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2017/04/01 | 15:05 |  Super Rugby | DHL Newlands |  Full Time
Super Rugby

As it happened: Stormers 53-10 Cheetahs

2017-04-01 14:20
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01 Apr 16:51

Thanks for joining us for this one! The Lions v Sharks is up next! 

We'll be bringing that match to you LIVE as well! 

01 Apr 16:50
01 Apr 16:48
The Cheetahs have a bye next weekend, and judging by this performance they need as much time off as possible to work on things. Too many basic errors from them today. 
01 Apr 16:48
The Stormers are now 5 out of 5 for 2017, but they will have a real test next weekend when they host the Chiefs at Newlands. 
01 Apr 16:47
SP Marais and Sikhumbuzo Notshe the standout performers for the hosts, but the most pleasing this is their ability to offload and keep the ball alive with purpose on attack. 
01 Apr 16:46
That's that! The Stormers have won by 8 tries to 1. They were really impressive today, but in truth this was probably the Cheetahs' worst performance of the season ...
01 Apr 16:45
FT: Stormers 53-10 Cheetahs ...
01 Apr 16:44
80' Conversion wide. Stormers 53-10 Cheetahs ...
01 Apr 16:44
Sorry, that was in the 79th minute, not 76th ...
01 Apr 16:44

76' TRY STORMERS! It's Notshe with the hat-trick! Kolbe did the damage there, making the break. Duvenage quick to the breakdown to release it out right, where Notshe was waiting to finish it off. 

It's EIGHT tries for the Stormers now. 

01 Apr 16:42
78' Cheetahs still bashing away without really getting anywhere. Can't end soon enough for them now ...
01 Apr 16:40
76' Stormers win the scrum penalty. Coleman relieves the pressure ...
01 Apr 16:39

Niel Marais was superb to release Henco Venter, who ran half the length of the field and looked certain to score. 

But Cheslin Kolbe was chasing and, gaining ground, made the tackle as Venter was diving over the line. 

The Cheetahs No 8 lost control of the ball in a moment that reminds of Fleck v Kayser all those years ago ...

01 Apr 16:37
75' OH DEAR! You'll see that one a few times in the highlights package! 
01 Apr 16:35
73' Niel Marais shanks his kick and the Stormers have another attacking lineout ...
01 Apr 16:34
72' But the Cheetahs lose their own lineout and they're on the back foot gain ...
01 Apr 16:34
71' Not too sure what was happening on the ground there, but the Cheetahs get the penalty. They could use some ball ...
01 Apr 16:33
70' Just a horrible knock-on from Niel Marais there. No pressure on him at all. 
01 Apr 16:32
70' SP Marais is smoked by Ox Nche, but gets up and is fine. 
01 Apr 16:31
69' Stormers off the top of the lineout this time. Viljoen makes another line break and offloads to Carr, who is pinged for holding on. 
01 Apr 16:30
68' SP Marais puts in a dangerous kick ahead, but Niel Marais does well to gather and clear ...
01 Apr 16:29
67' It's already messy, but it could get seriously messy for the Cheetahs before this one is over ...
01 Apr 16:28
66' Coleman slots his conversion from out left. Stormers 48-10 Cheetahs ...
01 Apr 16:27
65' TRY STORMERS! It's Notshe in for his second after EW Viljoen made an impressive offload. 
01 Apr 16:26
64' Stormers on the attack now, looking for another try ...
01 Apr 16:26
62' Cheetahs bring on Huggett for Van Jaarsveld at hooker while Luther Obi gets a Super Rugby debut on the wing ...
01 Apr 16:25

61' Both sides making changes now. 

Robert du Preez off for Kurt Coleman and Bongi Mbonambi off for Ramone Samuels. 

01 Apr 16:23
61' Conversion from Du Preez is good! Stormers 41-10 Cheetahs
01 Apr 16:22
60' TRY STORMERS! It's the skipper! Siya Kolisi! The Cheetahs were defending resiliently on their own goal line for a number of phases there, but eventually Kolisi gets over. 
01 Apr 16:20
58' Pieter-Steph putting in some monster hits here. He wins the Stormers a penalty, and they set up the lineout just 5m out ...
01 Apr 16:19
57' A lot of passing left and right from the Cheetahs, but they're not really going anywhere ...
01 Apr 16:18
56' And now a really good touch finder from SP Marais, who continues to impress today ...
01 Apr 16:17
55' Conversion wide! Stormers 34-10 Cheetahs
01 Apr 16:16
54' TRY STORMERS! It's flyhalf Rob du Preez! That's all him ... a great individual try! A little kick over the top to gather and break down the right touchline!  
01 Apr 16:14
52' Mbonambi penalised for offsides and the Cheetahs set up a lineout 24m out ...
01 Apr 16:13

51' Nizaam Carr on for Cobus Wiese ...

Quiet starting debut from Wiese, but solid.

01 Apr 16:12
51' Stormers clear through Duvenage and relieve some of the pressure ...
01 Apr 16:11
50' 19 phases of sustained Cheetahs attack in the Stormers 22m area comes to nothing. Looked really good, but the Stormers defence held firm. A loose pass eventually goes into touch ...
01 Apr 16:08
48' SP Marais shanks a kick and the Cheetahs attack. They're looking a lot better now, holding onto the ball ...
01 Apr 16:07
47' Game opening up now ...
01 Apr 16:07
46' Zelinga's conversion is good! Stormers 29-10 Cheetahs ...
01 Apr 16:06
45' TRY CHEETAHS! Paul Schoeman gets up with the ball and that's what the visitors needed! It came from a rolling maul from an attacking lineout after Duvenage had been penalised ...
01 Apr 16:04
43' Conversion good! Stormers 29-3 Cheetahs ...
01 Apr 16:04
The scrum was not moving, Duvenage broke left and fed Marais, who joined the line and made a very skillful offload to Du Plessis. Looked good, but all too easy again from a Cheetahs perspective. 
01 Apr 16:03
TRY STORMERS! It's Dan du Plessis, but again it's SP Marais who is the creator! 
01 Apr 16:02
41' Blommetjies kicks the 22m dropout straight out. That's poor. Stormers scrum 22m out ...
01 Apr 16:01
41' Duvenage chips one over the top and Shaun Venter dots down in the 22m area ...
  • 80'

    FULL TIME: The Stormers secure a very convincing and well deserved victory. They were all over the Cheetahs today.

  • 80'


  • 79'

    TRY, STORMERS, NOTSHE! 53-10: The Cheetahs string together eight phases, but then Kolisi turns it over. Kolbe then sees a gap and he is tackled by Rhule. They get the ball back and then Coleman sends Nothse away, who scores! The conversion is missed.

  • 78'

    The Stormers win a penalty, as the front rows go down. They opt for a lineout and secure it. The maul follows and then they are penalised for obstruction.

  • 75'

    NO TRY! The Stormers win a penalty for a high tackle. They take a quick tap and it is turned over. Neil Marais then kicks and the bounce favours him. He runs well and has an open line, but then Kolbe manage to catch up with him on the line and it is knocked on.

  • 72'

    Neil Marais makes a huge mistake, as he cannot hold onto a pass after a lineout. The Stormers then launch an attack and drive forward. Carr makes good ground, but then the Cheetahs turn it over and Carr is penalised for hands in the ruck.

  • 69'

    Viljoen offloads to Carr, but the Cheetahs win a penalty and some well needed relief.

  • 67'

    CONVERSION, STORMERS, COLEMAN! 48-10: The Conversion goes over and Coleman is on the board.

  • 66'

    TRY, STORMERS, NOTSHE! 46-10: After 8 phases Etzebeth finds Viljoen, who offloads to Nothshe, who goes over and scores.

  • 63'

    The Cheetahs launch an attack from a lineout, but knocks it on again. Kolbe did well on defence there.

  • 61'

    CONVERSION, STORMERS, DU PREEZ! 41-10: Du Preez extends the lead for the Stormers.

  • 60'

    TRY, STORMERS, KOLISI! 39-10: They secure the lineout and maul forward. The Cheetahs defend well, but Etzebeth finds Siya Kolisi, who runs the line and scores!

  • 58'

    Lee is tackled well by Mbonambi. He manages to retain possession. The Stormers then turn it over with a penalty. Van Jaarsveld was offside at the ruck. They kick and we have a lineout six metres from the Cheetahs line.

  • 56'

    Du Preez misses the conversion.

  • 54'

    TRY, STORMERS, DU PREEZ! 34-10: Marais makes good ground for the Stormers and then kicks it and the bounce favours Du Preez, who runs from halfway and scores! Good counter attacking by the Stormers.

  • 53'

    The Cheetahs win a penalty, as Mbonambi goes offside. The Cheetahs go for a lineout and this time Du Toit, steals their ball.

  • 52'

    Etzebeth secures the lineout and play moves to the Stormers 22, for a Cheetahs lineout. Etzebeth does well and steals the ball for the Stormers.

  • 50'

    They continue their attack. Francois Venter makes good ground and then Zeilinga sends Lee away. After 17 phases they unfortunately lose the ball into touch for a Stormers lineout.

  • 48'

    Lee does well to take a Marais kick and the Cheetahs drive forward.

  • 46'

    CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, ZEILINGA! 29-10: Zeilinga does well to slot the conversion.

  • 45'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, SCHOEMAN! 29-8: The Cheetahs win a penalty as Duvenage is penalised. They win their lineout and maul forward. They do very well and then Schoeman goes over and score. Great work.

  • 44'

    CONVERSION, STORMERS, DU PREEZ! 29-3: Du Preez extends the lead.

  • 43'

    TRY, STORMERS, DU PLESSIS! 27-3: They win their scrum and then SP Marais finds the gap and sends Du Plessis away to score. Too easy!

  • 42'

    The Stormers secure their short kickoff, but then kick too deep and Blommetjoes restart. He messes his kick up and we now have a Stormers scrum on the Cheetahs 22.

  • 41'

    Du Preez and the Stormers starts proceedings in the second half.

  • 40'

    HALF TIME: The Stormers have scored three tries and have looked dangerous everytime they launched an attack. The Cheetahs will have to do much better in the second half.

  • 40'


  • 39'

    CONVERSION, STORMERS, DU PREEZ! 22-3: Du Preez slots a beauty.

  • 38'

    TRY, STORMERS, LEYDS! 20-3: The Stormers apply some pressure in the scrum and go wide. Leyds then falls short but is not held in the tackle and goes over and scores!

  • 36'

    The Stormers make good ground and again should have scored, but great tackling from Mohoje and Blommetjies, prevents a Notshe try.

  • 34'

    The Stormers are penalised at scrumtime, as Malherbe brings the scrum down. The Cheetahs does well and Rhule just fails to get to the ball, as he could have scored there.

  • 32'

    Etzebeth secures a Stormers lineout and they go wide and to the left. Once again it is turned over by the Cheetahs. Kolbe then attempts an intercept and knocks it on.

  • 30'

    After some fierce attacking, Zeilinga clears for the Cheetahs. The lineout is near the Cheetahs 22. The Cheetahs then steal the Stormers lineout. Great work!

  • 29'

    They mess up the lineout and the Stormers clear for a lineout. Blommetjies takes the quick throw and they make good ground again. Neil Marais takes it deeper into the Stormers half. The Stormers turn it over.

  • 27'

    The Cheetahs attack from inside their half. Charles Marais makes good ground and they secure a penalty, as Leyds is penalised. They opt for a lineout.

  • 25'

    CONVERSION, STORMERS, DU PREEZ! 15-3: Du Preez extends the lead.

  • 24'

    TRY, STORMERS, NOTSHE! 13-3: The Stormers string together nine phases. Marais then sees a gap and does well to time his pass to Notshe, who goes over and scores!

  • 22'

    PENALTY, CHEETAHS, ZEILINGA! 8-3: Zeilinga puts the Cheetahs on the board.

  • 21'

    The Cheetahs come away with the ball and they win a penalty inside the Stormers half, as Etzebeth is adjudged offside. They go for goal.

  • 20'

    They win the scrum and it is kicked by the Stormers. It goes into the ingoal area yet again and this time it is a Cheetahs scrum on the halfway line.

  • 19'

    The restart is a mess and it goes into the ingoal area. The Stormers will feed a scrum on the halfway line.

  • 18'

    Du Preez misses the conversion.

  • 17'

    TRY, STORMERS, LEYDS! 8-0: The Stormers turn over a Cheetahs ball and Wiese does well to send it wide. It ends up with Leyds, who speeds and scores in the corner.

  • 16'

    Venter feeds the Cheetahs scrum. They fail at the first attempt, as the front rows go down. The Stormers shove and the Cheetahs are penalised and Schoeman is penalised. He joined from the wrong side.

  • 14'

    The Cheetahs continue forward and good handling means they keep possession. The Cheetahs have a scrum five metres from the Stormers goal. We have a stoppage as Vermaak leaves the field and Duvenage replaces him, due to an injury.

  • 13'

    They secure their lineout and make good ground into the Stormers half. The Cheetahs have a lineout six metres from the Stormers line.

  • 11'

    The Stormers win the ball back after it was turned over by the Cheetahs. The Cheetahs defend well and they win a penalty five metres from their own line. They get out of jail. We have a Cheetahs lineout.

  • 9'

    Marais breaks after the restart, as he sees a gap and he offloads well to Kolisi. The Cheetahs turn it over and Zeilinga kicks deep.

  • 8'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, DU PREEZ! 3-0: Du Preez opens his account.

  • 7'

    Etzebeth secures the lineout and the Stormers drive forward. Etzebeth is involved again and they then go left. The Cheetahs concede the first penalty for hands in the ruck and du Preez will kick for goal.

  • 5'

    Vermaak feeds the first scrum of the match. They win the scrum and du Preez kicks deep and it is well taken by Blommetjies. We have a Stormers lineout inside the Cheetahs half.

  • 3'

    Vermaak kicks for a lineout just inside his half. The Cheetahs secure their lineout and make good ground. Zeilinga is caught in possession, but still offloads well. The Stormers turn it over, as the ball is knocked on.

  • 1'

    Our Referee for today is Rasta Rasivhenge, from South Africa. Blommetjies and the Cheetahs start proceedings here in Cape Town.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby game between the Stormers and the Cheetahs, from Newlands, in Cape Town.

  • 0'

    The Stormers will want to protect their unbeaten record when they host the Cheetahs at Newlands today.

  • 0'

    The Stormers will be confident going into the game as they have won their last three matches against the Cheetahs. The Cheetahs on the other hand have only won two of their last 13 games away from home, against South African opposition.

  • 0'

    Cobus Wiese will make his first start of the season for the Stormers, while Cheslin Kolbe will return to the starting XV from injury and will play on the right wing .

  • 0'

    The Cheetahs have made four changes to their team. Niel Marais and Nico Lee, will swop places. Marais will start at inside centre and Lee moves to the bench. Sergeal Petersen will return after a knee injury, replacing JW Jonker. Charles Marais and Ox Nche swop places with Marais starting at loosehead prop and Nche moving to the bench. We have a late change for the Cheetahs, as Botha is preferred to Coetzee at prop.

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Stormers Cheetahs
  • 8 Tries 1
    • 15' Dillyn Leyds
    • 22' Sikhumbuzo Notshe
    • 37' Dillyn Leyds
    • 41' Daniel du Plessis
    • 53' Robert du Preez
    • 59' Siya Kolisi
    • 64' Sikhumbuzo Notshe
    • 78' Sikhumbuzo Notshe
    • 44' Paul Schoeman
  • 5 Conversions 1
    • 23' Robert du Preez
    • 38' Robert du Preez
    • 43' Robert du Preez
    • 60' Robert du Preez
    • 65' Kurt Coleman
    • 45' Fred Zeilinga
  • 1 Penalties 1
    • 7' Robert du Preez
    • 21' Fred Zeilinga
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • JC van Rensburg
  • Mbongeni Mbonami
  • Frans Malherbe
  • Eben Etzebeth
  • Pieter-Steph du Toit
  • Cobus Wiese
  • Siya Kolisi
  • Sikhumbuzo Notshe
  • Jano Vermaak
  • Robert du Preez
  • Dillyn Leyds
  • Daniel du Plessis
  • EW Viljoen
  • Cheslin Kolbe
  • SP Marais
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Charles Marais
  • Torsten Van Jaarsveld
  • Tom Botha
  • Armandt Koster
  • Francois Uys
  • Paul Schoeman
  • Teboho Mohoje
  • Henco Venter
  • Shaun Venter
  • Fred Zeilinga
  • Raymond Rhule
  • Niel Marais
  • Francois Venter
  • Nico Lee
  • Clayton Blommetjies
  • Ramone Samuels
  • Caylib Oosthuizen
  • Oliver Kebble
  • Chris Van Zyl
  • Nizaam Carr
  • Dewaldt Duvenage
  • Kurt Coleman
  • Dan Kriel
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Elandre Huggett
  • Ox Nche
  • Johannes Coetzee
  • Carl Wegner
  • Niell Jordaan
  • Clinton Swart
  • Tian Meyer
  • Luther Obi

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