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2016/04/01 | 19:00 |  Super Rugby | Emirates Airlines Park |  Full Time
Super Rugby

Brave Lions go down to Crusaders

2016-04-01 18:45
Last Updated at 00:39
01 Apr 20:50

Good night, ladies and gentlemen! 

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01 Apr 20:49
The man-of-the match is Crusaders centre and hat-trick hero Ryan Crotty
01 Apr 20:45
The Lions will be wondering what might have been. A couple of silly missed tackles cost them ...
01 Apr 20:44
What a game ...
01 Apr 20:44
FT: Jantjies slots the conversion and it's all over. It ends Lions 37-43 Crusaders. 
01 Apr 20:44
80' Jantjies will have a shot at goal. It will give the Lions a bonus point if he slots it, and they deserve that much ...
01 Apr 20:43
80' Penalty to the Lions but the hooter has gone ...
01 Apr 20:42
80' Crusaders find touch. Lions have a lineout 22m out ....
01 Apr 20:41
79' Scrum Crusaders and that is the ball-game ...
01 Apr 20:41
79' Lions get the free-kick, swing it left and then knock it on ...
01 Apr 20:40
78' Crusaders are eating up time now! Scrum reset ...
01 Apr 20:39
77' Lions get over the line but it is held up! Agonising! They have the scrum ... but the clock is ticking! 
01 Apr 20:38
76' They need a try right now ...
01 Apr 20:38
76' Penalty Lions just 5m out!
01 Apr 20:37
75' Lions enforce the turnover! Penalty. They can get out of their half now but they are running out of time ...
01 Apr 20:36
73' Jantjies went for the little chip over the top from deep inside his own territory and it didn't work. He gifts possession away and the Lions are on the back foot. They clear eventually, but the Crusaders have the ball back ...
01 Apr 20:34
72' The Lions have it back now, but they're deep in their own territory ...
01 Apr 20:33
71' Conversion good. Lions 34-43 Crusaders. 
01 Apr 20:33
TRY LIONS! They get the penalty again and the quick tap sees Van der Merwe go over for his second! He's a serious unit! 
01 Apr 20:32
Now we're deciding whether the Lions should get the penalty again for the Crusaders not being back 5 ...
01 Apr 20:30
It's been lost forward by Smit. So close. 
01 Apr 20:30
71' Possible try to Lions, but nobody seems too excited. We're going upstairs to check grounding ...
01 Apr 20:29
70' Lions inside the 22 now ...
01 Apr 20:28
69' Lions in possession now in Crusaders half, but this defence is solid for the most part ... that's been another big difference tonight
01 Apr 20:26
67' Conversion good. Lions 27-43 Crusaders
01 Apr 20:26
66' TRY CRUSADERS! Another fantastic offload from Johnny McNicholl and Mitchell Drummond scores. That ... is that. 
01 Apr 20:25
66' Lions lose possession in their own half. They need the ball back quickly ...
01 Apr 20:24
65' Jantjies slots another one from the touchline. Lions 27-36 Crusaders. Just a glimmer of hope for the Lions now ...
01 Apr 20:23
63' TRY LIONS! Out of nowhere! The turnover came deep inside Lions territory and they set off on the counter! The try is scored by Van der Merwe who has shown fantastic pace to go over on the right touchline! 
01 Apr 20:21
63' Crusaders looking for another score here. They have it inside the Lions 22 ...
01 Apr 20:21
61' The Crusaders have bossed the battle on the ground. One area where they have been substantially better than the Lions ...
01 Apr 20:20
61' But a loose pass gifts possession back to the Kiwis ...
01 Apr 20:20
61' One thing you do know is that the Lions will keep throwing it around. Here they go again ...
01 Apr 20:19
60' Penalty Crusaders. The Lions lose it on the ground in just their second phase. It's not happening for them. That was the moment something needed to happen if the Lions were going to get back into this, one feels ...
01 Apr 20:17
59' Lions lineout about 10m out. They really need something now ...
01 Apr 20:17
59' And now everybody is having a go! Pushing and shoving! The Lions will surely set up a lineout here ...
01 Apr 20:16
59' Penalty Lions! 
01 Apr 20:16
58' You must be joking. Another reset and now Berry has a word. 
01 Apr 20:15
58' And another reset. Valuable time being eaten up here. Crusaders put-in ...
01 Apr 20:15
57' More problems at scrum time. Reset ...
01 Apr 20:14

56' Lions change their whole front row ...

Van der Merwe, Fourie and Dreyer all on.

01 Apr 20:13
55' Another encouraging move from the Lions but Skosan is not expecting the pass and knocks it on ...
01 Apr 20:12
54' Lions looking to spread it but they are met by some solid Crusaders defence. The kick through is picked up by Nadolo, who clears ...
01 Apr 20:11
54' Lions need something here. Really hard to see them coming back from this ...
01 Apr 20:10
53' Faf de Klerk off for Dillon Smit
01 Apr 20:10
52' Conversion good. Lions 20-36 Crusaders
01 Apr 20:09
51' TRY CRUSADERS! Crotty in for the hat-trick! That could be that for the hosts. Again the defence was too soft. The crowd has gone quiet. 
01 Apr 20:08
55' Lions battling a bit now. Passes not going to hand ...
01 Apr 20:07
50' Lions have the lineout 42m out. They have to score next ...
01 Apr 20:06
49' Easy conversion and now the Lions are up against it. Lions 20-29 Crusaders. 
  • 81'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES! 37-43: The hooter goes as Lions win the penalty and Jantjies slots the penalty goal in. Crusaders have won away from home and the Lions lose.

  • 81'

    Full time: Lions 37-43 Crusaders.

  • 80'

    The Lions have a lineout 22 metres out.

  • 79'

    There is not enough time remaining for the Lions to win this, Crusaders have been the better team and they have punished the Lions for some poor defence and soft tackling.

  • 77'

    Penalty for the Lions, 5 metres out and they need a try here. The clock is ticking and the Crusaders are running it down.

  • 76'

    Another penalty conceded by the Crusaders, Moody for not rolling away from the ruck.

  • 75'

    Crusaders concede another penalty, Romano for not releasing the ball.

  • 73'

    The Lions are deep in their territory trying to make something happen.

  • 72'

    TRY, LIONS, VAN DER MERWE! 32-43: Try for the Lions now as Armand van der Merwe scores a brace of tries, the lead is down to 11 points.

  • 72'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES! 34-43: Jantjies makes no mistake and the lead is down to 9 points with 8 minutes remaining.

  • 71'

    This could be a try for the Lions but the players are not excited. The TMO is called into action.

  • 71'

    The ball was lost forward by Smit, no try for the Lions.

  • 70'

    Mapoe bursts through the Crusader defence but is caught quickly, Lions need to score again. Crusaders are playing well.

  • 68'

    CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, MO'UNGA! 27-43: Mo'unga gets it right and the lead increases again to 16 points.

  • 66'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, DRUMMOND! 27-41: McNicholl has had a good game today and he sets this try up for Drummond with a linebreak, Drummond takes it over the try line.

  • 65'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES! 27-36: Jantjies slots the conversion in with 15 minutes to go.

  • 63'

    TRY, LIONS, VAN DER MERWE! 25-36: There it is, the Lions find the try they were looking for, Armand van der Merwe scores a run-away try from deep inside his own half.

  • 61'

    There are 20 minutes left in this game and the Lions need to score if they want to win this. They have not scored in the second half.

  • 60'

    The Lions concede another penalty, Kriel not releasing the ball.

  • 59'

    Crusaders concede a penalty through Moody for incorrect binding in the scrum.

  • 58'

    A few problems with the scrum, a couple of resets and Berry has a word with the players.

  • 56'

    Lions make a few changes to their front row, Van der Merwe, Fourie and Dreyer come on.

  • 53'

    Faf de Klerk is replaced by Dillon Smit

  • 52'

    CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, MO'UNGA! 20-36: Easy conversion and Mo'unga takes the lead to 16 points.

  • 51'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, CROTTY! 20-34: Crotty tightens the screws as he scores again and the lead extends to 14 points. A hat-trick of tries for Crotty and the crowd in Johannesburg has gone silent.

  • 50'

    Lions have a lineout 44 metres out and one gets the feeling that they have to score next to stay in this game.

  • 49'

    CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, MO'UNGA! 20-29: It is an easy conversion and Mo'unga slots it in. Crusaders lead by 9 points.

  • 48'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, CROTTY! 20-27: Crusaders score and this is a crucial try, first points of the second half. Ryan Crotty runs through the defence and goes over the try line.

  • 45'

    They could have kicked this, but they decide not to. It is a lineout, 15 metres out.

  • 44'

    Lions concede a penalty, Coetzee not rolling away. The Crusaders have a slim 2-point lead here.

  • 43'

    Fonotia breaks through the Lions defence, the Lions have been soft with their tackling tonight and the Crusaders set up a chance with McNicholl's offload.

  • 42'

    Lions concede a penalty to begin the second half, Mnisi for collapsing the maul.

  • 41'

    PENALTY, CRUSADERS, MO''UNGA! 20-22: Mo''unga kicks the penalty in and it is a penalty goal to end the first half. Crusaders win back the lead. It has been a busy first half with lots of action. Both teams are playing well and whoever makes fewer mistakes will win this. Good game so far.

  • 41'

    Half time: Lions 20-22 Crusaders.

  • 41'

    Second half begins.

  • 40'

    Lions concede a penalty, Lionel Mapoe is caught offside.

  • 39'

    Nadolo goes through the Lions defence and makes some ground. He is assisted by McNicholl.

  • 38'

    Lions concede a penalty, Whiteley for handling the ball in the scrum.

  • 35'

    Berry says play on, he has made the right call.

  • 34'

    There may be a potential tip-tackle from Marx, they are taking a look at it.

  • 32'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES! 20-19: This is a difficult kick but Jantjies gets it right and wins back the lead for the Lions.

  • 31'

    Crockett collapses the scrum and this will be another penalty for the Lions.

  • 29'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES! 17-19: Jantjies gets the conversion right and it is 17-19 as Lions are just 2 points behind.

  • 28'

    TRY, LIONS, JANTJIES! 15-19: Poor tackling from the Crusaders as Jantjies is allowed to run through the defence and he scores a try. Faf de Klerk's pass created the chance.

  • 27'

    Another penalty conceded by the Crusaders through Mo'unga for not releasing the ball carrier. Crusaders lead by 9 points.

  • 25'

    Faf de Klerk passes the ball and the Lions now have a scrum 10 metres out.

  • 24'

    Another penalty conceded by the Crusaders, Crockett caught offside of the maul.

  • 22'

    Crusaders concede a penalty through Owen Franks for foul play.

  • 20'

    CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, MO'UNGA! 10-19: Mo'unga gets the conversion right and Crusaders take a 9 point lead.

  • 19'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, CROCKETT! 10-17: Scott Barrett sets up the chance with a nice offload and Crockett scores the try for the Crusaders.

  • 18'

    Brilliant running play from both sides.

  • 16'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES! 10-12: Jantjies scores a penalty goal and the Lions cut the margin down to two points. Todd conceded the penalty for obstruction.

  • 14'

    CONVERSION, CRUSADERS, MO''UNGA! 7-12: Two more points added to the Crusaders score as Mo''unga gets the conversion right.

  • 13'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, MCNICHOLL! 7-10: Another try for the Crusaders, McNicholl intercepts the long pass from Jantjies and carries it over the line.

  • 12'

    Jantjies misses the penalty and the Lions miss an opportunity to score. They still lead by 2.

  • 10'

    Crusaders concede a penalty, Crockett wheeling the scrum.

  • 8'

    Lots of action in the opening minutes of the game, both teams scoring one try each but Lions getting the conversion right.

  • 6'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES! 7-5: Easy conversion and Jantjies gives Lions the lead.

  • 4'

    TRY, LIONS, MAPOE! 5-5: Lionel Mapoe takes it over the try line and Lions score their first try of the evening. The scores are level.

  • 3'

    The conversion is missed, Richie Mo'unga fails to add the two points.

  • 1'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, CROTTY! 0-5: The Crusaders have scored in the opening minute, Nadolo creates the opportunity and Crotty clears the try line.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby clash between the Lions and the Crusaders from Emirates Airlines Park.

  • 0'

    The Crusaders are the tournaments most successful side, but Lions will have home advantage.

  • 0'

    A few changes for the Lions, Warwick Tecklenburg returns on the flank, Marnitz Boshoff will be the playmaker. Ackermann also brings in Andries Ferreira and Lourens Erasmus as the locks.

  • 0'

    Todd Blackadder brings in Wyatt Crockett as the loosehead prop, Moody is benched. Luke Romano and Scott Barrett are the locks with Whitelock in the reserves.

  • 0'

    Both teams have won three out of their four games, so far but history is on the side of the Crusaders. Lions have never beaten them.

  • 0'

    Stuart Berry is the referee today with Craig Joubert and AJ Jacobs assisting him. Johan Greeff is the TMO.

  • 0'

    Elton Jantjies passed the late fitness test and is in the side. Lions had a bye last week so they are well rested.

  • 0'

    First half begins.

  • 0'

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Lions Crusaders
  • 4 Tries 6
    • 3' Lionel Mapoe
    • 27' Elton Jantjies
    • 62' Armand van der Merwe
    • 70' Armand van der Merwe
    • 0' Ryan Crotty
    • 12' Johnny McNicholl
    • 18' Wyatt Crockett
    • 47' Ryan Crotty
    • 50' Ryan Crotty
    • 65' Mitchell Drummond
  • 4 Conversions 5
    • 4' Elton Jantjies
    • 28' Elton Jantjies
    • 64' Elton Jantjies
    • 70' Elton Jantjies
    • 13' Richie Mo''unga
    • 19' Richie Mo''unga
    • 48' Richie Mo''unga
    • 51' Richie Mo''unga
    • 67' Richie Mo''unga
  • 3 Penalties 1
    • 15' Elton Jantjies
    • 31' Elton Jantjies
    • 80' Elton Jantjies
    • 40' Richie Mo''unga
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Dylan Smith
  • Malcolm Marx
  • Julian Redelinghuys
  • Andries Ferreira
  • Franco Mostert
  • Jaco Kriel
  • Warwick Tecklenburg
  • Warren Whiteley
  • Francois de Klerk
  • Elton Jantjies
  • Courtnall Skosan
  • Howard Mnisi
  • Lionel Mapoe
  • Ruan Combrinck
  • Andries Coetzee
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Wyatt Crockett
  • Codie Taylor
  • Owen Franks
  • Luke Romano
  • Scott Barrett
  • Jimmy Tupou
  • Matt Todd
  • Kieran Read
  • Andrew Ellis
  • Richie Mo'unga
  • Nemani Nadolo
  • Ryan Crotty
  • Kieron Fonotia
  • Johnny McNicholl
  • David Kaetau Havili
  • Armand van der Merwe
  • Corne Fourie
  • Ruan Dreyer
  • Ruan Ackermann
  • Cyle Brink
  • Dillon Smit
  • Jaco van der Walt
  • Rohan Janse van Rensburg
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Ben Funnell
  • Joe Moody
  • Michael Alaalatoa
  • Sam Whitelock
  • Jordan Taufua
  • Mitchell Drummond
  • Ben Volavola
  • Sean Wainui

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