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As it happened: Waratahs 31-8 Bulls

2016-05-14 13:30
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14 May 13:32

Up next we have the Sunwolves v the Stormers.

14 May 13:30
Very strong second half from the Waratahs.  They face the Crusaders next week while the Bulls return home to face the Stormers. 
14 May 13:27


Waratahs 31 Bulls 8

14 May 13:26

80' - TRY to the Waratahs

Taavoa crashes over from in close! That's the bonus point. 

Foley converts.

Waratahs 31 Bulls 8

14 May 13:24

79' - YELLOW CARD to the Bulls

Kirsten is sent to the bin for collapsing a maul. 

14 May 13:23

79' - Carraro goes close but lose the ball as he is dragged down just short. 

14 May 13:22
77' - The Waratahs looking for another score to get their bonus point back. They are inside the Bulls 22m area. 
14 May 13:20

73' - TRY to the Bulls!

Replacement centre Swanepoel crashes over after some good work by Kriel.

That takes the bonus point away from the Tahs. 

Schoeman cannot convert.

Waratahs 24 Bulls 8

14 May 13:15

70' - TRY to the Waratahs!

That's the bonus point for now!

Foley found Folau on the inside who offloads to Phipps running some brilliant support.

That's his second for the evening.

Foley converts.

Waratahs 24 Bulls 3

14 May 13:14

68' - Foley tries a long range drop... away to the left.. and short. 

Strange option. The Waratahs lead by 14 and need just another try for a bonus point, if the Bulls don't score of course. 

14 May 13:11

66' - Folau busts through the Bulls midfield with two players hanging off him. 

The Bulls defence holds and Skelton knocks-on 5m from the line. 

14 May 13:08
65' - The Bulls steal the ball brilliantly on the deck and Schoeman clears to near halfway. 
14 May 13:08
64' - Excellent retention from the Waratahs, they are into their 12 phases and move into the Bulls 22m area. 
14 May 13:07
63' - More metres made by Horne for the Waratahs. He has been a real focal point of their attack. 
14 May 13:03

59' - Kriel has a go, Horne pulls him down and Folau is in over the ball.

The Bulls centre is penalised for not releasing. 

14 May 13:02
58' - Now the Bulls finally bash away at the Waratahs line. They need a score here! Just a few metres to go.
14 May 13:00

56' - PENALTY slotted by Foley!

The Waratahs pivot extends the home side's lead.

Waratahs 17 Bulls 3

14 May 12:58

55' - Bulls are penalised for offside. 

Foley will kick at goal. 

14 May 12:58
54' - Horne goes close again, just pulled down short. The Bulls hack the ball ahead but the Waratahs just come straight back at the visitors. 
14 May 12:56

51' - Bulls substitutions

Liebenberg is replaced by Smit. 

14 May 12:55
51' - The Bulls struggling to put anything together so far in this half. Marais is caught in possession and help up by Skelton turning the ball over to the Waratahs. 
14 May 12:52

48' - Horne almost gets away down the left wing, the Bulls defence pull him in and win the ball.

Schoeman clears downfield to ease some pressure but the Waratahs have lineout deep inside the Bulls half. 

14 May 12:48

44' - TRY to the Waratahs!

Phipps puts Mumm into space and the big flanker cruises over. 

Foley converts!

What a start to the second half for the Waratahs!

Waratahs 14 Bulls 3

14 May 12:45
43' - Nine phases now, they are 10m from the Bulls line. 
14 May 12:45
42' - The Waratahs have the early possession in the second half. They move into the Bulls 22m area with Horne stepping and making a number of metres. 
14 May 12:43
40' - Schoeman kicks-off, the Waratahs control easily and Foley clears downfield.
14 May 12:42
Second half about to get underway!
14 May 12:31


Waratahs 7 Bulls 3

14 May 12:31

40' - PENALTY slotted by Schoeman!

The visitors are on the board. 

Waratahs 7 Bulls 3

14 May 12:30
40' - Massive scrum from the Bulls wins a penalty and Schoeman will kick at goal from right in front. 
14 May 12:29
38' - One last chance for the Bulls before half-time as they hold up Hopper in possession. They have a scrum in the Waratahs half. 
14 May 12:24

34' - TRY to the Waratahs!

Phipps is over for the home side after some good work by Foley and Palu

The scrumhalf broke from in close, wasn't held in the tackle, got up and fell over the line.

Foley converts.

Waratahs 7 Bulls 0 

14 May 12:22

32' - The Waratahs can't find a way through the Bulls defence. Marais reads a long pass out to the left, but cannot hold the intercept.

14 May 12:19
30' - Another penalty to the Waratahs and this time Foley sets up a lineout in the Bulls 22m area. 
14 May 12:18
28' - Kellaway runs the ball back at the Bulls who clean out through Strauss. The ref blows him up however for going over the top. 
14 May 12:15
26' - More handling problems, this time from the Bulls. It is a bit slippery out there. 
14 May 12:13

24' - Very open game, with the ball changing possession on numerous occasions. It all ends with Horne knocking on while attempting an intercept. 

If he held that, he was away!

14 May 12:12
23' - Snyman breaks free for the Bulls, he is a real prospect is the big lock. The Bulls move into the 22m area of the Waratahs. 
14 May 12:10

21' - Another let off for the Bulls as the Waratahs are pinged on the Bulls line for holding on. 

Great defence from the visitors it must be said. 

14 May 12:07

17' - The Waratahs hands letting them down again.

This time Kellaway is to blame after some deft handling creates space, but he cannot hold on.

The pass wasn't great in his defence. 

14 May 12:03

13' - Seven phases from the Bulls eventually comes to an end when they are penalised for holding on. Great work from veteran Waratah No.8 Palu

Foley misses touch and Marais counters, slicing through the Waratahs defence. 

Unfortunately the Bulls, Labuschagne is tackled and does not release the ball as he gets up and tries to play on. 

14 May 12:00

11' - A few good moments on attack from the Bulls but unfortunately they knock-on.

The Waratahs clear downfield but the ball is not out and the Bull counter-attack. 

14 May 11:58

9' - Good defence from the Bulls forces the Waratahs into some cross-running, gifting the visitors a penalty.

Schoeman clears to well into the Waratahs half. 

14 May 11:56

7' - Penalty to the Waratahs after Marais is caught in possession and pinged for not releasing.

Foley will kick at goal but he misses a fairly easy attempt. 

14 May 11:55

5' - The Waratahs defend the rolling maul fairly easily, forcing the Bulls to take the ball wide.

SP Marais tries a silly kick ahead but just manages to turn the ball over to the Waratahs who clear downfield. 

14 May 11:53

4' - Another scrum penalty to the Bulls as Ryan is penalised for collapsing.

The Bulls pack dominating in the scrums so far. Schoeman sets up an attacking lineout in the Waratahs 22m area. 

14 May 11:51

2' - Early penalty to the Bulls after a monster scrum from their pack! 

Schoeman sets up a line-out on halfway. 

14 May 11:50
2' - Skelton knocks-on with the Waratahs on attack. The Bulls have defensive scrum on their own 22m line. 
14 May 11:48

1' - Early blow for the Waratahs with Beale needing some attention. He seems to have injured his knee as he fell awkwardly. 

It will be a massive loss to the 'Tahs if he has to leave the field and it looks like he will need to as a stretcher is brought on. 

  • 81'

    CONVERSION, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 31-8: Foley adds another two from straight in front.

  • 81'

    WARATAHS 31-8 BULLS. The try was scored after the hooter and that will be that from the Allianz Stadium with the Waratahs securing a bonus point win over the Bulls.

  • 80'

    TRY, WARATAHS, TA'AVAO! 29-8: Ta'avao bashes over from short range to restore the Waratahs bonus point.

  • 79'

    YELLOW CARD, BULLS, KIRSTEN! Kirsten collapses the maul and the 'Tahs can't take the advantage. Kirsten will go to the bin.

  • 78'

    Penalty to the Waratahs and Foley sets up a lineout just short of the Bulls line.

  • 76'

    The Waratahs are coming back at the Bulls looking to restore their bonus point position which they lost when the Bulls scored. The 'Tahs approach the Bulls 22.

  • 74'

    TRY, BULLS, SWANEPOEL! 24-8: Kriel draws and passes and sets Swanepoel in for the Bulls first try! The Tahs defense looks a little tired now.

  • 74'

    The kick is away off target and the Bulls can't convert the try, Schoeman with the miss.

  • 73'

    Two converted tries will see the Bulls take a bonus point from this game and they are hunting a score here as they enter the 'Tahs 22.

  • 72'

    CONVERSION, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 24-3: Foley adds another two with his boot.

  • 70'

    TRY, WARATAHS, PHIPPS! 22-3: Folau breaks the Bulls line and his angle allows the supporting Phipps to sprint in under the sticks.

  • 69'

    Kriel kicks ahead but his kick riolls into touch. The Waratahs take it quickly. Foley tries a drop, he misses right and the kick is forced dead, the Bulls will restart.

  • 67'

    Strong carry from Folau takes it into the Bulls 22. Kellaway hits the line on the angle but he is taken 10 metres short, the Waratahs spill the ball again not far from the Bulls line and the Bulls have a scrum.

  • 66'

    Serfontein spills it out wide for the Bulls and the Waratahs have a scrum about 40 metres out.

  • 65'

    The Waratahs keep it for 12 phases before they cough it up at the breakdown and allow the Bulls to kick back.

  • 63'

    Horne is in space out wide but the pass holds him up a little and the Bulls cover across easily enough.

  • 62'

    Labuschagne is caught behind the gainline and the Bulls are held up, scrum to the Waratahs just inside the Bulls half.

  • 61'

    Foley does well to take van Zyl's high ball but the Bulls steal it at the breakdown shortly afterwards.

  • 60'

    The Waratahs force a penalty at the breakdown and the Bulls attack comes to nought. Foley clears to about 40 metres out.

  • 59'

    The Bull' Smit is taken just metres short of the line but the Bulls retain possession and come again.

  • 58'

    The Bulls build towards the Waratahs 22 off the back of a scrum. Serfontein half breaks a tackle as he crosses the 22.

  • 56'

    PENALTY, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 17-3: Snyman caught offside for the Bulls and Foley can stretch the lead from the tee. He makes no mistake.

  • 55'

    Great tackle by Jenkins as the big front row forward Polota-Nau bursts down the touchline in the Bulls 22.

  • 54'

    Horne is held just short and as the ball pops out the back of the ruck Basson hacks ahead. The 'Tahs bring it back from 40 out.

  • 53'

    Schoeman tracks back to field a kick and feeds Marais whose kick is long but fails to find touch and the 'Tahs bring it back from halfway.

  • 52'

    Marais is held up, the referee calls maul and the Waratahs earn a scrum 40 metres from the Bulls line.

  • 51'

    The Waratahs have lost it in the Bulls 22 again! Schoeman finds touch just outside the Bulls 22. The Waratahs have the throw though and will come back at the Bulls.

  • 49'

    Horne has to be tackled into touch just 10 metres out but the ball stays in, Horwitz had put Horne in space but Kellaway couldn't grab the offload.

  • 48'

    The Bulls defense steps up though and they have truned it over, Schoeman clears up to the ten metre line.

  • 47'

    Schoeman finds touch on the halfway line. Waratahs feed.

  • 47'

    Horne makes great progress as the Waratahs enter the Bulls 22. Great start to the second half by the Waratahs.

  • 46'

    CONVERSION, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 14-3: Foley adds another two from the tee.

  • 44'

    TRY, WARATAHS, MUMM! 12-3: Phipps gets outside a defender at short range and makes a hole for Mumm to crash over and score!

  • 43'

    Horwitz steps in off the wing and the Waratahs crash into the Bulls 22. They rumble it up towards the Bulls goal line now.

  • 42'

    Long kick from Schoeman taken in by Horwitz who offloads to Foley, Foley takes the contact and sets up second phase possession for the 'Tahs.

  • 41'

    PENALTY, BULLS, SCHOEMAN! 7-3: The Waratahs scrum goes down and the Bulls have a penalty, Schoeman will take the shot at goal. He nails it from 40 out.

  • 41'

    WARATAHS 7-3 BULLS. That penalty goal will be the last act of a first half plagued by errors from both sides. The Waratahs hold a slender 4 point lead at the break.

  • 41'

    Schoeman kicks off for the Bulls, Foley kicks back but Marais gathers it in and runs back.

  • 40'

    The scrum goes down and has to be reset as the hooter sounds, this will be the Bulls last chance to score before half time.

  • 39'

    The Bulls win a scrum as the 'Tahs fail to recycle the ball at the breakdown. The scrum is set about 40 out from the Waratahs line.

  • 38'

    Schoeman puts up a high bomb for Kriel to chase but the 'Tahs scramble it clear through Horwitz. He finds touch near halfway.

  • 37'

    The Waratahs get lucky as an awful kick rebounds back into their hands and the Bulls infringe at the breakdown.

  • 36'

    CONVERSION, WARATAHS, FOLEY! 7-0: Foley adds two from a reasonably straight forward kick.

  • 35'

    TRY, WARATAHS, PHIPPS! 5-0: Phipps is tackled three metres short but isn't held and gets back to his feet to stretch and place the ball over the line.

  • 33'

    Marais! He drops the intercept, he was away there but the Waratahs have another scrum 15 metres out.

  • 32'

    Paige's box kick hits Mumm and Schoeman drops the rebound forward, Waratahs scrum ten from the line as they can't use the advantage.

  • 31'

    The Bulls stall the Waratahs maul and force them to send it wide, Kellaway is caught short and the Bulls drive over and win the ball.

  • 30'

    The Bulls lose their feet at the ruck and the Foley again sets up a lineout rather than take the three.

  • 29'

    Waratahs awarded a penalty about five metres from halfway, Foley finds touch just outside the Bulls 22. Lineout feed to the 'Tahs.

  • 28'

    The Waratahs struggle to cross the gainline and play stalls ten metres inside their half before they kick long onto Marais.

  • 26'

    Liebenberg loses it as he picks up from the base of the scrum under immense pressure, great work by the Waratahs to force an error. Scrum to the Waratahs.

  • 25'

    The Bulls lose it again but the Waratahs have lost it forward and the Bulls will be able to set a scrum 40 metres from the Waratahs goal line.

  • 24'

    The Bulls build a solid attack and progress into the 'Tahs 22, The ball spills loose to Dennis who is reeled in by Kirsten who does well to return to his feet and win the ball.

  • 23'

    Folau calls the mark after a box kick from Paige, no real pressure on the kick chase from the Bulls there.

  • 23'

    The Waratahs win another penalty in this stop start affair and they boot it up into the Bulls half.

  • 21'

    The Bulls win a penalty as the Waratahs fail to release just metres from the Bulls line.

  • 20'

    The scrum goes down again and the Waratahs have a penalty this time, Foley will look for the corner here with his kick.

  • 19'

    The scrum drifts sideways and referee Glen Jackson has the scrum reset.

  • 18'

    Obstruction called against the Bulls this time, and the Waratahs get out of trouble again.

  • 18'

    Kellaway loses the ball forward out wide and the Bulls have a scrum about 15 metres inside their own half.

  • 17'

    The Bulls set up a lineout on the 'Tahs 22 as they infringe at the breakdown again.

  • 15'

    The Waratahs win a penalty as Labuschagne is isolated, they can clear from 10 metres short of their line.

  • 14'

    Foley misses touch! The Bulls kick back with interest. The second 'Tahs kick allows Marais to burst through the chasers and the 'Tahs have to scramble.

  • 13'

    The Bulls are disrupted by Hooper and the 'Tahs flanker has won his team a penalty on their own 10 metres line.

  • 12'

    Kriel drops it in midfield before regathering, Basson gets up towards the 'Tahs 22 but the home side turn it over before knocking on and presenting the Bulls with possession again.

  • 10'

    The runners cross for the Waratahs and the Bulls have a penalty just outside their own 22. Palu doesn't look too pleased but it was the right call.

  • 8'

    Marais takes it into contact and the Bulls players lose their feet preventing any competition at the breakdown. Penalty! Foley has a shot at goal. He misses right though!

  • 6'

    Folau grabs a loose ball after an attempted grubber is blocked and Foley kicks long before Marais runs it back for the Bulls.

  • 5'

    The scrum is unstable and the referee resets. The second scrum goes down and the Bulls have another penalty, they set up a lineout just inside the Waratahs 22.

  • 3'

    Lost forward by the Waratahs after a lineout steal, the Bulls try to shift it wide but they drop it forward as well, scrum to the Bulls just inside the Waratahs half.

  • 2'

    Skelton loses it forward on the Bulls 22. He tried to shift it quickly and has gifted the Bulls a scrum.

  • 2'

    Big scrum from the Bulls as you would expect and they win a penalty, the Waratahs scrum was obliterated there.

  • 1'

    We are underway at the Allianz stadium as Foley kicks off for the Waratahs. Schoeman kicks it back long for the Bulls.

  • 1'

    Beale slips trying to get airborne and he looks like he has done his knee in here. The Waratahs will have a lineout feed on the Bulls 22, when the game restarts.

  • 1'

    Beale is leaving on a stretcher, big blow for the Waratahs early on.

  • 0'

    Greetings Super Rugby fans and welcome to our coverage of the 12th round contest between the Waratahs and the Bulls from the Allianz Stadium in Sydney, Australia.

  • 0'

    The Waratahs have been boosted by being able to name the same XV as last week. They will be eager to continue their impressive form following their 21-6 defeat over the Cheetahs. Bernard Foley (60) will become the Waratahs' highest-ever Super Rugby-capped fly-half, surpassing previous record holder Daniel Halangahu. Tatafu Polota-Nau will notch the second highest amount of games for NSW as he hits 137.

  • 0'

    The Bulls have added Jason Jenkins and Jamba Ulengo to their XV. Jenkins pulled out of the first game of the tour against the Force due to an injury, but is fit again and will combine with RG Snyman at lock. He replaces Marvin Orie, who moves to the bench. Ulengo, who returned home from Perth before the Force game, has since returned and starts in place of the injured Travis Ismaiel on the wing. Jannes Kirsten is also back at flank in place of Arno Botha while Rudy Paige and Tian Schoeman come in for half-back pair Piet van Zyl and Francois Brummer. In a similar alteration, the final change sees Lizo Gqoboka start at loosehead prop and Trevor Nyakane will this week come off the bench.

  • 0'

    The Bulls have ended victorious in seven of the last eight meetings between themselves and the Waratahs but their last win was in 2013 after the Waratahs beat the Bulls 19-12 in Sydney in 2014 and the conference system prevented the Bulls and Waratahs from clashing in 2015.

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Waratahs Bulls
  • 4 Tries 1
    • 34' Nick Phipps
    • 43' Dean Mumm
    • 69' Nick Phipps
    • 78' Angus Taavao-Matau
    • 73' Dries Swanepoel
  • 4 Conversions 0
    • 35' Bernard Foley
    • 45' Bernard Foley
    • 70' Bernard Foley
    • 80' Bernard Foley
  • 1 Penalties 1
    • 55' Bernard Foley
    • 40' Tiaan Schoeman
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 1
    • 78' Jannes Kirsten
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Paddy Ryan
  • Tatafu Polota-Nau
  • Tom Robertson
  • Dave Dennis
  • Will Skelton
  • Dean Mumm
  • Michael Hooper
  • Wycliff Palu
  • Nick Phipps
  • Bernard Foley
  • Rob Horne
  • Kurtley Beale
  • Israel Folau
  • Reece Robinson
  • Andrew Kellaway
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Lizo Gqoboka
  • Adriaan Strauss
  • Marcel Van der Merwe
  • Jason Jenkins
  • RG Snyman
  • Pieter Labuschagne
  • Jannes Kirsten
  • Hanro Liebenberg
  • Rudy Paige
  • Tiaan Schoeman
  • Bjorn Basson
  • Jan Serfontein
  • Jesse Kriel
  • Jamba Ulengo
  • SP Marais
  • Hugh Roach
  • Jeremy Tilse
  • Angus Taavao-Matau
  • Sam Lousi
  • Ned Hanigan
  • Matt Lucas
  • David Horwitz
  • Matt Carraro
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Jaco Visagie
  • Trevor Nyakane
  • Pierre Schoeman
  • Marvin Orie
  • Roelof Smit
  • Piet van Zyl
  • Francois Brummer
  • Dries Swanepoel

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