Joubert in Super Rugby role?

2011-06-01 20:39

Gavin Rich - SuperSport

Johannesburg - The Sharks have been bolstered by the arrival of Frederic Michalak for the remainder of their Super Rugby campaign and their backline resources could be further boosted in the next couple of weeks.

Former Springbok star Marius Joubert is packing his life up in Clermont in preparation for his return to South Africa on Friday, and right now rugby is the last thing on his mind as he prepares to restart his life in South Africa. He will be flying to Cape Town, where he owns a property, and at the moment he only plans to move to Durban at the end of June to be ready to start with the Sharks in early July.

"My contract is from the beginning of July and at the moment I don't know of any plans to get me to play in the last rounds of Super Rugby nor do I really intend to play any more games before July," said Joubert.

"It has been a long season in France, the competition in France is tough, and I don't know if it would be clever of me to then go and try and play a few rounds of Super Rugby after such a long season. It would probably be better for both me and the Sharks if I had a bit of a break to recharge my batteries."

However, while mindful of Joubert's need to rest, Sharks coach John Plumtree says that he might find a way to manage Joubert so that he can still get his break and help the Sharks out of a hole should it be necessary.

"Marius is contracted from July and he does need a break but if we find we are in a situation where we need him in an emergency then maybe we can come up with a plan whereby he plays the last games of Super Rugby and then starts the Currie Cup late," said Plumtree.

"For instance at the moment Adi Jacobs is doubtful for the next match, so we might be in a bit of a pickle if we lose another centre. That is why we might need to talk to Marius. But at this stage nothing has decided, and I haven't spoken to Marius. We will let him get back to South Africa first and then see where we stand and where he stands."

Joubert has spent three successful seasons in France during which his team won the French championships once, played in two finals and a semi-final. He has been contracted for two and a half years, effectively meaning that he will be with the Sharks until the end of the 2013 Currie Cup season.

He last played in South Africa for the Cheetahs in 2007 before moving to France. Before that he played for the Stormers and Western Province after starting out with Boland and was part of the Springbok team that won the Tri-Nations in 2004.

His most memorable performance was in the big win over the All Blacks in Johannesburg in 2004, a day where he scored a hat-trick of tries.


  • Meyer - 2011-06-01 20:47

    Sharks are so shite in midfield this might help a great deal...

      The_Fox - 2011-06-02 09:36

      @GILLBERT, please elaborate more about your stormers supporters comment?

      Paul - 2011-06-02 09:59

      The Sharks have had a weak 10,12 & 13 scince 2006 ...lately 10 has being sorted out with Lambie ... but 12 & 13 are still useless ... now they want to being in Joubert another hasbeen to join Terreblanche the hasbeen that is costing them games .... I can't believe that we don't have any good young centres in SA ....come on guys develop the youngsters , instead of filling the gaps with old guys past their best !!

  • Thefactxxx - 2011-06-01 21:18

    Hy en Stephan kan die oudste centre paar in die wereld wees....

  • vanrooyend - 2011-06-01 22:18

    How about Kevin de Klerk at lock. The Sharks management have lost it

      JoeStormer - 2011-06-01 23:09

      @vanrooyend Wa val jy uit jou simpel kolhaas! Kevin de Klerk??? Is jy mal

      Boels - 2011-06-02 07:34

      Good one. While they're at it, they can't go wrong with the Dick Muir / Jeremy Thompson combo.

      callan - 2011-06-02 08:49

      Joubert is only about 18 months older than Jean De Villiers, and 6 months younger than Brian O'Driscoll....

      The_Fox - 2011-06-02 08:55

      vanrooyend - I still think Kevin Putt should fill Hoffies' place on the bench. Also, a good call would be to get Andre Joubert and Kabous back in the mix as they still have a lot to offer. You know, apparently age is just a number in professional rugby.

  • EXBULL - 2011-06-01 22:53

    If Joubert were to play for the Sharks against the Bulls, The Sharks would only need one centre. As old as he is, he would run rings around Meisiekind and Pricktorius.

      JoeStormer - 2011-06-01 23:30

      Plus he's probably twice as fast as JdV. and tripple over habana

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-02 17:30

      @EXBULL - you sound just as desperate as the Sharks.

  • Boels - 2011-06-02 07:29

    HeHeHe, good one. But while they're at it, they can't go wrong with the Dick Muir / Jeremy Thompson combo.

  • The_Fox - 2011-06-02 07:44

    The Sharks Administrators see the 30 year old Marius as a long term investment and will most probably continue to play him until he is around 41/42 years of age.

      buzz - 2011-06-02 08:49

      Not 40, 45?

  • GHT - 2011-06-02 08:02

    Everybody keeps on moaning about the age of Terblanche. I think he is a legend and one of the luckyest rugby players ever (did he ever suffer a serious injury?). Although he is not to good at 13, I still think he would be a pretty solid fullback. Hope the Stormers, Sharks and Bulls can pull of wins this weekend. It would be brilliant if we can get 3 teams in the playoffs.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-02 09:20

      Agreed. Stef should be playing 15.

      gnus wakker - 2011-06-03 05:21

      @SAFFA You want to be mounted by him

  • Junaid - 2011-06-02 08:31

    The legend returns

  • StBad - 2011-06-02 09:19

    A centre proper... it's almost nostalgic to see him back! But why Michalak?

      kosie - 2011-06-02 10:00

      lambie is going to the boks, and they need a flyhalf for the currie cup

      RJ - 2011-06-02 11:09

      Lambie will loose us the world cup with he's poor defence and decision making.

      ikilladabull - 2011-06-02 11:28

      If really wanna get nostalgic, they should team him up with DeWet Barry.

  • GraemeBB - 2011-06-02 17:26

    And I thought he was there to help coach - But that should make him only the second oldest player in Super rugby, after Oupa Stephan. Go Sharks!

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