Boks 'out of control'

2010-08-23 11:30

Johannesburg - The world champion Springboks are not in good health and the South African Rugby Union will be bonkers if Peter de Villiers remains in charge.

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VIDEO: Referee Nigel Owens sent sprawling

That much is the opinion of New Zealand critics following the three Tri-Nations defeats the Boks suffered against the All Blacks this year - the latest being the 29-22 loss at the FNB Stadium on Saturday.

"Coach De Villiers lacks the authority to clean out the old guard and make tactical changes. He is groping in the dark, and his latest backline was too lightweight for the modern rugby battle. Their battle plan is confused," wrote Chris Rattue on the NZ Herald website.

"The All Blacks were magnificent, nullifying South Africa's famed home advantage and finishing them off with two late tries that should rank high in any memory that can cope with the cluttered modern day Test schedule.

"As for the Springboks, they are in even bigger trouble than we thought. If that's the best the world champs can come up with in a home colosseum while celebrating John Smit's century of Tests, then they are indeed one large tank skidding out of control down one very steep hill.

"Luckily for their World Cup opponents, South Africa's rugby administrators are so immature that a few rough on-field decisions get them barking about quitting a multimillion-dollar broadcasting deal they've only just extended," he continued.

Rattue and other NZ critics, are of the opinion the Boks may improve when influential scrumhalf Fourie du Preez returns, although Francois Hougaard was lively on Saturday.

They believe the calm Du Preez should be the logical captaincy replacement for the fading Smit.


  • StuartW - 2010-08-23 11:39

    Ek wonder of hulle dieselfde sou geskryf het as ons saterdag gewen het?

  • result - 2010-08-23 11:40


  • AMEN - 2010-08-23 11:45

    This guy is talking sense but he will be forced to apologise to Snorre!

  • Phil - 2010-08-23 11:46

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Marcus - 2010-08-23 11:49

    The views by the critics in NZ is spot on but they seem to forget that the All Black won by the skin of their teeth. There might be a lot of thing wrong in the Boks camp, but not all fingers can be pointed to Smit and De Villiers. Even though the performance was not of the top quality the Boks and the supporters are use to, factors like injuries and some 'harsh' calls by the referees has affected some of the outcomes and the morale of the team. You must remember that the All Black is playing some of the best Rugby in years and they are a difficult team to beat. I am not a big supporter of all the decisions De Villiers make, but at least he is relatively consistent. I will be a mistake to chop and change every time we lose. Leke!

  • Aussie Mike - 2010-08-23 11:49

    Its amazing that the only ones who cannot see that you need to get rid of the CLOWN are your rugby powers that be (maybe fellow clowns). You have become the laughing stock of world rugby in a few short months.............

  • Dronkie - 2010-08-23 11:50

    too lightweight se gat - Is die man blind, Gio en veral Juan het die k*k uit die All Blacks getackle - het hy gesien hoe Gio skoon maak in daai los gemaal? Flip is n demon - daai man gaan n flippen legend op Nr4 raak...end ou Hougaart het n hart van 7 leeus, geen bang haar op daai kop nie...!!! Bokke vir altyd !!!!

  • smiling? - 2010-08-23 11:50

    ....I think Heyneke Meyer must be smiling..... ...He he he ..!!!

  • FP - 2010-08-23 11:51

    We should not truts these New Zealanders giving us advice. Springbok strenghts are different to NZ or Aussie strenghts. Thats how we managed to win 2 World Cups. By playing the SA way. However - P Div and his management team are seriously out of their depth. Dick Muir is a cancer. Even WP scrums better without Gold as their forwards coach. Time to make some tough decisions both in the Board room and in terms of former greats playing bad rugby, Smit, Habana inparticular.

  • Kelvin - 2010-08-23 11:52

    All Blacks are good really good... !!!. We dont manage the players right. Rugby starts with the players if dont know how to manage players you cannot play rugby and the person to do that is couches. And stop paying to players so much money they dont care it they win or lost they still get alot of money.... Get so new guys in that want to tackle ( Bryan dont want to ), know how to kick ( morne forgot how to ), and scrumhalf please he must not look like lock. He must be in shape.... i can go on for hours but to come back to we pay to go look at that kind of poor rugby when are we going to play like world campions??? Please All Blacks Couch we need you here in South Africa...

  • Kelvin - 2010-08-23 11:53

    All Blacks are good really good... !!!. We dont manage the players right. Rugby starts with the players if dont know how to manage players you cannot play rugby and the person to do that is couches. And stop paying to players so much money they dont care it they win or lost they still get alot of money.... Get so new guys in that want to tackle ( Bryan dont want to ), know how to kick ( morne forgot how to ), and scrumhalf please he must not look like lock. He must be in shape.... i can go on for hours but to come back to we pay to go look at that kind of poor rugby when are we going to play like world campions??? Please All Blacks Couch we need you here in South Africa...

  • Gonzo - 2010-08-23 11:53

    SPOT ON!!!!!!! bye bye P Divvy

  • WARREN - 2010-08-23 11:54

    'a few rough refereeing decisions' ... again. Good on Schalk for burying the refs head in the ground. Anyone notice the pathetic mollifying attempts afterward? Thats how we have to behave to refs - scared of pee'ing them off. Although i will admit that the right team one. And yes - i believe we still need to quit SANZAR which is purely for Aus and NZ benefit. Screw the bias we have to live with every week.

  • PierreS - 2010-08-23 11:56

    What ? Back down on Div ? Never !!!! It will cost us the world cup but get this right bru. We never back down on our black buddies !

  • Sharkie - 2010-08-23 11:57

    Yea, please tell us something we dont know! They call it AA madness and therefore PDV & Hoskins will stay in charge!

  • Fourie du Preez is King Of rugby - 2010-08-23 11:58

    Yes make Fourie Captain, best rugby player on Earth! Aplon and Hougaard on the wings, (aplon for habana and Hougaard cause u can't leave out a player like him). Pierre Spies to send to a training camp of 'how to clean out a ruck, or prevent opposition players from doing so'. It's really scary how Spies just stands around the rucks the entire match. No one ever taught him to go in low? Juan De Jong for pathetic Wynand Olivier. And Patrick Lambie at FB

  • Pire - 2010-08-23 12:00

    NO KICKING!!!!! The boks knew the AB's are dangerous with the ball in hand, so wtf did they kick the ball and give them the possession??? You could see that the all blacks knew exactly what to expect, cause they hang back and wait for a kick, then attacked with ball in hand.

  • graham - 2010-08-23 12:01

    easier to refloat a ship on its way down , then when its already sunk. Some how the NZ press are saying what our press is too scared to say

  • Wes - 2010-08-23 12:02

    Whoever wrote this article doesn't even have the balls to put their name to it. As for the NZ media, did they call for Henry's head after he lost 3 tests against the Boks in 2009?? Who gives a damn what they think?? Its not like they are going to win the WC next year!! lol Bunch of chokers!!

  • Jimmy Jump - 2010-08-23 12:04

    What’s up with New Zealand and their South African obsession? Fact is every team goes through a slump and it’s just happens to be us now. Pdiv won the same cup last year, we cannot win it all. These losses are part of the bigger plan to go defend our title next year because chokers won’t even reach the semis.

  • Not du Preez please! - 2010-08-23 12:04

    Although du Preez is most properly the best no 9 in the world he is not a good captain and it will be a huge mistake making him Bok captain. His game went backwards when he was BB captain where he had all the support in the world in the team. At Bok level you have to deal with politics on and off the field, provincialism and other very delicate issues. No mate Matfield, Burger, Juan Smith or Jean de Villiers can take over the captaincy although they have to start resting Matfield for the World Cup. Serious political problems with de Villiers as coach. They cannot get rid of him unless they appoint Alistair Coetzee.

  • yeah, yeah - 2010-08-23 12:05

    And last year the AB's were in the wilderness and Graham Henry was the worst coach and half their players were inadequate, yada yada yada... The Boks are struggling, no doubt and Peter de Villiers isn't the greatest coach (we all knew that), but remember 2006? That was a massive disaster for SA and a great triumph for the ABs. They were going to win the WC eyes closed and we didn't stand a chance. And remember 2007? World Cup victory for the Boks and disaster for the ABs. After all that is the biggest prize and all the ABs want, but mark my words they will NOT win it next year. Why? Because they are quintessential chokers! Just like the Proteas. We (the Boks) got ourselves into this mess and we can get ourselves out. Even with a clown of a coach. World class players don't just get bad overnight. Never underestimate a Bok-side... ever.

  • Ray - 2010-08-23 12:05

    If the rugby administration does not do anything regarding PDIV, then I will officially loose faith in Rugby in this country. Also get rid of the old faith, Habana (causing too many defensive holes), Matfield(Flip was used more in the lineouts) and let them ponder life in the currie cup. Everyone moans about de Jong and Hougaard, but everyone has to start somewhere.

  • Siwi - 2010-08-23 12:06

    Please dont take this to seriously Bokkes. CR is always a niggly writer. He wanted Graham Henry managment out, rubbished the AB's last year while praising the Boks. He knows how to stir up conversation. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out that SA Rugby has issues at the moment and I for one agree with some of what CR writes but this is inflamatory and over the top. Most Kiwis are more polite about things. However I bet this article creates some comment on this site.

  • HARSH BUT TRUE - 2010-08-23 12:06

    we are a team built on big strong players that scare the rugby we have 70 kg backs that are not suited to our style or physical test rugby.there should be a weight structure for each position,i am so glad a neutral wrote this article!y,we thrive on big fast players,like fsteyn, olivier,jfourie,bismaark,bakkies,juan,schalk so players like brussouw,fdp,beast,habana,jp can work their skill with battered opponents!!!this is the most true image of sa rugby and it should be instilled again!!jake and kitch played it as it is our way of playing!!!

  • Ummmm - 2010-08-23 12:07

    We've all seen Du Preez as a captain.....not good, not good at all. Anyhoo, coming from NZ they're obviously aiming to sow panic. Can trust a kiwi just a little more than an ozzie (except at ruck time). I say Smith is the genuine choice for a winning Bok side. I don't smaak him nor the Cheetahs at all, but can't argue the evidence, Cheetahs without seems impotent, but with him almost unable to lose a game. And he leads by example (ie playing his heart out with tons of guts).

  • Anti - 2010-08-23 12:07

    Chris Rattue is a racist pig, and very few would take anything he has to say seriously. Fact is NZ won the game because of a few marginal calls, and 2 very poor kicks by Steyn. Yes they were the fitter side, yes they are playing good rugby at the moment, but a few injuries to key players could leave them just as vunerable as we are at the moment. From what I saw from the Boks on Saturday, certainly all is not lost.

  • Aussie Mike - 2010-08-23 12:08

    @WARREN - what a bunch of pansies - now that you are being beaten up on the rugby field every week, you wan't to quit the Tri-Nations. Tell you what, the Scots and Italians will give you guys a good go at the moment - never mind the English, or French. Did you forget that the perceived bias was from UK refs???

  • dronkie - 2010-08-23 12:08

    @result: jou doos - Juan (het alles voor hom plat geduik), Gio (net so hard getackle), JP (2 defnitiewe tries gesave), Guthro (was ooral op die veld) en Habanna (het n iewat af dag gehad maar was solid) hoe het hulle die bokke laat verloor?

  • Bok captain.. - 2010-08-23 12:08

    ...Fully agree, ...Fourie du Preez, ...or Juan Smith, ...for Bok captain...

  • RR - 2010-08-23 12:08

    Ek lag lekker vir die All Blacks, wat ALWEER SOOS GEWOONLIK.......'n jaar voor die World Cup piek...... Ja, ek weet, daar si rugby in die drie jaar tussen Wordl Cups, maar ek het 'n sterk vermoede die 'Choker' label gaan by hulle bly volgende jaar, tuisgornd voordeel of te nie. 'Wat is die nut van die nr 1 'ranking' as jy nie die beker besit nie......?

  • Ice - 2010-08-23 12:10

    im the most avid Bok supporter, but it seems the only way we will be able to get competent people controlling/coaching our Bok team is for the Boks to lose saturday after saturday, (support base must shrink which means the pockets of the administrators to get filled as much) then hopefully they will realise we need people who know rugby and can create a winning team, which is the goal at the end of the day, not the colour of the coach/players - our women's rugby team a example, all the players look over weight, unfit and no ball sense, but.....let them go on with this quota story, quota wont make you the best in the world.,

  • Carlos - 2010-08-23 12:12

    Do I remember the amount of negative comments for Bafana during the SWC coming from the "hefty tackle" brigade? A sobering lesson for all on how interference from politics, idiotic quotas and plain bad coaching can destroy the country's aspirations. Fire and hire, and restore the Boks to their lost glory!

  • Megabull - 2010-08-23 12:13

    Like I said BEE AA EE coach and players. Woh won the S14? The Bulls....... So 90% of the Bulls should be the Boks....... Is that so hard to understand? Boks should be........ 1) Steenkamp-Bulls 2) Botha-Bulls 3) Jannie-Sharks 4) Danie-Bulls 5) Vic-Bulls(C)(not bankies-wp) 6) Botes-Sharks(cause Steggies-Bulls and Brosouw-FS is out, we need a real fetcher) 7) Potgieter-Bulls 8) Spies-Bulls(NOT ryan or dwyan they on look good in the CC cause Spies is not there) 9) Houggie-Bulls( Fourie-Bulls out) 10) Morne-Bulls 11) Basson-Griq 12) Wynand-Bulls( Not de villiers-wp or de jong-wp) 13) Fourie-WP 14) Shadow-Bulls( NOT aplon-wp AA EE or jp-Sharks) 15) Steyn- Racing M.. Bench Beast-Sharks, Liebenberg-WP, Kruger-Bulls, Flip-Bulls, Juan-FS, Vermaak-Lions, De Jong-WP(yes he can play here) ...... This team will win and should have been the Bok team

  • Aabels - 2010-08-23 12:13

    Habana and Spies can now go and make more outsurance ads. That's all that they are good for nowadays. Have you got nothing for Pieter the Clown Outsurance??????????????

  • Eben @Stuart - 2010-08-23 12:14

    Dink nie so nie --- su seker nie nodig gewees het nie :)

  • JOHN - 2010-08-23 12:15

    COACHING STAFF MUST GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mack die bloue - 2010-08-23 12:15

    I was there ,and hell ,we were piss poor ! ,but with bunch of clowns in charge ,and useless "ou toppies " what did we expect.

  • GVA - 2010-08-23 12:16

    Well SARU are bonkers and won’t change the coach, because they are trying to readdress the imbalances of the past first at the detriment of SA Rugby!! You only have to look at the Super 14 ,two well coached SA teams in the Final, hand the players over to PDV and look what happens!

  • kitchenboy @ kelvin - 2010-08-23 12:18

    LOL, the 'couches' no pun intended? surely you mean the COACHES, although i could understand why one could be confused

  • sharon a - 2010-08-23 12:18

    Wonder ek ook bokke bly bo. Ek is trots op my span wen of verloor

  • Crocked - 2010-08-23 12:19

    Stop blaming every one, this time it wasnt the ref. All Blacks looked like the World Rugby Champions. Too good in every dept.

  • Go Bokke - 2010-08-23 12:19

    Fourie du Preez is without doubt our best scrum half, but until his full recovery we need to use Hougaard. He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is our next best, far better than Pienaar and Januarie.

  • Gaz - 2010-08-23 12:23

    Well I have zero respect for Chris Rattue, but sadly he's right. Bok rugby now spoils a good Saturday with mates, hells bells man, mates arrive, we all have our faces painted, even the girls, we wear our Bok jerseys, the beers are flowing and then we walk around 'mif' trying to cheer ourselves up after a 4th blady defeat The Bok managment is like the ANC buffoons they just don't know when to step down - PDV ITS YOUR TIME TO GO!!!!! Bring on January (cause yiou have to) and 2 tries are scored - You not well!!!

  • edwin - 2010-08-23 12:24

    I watched an interview on kyknet the other day where Kobus and Toks talked to PdV. He said at Springbok level you cannot teach a player anything new. It is true but at least you can point out his weak points and work to eliminate them. And then there is the game plan. If you see that the high up and unders are not working, why not change the game plan?

  • Dagg - 2010-08-23 12:24

    I saw an add in yesterday paper. Brians Circus is recruiting. Snorr, dont pass up a golden apportunity!

  • Enough Rope - 2010-08-23 12:25

    ...blah blah - we don't need/want any AB comments - take your victory & well done - we can make our own decisions and the whole world will feel it come next year!!

  • Mike - 2010-08-23 12:25

    @StuartW: Maar ons het nie, het ons !!!!!!

  • Barry - 2010-08-23 12:25

    John played his heart out. He must stay. Get rid of the "CLOWN"

  • bokbefok - 2010-08-23 12:26

    @aussie mike. Hey pal your mother is the laughing stock of world rugby. wait till we play against you cry babies, then we will see who is the laughing stock of world rugby. I do however agree that PDV is completely out of his depth but the world must realise that our rugby is handled by the politicians and not by the rugby board so we can;t really play the best SA has to offer because they are too white and the non whites get preference not to say that some of these players of color does not deserve to be there but there is some of them who really doesn't deserve to be there. As for our captain he had a good run and should retire with his head held high because if he carries on the way he does then he will retire as a loser and will not get the real recognition he deserves.