Transcript of Watson tape

2008-10-14 08:09

Cape Town - The full transcript of the speech Luke Watson made at the Ubumbo rugby festival at the University of Cape Town on October 3.

The word “Dutchmen” does not appear anywhere in the transcription. It has been said he used the word in a question-and-answer session after making his speech but there is no proof of it in the transcription.

However, reference is made to Watson saying that he had to restrain himself from vomiting on the Springbok jersey.

“..., your aspiration, your attitude, they are characteristics and qualities we have within our ... God gave us those to make us who we are - I’m going to take three of those of these many characteristics and how we can transform who we are in person and who we are inside, because true transformation starts with that.

“I want to take attitude: What is your attitude towards others? What is your attitude towards yourself? and what is your attitude towards ... Whether we like it or not we have been given an opportunity that our forefathers have not, they took an opportunity that was not theirs to take, they bled and they fought for that on the field, and here we stand today reaping the benefits of the seeds they sowed, here we stand today on the hill, looking back at the victorious battlefield behind us, having shed no blood ourselves. So what is your attitude towards who you are, towards others and towards where you want to go? Your attitude needs to be one of hope, .... an era that had no hope, we have been given hope and we need to recreate and ?? the culture of hope for generations to come, we need to see the bigger picture and realise that the here and now is not just the here and now, but the here and now only exists of those who went before us and because of those who are still to come, there is a bigger picture, whether you like it or not - me having to wear the Springbok jersey, to keep myself from vomiting on it, because there is a bigger picture, because men and women have bled for me to get there - did I ever want to be there? No, it’s never been my dream, but I chose this burden with the greatest of pride and satisfaction, knowing that my father Cheeky Watson laid down his life to get me there, knowing that Zola Yeye laid down his life, Archie Mkele, legends from the Eastern Cape where I grew up, known as my uncles and my fathers, knowing that they fought for me to get here, and that my job is to bear the burden and carry the torch of hope - once you have dealt with the nature of the inner man and once you have gained perspective and realised it is not about you, but it starts with you, you are the one that has to pay the price and the sacrifice so that others may benefit, but don’t think what.... because that has been going on for many years, that true heroes and legends may stand up, so I’m fighting not for myself, but for a greater cause,

“The second part of transformation is a change of form, what is ..., your output, your structure, the whole, the nature, the innermost part, form comes down to one thing, that is the truth, truth - ultimate truth is boundaries, is definitions, and limits, ..change..and form ,...., to understand your form and who you are, you have to understand the truth, you see ladies and gentlemen, the beauty about truth is that truth... truth is down to what you want to be. Apartheid, apartheid was the most righteous thing they could have done, that was the truth the white man chose to believe, the Bible, it supports apartheid, it supports the KKK, it supports all these white extremists, because that is the truth they chose to believe, that is the perception they have in the world - I remember growing up in high school saying I want to be a professional rugby player, and even now I’m of small stature compared to the other big boys, back then I was of even smaller stature, my teachers back then, I can even remember them by name, look at me in a way that said: ‘you will not make it’ - because that was their perception, but my truth was different to their truth, my reality was different to their reality, because of my perception, because I looked past and I saw the hope in the future ... I went past the here and now and realised that there was a bigger picture,

“Let me talk about truth, we can decide our own truth, we can decide what is wrong or right and what we stand for, the inner man, once we’ve dealt with our nature, once we’ve harnessed the potential, the passion that we have, and instead of having this raging fire, we have a pinpoint laser that gets to the heart of our enemies with one shot, once we’ve harnessed that and used that and our form begins to mould around that, then we get to the purpose and the passion that is within,

“I would like to say about perception and transformation, that’s a very similar thing, I always want to change your perception, and you I want to change the way you think, look at me differently, you might think Luke Watson is arrogant, he’s this, he’s that, he’s controversial, he looks for attention, you might think that, if I spend my life trying to change the way you look at me, I will waste my time in this place and I will achieve nothing, but I tell what, I’m not going look at what you see, I’m not going to try and change your truth, I can’t change the way the world sees me, all I can do is change the way I see the world, I can’t change your perception, what I will do is change my perception and I will believe my truth, and not the truth that you believe, so all of a sudden your reality means nothing to me, the fact that you think I’m a loser, the fact that you think I can’t make it, the fact that you think I’m from a disadvantaged background means nothing to me, my truth tells me that I will make it, my truth says that my father made it, so it is genetically hidden, .....

“The final point, we’ve spoken about transformation, this term that we throw around, transformation in South African rugby, the final point about transformation, you need to change your nature, you need to change your form and now you need to change your appearance - your nature is that inner man, your form is the outer man and your appearance is beyond that, it is the beyond, because your appearance now is what they see when they look at you - appearance by definition: the way that something looks or seem, the way he appears, they way others see it, you say now because you’ve transformed your inner man, you’ve transformed who you are, now all of a sudden appearance becomes the ???? of your transformation, appearance becomes when you put that transformation into action, when you step out your boat and begin to walk on the water, when you look at the ... and say that the waves have got nothing on me, because I believe that God has me here for a purpose, that there is a bigger picture and there is a plan, so your appearance, once you’ve dealt with the inner man, once you’ve dealt with your form, the third aspect of transformation is the way you walk and the way you talk, is the way you seize this opportunity, is the way you grab it with both hands and you say: ‘This is my day, this is my hour, this is my war and my battle, and no one is going to take this from me, transformation is the vehicle to your destiny, I’m not throwing some political twist to this transformation, I’m not saying transformation of South African rugby, I’m not saying transformation of the man next to me, on my left or on my right, I’m saying transformation of Luke Watson, because when I’ve transformed, when I’ve pushed on, when I’m alive, when I’m reaching for my destiny, the man next to me he will automatically get upset, the man next to me automatically gets uncomfortable, he looks at me and say: ‘There is something different about this man, there is something different about Luke Watson, he cant be bought - I can’t throw the Springbok jersey at him and expect him to beg for it, to catch on his knees, because it is not going to happen’ - because my heart, my soul, my very being, was stolen many years ago, by a cause far greater than my own

“When my father came home one day and said: ‘Luke, I want you to know, that where I’m going, I risk it all, I might lose you, I might lose your sister, I might lose your mother, you might lose me, I’m risking it all’ - I said: ‘Dad why?’ - he said: ‘Because I can, because I have the potential, because I have the ability, but in spite of everything, I have the vision’ - that was a man with a purpose, it was one of the most defining moments of my life,

“I’m sitting in Wellington last year, Super 14, a reporter comes up to me, he says: ‘Luke I interview your father Cheeky Watson about 20 years ago and I asked him: ‘Cheeky, why are you doing this? And Cheeky looked at me, and this is the defining moment in my life, when I got respect for him. he said: ‘Luke you father looked at me and said: ‘the reason I am doing this, is so I can look my son in he eye one day and say I made a difference, I stood up when others ran away, I faced the enemy when cowards fled, so I can look in the eye of my son one day and say: ‘I’ve made a difference.’

“Destiny is on your doorstep, I don’t care who you are or where you come from, tonight is an opportunity to grab hold of this message of transformation, to go forward - because we are so quick and easy to point at others and say why are you not transforming, have you transformed within yourself, are you creating hope, are you creating opportunities, are you creating a world for others that they can live, that they can be great in their own names and their own sake ... are you creating that world and opportunities

“I stand before you as a man, that I can honestly say I’m transformed, it has taken many, many valleys, many, many mountains to get there - but before you transform, realise there is a bigger picture - I sat with my father, last year in the Springbok camp, I was in the hotel, I said: ‘Dad, I’m leaving. This place is despicable, it’s disgusting. The men won’t talk to me, they won’t greet me, the very coach won’t greet me, they walk past me, I sat at a table by myself, they wouldn’t eat with me, because I was a political pawn’ -

“But yet, Danie Craven has stadiums named after him, Danie Crave, the very man that said a black man will never play for the Springboks, he’s got stadiums named after him, he’s got traditions [tournaments] in honour of his name, statutes erected, but yet I’m a political pawn, the little white boy in the corner, that sits with his mouth shut eating by himself.’

“My father said: ‘Luke, unpack your bag.’ - I said:’Why?’ - He said: ‘Too many people, Luke, have bled, so that you can be here, whether you play or not, your very presence symbolises victory, symbolises a step forward, symbolises us coming up against South African rugby, an institution that is rotten to the very core

“Tonight I say to you in closing, you get two types of men in this world, men that when they are confronted by a mountain that their god would move the mountain on their path through, men of great faith, but then you get the second man, who .looks at that mountain and says ‘God give me the strength to climb to the top so that I may see but you,.’

“What type of man are you? Are you a man that’s hungry for greatness, hungry to confront that giant of the mountain today or the man that is looking for the easy route?

“I stand before you, I’m looking for giants...”


Die Burger

  • Neville - 2008-10-14 08:33

    I think he great man with lots of courage. What he said is true. Read what he says and think about it. His way of tranformation is how it should be.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 08:35

    I F Luke 's jersey is so repugnant to him why does he still play in it and collect a very fat salary.?

  • Henry - 2008-10-14 08:36

    He's finished. Even if SARU just 'slap him on the hand' for the 'vomit' comment. Things will never be the same for him when he runs on to any field in THIS country.And if he does make it on to a field, I think we'll all then vomit. Go well bru!

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 08:36

    WOW!!! And they want to discipline him for this???

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 08:40

    weel, luke said all the "right things"! why is he being targetted! Danie Craven said those words about us Blacks...why should we act as if Craven was an angel! Luke and Cheeky Watson have been targetted by the White minority because they stood up for what is right! Now, the lies are being spread about Luke! Shame on all who hate the man for standing up for his rights...he should have vomited on the Springbok logo! What a sordid affair! To Luke I say, "Stand your ground and don't falter...never give up!

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 08:41

    Lukie Pukie Watson-Dr Craven said the goverment at that time would never let a black play -it was not his personal view! You are a liar!

  • Anton van der Merwe - 2008-10-14 08:46

    I'm confused. Where are all the nasty and vindictive commentators of yesterday? You fickle people, swallowing whole the rotten filth the media feeds you. Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes, nothing gives you the right.

  • Russell - 2008-10-14 08:50

    Corny drivel

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 08:51

    I dont see what the fuss is? I find the transcript absolutely brilliant, and it shows the true moral fibre which the Watson family have stood for...

  • colin - 2008-10-14 08:51

    What a great speech - these words are of a man of integrity and a man of great sacrifice who put his own need last to fight against an evil we need to eradicate from our society. Why was Jack White not put in front of a disciplinary hearing after he and the whole team treated Watson as a lapper - this is exactly how blacks are being treated in most white dominated institutions in this country – and I guess Doc Craven was wrong as many a black have played for RSA – the racist soul probably can not get rest. I propose we change the name of the schools tournament – our children can not play in a tournament named after a racist.

  • Luhan Roux - 2008-10-14 08:52

    Hi Guys Being a sportman and having the opportunity to play sport at a high level it is disgusting that a role model and rugby icon to be uses such poor tacticks in bringing himself accross. If he realy want to make such a difference why doesn't he make himself more wanted by the public and his team mates convincing them as a leader that there is change to be made as he believes. He will be better in convincing and turning people to view his points on the subject. The big question for me is as follow, the money that he earns is payed by the people he detest, don't you think he is just a hippocrate and even worse a person as the people he critisises. Just one other thing that comes to mind is you have to form alliances if you want to take on the enemy don't make enmies you will never make it. He actualy does not come accross as the sharpest pencil in the box and it shows in the way he plays the game. Such a pitty that a bit of talllent can be channeled in such a wrong direction.

  • R Oakes - 2008-10-14 08:54

    Cheeky has aspirations for Luke to be a great rugby star; Luke seems to aspirations to be a great prophet. Sadly he will be neither. Clearly from the transcript his aims are clear – self-glorification. His public speaking ability and speech writing are as poor as his rugby, which is eclipsed only by the shallowness of his character and transparency of his motives – playing to the crowd for self-grandeur. Luke you are not worthy of The Jersey or the country

  • Ursula - 2008-10-14 08:57

    Hi Luke I am proud of you and your fam what they did and stand and believe in. GOD goes with you he is your strength and let no man try and discourage you.While you have GOD on your side now man can harm you. All of them who the shoe fits may put it on transformation is not really in our rugby they dont bluff me.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 08:59

    Now suddenly they are trying to portray Luke Watson as a hero - he still should NEVER put a Springbok jersey over his head again, because HE DOES NOT DESERVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 08:59

    Who wrights his speachers bwahahahahaha, sounds all suck arse to me. Play rugby or be a politician, make up your mind. If you are such a great man, donate your Springbok match fees and salary to charity and show your greatness. Otherwise, be the hypocrite we all think you are.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:00

    How much longer will this man ride the wave of his father's legacy? Get over it - it was a noble cause back then and still is but how can you show your face on any rugby field in this country knowing that others bribed and manipulated you into your position. And now you say that you didn't want it in the first place and make us believe that it was this great ordeal you've been forced through? It seems the Watson's is still strugling to transform from the days when Apartheid provided ample opportunities for a whiteskin to be a martyr. Grow up - move on - stay out of the Springbok squad if it pains you so much - your so called fetching skills will not be missed.

  • Pierre Willemse - 2008-10-14 09:01

    Cheeky Watson and Zola Yeye laid down their lives? I thought they are still alive?

  • Bryan - 2008-10-14 09:01

    Is it just me, or does Luke Watson act like he is more black than real black ppl, like he suffered soooooo much, and the whole of SA owes him something? His father was a principled man and should be respected for what he did. If Luke feels the same way, then he should take a principled stand, get into administration, and work from within to fix what he thinks is wrong. But to run onto the field in a Springbok jersey is another thing, u must believe in it, you must believe in your team, and they must believe in you. If none of that is there for him, then I think he is doing us all a disfavour by wanting to be a Bok. I can respect what he feels and believes, and but he cannot be a player and referee and the same time.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:02

    Lots of words but, no substance, absolutely not even worth the time and effort being wasted on disciplining him. What does Luke know about the struggle honestly. When it comes to playing rugby and being a professional player - time will tell, and honestly, in Lukes case I believe it will happen very soon. Good Luck Luke, unfortunately your words without thought have possibly damaged the relationships with your team members that have earned the Springbok Jersey, remember there is no I in TEAM and those same members can make you look good or bad on the field, so watch carefully - less ball, means less opportunities to shine, means less playing time and ultimately less money. Good Luck Brother.

  • KoosS - 2008-10-14 09:04

    Luke has made a very good speech. Unfortunately, he does not practice what he preaches. He still talks about "the enemy", he cannot identify with a united SA Rugby, he still sees only the Springbok, but is blinded by his own prejudices against seeing the Protea. He had a great opportunity to act like Mandela, and reach the hand of reconciliation. But it seems like Jake White was correct, he is a force of disruption, a angry young man that cannot see the bigger picture, the team context in which he is playing, the country which he is serving. Like Danie Craven used to say, nobody is bigger than the game.....

  • L Onzo - 2008-10-14 09:09

    Its funny how the news ran this story without this transcripts so that people like myself didnt know what was actually said by Luke Watson & in what context.According to me by what was being reported ystrday in the news it made out that Luke W. was a rascist & he wanted to puke on the rugby jersey.this type of sensational reporting shud stop & present facts first & then let the public draw there own conclusions.dont only play snippets for media attention & cause an uproar without all the facts.this country is in transition & we shud not lose focus of that & its how we handle these types of controversies & report accordingly that makes a difference in our beautiful country.My opinion is based on the way the media ran this article ystrday & thats why im commenting.people directly involved in this saga shud be able to report the truth coz they have first hand experience whether this type of sentiments are true or not.i feel that the transcripts should have been published simultaneously.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:09

    as we know politics in rugby this will more than likely just be wiped under the carpet, luke will play again, and this will just favour him in other circels. he will play for the springboks agian. i do not agree with what he said, if it was up to me he will be banned for life from south african rugby. but we cant deny the obvious. this will not go as far as what people think. he will get a slap on the wrist behind closed doors. and that will be that. he has been a political player before, and he will play again.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:10

    sorry people - one question - is luke watson black????

  • Rob Gotti - 2008-10-14 09:11

    Jeez, I couldnt read all that drivel without wanting to puke, Luke Watson really does think he is some sort of martyr, when in fact he is just an idiot

  • Rugby Fan - 2008-10-14 09:12

    what a load of rubbish ,poor little lukeie ,awwww shame ,grow a pair ,He should never put on the Jersey ever again

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:14

    What the hell does all that he said have to do with "rugby?" I guess he will have to take the consequences for these actions, I wonder if he can?

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:15

    Lukie Pukie your teachers was correct - you're not good enough to play for the national team. Only reason you made it was because of who your father is and NOT who you are.

  • colin - 2008-10-14 09:19

    I will always stand behind Luke Watson and this transcription is a confirmation of the reason I think Watson is a man of integrity and respect. Why dont we attack old leaders like Dannie Craven and his symbols instead it is people like Cheeky Watson who is targeted by we all know who.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:20

    Luke you need to tell us who your God is. Are you promoting change as your principal belief and in effect practicing the same racism that you 'preach' against. If you are a genuine Christian make Jesus Christ your main emphasis. Die for Him not for racism and division. You are keeping alive the bitterness and hatred of apartheid. Jesus came to give life. Move on. Your seperation is not for Christ it is for political statement. My son was descriminated against because he is white!! What did he do to deserve this. Is revenge and bitterness the answer to solving the sins of his grandfather? My son has chosen to follow Christ and leave the politics of sport to the politicians and the bitterness that you and your father spread. It is sad but you are reaping what you are sowing and it is not the gospel - you are preaching 'another' gospel.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:20

    What a load of absolute dribble. Does he think he's William Wallace? Please give me a break. Watson is actually very stupid and hanging onto his fathers legacy. Get over yourself boet, you a rugby player, an average one at that, so try keeping your mouth shut

  • richie - 2008-10-14 09:25

    i think that to compare the springbok to the swastika is insulting to all south african jews if luke watson and his daddy associate themselves with those comments and refer to vomiting on the springbok then i have no time for them

  • Clint - 2008-10-14 09:25

    Its all about always is about himself damn can someone just hand this man a mirror alread so that he can kiss his own ass.

  • Ian - 2008-10-14 09:25

    Unfortunately Puke Wasptongue is a powerful anti-transformation agent - despite wanting to be seen as the opposite. Transformation, in our society or rugby, cannot happen in an environment of conflict/us vs them/hate. It requires that two ends of a continuum come towards each other until they meet and agree on common ground. Everytime Puke opens his mouth he creates disrespect and tension and causes the whole lot to take 2 steps backward. Puke go park a tiger.

  • Sydney Ambler - 2008-10-14 09:30

    Luke is a disgrace to the springbok emblem and needs to be removed the team. He seems to forget that there are still players who are fighting to bring pride to our country by representing the springbok team, the fight is still ongoing in a reverse manner. Just look and see how many players from South Africa are representing other countries that they were not born into, yet they still play with pride for the love of the game not for self gain like Luke Watson. Wake up and stop trying to be hero that you are not. The very people that helped you to the team have now brought disgrace to you, this is a wonderful system, works in politics aswell. Give someone who wants to represent thier country a chance, I`m sure you will qualify for a job in politics, maybe sports minister? Then you can destroy what is left of our deserving athletes.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:31

    Eloquent rubbish, he acted as the "praise singer" for his dad. The only transformation the Watson family has undergone, the where their income comes from, between them, and Alfred Nzo, they have every single Prison contract sown up. They got to keep the propaganda going for the next tender that's coming

  • Len van Heerden - 2008-10-14 09:31

    As a dutchman, I now see Luke Watson as my hero, and not the yellow journalists that are so blinded by their hate

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:32

    What an idiot!!!!!! He is obviously jumping on the the political bandwagon for his own personal gain and a lot of other idiots fall for it. Go see a psychiatrist Mr. Watson and take your Dad with. Both of you have on big inferiority complex.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:34


  • Blikkies from FS - 2008-10-14 09:36

    Okay, so what he said wasn't the way the media had made it out to be. But my question now is: Why Puke...I mean Luke, if you really are "transformed", would you now bring SA Rugby in disrepute? If you were "transformed", you would've understood that even if whites are the minority race in SA, there are more better players of White descend than colored, not because rugby, in your opinion, is run by "Dutchman" (not said in this speech) but because people like you use speeches like this to put the spotlight on yourselves...get a little attention and use the empathy of colored people for your own means. Because of speeches like this, you shine a negative light on this beautiful sport, and people who share this empathy then wants nothing to do with the sport. Why would they..."It's a sport of "oppression"....or that is what you want it to seem like. I'm not even going to touch on the role the government plays (or not play) in the development of the sport. But all these factors create a negative impression among black and colored people, and because of this they won't play, and because of that.....little colored/black players are proffesional rugby players. Luke your a disgrace to SA Rugby, your initial intention may have been good, but you lost track of the "bigger picture" long time ago, you only want the light on yourself and Cheecky. Think about that next tome you make remarks about "transformation" and who really doesn't "allow" it.

  • Winston - 2008-10-14 09:38

    thank you Luke for sharing and not giving up, your speech really touched me. My wish for you is to remain steadfast in being transformation.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:40

    Its unbelievable...the extremes Watson will go to. You are not good enough Watson. Except it.

  • Thokozani - 2008-10-14 09:40

    I'm struggling to find anything that Luke said that was offensive, it's sounds like straight talk to me, it sounds like someone having bottled a lot of anger, opinions and feeling for a long long time, and now it's time for them to come out.

  • Angie - 2008-10-14 09:42

    I do not condone Luke Puke's statements at all but I feel we are looking at a young man who has been mercifully pushed by his more talented Father who did not, for reasons well known, receive his Springbok jersey. There are difinately more talanted players out there who should have got the jersey. Luke, in my humble opinion, really needs counselling or to see a phycologist so he can actually learn to find out what HE, Luke wants. Really wants, not what he has been brain-washed into thinking he wants. Further, one supports the team, not the badge.

  • Thabo - 2008-10-14 09:42

    Watson, you're one sick dude! Get help! You have been lied to and you are living a lie! Surely you are not at all informed of of the past! Did you grow up in the UK! When we were working to build up a strong RSA with a land for every people (Apartheid) people like your father and other misled ANC thugs were murdering and stealing and planting bombs! Yes something to be proud of??? No sir! No nation has ever done so much as the Afrikaners under apartheid did to uplift other people, they disinhereted millions of hecatares of land in an effort to give each nation their own little part in the sun, and you ANC's have destructed all the good they had done with your lies, and have not given them any credit! Look at it this way, the legacies of Apartheid are: Escom, Iscor, SAA, Armscor, Telkom, an excellent road system, law and order, homelands, 11 of them, for each black nation! So yes, you make us all vomit! Please never accept a springbok or any RSA jersey again! You are a disgrace to South Africa - get lost!

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:43

    I think I just vomitted after that Halmark inspired moment!!! Ask Charl Langeveld about standing up for what you believe in...

  • Ed Gutsche - 2008-10-14 09:43

    shame, sniff sniff! haha, this little boy is still stuck in the past and obviously using his fathers achievements to further his own. the past is behind you, look forward. shame, i pity him and his family.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:44

    I agree with everything Luke says here. I just hope that transformation will mean "creating hope...creating opportunities" for all South Africans regardless of race, and where no-one is prejudiced against on the basis of skin color or family history.

  • Hannes - 2008-10-14 09:45

    Pukie my boy, where is your pride ? How on earth can you play for the Springboks when you full well know that you have been selected on the political stance of your Father and NOT for your skills.

  • chris - 2008-10-14 09:46

    Typical of our "society", now the media is blamed for misinterpreting and it's apparent propoganda, and Luke is telliing the "truth"- Neville? and poor Mr. Anonymus (can't stand up for yourself hiding behind the masses) try to focus the blame to a dead man (Dr. Craven) who can't defend himself - how weak. Typically living in the past like cavemen you are...there should be no future for people like you in a New SA, as it's clear that you can't and won't commit to working toghether as one nation. Luke sorry my boy but you're not your's funny that you sat alone eating etc. while in a transformed Bok camp...if you where what you said why did everybody ignored you...what about the players of colour...did they also see what the whitties saw..makes you wonder if you are using the political poster as a scape goat for your inabilities...yes maybe you should start transforming into becoming a better person..for maybe that's the reason why everyone is puking on you...not for what you father stood for..something we all believe should be the ideal...a better, safer and less arrogant and corrupt society, trying to blame the past for our own failures and inabilities to succeed.

  • Anonymous User - 2008-10-14 09:50

    Did half of you people making comments even read the speech? It seems not. Or you have problems understanding things as they are written - just like the media seemed to.