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2016/04/09 | 19:15 |  Super Rugby | Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium |  Full Time
Super Rugby

As it happened: Kings 6 Bulls 38

2016-04-09 21:15
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09 Apr 21:12
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09 Apr 21:12
09 Apr 21:09


Kings 6 Bulls 38

A comprehensive victory for the visitors as they scored six tries. 

09 Apr 21:08
80' - The hooter sounds but the Bulls have one final scrum feed around 20m from the Kings line. 
09 Apr 21:04
77' - Can the Kings get a consolation try? Jaer is trying his best and looks their most dangerous attacker but the Bulls have him covered. 
09 Apr 21:01

73' - TRY to the Bulls!

SP Marais has his second of the evening. He kicks ahead when he probably should have passed but the Kings defence can't secure the ball, allowing the fullback to pick up and score. 

Brummer converts.

Kings 6 Bulls 38

09 Apr 20:57
71' - Yet another penalty against the Bulls. Fouche cannot find touch for the Kings allowing SP Marais to clear to the Bulls 10m line. 
09 Apr 20:55

69' - Again the Kings are penalised for obstruction as they attempt to maul the ball over the Bulls line.

They really haven't taken their chances tonight. 

09 Apr 20:54

68' - TMO called into action to check the tackle on Jaer

The Kings will get a penalty as the TMO has ruled he was tackled before he could collect the ball.

Seemed like a tough call to be honest. The Kings set up an attacking 5m lineout. 

09 Apr 20:52
67' - Jaer's pace again causing the Bulls some defence. He kicks ahead but just can't collect. 
09 Apr 20:47

63' - TRY to the Bulls!

Big lock Snyman runs a brilliant angle, cutting through the Kings defence to score near the posts.

Schoeman converts!

Kings 6 Bulls 31

09 Apr 20:46
63' - Play quickly moves up the other end of the field as the Bulls move onto the attack. 
09 Apr 20:45
60' - So close for the Kings as Jaer goes close. He is brought down 3m short of the line and then the Bulls force the Kings into touch. 
09 Apr 20:43
59' - The Bulls backs are full of running now, moving the ball at every opportunity. Unfortunately, the visitors keep on giving away penalties at the ruck. Fouche clears into the Bulls half. 
09 Apr 20:39
56' - A promising Kings attack is thwarted after excellent Bulls defence forces Van Tonder to knock-on under pressure. 
09 Apr 20:38

54' - Serfontein scythes through the Kings defence but the Bulls are pinged again at ruck time. 

Fouche can clear upfield

09 Apr 20:36
53' - Excellent defence from the Bulls. The Kings are penalised for truck and trailer as their rolling maul rumbled towards the Bulls line. 
09 Apr 20:35
51' - Penalty to the Kings, another ruck infringement from the Bulls. Fouche will set up an attacking lineout. 
09 Apr 20:32

48' - TRY to the Bulls!

Van Zyl puts in a pin-point box kick which Visser cannot collect. Kriel does however and finds Ulengo with a brilliant offload for the winger to run in unopposed. 

Schoeman converts.

Kings 6 Bulls 24

09 Apr 20:30
47' - Now the Bulls steal the ball through Nyakane. Both teams struggling to protect ball here. 
09 Apr 20:29

45' - Brilliant steal by the Kings wins them a penalty. Fouche kicks for touch to relive the pressure. 

Ferreira can be credit with all the hard work for the Kings. 

09 Apr 20:27
44' - Penalty to the Bulls as the Kings collapse a scrum. The Bulls trying their best to wind down the clock. They elect to use a tap kick to restart the game. 
09 Apr 20:25

42' - Van Zyl kick from the base of a ruck and Vulindlu knocks it on under pressure from Ulengo

The visitors have a scrum on the Kings 22m line. 

09 Apr 20:24
42' - The Bulls are first with a sustained period of possession. They will be very happy to run the clock down to get their two players back on the field. 
09 Apr 20:22
40' - Second half underway in Port Elizabeth. 
09 Apr 20:11


The Bulls 13 man defence holds out. They will still have to play a few minutes in the second half two men down.

Kings 6 Bulls 17

09 Apr 20:09

40' +8 - Brilliant defence by the Bulls as Ismaiel manages to hold Visser up!

09 Apr 20:07
40' +8 - Visser held up over the line. Did he get it down? The TMO will have a look. 
09 Apr 20:05

40' +6 - YELLOW CARD to the Bulls!

Marcel vd Merwe will join Snyman in the bin.

09 Apr 20:05
40' +6 - Offsides again by the Bulls. Shrill blast from the referee, this could be another card. 
09 Apr 20:03
40' +5 - Another penalty to the Kings and another scrum. The Bulls living on the edge here. 
09 Apr 20:01

40' +3 - A strong scrum from the Kings and Van Zyl came through too early. He was offside. 

Another penalty to the Kings. They will scrum again!

09 Apr 20:00
40' +2 - The Kings opt for a scrum!  They have the extra man
09 Apr 19:59

40' - YELLOW CARD to Snyman!

The Bulls player will spend 10m in the sin-bin. 

09 Apr 19:59

40' - Willemse and Marutlulle break way for the Kings and into the Bulls 22m area. 

Snyman gives away a cynical penalty. He might get a card here.

09 Apr 19:54

37' - PENALTY slotted by Kings!

Kings 6 Bulls 17

09 Apr 19:53

36' - The Kings take the ball through a number of phases until Strauss is pinged for a ruck infringement. 

Fouche will kick at goal. 

09 Apr 19:51

33' - SP Marais is driven back in the tackle but he still controls possession only to see Schoeman's kick go over the dead ball line. 

The Kings have a scrum on halfway. 

09 Apr 19:44

27' - TRY to the Bulls!

Ex-Kings player SP Marais scythes through the home side's defence to score under the posts. 

Schoeman converts.

Kings 3 Bulls 17

09 Apr 19:42

24' - Visser makes metres after taking an inside ball from Marutlulle

But again the Bulls turn the ball over and breakout.  Kriel finds Van Zyl in space but he cannot hold on. 

The ref wants to have a look at some foul play. Looks like a neck roll by Am

The Bulls have a penalty and Schoeman will setup a lineout deep in the Kings half. 

09 Apr 19:39

23' - A chance for the Kings to get back into the game as they have possession on the Bulls 22m line. 

09 Apr 19:37

21' - TRY to the Bulls!

Brilliant work from the Bulls, patient build up play and eventually they freed the ball up with slick handling getting Ulengo over in the right-hand corner. 

Schoeman cannot convert.

Kings 3 Bulls 10 

09 Apr 19:35
20' - Twelve phases now for the visitors, they are just a metre out from the Kings line. 
09 Apr 19:34
19' - Bulls with an excellent period of possession as they rumble the ball upfield through their forwards. They are into the Kings 22m once again. Jenkins very prominent. 
09 Apr 19:32

15' - TRY to the Bulls!

Serfontein gets in for the Bulls first try!

He charges down a Visser clearance attempt and falls on the ball before it can go over the dead ball line. 

Schoeman cannot convert.

Kings 3 Bulls 5 

  • 81'

    Full time: Kings 6-38 Bulls. Bulls secure a big away win and Kings suffer another defeat.

  • 80'

    Bulls have had a great game and the Kings have really struggled to find answers and create chances. Bulls dominated the first half an continued to play well in the second.

  • 76'

    Kings concede a penalty through Ackerman for not releasing the ball.

  • 75'

    CONVERSION, BULLS, BRUMMER! 6-38: Brummer slots the conversion in and the Kings look like they are going to lose this one by a big margin.

  • 74'

    TRY, BULLS, MARAIS! 6-36: Bulls add more points and pressure to the game as SP Marais scores his second try of the night. The lead is 30 points with 6 minutes to go.

  • 72'

    Bulls concede a penalty for hands in the ruck. Kings have scored no tries so far and they need to do something soon if they want to have a chance.

  • 70'

    Ferreira concedes a penalty for a truck and trailer challenge.

  • 69'

    Bulls concede a penalty through Brummer for tackling a player without the ball.

  • 67'

    Malcolm Jaer tries to create some space and run through the Bulls defence, but he is quickly caught by the Bulls.

  • 64'

    CONVERSION, BULLS, SCHOEMAN! 6-31: Bulls get the conversion right and the lead is pushed to 25 points. Kings really are running out of time now.

  • 63'

    TRY, BULLS, SNYMAN! 6-29: Snyman got a yellow card earlier but Strauss sets up the try with a great pass and Snyman takes it over the line.

  • 62'

    Ferreira concedes a penalty for being caught offside. Bulls still hold the lead.

  • 60'

    Nyakane concedes a penalty for the Bulls for not releasing the ball.

  • 57'

    Bulls are playing well and holding on to the 18-point lead.

  • 55'

    Another penalty conceded by the Bulls, Labuschagne for not releasing the ball.

  • 53'

    Martin Ferreira concedes a penalty for a truck and trailer challenge.

  • 50'

    CONVERSION, BULLS, SCHOEMAN! Schoeman gets the conversion right and the Bulls stretch the lead to 18 points with 30 minutes remaining.

  • 48'

    TRY, BULLS, ULENGO! Bulls score first in the second half and it is Ulengo who scores his second for the night. Kriel created the chance and Ulengo scores 5 points.

  • 47'

    Bulls concede the first penalty of the second half, Kirsten not releasing the ball.

  • 45'

    Both teams sharing equal possession in the second half so far, Kings need to score to stay alive in this contest.

  • 43'

    YELLOW CARD! Another yellow card for the Bulls as Marcel van der Merwe is booked by the referee. Bulls also concede a penalty for being offside.

  • 43'

    Half time: Kings 6-17 Bulls.

  • 42'

    YELLOW CARD! Snyman has been given a yellow card by the referee.

  • 42'

    Bulls concede a penalty through Snyman for being offside of the ruck.

  • 42'

    Bulls have dominated the game so far but if the Kings score early in the second half then it is game on.

  • 41'

    A line break for the Kings, can they make something happen just before the half time break.

  • 41'

    Second half begins.

  • 39'

    Kings concede a penalty Willemse for not releasing the ball.

  • 37'

    PENALTY, KINGS, FOUCHE! 6-17: Fouche makes it 6-17 and bring the margin down to 11 points, good penalty goal from him.

  • 36'

    Bulls concede another penalty, Strauss for going off his feet in the ruck.

  • 32'

    More than 30 minutes into the game and the Bulls hold a 14 point lead over the Kings. The possession has been evenly shared but Bulls have scored three tries.

  • 29'

    CONVERSION, BULLS, SCHOEMAN! 3-17: Schoeman makes no mistake and the conversion takes the Bulls to 17 points.

  • 28'

    TRY, BULLS, MARAIS! 3-15: Marais takes it over the try line, good break from him, slicing the Kings defence and scoring another try for the Bulls.

  • 26'

    Kings concede a penalty through Lukhanyo Am for foul play. They have the possession for the last few minutes.

  • 23'

    Tian Schoeman misses the conversion and the lead remains to 7 points.

  • 21'

    TRY, BULLS, ULENGO! 3-10: The 18 phases of possession had to count for something, Ulengo takes it over the try line and the Bulls push the lead to 7 points.

  • 20'

    20 minutes into the game and Bulls have scored the only try so far. Kings have three points because of a penalty goal.

  • 17'

    The conversion is missed but the Bulls lead by 2 points.

  • 16'

    TRY, BULLS, SERFONTEIN! 3-5: First signs of attack from the Bulls as their score the first try. Serfontein takes the lead for the Bulls.

  • 13'

    PENALTY, KINGS, FOUCHE! 3-0: First points of the game and Fouche kicks the penalty goal in and Kings take a three point lead.

  • 12'

    Bulls concede another penalty, Lappies Labuschagne for not rolling away from the ruck.

  • 9'

    Bulls concede their first penalty of the game, Strauss for going off his feet in the ruck

  • 7'

    Kings concede a penalty, Sykes for hands in the ruck.

  • 6'

    The Bulls look like they are settling into this game, Kings dominating the possession in the first few minutes.

  • 3'

    The Kings concede a penalty, Cloete for not releasing the ball carrier.

  • 1'

    First half begins.

  • 0'

    Good day and welcome to our live coverage of this South African Super Rugby derby between the Kings and the Bulls from the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth. Don''t go away! We''ll return shortly with team news.

  • 0'

    The last time these two teams met, the Bulls won the game 34-0 in Port Elizabeth.

  • 0'

    After the win last week, Davids has made a few changes to the Bulls side. Tom Botha replaces Jacobie Adriaanse who is injured. Chris Cloete has been cleared to play after dislocating his shoulder.

  • 0'

    After the win last week, Davids has made a few changes to the Kings side. Tom Botha replaces Jacobie Adriaanse who is injured. Chris Cloete has been cleared to play after dislocating his shoulder.

  • 0'

    CJ Velleman is benched, Ntando Kebe is also benched as James Hall comes back from injury. Stefan Watermeyer starts in place of Shaun Gates as the inside centre and Lukhanyo Am comes in as the outside centre. Luzuko Vulindlu is fit to play and will replace Grey

  • 0'

    Kings have won 1 game in their last five and Bulls have won three.

  • 0'

    For the Bulls, SP Marais comes back to take over from Jesse Kriel at full-back. Kriel goes to the midfield to support Jan Serfontein. Rudy Paige is injured and Piet van Zyl will start in his place. Arno Botha replaces Nic de Jager, and Lappies Labuschagne also makes a start for the Bulls.

  • 0'

    Roelof Smit is benched. Trevor Nyakane replaces Gqoboka as the loosehead prop. Dan Kriel, Jesse''s twin brother could also make his debut today.

  • 0'

    Shuhei Kubo is the referee today with Craig Joubert and Archie Sehlako assisting him. Christie du Preez is the TMO.

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Kings Bulls
  • 0 Tries 6
    • 15' Jan Serfontein
    • 20' Jamba Ulengo
    • 27' SP Marais
    • 47' Jamba Ulengo
    • 62' RG Snyman
    • 73' SP Marais
  • 0 Conversions 4
    • 28' Tiaan Schoeman
    • 49' Tiaan Schoeman
    • 63' Tiaan Schoeman
    • 74' Francois Brummer
  • 2 Penalties 0
    • 12' Louis Fouche
    • 36' Louis Fouche
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 2
    • 40' RG Snyman
    • 40' Marcel Van der Merwe
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Sithembiso Sithole
  • Edgard Marutlulle
  • Tom Botha
  • Steven Sykes
  • John-Charles Astle
  • Chris Cloete
  • Stefan Willemse
  • Aidon Davis
  • James Hall
  • Louis Fouche
  • Malcolm Jaer
  • Stefan Watermeyer
  • Lukhanyo Am
  • Luzuko Vulindlu
  • Jurgen Visser
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Trevor Nyakane
  • Adriaan Strauss
  • Marcel Van der Merwe
  • Jason Jenkins
  • RG Snyman
  • Pieter Labuschagne
  • Jannes Kirsten
  • Arno Botha
  • Piet van Zyl
  • Tiaan Schoeman
  • Jamba Ulengo
  • Jan Serfontein
  • Jesse Kriel
  • Travis Ismaiel
  • SP Marais
  • Martin Ferreira
  • Schalk Ferreira
  • Justin Ackerman
  • Schalk Oelofse
  • CJ Velleman
  • Ntando Kebe
  • JP Du Plessis
  • Jaco van Tonder
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Bandise Maku
  • Pierre Schoeman
  • Werner Kruger
  • Marvin Orie
  • Roelof Smit
  • Ivan van Zyl
  • Francois Brummer
  • Dan Kriel

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