of him, he was 19 years old when he played the AB's, and I can assure you, they didn’t call him a schoolboy back in that days.....

      SirPlod - 2011-07-29 01:13

      I agree. The man himself, Carter made his test Debut at 21 - and scored 20 points! Age is nothing when you have talent and BMT. Nikki, you can't honestly be all for Steyn at 10 after his performances this season and last week? It's all about getting combinations right for the WC. If I had my way, he wouldn't be in the 22.

      HanHan - 2011-07-29 02:12

      Nilli - It's not about this test. It's about a fresh new start. A pity that he has to start swimming in stormy waters, but Lambie has finished his school time with flying colours.

      Superfish - 2011-07-29 02:30

      Steyn is a carbon copy of Naas Botha they can both kick but neither can tackle Im afraid

      rugby_guru - 2011-07-29 07:37

      @SuperFish, well then you clearly must be a young lad... I have all the 'box sets called Old Greats' and trust me Naas Bothe tackled his heart out... Morne Steyn is also a great rugby player, but as Dave-the-doos pointed out to me yesterday, it is very difficult to look good when you forward pack has their heads up their asses.. Lets give it some time and see how it turns out, I do feel Morne is a VERY important person come this World Cup.

      rugby_guru - 2011-07-29 07:37

      At to my above post, im a Sharks fan but i'll be true to the facts and not my single dimension local rugby team.

  • gavin.spaz.taylor - 2011-07-28 22:29

    agree with moving Lambie to no10 but Steyn at 15?? the shoddiest tackler from last week as the last line of defence? doomed... :(

      Cuzin - 2011-07-28 22:40

      At least he (Steyn) loves kicking, so at 15 he might just fit in.

      Logoll - 2011-07-28 23:08

      @gavin, yes Stean at 15 is pathetic, but who else would you have put there with what he has on tour at the moment. Basson can't tackle to save his life, Ndugane and Mvovo can't kick and Gio is back home injured.

      Neyven - 2011-07-29 06:39

      Sorry Logoll, I don;t agree with you regarding Ndugane. He has quiet a good boot on him and is good under the high ball. The Sharks has used him as full-back on occasion. Don't be surprised to see him coming into that position if Steyn doesn't work out.

      George - 2011-07-29 09:36

      @gavin "shoddiest tackler" did you watch the same game? did you forget all the great tackle atempt from John Smit?

  • GraemeBB - 2011-07-28 22:36

    This is crazy people! It is this kind of thinking that will get the boks into big trouble in the RWC. Lambie at flyhalf is a good thing. Morne at 15?? WTF?? And our second row is not going to make it. I would start Danie there, and give Johnson a second start. Johnson wasnt the problem against the Aussies. I just dont understand these selections.

      Logoll - 2011-07-28 23:09

      Danie as in Danie Roussow ? The man is a freeking forward that would be 100 times worse than putting Steyn at 15 at least Steyn can kick.

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-28 23:35

      @Logoll - boet, what are you saying?

      Wilbri - 2011-07-28 23:47

      I am 100% in agreement with your comments. I respect Morne as a good positional and points machine when things are going right. Do not anticipate him to think and move on his feet and forget about any efforts to defend. Never seen him tackle when his team is on the back foot. Nevertheless a good player in the Naas catogory, but unfortunately the game has moved on since Naas's time.

      steam_engine - 2011-07-28 23:49

      @ GreameBB, then you don't know what you want!! Steyn is replaced at 10 and you still complain when he is 15, who must play there coz Ruan hardly finds his touches??

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-29 00:09

      Blow off some steam dude! Steyn has played two games at 15. That is 1, 2. How many times have we spoken about playing people out of position?? A simple question: how do you feel about Steyn as our last line of defense? Ladies and gents, am I the only person here that finds this move a bit strange??

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-29 00:17

      @Logoll - read my post again. I said our second row is too week. Start Danie, yes, Danie Rossouw there. I know he is a forward. He plays lock or flank for the Bulls - yes, that Danie.

      slg - 2011-07-29 00:20

      I couldn't agree more.

      Bulldozer - 2011-07-29 06:13

      I agree Graeme. Steyn played fullback for the Bulls on a couple of occasions in 2008 ant it was a disaster.

      Rich Moolman - 2011-07-29 07:32

      Come Now Graeme.... Johnson had probably the worst perfomance I have ever seen from a Springbok... He didn't hit more than 5 rucks, slipped at least 5 tackles, and every time he got the ball he went backwards... I do remember that Kurtly Beal ripped the ball out of his hands... A tiny fullback... The second row is fine, as Gerhard Mostert was probably the top SA lock by the end of the Super 15 behind Andries Bekker. Who else would you put at fullback? We need a goal kicker... Lambie is not an 85% kicker...

  • Nikki - 2011-07-28 22:39

    I sincerely hope this will work out for both Bambie...oh sorry I mean Lambie & our fearless coach....Div you make us so proud! Just love it when my Aussie & Kiwi mates here in Dubai bring up your name in conversation and I don't know where to stick my head I'm so "proud". ....& this move against the All Blacks of all teams!? Good luck're gonna need it son!

      Drewka - 2011-07-28 22:52

      Nikki, my girlfriend's name's Nikki..... Maybe you should join your kiwi or ozie mates and support the AB's or Wanabies.

      SirPlod - 2011-07-29 04:28

      Nikki, have you actually ever seen Patrick Lambie play? Doesn't sound like it...

      BokBru - 2011-07-29 07:11

      Sounds like Nikki just want to chat rugby with his Aussie and Kiwi friends but doesn't know anything about it. Given time, Lambie will be one of the best flyhalfs in the world. Try to watch the game on Saturday. You might be pleasantly surprised.

      El - 2011-07-29 07:59

      Nikki. I see one of your activities is "Kakpraat". Well done you doing agreat job.

      Lance - 2011-07-29 10:25

      Nikki is obviously a Bull supporter...At times like this we need to be realistic and put our petty provinical squables aside. Lambie can kick and think fast on his feet......Steyn is just a kicker. Against the AB's Lambie is an obvious 1st choice.

  • BardofAvon - 2011-07-28 22:59


  • Michael - 2011-07-28 23:11

    That is the best place for Steyn....his boot can win the WC, but not from number 10.

      kosie - 2011-07-29 07:59

      only problem is that you don't want steyn as your last line of defence, because he can't tackle

  • FearoPhobia - 2011-07-28 23:26

    "... and even pose an attacking threat to the New Zealanders from the back" Aaaahahahahaha!! That's the funniest thing I've read all season! :)

      FearoPhobia - 2011-07-28 23:31

      Unless of course, they're using some obscure definition for the word "attack" that I'm not aware of.

      TheBush Catable - 2011-07-29 07:14

      Ja, I also wondered about that.

      kosie - 2011-07-29 08:00

      to pieter and morne attack means kick an up n under.

  • pswart40 - 2011-07-28 23:46

    Stupid stupid stupid, dammit pdiddy. I agree with Lambie on 10, but why play steyn out of position.

      Marcell - 2011-07-29 01:25

      Because they need someone to kick the ball 60m plus. Helium is sending Lambie to be slaughtered.

      Jet - 2011-07-29 14:10

      why play Steyn at all - against Ausies he proved he cannot tackle - Sir AB the goal line is that way.

  • slg - 2011-07-29 00:19

    I think it's clear what's coming this weekend with this Proteas (aka Springbok) outfit.

  • Martin - 2011-07-29 00:54

    Look, I'm not backing the Boks to win but with Lambie at 10 channel we have a much better chance of getting over the gain line with ball in hand - Lambie vs Carter going to be interesting but that's where it ends, the boytjie unfortunately doesn't have the same class beside him. Good luck boys, with a bit of luck anything can happen.

      kosie - 2011-07-29 08:01

      remember carter is not the best defender either...

      Jet - 2011-07-29 14:12

      @Kosie - and your point is?

  • SirPlod - 2011-07-29 01:04

    Excellent. For once Divvy has listened. Very excited about Lambie at 10, but not so sure about Steyn at 15. I rather would have even put Odwa there, but I guess we need Steyns infamous boot for kicking penalties. Worries me that he's going to be a revolving door though. Lambie and Butch must be our World Cup fly halves though. I wish you could have a non-playing goal kicker that just comes on for pressure penalty kicks. Steyn would be that man.

      kosie - 2011-07-29 08:02

      butch kicks just as good as morne the last 2 years

  • dageewe - 2011-07-29 01:14

    This is going to be a hiding! I can't even watch!

  • dageewe - 2011-07-29 01:14

    This is going to be a hiding! I can't even watch!!

  • HanHan - 2011-07-29 02:08

    Yes!!! May Lambie have a good solid start to a long successful career as our pivot. Hopefully Pienaar and our forwards will come to the party and not try to have Lambie dumped before he has even started

  • Mickey Fin - 2011-07-29 02:09

    Has anyone ever seen Graham Henry smile? This latest move of PDiv must have got a smile from Mr Henry. Again proof of how hard PDiv is working at destroying the Springboks.This is going to be a record loss.

      kosie - 2011-07-29 08:03

      hey boet, we might not win, but lambie will prove that he needs to be the RWC FLY.

      Juan - 2011-07-29 09:25

      Can’t agree with you more, PDV doesn’t know what the hell he is doing get Jake White back. Must say Lambie good move but Jacobs at centre and Steyn at fullback stupid move PDV.

      brok3news - 2011-07-29 13:56

      Another mickey mouse opinion

  • AgPseDaddy - 2011-07-29 03:03

    They can shift and change swap around and leave out or put in but the fact is the Springboks are still going to get a hiding on Saturday.

  • Jackman - 2011-07-29 04:18

    I like Lambie for fly half but behind this pack against the AB I fear it will set his reputation back. Steyn is not good at FB - Ndungane would be safer. Still, we'll be behind them no matter who is picked, who the coach is and who we are playing against. Go boys!

  • Whoosa - 2011-07-29 05:56

    This is a ruthles decision and i hope for all the money that Lambie will survive (career wise) this game. First of all, very inexperienced thight 5, we will get hammered at scrum time. Why not play Danie at 4 to beef up our tight 5 and give Ashley another start?? Now Ruan Pienaar, who is by far the worst Scrummie in SA, NZ and Aus, will be on the backfoot from the word go. Lambie is toasted!!! Why not play Mclead at 9 and Ruan at 15? Steyn will battle to defend the AB's back 3. This is a total disaster. I hope im wrong, but i can easily dee the boks going down by 50 points this weekend. Poor ,poor selection, and its more a case of poor sqaud selection! Pdivvy, has shown himself up, AGAIN!

  • Joshua Austin - 2011-07-29 06:01

    To wake up on Friday morning and see this news nearly made me run around my house screaming for joy!

  • Bulldozer - 2011-07-29 06:08

    Snorre, clearly didn't pay much attention to the 2008 Super14 when the Bulls used Morné at fullback while Kirschner was suspended. It was a disaster.

  • Willem Swanepoel - 2011-07-29 06:45

    I really hope the boks win just to shut these pathetic comments up. How can you call yourself a South African supporter if you keep on bitching like a little girl about everything in the team. Yes, Div is a fool and yes our boys are not on form, rather hope for the best. It does not matter who plays in nr. 10 or 15, they represents our country on the field and damn they need support not this negative idiot comments.

  • Trevor - 2011-07-29 06:48

    I personally think that is a terrible move. As a bull supporter I am all for Steyn, however lets face it..his defence - 6.5/10...his attack - 6.5/10...his kicking - 9/10. Now ask yourself, what do you look for in a fullback (last line of defence), someone who can tackle, and someone who can counter attack...all of which are not his best qualities. I hope this works out, for Steyns benefit anyways.

      ChristoBotha.CJ - 2011-07-29 07:16

      One can see you are a bulls supporter, I would not give him a 2/10 for defence and for attack would not give him a 4/10, but then again at the bulls they(no 10's) are not allowed to pass or attack with the ball only kick.....

  • munchkin.ross - 2011-07-29 06:51

    Even though we may not take the tri-nations, it's good that a lot of our strong players are resting/recovering, as well as other newer players getting match experience. This will put us in good stead for the world cup. The All Blacks and Walabies will have tired players when the world cup starts. I think this move is good, Patrick Lambie getting more of the ball is a good thing.

  • Bashful1 - 2011-07-29 07:06

    Finally!!!! Been saying it since last year. Some guy swore at me and told me I was a moron and started threatening me when I first suggested it on a forum.

      gooinat - 2011-07-29 07:10

      Guys from up North I presume!!!!!!!!

  • Phillip - 2011-07-29 07:09

    pdiv dont know which ways up,

  • ChristoBotha.CJ - 2011-07-29 07:10

    Who thinks its time to give Riaan Viljoen a go at full back? Would like to see him at full back for the home leg, what do you guys think of that?

      Drewka - 2011-07-29 07:44

      Agee with you Christo, Riaan Viljoen is a excelent player. Pitty the Cheetah players always gets the shortest straws, except if one of the bigger rugby unions buys them. Morne, Frans, Bismark, Jannie.... ag you name them, all freestate bred players.

      joep - 2011-07-29 10:26

      goeie roep!!! so kon jano ook kans gegee word noudat sarel nog seer is. Div en keurders kyk net vas in ervaring? hoe het hulle dan begin?

  • Makabongwe Tyiwani - 2011-07-29 07:11

    Great move.

  • roboman1 - 2011-07-29 07:13

    This is a problem, so we now have the Sharks second choice flyhalf, (who is kept out of 1st place by the French 3rd choice flyhalf), playing against currently the best flyhalf in the world, Dan Carter, and to make matters worse, we take our proven first choice flyhalf, and create a poor fullback, he has played badly at full back before, and he is between 2 inexperienced wings. And yet Lambie is an awesome full back but an average flyhalf. Div must have a big spreadbet on the Boks losing by 20. Or< and I hope this is the case, he is playing mind games before the kick off.

      Jet - 2011-07-29 14:18

      Proven flyhalf, proven full-back. You must be think of Francois Steyn

  • Karl Strauss - 2011-07-29 07:31

    Please John Do the honorable thing and retire as player. We need a forth loose forward and you can not keep up. Bismarc or Adriaan is playing dubbel your pace. Please You where great in the last WC!!

  • The Odd One Too - 2011-07-29 07:36

    Please DeVilliers, for the love of the sweet baby Jesus, fix up the midfield!!!! Those centres are going to be munched to hell and back by the AB's. I predict a record hiding. We have got so many spare and excellent loose forwards who could do a much, MUCH better job in the midfield than any of the current centres could do. Think Kankowski. Think Daniel.

  • theunsvw - 2011-07-29 07:39

    Hope Steyna gets his tackling and positional play in order!

  • RiaanFS - 2011-07-29 07:40

    P-Divvy @ his best crating utility backs...........Just look @ the awesome form of Ruan Pienaar, his 1st creation.

  • BLOODY AGENT - 2011-07-29 07:41

    Steyn is not a Fullback,big mistake,I agree with Lamie at flyhalf but positional play of Steyn is notr good at all eish!!!!!

      gooinat - 2011-07-29 07:48

      Morning Alwyn,who else would you give a go at Fullback who is currently on tour??????

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-07-29 07:50


  • apie - 2011-07-29 07:41

    If SABC starts supporting the boks then something bad is brewing politically. Anybody who hates racism must boycott the boks until the team and coaching staff is chosen only on merit. I will support the All Blacks tomorrow.

      Jet - 2011-07-29 14:20

      @ apie The name says it all!!!!

  • WIllie Botha - 2011-07-29 07:41

    Time to shine Lambie! We know you can do a good job! Go Bokke!!

  • WorldChamps - 2011-07-29 07:43

    This is one stupid move, with all due respect Steyn is simply to slow and too weak on the defence. With the likes of Mills at the back and a Dan Carter controlling things our poor wingers are going to run their sock off defending what seems to be another idiotic move. Ruan Pienaar would have been a better choice and looking at his performance of last week, the man should not be too close to a pack that is moving backwards. Give mc Cloud a chance, he is in great form and with Lamby at fly half whom he knows pretty well, I think that it would be better fitting to conditions that will be let’s be honest extremely difficult for our boys. In essence we cannot afford to make ridiculous changes against a supreme team like NZ, best of luck in any case, I will continue to support the boks even though I disagree.

  • WorldChamps - 2011-07-29 07:48

    This is one stupid move, with all due respect Steyn is simply to slow and too weak on the defence. With the likes of Mills at the back and a Dan Carter controlling things our poor wingers are going to run their sock off defending what seems to be another idiotic move. Ruan Pienaar would have been a better choice and looking at his performance of last week, the man should not be too close to a pack that is moving backwards. Give mc Cloud a chance, he is in great form and with Lamby at fly half whom he knows pretty well, I think that it would be better fitting to conditions that will be let’s be honest extremely difficult for our boys. In essence we cannot afford to make ridiculous changes against a supreme team like NZ, best of luck in any case, I will continue to support the boks even though I disagree.

  • greenpea - 2011-07-29 07:55

    haha can you imagine Steyn in a footrace to stop his opposite number Mills from crossing the tryline? we gonna lose, I just hope we dont get a hiding

  • kosie - 2011-07-29 08:05

    lambie and aplon is the only players in SA that run into the gap the rest of them tries to run over everybody.

  • MTRJ - 2011-07-29 08:05

    Doesn't a team need a attacking fullback? Steyn is not an attacking player!

  • Peter - 2011-07-29 08:17

    the lambie move was a nutural he is the better fly half plays closer to the gain line. putting steyn at fullback keeps his kicking power but risky, rather pienaar at 15 and mcleod at 9 after all he is lambie's provincial partner.

  • SA-FAN - 2011-07-29 08:21

    If i can remember correctly the majority of the comments wanted Lambie at flyhalf now i read a lot of comments where you guys don't like the move. Will you ever be happy? I will support the boks the way I have supported the lions! Even if they lose a million times because its negative comments like this that have an influence on their game. We South Africans are never happy we complain about everything. If it's warm it's too hot, if it's cold it's too cold. Anycase lets all shout BOKKE!!!!

  • shoujias - 2011-07-29 08:57

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  • unratedexter - 2011-07-29 09:23

    AWESOME NEWS, you could see from the first test against Australia that lambie made a huge difference, 20min at flyhalf and the team scored 2 tries, steyn well, he's days are numbered at 10.

  • Trudy - 2011-07-29 09:59

    Interesting move.Lets wait and see