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2017/02/24 | 11:00 |  Super Rugby | Suncorp Stadium |  Full Time
Super Rugby

As it happened: Reds 28-26 Sharks

2017-02-24 12:55
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24 Feb 12:55

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The Reds picked up four points for their victory to take the early lead in the Australia Conference, while the Sharks left with a single point for losing by seven or fewer points.

In next weekend's Week 2 action, the Reds travel to Perth to face the Force (Thursday, March 2 at 12:30 SA time), while the Sharks head for Canberra where they will take on the Brumbies (Saturday, March 4 at 10:45 SA time).

24 Feb 12:52

The Reds hang on for the win, having trailed by eight points inside the final quarter. They were also a man down at that stage and showed great courage to eke out a win.

The Sharks will rue weak first-time tackling and handling errors and wonder how they let this one slip...

24 Feb 12:50
FULL-TIME: Reds 28-26 Sharks
24 Feb 12:50
80'- The Reds hold onto the ball to wind the clock down and end the game...
24 Feb 12:49
79'- It's a nice move off the scrum from the Sharks but out wide Van Wyk is unable to hang onto a shockingly low pass from Poitrenaud.
24 Feb 12:47
78'- A forward pass hands the Sharks a scrum. But can they go almost the distance of the field to steal a win?
24 Feb 12:47
78'- The Reds counter up-field and surge into the red zone...
24 Feb 12:46
77'- Lambie pulls his penalty attempt to the right. His first miss of the night... when it really matters!
24 Feb 12:45

75'- YELLOW CARD for Karmichael Hunt.

Lambie will also line up a tough shot at goal, from the corner.

24 Feb 12:44
75'- Replays show Mvovo ducked into the tackle but it's still a high hit. The TMO is called into action...
24 Feb 12:43
75'- The Sharks win a penalty in the corner after a dangerous high tackle from Hunt on Mvovo, who has stayed down.
24 Feb 12:42
74'- After a Sharks lineout goes awry, the Reds hand the Durbanites another lifeline by knocking on on halfway...
24 Feb 12:39
72'- Since going ahead 26-18, the Sharks have seemingly gone to sleep in this game.
24 Feb 12:39

71'- Tuttle, however, can't convert his own try.

Reds 28-26 Sharks

24 Feb 12:38

70'- TRY to the Reds! Replacement back James Tuttle scores in the corner after a great break from inside centre Duncan Paia'aua.

Poor defence Sharks!

24 Feb 12:36
69'- It's a shocking kick from Cooper, whose effort misses by about five metres to the left...
24 Feb 12:36

68' - A scrum penalty awarded to the Reds.

Cooper will look to level the scores - about 35m out, 15m in-field.

24 Feb 12:33

66'-15 v 15

Reds back to their full compliment as Douglas returns from the sin-bin.

24 Feb 12:31
65'- Sharks sub: Reinach off, replaced by Claassens.
24 Feb 12:31
65'- Cooper sets up another lineout near the Sharks' 22m line. The hosts are playing well with only 14 men on the field...
24 Feb 12:29

64'- Cooper misses with the conversion attempt from out wide...

Reds 23-26 Sharks

24 Feb 12:28
63'- TRY awarded to Samu Kerevi. His second of the game.
24 Feb 12:27

63' - TMO CALL

Samu Kerevi goes over for the Reds but the TMO is called into action for a possible double movement.

24 Feb 12:26
62'- Reds looking to hit right back...
24 Feb 12:24

61'- CONVERSION slotted by Lambie.

Reds 18-26 Sharks

24 Feb 12:24
60'- TRY awarded to Sharks No 8 Tera Mtembu!
24 Feb 12:22


The Sharks go over after a powerful driving maul.

The referee's on-field decision is 'TRY', so the TMO must find a reason not to award the try.

24 Feb 12:21
59'- A kickable penalty for the Sharks ad Reds flank George Smith is caught off-side at a lineout just outside the Reds 22m area... again Lambie opts for an attacking lineout...
24 Feb 12:19
58' - Yet again, the chance goes begging as the Reds force a turnover before clearing up-field...
24 Feb 12:19
57'- Sharks with another attacking lineout five metres out...
24 Feb 12:18
56' - Sharks subs: Mtawarira, Oosthuizen and Bosch off, replaced by Du Toit, Adriaanse and Poitrenaud.
24 Feb 12:17

56' - YELLOW CARD dished out to Kane Douglas.

And deservedly so...

24 Feb 12:17


The TMO is called into action for potential foul play.

It looks like a possible neck roll from Reds lock Kane Douglas on Sharks prop Tendai Mtawarira.

24 Feb 12:13
53'- At the next lineout the Sharks are pinged for obstruction and the chance goes begging...
24 Feb 12:12
52'- The Reds collapse a dominant Sharks driving maul. It's another penalty and the Reds are perhaps lucky to still have 15 men on the field...
24 Feb 12:11
51'- Another Reds player (George Smith) is caught off-side. It's near the corner so Lambie opts for an attacking lineout five metres out...
24 Feb 12:10
51'- Sharks sub: Hooker Franco Marais has left the field, replaced by Chiliboy Ralepelle.
24 Feb 12:09
50'- A Reds handling error hands the Sharks a scrum just inside the red zone...
24 Feb 12:08

49'- Cooper misses with his conversion attempt from out wide...

Reds 18-19 Sharks

24 Feb 12:07
Burly centre Samu Kerevi bursts over on the blindside for the hosts' second try.
24 Feb 12:06
48'- TRY to the Reds!
24 Feb 12:06

47'- The Reds surge up-field and win a kickable penalty.

However, they opt to set up a scrum five metres out.

The referee also warns the Sharks for infringing every time the Reds get in the strike zone. The next Shark who fails to roll away at a ruck will go to the bin...

  • 80'

    The Sharks secures the scrum and eventually messes it up with a terrible pass. That was their last chance.

  • 80'

    The Reds made the most of their chances despite Cooper, missing a few kicks. It was an even contest, which the Reds just narrowly secures. The Sharks can be proud of their performance though.

  • 80'

    REDS 28-26 SHARKS

  • 78'

    The Reds goes on an all out attack, only to knock it on in the tackle. Scrum Sharks.

  • 77'

    Claassens, feeds the Shark scrum. They drive into the Reds half of the field, only to turn it over in the tackle.

  • 77'

    YELLOW CARD, REDS, HUNT! 28-26: The Reds will have another period with 14 men, as Hunt is penalised for a high tackle. Lambie goes for goal, but pushes it wide.

  • 75'

    We almost have a Shark's interception, as the Reds goes for a long pass. That was close. Who wants this, with 5 minutes to go?

  • 73'

    It's another penalty to the Reds, as Thomas du Toit, is penalised. The Reds goes for the line-out.

  • 71'

    TRY, REDS, TUTTLE! 28-26: The Reds take the lead after some good running. Tuttle is tackled, but his momentum takes him over. They miss yet another kick. Can they maintain this lead?

  • 70'

    The Reds earns a penalty and Cooper, takes a shot at goal. He pushes it wide, as the Sharks keep their lead.

  • 68'

    It's not so smart rugby now, as we have turn-over after turn-over. The Sharks eventually make the last mistake and it's a scrum. Douglas is back on the field.

  • 66'

    It's a penalty to the Reds in a kickable position. Smart rugby from the Reds Scrum-half. They opt to kick it into touch though.

  • 64'

    TRY, REDS, KEREVI! 23-26: The TMO says try, despite some evidence of double movement. Cooper misses the conversion.

  • 63'

    We have some more scrappy play in the Sharks half, as the Reds come close. How did they mess that up? They regain possession and continues forward. They go through 8 phases and eventually they go over in the corner, but it's referred to the TMO.

  • 61'

    TRY, SHARKS, MTEMBU! 18-24: The Sharks wins the line-out and drives over the line. It is referred to the TMO. The TMO confirmed the referee''s initial call.

  • 61'

    CONVERSION, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 18-26: Lambie slots the conversion.

  • 59'

    George Smith is penalised for going off-side. The Sharks opts for yet another line-out.

  • 58'

    The Sharks drives to within 5 yards of the Reds goal and turns it over, to give the Reds relief, yet again.

  • 57'

    The Sharks knocks on in their half of the field and The referee plays advantage. The Referee refers to the TMO for potential foul play.

  • 57'

    YELLOW CARD, REDS, DOUGLAS! 18-19: The Sharks will have a ten minute advantage, with an extra man, as the TMO, rules foul play.

  • 55'

    We are going through a scrappy period of play. With 25 minutes to play, It's there for the taking.

  • 54'

    What a mess. It was the same setup as the previous line-out, but they give away a penalty. Once again relief for the Reds.

  • 52'

    The Sharks feed the scrum and the Reds go off-side. It's another penalty, for Lambie to have a go at. They opt for the line-out instead. They win another penalty and we will have another line-out.

  • 51'

    Scrappy play in the Reds half, eventually hands the Sharks possession. They apply pressure and wins a scrum. We have a stoppage in play.

  • 49'

    TRY, REDS, KEREVI! 18-19: The Reds opts for the scrum and regains possession. It's p[oor tackling from the Sharks as Kerevi scores. Cooper misses the conversion.

  • 48'

    The Reds wins a free-kick on their 22 yard line. They kick downfield and continues to drive forward after regaining possession. It's a penalty right in front as the Sharks go off-side.

  • 46'

    The Sharks secures the restart, but between the kicking from one end to the other, it's eventually a Reds line-out. It's relief for the Reds, as the Sharks go off-side.

  • 44'

    PENALTY, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 13-19: Lambie slots the easy penalty as the Sharks goes further ahead.

  • 43'

    The Sharks continues to drive forward and the pressure leads to an easy penalty, which Lambie, should convert.

  • 42'

    Cooper kicks downfield, to hand possession to the Sharks. They in turn kick it over the dead-ball line. Cooper restarts and the Sharks knock it on.

  • 40'

    It''s more pressure from the Sharks, as they win another penalty. Lambie goes for the posts.

  • 40'

    PENALTY, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 13-16: Lambie ensures that the Sharks go into the lead at half-time.

  • 40'

    It's Half-time and it's anyone's game, with forty minutes to play. The Reds have had more possession, but are three points behind at the break.

  • 40'

    REDS 13-16 SHARKS

  • 40'

    The Sharks gets the second half going.

  • 39'

    The Reds have a line-out after some good tackling. They win another line-out, much closer to their line.

  • 37'

    With three minutes to go, it's anyone's game.

  • 36'

    The Sharks drives forward and then the two teams gets involved in a bit of an altercation. The Reds wins a scrum.

  • 34'

    CONVERSION, REDS, COOPER! 13-13: Cooper makes no mistake.

  • 33'

    They win the scrum and drive forward. It appears as if they have scored. The Referee refers it to the TMO!

  • 33'

    TRY, REDS, Higginbotham! 11-13: He scores his fifth try against the Sharks.

  • 32'

    The Reds wins the ball, as the Sharks turns it over. Adam Korczyk then forces a mistake and it's a Reds scrum. Great work.

  • 30'

    Nick Frisby, feeds the scrum, and Cooper finds touch, near the half-way line.

  • 28'

    Lwazi Mvovo, breaks through the Reds defense, as the Sharks looks dangerous. They turn it over and it''s a scrum.

  • 26'

    PENALTY, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 6-13: Lambie slots a beauty from about 35 yards.

  • 25'

    The Reds gives away a penalty, after winning the line-out. Samu Kerevi, is the guilty party. Lambie goes for post.

  • 24'

    It's a bit of ping-pong kicking after the restart and finally it's a line-out to the Reds.

  • 23'

    The Reds are looking better and better. They win a scrum, but the Sharks concedes a penalty, right in front, for collapsing the front-row.

  • 23'

    PENALTY, REDS, COOPER! 6-10: Cooper slots the easy penalty.

  • 21'

    Cooper breaks through the middle and off-loads, as the Reds come very close. Desperate tackles from the Sharks, saves the day, for now.

  • 19'

    The Reds wins a scrum from 5 yards out, but yet another mistake, as Mtawarira wins the Sharks a crucial penalty.

  • 18'

    The Reds controls possession and moves well into the Sharks half. They win a line-out and continues to drive forward through 7 phases. They come close and almost scores.

  • 16'

    PENALTY, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 3-10: Lambie makes no mistake with an easy penalty.

  • 15'

    The Sharks secures the line-out and goes on the attack. They drive forward nicely and the Reds are forced to tackle well. It's a Sharks penalty in front of the posts, as the Reds go over the top.

  • 13'

    The Reds wins a penalty as the Sharks go off-side. They kick for touch.

  • 12'

    It's a Reds scrum on the half-way line. Cooper breaks through the middle and they knock it forward in the tackle. The Sharks kicks the ball from the scrum, downfield.

  • 10'

    The Reds receives other penalty and Cooper kicks it out on the 5 yard line. They unfortunately lose the line-out with an overthrow.

  • 8'

    The Sharks feeds the line-out but gives away a silly penalty, with an accidental off-side. The Reds goes for touch and its just inside the Sharks half.

  • 6'

    PENALTY, REDS, COOPER! 3-7: Cooper slots a good penalty.

  • 5'

    Paia'aua drives through the middle, as the Reds looks dangerous. However they knock it on and the Referee, goes back for a penalty.

  • 3'

    CONVERSION, SHARKS, LAMBIE! 0-7: Lambie makes no mistake with the conversion.

  • 2'

    TRY, SHARKS, DU PREEZ! 0-5: The Sharks hands possession to the Reds and Smith drives forward. They then make a mistake and Du Preez intercepts and scores.

  • 1'

    The Referee for tonight is Nick Briant, as The Reds kicks off.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Super Rugby clash between the Reds and the Sharks at Suncorp in Brisbane.

  • 0'

    The only way is up for the Sharks after last year but having won just two of their last seven away games, they need to fix their travel issues. However, the last time they visited Australia was a 21-14 win over the Reds in Round 15 of 2015, which will encourage them.

  • 0'

    Veteran flank George Smith will become Queensland representative number 1307 after being named to make his Reds debut in the seven shirt. Friday?s match will also signal a return to Suncorp Stadium in Reds colours for Stephen Moore, Scott Higginbotham and Quade Cooper, who have all been named in the starting XV. While Smith is the only ?debutant? in the Reds? line-up, Markus Vanzati, Izack Rodda and Izaia Perese are in line to make their Reds and Super Rugby bows after being named on the replacements bench for the Brisbane clash.

  • 0'

    Lwazi Mvovo is set to play his 100th match for the Sharks after being named on the left wing. Patrick Lambie will lead with Tera Mtembu deputising a team boasting a strong mix of youth and experience. Young players who have shone have been given the opportunity to impress.

  • 0'

    Lwazi Mvovo, playing in his 100th match, leads the Sharks onto the field.

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Reds Sharks
  • 4 Tries 2
    • 32' Scott Higginbotham
    • 48' Samu Kerevi
    • 63' Samu Kerevi
    • 70' James Tuttle
    • 1' Jean-Luc du Preez
    • 59' Lubabalo Mtembu
  • 1 Conversions 2
    • 33' Quade Cooper
    • 2' Patrick Lambie
    • 60' Patrick Lambie
  • 2 Penalties 4
    • 5' Quade Cooper
    • 22' Quade Cooper
    • 15' Patrick Lambie
    • 25' Patrick Lambie
    • 40' Patrick Lambie
    • 44' Patrick Lambie
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 2 Yellow Cards 0
    • 56' Kane Douglas
    • 75' Karmichael Hunt
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • James Slipper
  • Stephen Moore
  • Sam Talakai
  • Rob Simmons
  • Kane Douglas
  • Adam Korczyk
  • George Smith
  • Scott Higginbotham
  • Nick Frisby
  • Quade Cooper
  • Eto Nabuli
  • Duncan Paia'aua
  • Samu Kerevi
  • Chris Kuridrani
  • Karmichael Hunt
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Tendai Mtawarira
  • Franco Marais
  • Coenraad Oosthuizen
  • Etienne Oosthuizen
  • Ruan Botha
  • Phillip Van Der Walt
  • Jean-Luc du Preez
  • Lubabalo Mtembu
  • Jacobus Reinach
  • Patrick Lambie
  • Lwazi Mvovo
  • Andre Esterhuizen
  • Lukhanyo Am
  • Jacobus Van Wyk
  • Curwin Bosch
  • Andrew Ready
  • Markus Vanzati
  • Sef Fa'agase
  • Izack Rodda
  • Hendrik Tui
  • James Tuttle
  • Jake McIntyre
  • Izaia Perese
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Chiliboy Ralepelle
  • Thomas du Toit
  • Lourens Adriaanse
  • Stephan Lewies
  • Jacques Vermeulen
  • Michael Claassens
  • Jeremy Ward
  • Clement Poitrenaud

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