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2017/04/29 | 17:15 |  Super Rugby | Toyota Stadium |  Full Time
Super Rugby

As it happened: Cheetahs 21-48 Crusaders

2017-04-29 19:05
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29 Apr 19:03
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29 Apr 19:02
29 Apr 19:02


David Havili is the man of the match. 

29 Apr 18:59


The Crusaders march on. They are still unbeaten in Super Rugby in 2017.

Cheetahs 21 Crusaders 48

29 Apr 18:56

79' - TRY to the Cheetahs!

Petersen gets over in the right-hand corner for a consolation try for the home side. 

He has deserved that!

Marias converts. 

Cheetahs 21 Crusaders 48

29 Apr 18:54

77' - YELLOW CARD to the Crusaders!

Hunt sent to the bin for a piece of cynical play.

29 Apr 18:52
76' - Marais tries a little grubber 5m from the line... silly, silly option.
29 Apr 18:51
75' - The home side are still on the attack, this time from a 5m lineout. Can they get a consolation try?
29 Apr 18:48

71' - YELLOW CARD to the Crusaders!

Whitelock will spend the rest of the match in the bin after some foul play

The Cheetahs opt for a lineout deep in the Crusaders 22m area. 

29 Apr 18:44

68' - TRY to the Crusaders!

Number 7 and a hat-trick to Bridge! He likes SA teams, doesn't he. 

Conversions missed. 

Cheetahs 14 Crusaders 48

29 Apr 18:37
62' - Both teams still prepared to give the ball plenty of air. The Crusaders are on the attack one again, a mere 5m from the Cheetahs line. 
29 Apr 18:32

58' - TRY to the Crusaders!

Straight from the kick-off the visitors score again as Drummond gets over after a long-range attack.

Mo'unga converts.

Cheetahs 14 Crusaders 43 

29 Apr 18:30

56' - TRY to the Crusaders!

Havili is over under the posts. They make it look so easy sometimes.

Another conversion for Mo'unga.

Cheetahs 14 Crusaders 36 

29 Apr 18:28
54' - Crusaders straight onto the attack from the kick-off.
29 Apr 18:27

52' - TRY to the Cheetahs!

Ox Nche take a bow! 

The Cheetahs on the attack in the 22m area of the Crusaders take the ball through a few phases before finding Nche standing off the ruck. He ghosts through a gap to score under the poles!

Marais converts.

Cheetahs 14 Crusaders 29

29 Apr 18:24
50' - Cheetahs attack fueled by Petersen. He is having a brilliant game. Unfortunately, a turnover means the Crusaders have a defensive scrum in their own half. 
29 Apr 18:20

45' - TRY to the Crusaders!

Too easy. Mo'unga cruises over from a 5m attacking scrum. 

He converts his own try.

Cheetahs 7 Crusaders 29

29 Apr 18:18
42' - Crusaders with an early penalty. They opt to set up a lineout 5m from the Cheetahs line.
29 Apr 18:11
40' - Second half underway in Bloem. 
29 Apr 18:08
Pundits in the SuperSport studio didn't think it was forward either. My thoughts... it wasn't forward, would not have been questioned if it was in in NZ or Australia. 
29 Apr 18:01


The visitors lead 22-7 at half-time. 

Enterprising stuff from both sides. 

29 Apr 17:59

38' - TRY to the Crusaders!

Just to rub salt into the wounds, Bridge has his second for the Crusaders after collecting an intelligent cross kick, cutting inside and beating four Cheetahs defenders. 

Mo'unga converts. 

Cheetahs 7 Crusaders 22

29 Apr 17:57

36' - Phew....

The Cheetahs think they have a try after Petersen gets over the line. Ox Nche did all the hard work, busting through a lineout, beating a few defenders and then pulling off a deft offload!

It's called forward, however. 

Unfortunate for the home side...

29 Apr 17:52

33' -  TRY to the Crusaders!

Poor defence by the Cheetahs allows Bridge to break through and score. They really should have done better there.

Mo'unga slots the conversion.

Cheetahs 7 Crusaders 15

29 Apr 17:49

31' - A penalty to the Crusaders in a very kickable position. The Cheetahs pinged for offside at the ruck.

The Crusaders opt for an attacking lineout. 

29 Apr 17:46
29' - What an outside break by Petersen. Unfortunately, he just can't find someone on the inside. That was class though!
29 Apr 17:44
26' - The Cheetahs butcher a promising attack as their communication goes awry and the ball is left for the Crusaders to pilfer. They clear downfield. 
29 Apr 17:41
24' - A massive kick downfield by Blommetjies transfers play right into the Crusaders 22m area. 
29 Apr 17:38

19' - TRY to the Cheetahs!

Rhule is over in the left-hand corner after an attack from deep! 

Marias converts to cut the Crusaders lead to just 1.

Cheetahs 7 Crusaders 8

29 Apr 17:34
16' - The Cheetahs have a penalty, they opt to set up an attacking lineout. 
29 Apr 17:33
15' - The home side on the attack now after some great work by their backs. 
29 Apr 17:29

12' - TRY to the Crusaders!

They turn the tighthead into points as David Havili goes over in the right-hand corner!

Mo'unga can't convert.

Cheetahs 0 Crusaders 8

29 Apr 17:27
11' - A tighthead by the Crusaders!
29 Apr 17:27
10 ' - Brilliant cover defence by Rhule as the Crusaders break away and seem certain to score. The Cheetahs winger has other ideas, executing a perfect ball-and-all tackle and winning the Cheetahs a scrum 5m from their own line. 
29 Apr 17:26

9' - PENALTY slotted by the Crusaders!

The visitors have the lead in Bloemfontein.

Cheetahs 0 Crusaders 3

29 Apr 17:25
8 ' - Mohoje pinged for not rolling away... it would have been difficult with Scott Barrett lying all over him. Nevertheless, Mo'unga will have a shot at goal. 
29 Apr 17:23
7' - The Cheetahs won't be happy with that... a scrum penalty against them on their own feed. The Crusaders opt to set up a lineout in the Cheetahs 22m area. 
29 Apr 17:20
4' - Crotty in acres of space for the Crusaders, his pass can't find Hall. If it did, it would have been try time. 
29 Apr 17:19
2' - The Cheetahs take the ball through a number of phases and into the Crusaders half before a handling error gives the ball to the visitors. 
29 Apr 17:17
1' - We are underway in Bloem as the Crusaders kick-off. 
29 Apr 17:16
Francois Venter, captain of the Cheetahs, runs on the field for his 50th Super Rugby cap. 
29 Apr 17:15
The Crusaders are on the field in Bloem. This will be a tough one for the Cheetahs for sure. Remember, the visitors are unbeaten this year. 
  • 81'


  • 81'

    The Crusaders win a very entertaining game 48-21 in what was a exhibition of running rugby full of skill and poor defence. Thanks for joining us. Until next time.

  • 80'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, PETERSEN! Sergeal Petersen scores in the corner after the Cheetahs went wide from a rolling maul on the other side of the field.

  • 78'

    Mitchell Hunt is sent off for another infringement by the visitors as they continue to defend with 14 men.

  • 77'

    Niel Marais attempts a little grubber through but there is no chase as the Crusaders get some relief.

  • 75'

    George Bridge almost scores a fourth, but is called back after Ryan Crotty tackled a player without the ball. The Cheetahs have possession and make their into the visitors 22, but their defence holds out before the hosts win a penalty.

  • 72'

    Crusaders captain Sam Whitelock is sent to the sin bin for an elbow in the face. The visitors will finish this game with 14 men.

  • 71'

    Mitchell Hunt can't add the extras as his attempt goes wide.

  • 69'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, BRIDGE! That is a hat-trick for George Bridge. Instead of kicking for touch, the Crusaders tap and go instead. They throw it wide and Bridge scores in the left hand corner.

  • 67'

    The Crusaders win a scrum penalty despite the Cheetahs efforts to wheel the scrum around. They opt for another scrum.

  • 64'

    Mohoje steals the lineout but the Cheetahs can't control the ball and take it back over their tryline for a Crusaders 5 metre scrum.

  • 62'

    The game has opened up completely now. Crotty punches another hole in the Cheetahs defence, but the Cheetahs scramble and a deliberate knock down sees the visitors get a penalty.

  • 59'


  • 58'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, DRUMMOND! And another one. How easy was that. Mitchell Drummond scores after the Crusaders run the ball from their own half. Havili broke the line and from the it was all over as the inside pass found Drummond.

  • 57'


  • 56'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, HAVILI! The visitors puts the hosts defence under immense pressure yet again as they offload their way to a second try for David Havili. Amazing skill level and support play by the Crusaders.

  • 54'

    CONVERSION, CCHETAHS! Marais slots the extras.

  • 53'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, NCHE! The loosehead has had an good game. From a ruck the ball goes left. Quick hands sees Oxe Nche get the ball in space while standing still, but he has the pace to run through.

  • 52'

    The Cheetahs are trying to get back into the game. They now have a scrum inside the visitors 22.

  • 48'

    CONVERSION, MO'UNGA! He adds the conversion as the Crusaders have a bonus point for the time being.

  • 47'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, MO'UNGA! The fly-half steps and runs around a few defenders for an easy score from a scrum.

  • 46'

    The Crusaders have a 5 metre scrum playing against 14 men.

  • 44'

    Armandt Koster is sent off as the Cheetahs are penalised for repeated offences at the breakdown.

  • 41'

    The Cheetahs get the second half underway.

  • 40'

    CONVERSION, MO'UNGA! Another two points as the Crusaders stretch their lead to 14 points.

  • 40'

    A very entertaining first 40 minutes in Bloemfontein comes to an end.

  • 39'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, BRIDGE! A super cross field kick sees George Bridge collect it perfectly on the touchline. He breaks inside and scores a good try as the Cheetahs defence is left wanting again.

  • 37'

    A try from Sergeal Petersen is not given after the TMO judges the final pass from Ox Nche to Petersen to have been forward.

  • 35'

    CONVERSION, MO''UNGA! The fly-half extends the lead to 15-7 for the visitors.

  • 34'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, BRIDGE! George Bridge scores a try from nothing. From a ruck he picks up a loose pass and storms his way forward, but the Cheetahs defence crumble as tacklers fall off him which allows Bridge to score.

  • 33'

    The Crusaders string seven phases together before they are awarded a penalty for offside. A touch finder takes play deep into the Cheetahs 22.

  • 30'

    Another frantic run by Sergeal Petersen sees the Crusaders scramble on the defence, but the final pass goes to ground.

  • 27'

    It's been a frantic first 25 minutes as both teams are advocating stunning running rugby.

  • 24'

    The Crusaders look dangerous every time they get the ball. The Cheetahs manage to turn over possession deep inside their own half and then tries to run in out of their 22 before they kick down field and find touch.

  • 20'

    CONVERSION, CHEETAHS! Niel Marais adds the extras.

  • 19'

    From the lineout the Cheetahs are pegged back to the edge of the Crusaders 22 before they concede possession.

  • 19'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, RHULE! What a fantastic team try. Raymond Rhule rounds off a move which was started by Sergeal Petersen in his own half. The winger off loaded to Blommethjies, who found Venter. The move went to ground, but Petersen popped up to run around the blind side and give inside to Rhule who ran over for a great try.

  • 17'

    An excellent break by Clayton Blommetjies, running a clever line, breaks the Crusaders defence wide open. He offloads to Nico Lee who makes his way to the 5 metre line before the Cheetahs win a penalty.

  • 14'

    Mo?unga's conversion attempt bounces off the uprights.

  • 13'

    TRY, CRUSADERS, HAVILI! It was a matter of time before the visitors scored. David Havili dots down in the corner after Seta Tamanivalu bumps off a defender to create space on the outside.

  • 12'

    A fantastic run by David Havili down the left hand touchline takes play six metres from the Cheetahs line. The Crusaders have opened up the hosts defence every time they've had the ball.

  • 10'

    PENALTY, CRUSADERS, MO''UNGA! Richie Mo?unga gets the first points of the game with a penalty right in front.

  • 7'

    After a few resets the Crusaders win a scrum penalty. They find touch on the Cheetahs 22 metre line.

  • 4'

    The Crusaders have a scrum inside their half. They go wide but a loose pass sees the ball roll into touch on the other side of the field.

  • 1'

    Richie Mo?unga gets the game underway as the Crusaders kick off.

  • 0'

    Hallo and welcome to our live coverage of the Super Rugby match between the Cheetahs and the Crusaders in Bloemfontein.

  • 0'

    Cheetahs head coach Franco Smith has made three changes, including a positional switch, to his starting XV for this encounter. Two of the changes are in the forwards where Ox Nche and Uzair Cassiem are promoted from the replacements bench where they did duty in last weekend?s loss to the Bulls in Pretoria. With Nche starting, Charles Marais moves to the bench. Cassiem?s inclusion in the run-on side means Paul Schoeman moves from openside flank to number eight where he replaces Henco Venter who drops down to the bench. In the back-line, Sergeal Petersen will be starting on the right wing, sending William Small-Smith to the bench. Small-Smith?s inclusion on the replacements bench is to be confirmed and he has been bracketed with loose forward Niell Jordaan which means the Cheetahs could have a six/two split in favour of the forwards on the bench.

  • 0'

    The Crusaders have made one change to the side that beat the Stormers last weekend for this clash. Bryn Hall will start in the number nine jersey this week, with Mitchell Drummond providing cover on the bench. In the reserves, Andrew Makalio comes on to the bench, to cover Codie Taylor at hooker. Loose forward Matt Todd will play his 100th Super Rugby game at number seven, having notched up 100 for the Crusaders last week against the Stormers (the extra Crusaders game being Crusaders vs England in 2014).

  • 0'

    Cheetahs: 15 Clayton Blommetjies, 14 Sergeal Petersen, 13 Francois Venter (c), 12 Nico Lee, 11 Raymond Rhule, 10 Niel Marais, 9 Shaun Venter, 8 Paul Schoeman, 7 Oupa Mohoje, 6 Uzair Cassiem, 5 Carl Wegner, 4 Armandt Koster, 3 Johan Coetzee, 2 Torsten van Jaarsveld, 1 Ox Nche Replacements: 16 Elandré Huggett, 17 Charles Marais, 18 Tom Botha, 19 Francois Uys, 20 Henco Venter, 21 Niell Jordaan/William Small-Smith, 22 Tian Meyer, 23 Clinton Swart

  • 0'

    Crusaders: 15 David Havili, 14 Seta Tamanivalu, 13 Jack Goodhue, 12 Ryan Crotty, 11 George Bridge, 10 Richie Mo?unga, 9 Bryn Hall, 8 Kieran Read, 7 Matt Todd, 6 Jordan Taufua, 5 Sam Whitelock (C), 4 Scott Barrett, 3 Owen Franks, 2 Codie Taylor, 1 Joe Moody Replacements: 16 Andrew Makalio, 17 Wyatt Crockett, 18 Michael Alaalatoa, 19 Luke Romano, 20 Pete Samu, 21 Mitchell Drummond, 22 Mitchell Hunt, 23 Manasa Mataele

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Cheetahs Crusaders
  • 3 Tries 7
    • 18' Raymond Rhule
    • 52' Ox Nche
    • 79' Sergeal Petersen
    • 11' David Kaetau Havili
    • 33' George Bridge
    • 38' George Bridge
    • 46' Richie Mo''unga
    • 55' David Kaetau Havili
    • 57' Mitchell Drummond
    • 68' George Bridge
  • 3 Conversions 5
    • 20' Niel Marais
    • 53' Niel Marais
    • 80' Niel Marais
    • 35' Richie Mo''unga
    • 39' Richie Mo''unga
    • 47' Richie Mo''unga
    • 56' Richie Mo''unga
    • 58' Richie Mo''unga
  • 0 Penalties 1
    • 9' Richie Mo''unga
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 1 Yellow Cards 2
    • 43' Armandt Koster
    • 71' Sam Whitelock
    • 77' Mitch Hunt
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Ox Nche
  • Torsten Van Jaarsveld
  • Johannes Coetzee
  • Armandt Koster
  • Carl Wegner
  • Uzair Cassiem
  • Teboho Mohoje
  • Paul Schoeman
  • Shaun Venter
  • Niel Marais
  • Raymond Rhule
  • Nico Lee
  • Francois Venter
  • Sergeal Petersen
  • Clayton Blommetjies
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Joe Moody
  • Codie Taylor
  • Owen Franks
  • Scott Barrett
  • Sam Whitelock
  • Jordan Taufua
  • Matt Todd
  • Kieran Read
  • Bryn Hall
  • Richie Mo'unga
  • George Bridge
  • Ryan Crotty
  • Jack Goodhue
  • Seta Tamanivalu
  • David Kaetau Havili
  • Elandre Huggett
  • Charles Marais
  • Tom Botha
  • Francois Uys
  • Henco Venter
  • Niell Jordaan
  • Tian Meyer
  • Clinton Swart
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Andrew Makalio
  • Wyatt Crockett
  • Michael Alaalatoa
  • Luke Romano
  • Peter Samu
  • Mitchell Drummond
  • Mitch Hunt
  • Manasa Mataele

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