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2017/03/25 | 08:35 |  Super Rugby | QBE Stadium |  Full Time
Super Rugby

As it happened: Blues 38-14 Bulls

2017-03-25 08:00
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25 Mar 10:43
Thanks for joining us for this one, folks! And enjoy the rest of your Saturday rugger! 
25 Mar 10:42
25 Mar 10:23

Strauss: "You can't defend for 80 minutes against the Blues ..."

25 Mar 10:22
The Bulls were plucky in the first half and defended for their lives, but they lacked discipline, intent and could not hold onto the ball for sustained periods. 
25 Mar 10:21
So South Africa's first taste of Kiwi opposition in Super Rugby 2017 doesn't paint the brightest picture ...
25 Mar 10:20

Schoeman knocks over the conversion, but it's been a day to forget for coach Nollis Marais and his men. 

FT: Blues 38-14 Bulls 

25 Mar 10:20
TRY awarded! Paige gets one for the Bulls. 
25 Mar 10:18
80' Paige darts over the line, but we're going upstairs to have a look at the grounding ...
25 Mar 10:17
80' Last chance for the Bulls to do something. They have a scrum just 10m out. What can they do? 
25 Mar 10:16
The Blues have scored 5 unanswered tries in the second half ...
25 Mar 10:15
78' A rare promising Bulls attack ends in another knock-on in contact. 
25 Mar 10:14

It was 7-7 at half time, but the Bulls performance in this 2nd half has been woeful. 

To be fair, they weren't overly inspiring in the first half, either. But at least then they were scrapping. Now, they look like defeated. 

25 Mar 10:12
76' Bulls win the kick-off, but then knock it on immediately ... 
25 Mar 10:12
West slots the conversion. Blues 38-7 Bulls ...
25 Mar 10:11
This time it's No 11 Melani Nanai, capitalising on some good work from West. Ah, the Bulls must want to get off here ASAP ...
25 Mar 10:10
74' TRY BLUES! Another one! Straight off the kick-off! 
25 Mar 10:10

Simply a case of keeping the ball alive and moving it quickly. The Bulls have no answer. The Blues moved that across the whole width of the field and it feels like everybody touched the ball. 

Ball retention at pace and with purpose ... 

25 Mar 10:09
72' TRY BLUES! It's substitute Matt Moulds! 
25 Mar 10:08
71' Ja no look ... the Bulls are all at sea here ...
25 Mar 10:05
70' Paige on for Van Zyl ...
25 Mar 10:04
69' Bulls have an attacking lineout ...
25 Mar 10:03
68' Conversion wide. Blues 24-7 Bulls and, as it stands, they have the bonus point ...
25 Mar 10:01
67' They're checking the grounding but there's no issue. The try stands ...
25 Mar 10:00
67' TRY BLUES! Ihaia West! All too easy for the Blues. The Bulls are dead on their feet now ...
25 Mar 09:58
65' Kirsten pinged for a high tackle. Blues turn down shot at goal AGAIN! Set up an attacking lineout ...
25 Mar 09:56
64' Bulls need something soon ...
25 Mar 09:54
61' Bulls win another scrum penalty. Schoeman butchers the kick and misses touch. Blues dot down in their 22. Costly from Schoeman. 
25 Mar 09:53
61' Pollard off. Schoeman on. 
25 Mar 09:53
61' Last 20 minutes now ... Do the Bulls have a way back into this?
25 Mar 09:51
59' Jimmy Tupou is sent to the bin for a neck roll on Jesse Kriel! Big moment? Certainly won't hurt the Bulls' chances ...
25 Mar 09:50
59' Bulls - again - can't sustain a period of attack in Blues territory. 
25 Mar 09:49


Gqoboka off for Schoeman

Gelant off for Odendaal

25 Mar 09:48
58' Bulls lineout deep in Blues territory. They have to score next if they are to have any chance ...
25 Mar 09:46
56' Conversion attempt is wide. Blues 19-7 Bulls ...
25 Mar 09:46

55' TRY BLUES! Duffie again! Francis went for a delicate cross-kick, and Duffie rose above Ulengo and made the grab! 

That could be curtains for the Bulls ...

25 Mar 09:43
53' Bulls win the lineout but then, instead of clearing at the first opportunity, are forced over their own try line. It'll be a 5m scrum to the Blues ...
25 Mar 09:42
52' Blues camped in the Bulls 22m area and win the PENALTY! Bulls' discipline hurting them now. This is kickable, but Francis sets up a lineout in the corner ...
25 Mar 09:41
50' Bulls penalised again. Blues clear ...
25 Mar 09:40
49' Kirsten on for Steenkamp (blood)
25 Mar 09:39
48' Bulls win a penalty just inside their own half. Pollard sets up an attacking lineout ...
25 Mar 09:36

The Bulls defence finally broken! It took one quick offload, and it was finished off by right wing Matt Duffie! 

Jamb Ulengo's defence being questioned.

Conversion good. Blues 14-7 Bulls ...

25 Mar 09:34
25 Mar 09:33
44' Another penalty conceded by the Bulls. There have been too many. Playing the ball on the ground. Blues set up a lineout just outside the Bulls 22m area ...
  • 81'

    TRY, BULLS, PAIGE! 38-12: Bulls pull back a consolation try as Paige takes it over the line. The TMO confirms the try.

  • 81'

    CONVERSION, BULLS, SCHOEMAN! 38-14: Schoeman kicks the conversion perfectly and the deficit brought down to 24 points.

  • 81'

    FULL-TIME: BLUES 38-14 BULLS. The late try takes nothing away from great second half for the Blues and a win with the bonus point. Blues win at home and Bulls have put in a poor performance today. They will have a tougher time next week when they face the Chief.

  • 80'

    The referee is checking for the try with the TMO as the hooter has sounded.

  • 79'

    Poor performance from the Bulls, but the Blues have bounced back after the first half. Bulls will have a tough time next week against the Chiefs.

  • 78'

    Two minutes left in the game and the Blues look like they will win with the bonus point.

  • 77'

    Messy scrum and the Bulls win a penalty. Then the Bulls attack but the Blues are quick to repel.

  • 75'

    CONVERSION, BLUES, WEST! 38-7: Nice kick to add on the extras from West and Blues extend their lead to 31 points with 5 minutes remaining in the game.

  • 74'

    TRY, BLUES, NANAI! 36-7: From the kick-off, the Blues got a huge overlap on the right, West made good ground and the ball eventually ended up in Nanai's hands, racing away down the sideline for a stunning try.

  • 73'

    CONVERSION, BLUES, WEST! 31-7: West makes no mistake this time as he adds on the extras and pushes the score to 31-7.

  • 72'

    TRY, BLUES, MOULDS! 29-7: That should seal the bonus point for them and Blues score another try as Moulds takes it over the line. They made a lot of ground, stretched the defence and the Nanai's pass helped Moulds take it over the line.

  • 71'

    Blues have played really well in the second half, after a poor first half. Moulds breaks for them and takes the ball forward to cover a lot of ground. Blues on the attack again.

  • 70'

    Tupou is back from the sin bin so the Blues are back to full strength.

  • 69'

    The Blues concede a penalty through Murphy Taramai for not rolling away from the ruck.

  • 67'

    The conversion is missed but Blues lead by 17 points. Good try from West after the dummy pass, he ran through the hole and scored a fast try.

  • 66'

    TRY, BLUES, WEST! 24-7: The TMO is called into action for checking if the Blues have scored here. West takes it over the line for the Blues and some good work from Kaino sets up the try.

  • 64'

    A couple of quick turnovers from both sides and Bulls concede a penalty for a high tackle by Kirsten on West.

  • 61'

    Blues concede a penalty through Sione Mafileo for boring in at the scrum. Bulls win a penalty from the scrum.

  • 60'

    A collision in the air but no one is hurt. It will end in a Bulls scrum as Collins knocked on the ball.

  • 59'

    Blues win a loose pass and Tuipulotu attacks for them and makes some good ground.

  • 59'

    YELLOW! Jimmy Tupou is shown the yellow card for foul play. He will proceed to the sin bin and the Blues will be down to 14 men.

  • 58'

    The Blues concede a penalty for not releasing the ball.

  • 56'

    The conversion is missed as Francis kicks it to the right of the posts. Blues lead by 12.

  • 54'

    TRY, BLUES, DUFFIE! 19-7: Francis with the cross kick and Duffie does well to score his second try of the game. The Blues are coming back strongly in the second half.

  • 52'

    The Blues have a 5 metre scrum. A poor throw from Parsons and Bulls win the lineout but the move ends well for the Blues who win a scrum.

  • 51'

    The Bulls concede a penalty through Adriaan Strauss for hands in the ruck.

  • 50'

    Gibson attacks from the right for the Blues, they have played better in the second half so far. The Bulls are defending well.

  • 49'

    The Bulls concede a penalty through Jason Jenkins for obstruction. Francis with another good kick, finding touch 10m inside the Bulls' half.

  • 49'

    The Bulls concede a penalty through Jason Jenkins for obstruction. Francis with another good kick, finding touch 10m inside the Bulls' half.

  • 49'

    The Bulls concede a penalty through Jason Jenkins for obstruction. Francis with another good kick, finding touch 10m inside the Bulls' half.

  • 48'

    CONVERSION, BLUES, FRANCIS! 14-7: Francis adds the extras and the Blues are back in front 14-7.

  • 48'

    The Blues concede a penalty through Pauliasi Manu for joining the ruck incorrectly.

  • 46'

    TRY, BLUES, DUFFIE! 12-7: Matt Duffie scores for the Blues! This is their second try and they take the lead. They have started the second half well.

  • 44'

    Nick de Jager concedes a penalty for hands in the ruck and Francis finds touch about 30m out.

  • 43'

    A few long kicks from either side and then Pollard eventually finds touch but the Blues take it quickly and then Pulu kicks it well out on the full.

  • 41'

    Second half begins.

  • 40'

    HALF-TIME: BLUES 7-7 BULLS. It has not been the best 40 minutes of play from both sides and the score reads 7-7. The Blues lacked imagination after a fast start and they made a lot of errors. Bulls managed to score but they were also guilty of basic errors.

  • 38'

    Pollard finds touch 5m out and it will be a lineout to the Blues.

  • 38'

    Good lineout from the Blues and Pulu bangs the ball away.

  • 36'

    Collins tries to put a kick through but Bulls gather it quickly and clear deep.

  • 36'

    Less than 5 minutes left in the half and Blues concede a penalty through Charlie Faumuina for obstruction. Another mistake from the hosts.

  • 34'

    The Blues win another penalty, on halfway. Another chance to build some pressure - providing they avoid errors this time. Lineout just outside the 22. Bulls are defending well in their half.

  • 32'

    The Bulls concede a penalty through Ruan Steenkamp for being caught offside. Francis drives the kick to the left of the uprights and Blues are not able to take the lead.

  • 30'

    Advantage being played as the Blues string together a few phases outside the 22.

  • 29'

    Poor moves from the Blues and they have really made some crucial errors today. Duffie makes good ground and the Blues are near the 22.

  • 27'

    Bulls kick the ball into touch, 10m inside halfway for a lineout.

  • 27'

    After some kicking back and forth, Blues end up in possession just outside their own 22.

  • 25'

    The Blues concede a penalty through Pauliasi Manu for incorrect binding. Bulls were under pressure and this will provide them with an escape.

  • 22'

    Blues kick the penalty into touch and have a 5m lineout now. They take it short and drive.

  • 20'

    Good attack from the Blues as they keep it tight in the centre and attack on the wings. Gibson runs through the right touchline but the Blues knock the ball on and we will come back for the penalty.

  • 18'

    CONVERSION, BULLS, POLLARD! 7-7: Pollard kicks the conversion in to add on the extras and the score is 7-7.

  • 17'

    TRY, BULLS, GQOBOKA! 7-5: Lizo Gqoboka has grounded it and the Bulls score their first try of this game. Pollard's long kick set up the chance. The lineout did not amount to much but the Bulls managed to find a try.

  • 15'

    The Blues concede a penalty through Pauliasi Manu for collapsing the scrum.

  • 14'

    The Bulls concede a penalty through Jan Serfontein for being caught offside.

  • 13'

    Bulls have a lineout and it is a messy one but they manage to retain possession.

  • 12'

    The Blues concede a penalty through Jimmy Tupou for not rolling away from the ruck.

  • 11'

    The scrum collapses and the Blues will have the free kick, opting for another scrum.

  • 10'

    A knock on from Moala and both teams have made a few basic errors at the start.

  • 9'

    Both teams are wearing blue tonight so it is difficult to differentiate between them.

  • 8'

    Faumuina kicks the ball into touch and Bulls have a lineout just inside the Blues territory.

  • 8'

    Pollard loses control of the ball as Bulls make another basic error. Scrum to the Blues.

  • 6'

    Tupou spills the kickoff and the Bulls have possession inside the 22.

  • 5'

    CONVERSION, BLUES, FRANCIS! 7-0: It is a tricky conversion but Francis does well to add on the extras and Blues lead by 7 points.

  • 4'

    TRY, BLUES, PULU! 5-0: From the lineout the Blues attack and Nanai breaks through the line for them as Augustine Pulu takes it over the line. First try of the game.

  • 3'

    Bulls set up a maul but are immediately caught offside and Steenkamp is penalised for obstruction.

  • 2'

    A poor kick from Francis as he finds touch 30 metres from his own try line.

  • 1'

    Kick-off! First half begins. Francis kicks us off!

  • 1'

    Francis with a deep kickoff and the Bulls look to run from their 22.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the SuperRugby clash between Blues an Bulls from the QBE Stadium.

  • 0'

    Nic Berry is the referee today with William Houston and Nick Briant assisting him. Ben Skeen is the TMO.

  • 0'

    Bulls: 15 Warrick Gelant, 14 Travis Ismaiel, 13 Jesse Kriel, 12 Jan Serfontein, 11 Jamba Ulengo, 10 Handré Pollard, 9 Piet van Zyl, 8 Hanro Liebenberg, 7 Nick de Jager, 6 Ruan Steenkamp, 5 Lood de Jager, 4 Jason Jenkins, 3 Trevor Nyakane, 2 Adriaan Strauss (c), 1 Lizo Gqoboko.

  • 0'

    Blues: 15 Michael Collins, 14 Matt Duffie, 13 Rieko Ioane, 12 George Moala, 11 Melani Nanai, 10 Piers Francis, 9 Augustine Pulu, 8 Jerome Kaino, 7 Blake Gibson, 6 Jimmy Tupou, 5 Patrick Tuipulotu, 4 Gerard Cowley-Tuioti, 3 Charlie Faumuina/Sione Mafileo, 2 James Parsons (c), 1 Pauliasi Manu.

  • 0'

    These two teams have competed evenly since 2009 with Blues and Bulls each winning three games.

  • 0'

    Captain Adriaan Strauss comes back for the Bulls and his return is vital for the visitors. The visitors boast a strong spine while Piet van Zyl and Handré Pollard will pull the strings at half-back with Serfontein and Kriel outside. Pollard, of course, needs to win his battle with Piers Francis for them to get the victory.

  • 0'

    A relatively quiet game last week as George Moala took the headlines instead, but expect a strong showing from Rieko Ioane this Saturday. The young centre?s battle with Jesse Kriel will be an interesting one and the South African will have to be at his best defensively to stop the quality of Ioane causing havoc. Also keep an eye on the dangerous Augustine Pulu, who has been superb this term.

  • 0'

    Bulls have won just 1 of their 10 games in New Zealand, with their last success coming in round 4 of 2013, at the Blues.

  • 0'

    Blues have lost their last three matches, so they are not in the best form either.

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Blues Bulls
  • 6 Tries 2
    • 2' Augustine Pulu
    • 45' Matt Duffie
    • 54' Matt Duffie
    • 66' Ihaia West
    • 71' Matt Moulds
    • 73' Melani Nanai
    • 16' Lizo Gqoboka
    • 80' Rudy Paige
  • 4 Conversions 2
    • 3' Piers Francis
    • 46' Piers Francis
    • 72' Ihaia West
    • 74' Ihaia West
    • 17' Handre Pollard
    • 80' Tiaan Schoeman
  • 0 Penalties 0
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 1 Yellow Cards 0
    • 58' Jimmy Tupou
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Pauliasi Manu
  • James Parsons
  • Charlie Faumuina
  • Gerard Cowley-Tuioti
  • Patrick Tuipulotu
  • Jimmy Tupou
  • Blake Gibson
  • Jerome Kaino
  • Augustine Pulu
  • Piers Francis
  • Melani Nanai
  • George Moala
  • Rieko Ioane
  • Matt Duffie
  • Michael Collins
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Lizo Gqoboka
  • Adriaan Strauss
  • Trevor Nyakane
  • Jason Jenkins
  • Lodewyk De Jager
  • Ruan Steenkamp
  • Nick de Jager
  • Hanro Liebenberg
  • Piet van Zyl
  • Handre Pollard
  • Jamba Ulengo
  • Jan Serfontein
  • Jesse Kriel
  • Travis Ismaiel
  • Warrick Gelant
  • Matt Moulds
  • Ofa Tu'ungafasi
  • Sione Mafileo
  • Akira Ioane
  • Murphy Taramai
  • Billy Guyton
  • Ihaia West
  • Tinoai Faiane
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Jaco Visagie
  • Pierre Schoeman
  • John Roy Jenkinson
  • RG Snyman
  • Jannes Kirsten
  • Rudy Paige
  • Tiaan Schoeman
  • Burger Odendaal

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