Stormers unchanged for Reds

2011-04-06 14:04

Cape Town - The Stormers have given the side which defeated the Sharks last week a vote of confidence by naming an unchanged match-day squad to face the Reds in a Vodacom Super Rugby clash at Newlands on Saturday.

A few players like Francois Louw (flank), Peter Grant (flyhalf) and Rynhardt Elstadt (lock) did not train on Wednesday but Stormers coach Allister Coetzee said that the players were rested because of injury niggles.

"With an unchanged side we are getting the continuity that we would like to have," said Coetzee.

"The players who didn't training were being rested and there's nothing serious about them."

Stormers captain Schalk Burger said the Reds posed a vastly different challenge than their opponents to date.

"The Reds seem to have a far more constructive way of playing, and somewhat different than what we've come up against this season," said Burger.

"They have a few plays, especially off No 9 and No 10 that will cause our defence some problems, and we'll have to be alert to that."

The Stormers will be looking to better the franchise record for the most consecutive victories on Saturday.

The 1999 side, captained by former Springbok loosie Bob Skinstad, set the benchmark with six consecutive wins.

To date this season the Stormers have raked in six wins after their victories over the Lions (19-16), Cheetahs (21-15), Highlanders (18-6), Bulls (23-13), Western Force (51-16) and the Sharks (16-6).

The Reds currently head up the Australian Super Rugby conference log and are on a four-match winning streak.


15 Gio Aplon, 14 Danie Poolman, 13 Jaque Fourie, 12 Jean de Villiers, 11 Bryan Habana, 10 Peter Grant, 9 Dewaldt Duvenage, 8 Duane Vermeulen, 7 Francois Louw, 6 Schalk Burger (captain), 5 Andries Bekker, 4 Rynhardt Elstadt, 3 Brok Harris, 2 Deon Fourie, 1 Wicus Blaauw

Substitutes: 16 Ethienne Reynecke, 17 CJ van der Linde, 18 De Kock Steenkamp, 19 Nick Koster, 20 Ricky Januarie, 21 Gary van Aswegen, 22 Juan de Jongh



  • Bootman - 2011-04-06 14:19

    Well done AC. Why change a winning formula. Stormers by 15..

      Robin Hendrickse - 2011-04-06 14:23

      Go Stormers

      Witsand local - 2011-04-06 14:25

      Agree, awesome team.

      Jean - 2011-04-06 14:34

      I think if the stormers play to their full attacking capabilities, they will crush the reds! We all know what the stormers are capable of on defence! Stormers by at least 20!

      JohnnyBB - 2011-04-06 14:44

      ...same "has-been" team...??

      StBad - 2011-04-06 15:03

      I'm predicting an upset!

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-06 15:16

      True, StBad. You and JohnnyBB will be very upset.

      Kaapie - 2011-04-06 15:57

      Yeah but we need to rotate as well. Lets hope towards the end of the campaign these okes will be able to carry on.. Theres still 3n and WC

      JACKHAMMER - 2011-04-06 16:54

      Reds by 10

      Oukoos - 2011-04-06 17:12

      Ja, JohnnyBB, dieselfde has-been span wat die Blou Bulle op jou geliefde Moftes Versveld snot laat vreet het - van die grond af nogal

      molefeP - 2011-04-07 08:06

      Looking forward to this game almost as much as I am dreading the Bulls/Crusaders game.

  • Brannas - 2011-04-06 14:38

    Ek stem heelhartig met mummford saam op die een, die stormetjies gaan snot vreet die naweek, die REDS gaan hulle n' moerse drag slae gee. mummford - April 04, 2011 at 17:12 Report comment brannas mark my words... Definite loss this weekend and i put money the Reds will take it .

      Robin Hendrickse - 2011-04-06 14:44

      minder brandewyn drink dan sal jy dalk weet wat in rugby aangaan!!!!

      gooinat - 2011-04-06 14:45

      Brannas,is die vliegtuig nie al lankal oor nie????

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 14:46

      And cue the morbidly obese carnival folk........stage left, stage right.......

      JohnnyBB - 2011-04-06 14:49

      ...stem saam Brannas, ....die stormertjies se "luck" gaan nou begin uitloop.... .....Reds by 15.....

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-06 15:19

      Ag ja, Johnny. Noem dit maar "luck" as jy wil. Soos die wyse Gary Player gesê het, "the more you practice, the luckier you get". Miskien moet die Flou Bulle meer oefen en ook bietjie "lucky" raak.

      JustinD - 2011-04-06 15:41

      I think you are getting the stormers mixed up with those fairies up north. You better stock up on those brannas cause you gonna be drowning your sorrows after the Crusaders wipe the floor with you.....mind you every second week you are drowning your sorrows these days.

      mummford - 2011-04-06 15:42 are the man!But one question why did you not just copy and paste what i said??I forgot , both your eyes point north!I said that you will also lose to the Reds after your loss to the saders.Now go play with your brrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      Durasmart - 2011-04-06 16:35

      Dis nie die Stormers se luck wat gaan opraak nie, maar eerder die KWV kwotas waarmee alcoholic refs soos Steve Walsh omgekoop kan word wat besig is om op te raak. Verder begin die jagseisoen een van die dae met wildsiltong weer die beste omkoopmiddel en is die Bulle, Lions en Cheetahs weer in die pound seats.

      Lloyd - 2011-04-06 17:08

      Durasmart, nie al die refs word omgekoop met KWV nie. Pro Legoete soek net n kas Milk Stout of marog.

      JACKHAMMER - 2011-04-06 17:11

      @Lloyd,Pro like Chibuku,,,,Kaapse wyn te suur vir hom

      Oukoos - 2011-04-06 17:15

      Durasmart, hoekom verander jy jou naam na 'n meer gepaste een nie, bv. DURADOM, DURASTUPID, DURAIDIOT of so iets?

  • gooinat - 2011-04-06 14:40

    Correct AC,the side is performing well,so why change it,lets hope JDJ gets a good run second half.

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 15:01

      @Gooinat, this team as a unit, has a mental edge that previous offerings haven't had. From the winning of the close ones, to the breaking of the Loftus/Kings Park hoodoos, to their attitude in victory - "eye of the tiger" stuff this. No celebrations after winning last week in Durbs - simply a handshake and back to business.....There is something different about this lot. Let's hope it holds :)

      gooinat - 2011-04-06 15:08

      I think what is also great is that former years the players had a lot to say before games in interviews etc etc and Coetzee has cut that out,even he gets irritated with the hype the media creates,get the job done then we can do the talking afterwards.

  • Bootman - 2011-04-06 14:57

    The Stormers are at the point now where, simply by announcing their team, they have already gained the psychological advantage. These poor Reds players have to go to bed for the next few nights worrying about running out against the 15 best players in SA, in front of 40 000 of the best supporters and at the best stadium by a country mile.

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-06 15:20

      You forgot to mention the "40000 most cultured supporters".

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 15:28

      @Shistirrer indeed. We all know that on average, 1500 tourists cancel their planned trips to SA everytime the camera scans the crowd at Loftus. I have asked Supersport to stop with their foreign investment ambushing tjatjrag tendencies.......but as the chaps there say, crowd footage from CT, Durban, Bloem and Jozi repairs the damage somewhat.

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 15:31

      Bootman, I tend to disagree, Loftus is the best staduim in the Southern hemisphere dude, 55000 people, sea of blue jerseys. Just funny how the stormers supporters is though, they will booooo there own players like habana etc.... I have not in my life at Loftus heard anyone BLUE BULL supporter booying there players. Wonder why that is though?

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 15:36

      @Unbeatabulls - thats because you chaps leave the stadium as soon as things start looking "gloomy" for the Bulls....there is not a SOUL left in the so called fortress to do the actual BOOING. Loftus = empty = no booing.

      Bootman - 2011-04-06 15:44

      @ unbetabulls....what a short memory you have. The day SPRINGBOK Percy Montgomery was booed at Loftus it must have been filled with supporters from Durban, Joburg, Bloem and Cape Town.

      mummford - 2011-04-06 15:46

      Unbeatabulls..55000 people??? I would not exactly call them people!! I think when overseas people see Loftus they think they watching the National Geo channel!!!

      Lloyd - 2011-04-06 15:54

      SAFFA, the only reason you Stormers supporters don't leave early is because you use the same taxi's.

      gooinat - 2011-04-06 15:55

      @Mumford,Alwyn mentioned yesterday that he owns a game farm,maybe he gives SOME of the game weekend passes to go to Loftus:)

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 16:01

      Lloyd, I need to compliment you dude, that was the funniest comment today...hahaha

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 16:01

      @Bootman, It wasn't only Percy booed. Robbie Fleck, Breytie, Pieter Rossouw & all the WP boys in that Bok team were BOOED - before they had even taken the field......Pre match, they came out and were sitting against the advertising boards on the field, they were booed.

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 16:06

      DUANEROCKS okay point taken, I wasnt there that game, but i would take your word for it, point being that there are baddies supporters on both sides, north and south

      mummford - 2011-04-06 16:14

      Lloyd the scary thing is that Beatabulls thought that was very funny!Im shocked at both of your guys mentality-scary S%iT.I think even Alwyn would find it stupid.I really am speechless!I cant see where the logic is in your joke.Oh Lloyd do you have any idea of the wealth in CT.Brakpan where apparently you live(i have not been their so wont judge) is not really like CT.You should come visit one day and put your red speedo on and visit Clifton 1ST!You would fit in just fine!!

      Bootman - 2011-04-06 16:16

      WHAT!!!!! They booed Breytie????? Those motherf@#$%ers. Thats unforgivable. For idiots that dont know how to spell boo, they were sure doing a lot of it that day.

      mummford - 2011-04-06 16:16

      Lloyd ...please remove your Pic for just an having lunch.Thanks bud.

      Lloyd - 2011-04-06 17:12

      Mum, I do live in Dape Town. I normally hang out on 4th beach. Sometimes I park above 1st beach and take a walk through all the beaches until I get to 4th. Passing through 2nd beach, I always see your dad's moon.

      JACKHAMMER - 2011-04-06 17:13

      Actually Lloyd youre picture is fine,cant say the same about the Stormer team or Mummford

      mummford - 2011-04-06 17:14

      Do you like my Dads moon since you ALWAYS look at it!You are weired!Just got the shivers!

      mummford - 2011-04-06 17:16 i know who you are.Skinny little w@#$$r in the pink g string.Somebody kick sand in my eyes!!

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 17:27

      @Lloyd - You profess to live in the finest city on Gods earth, Cape Town. Have you received your little Budget newsletter from the Provincial Govt yet? Delivered in an envelope with "A message from Helen Zille" written on the front? Living here you must know what I referring 2. In any event turn to page 3. Bottom right, is a GUARANTEE that GAP market housing to the tune of 4 Billion is being budgeted for. You will have a home.........and while you're at it, look at page 2 botton left...R42 billion on education - you might just get that matric you have been after. The Western Cape hey Lloyd - living the frikkin dream .....

      Lloyd - 2011-04-06 17:34

      SAFFA, the education sounds good, but I have to pass grade 7 first and time is running out.

  • Leigh - 2011-04-06 14:57

    yet the stormers prove these haters wrong every week who els must they beat to make there point?

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-06 15:26

      Maybe not so much "haters" as just being suurgat and very, very afraid. OK, some of them are just plain dumb, like Brannas and the little cheerleader JohnnyBB. Why he reminds me of a cheerleader: He never has anything original to say, he just jumps up and down and shouts something inane like "Go Bulle!", while wishing he could get laid by the whole team.

      Oukoos - 2011-04-06 17:20

      SHISTIRRER, Are you sure the whole team? Or only Wynand O?

  • springbokke - 2011-04-06 14:59

    S.A. super 15 squads all the way,.Esp. Stormers.......But please guys dont underesimate the Reds..Esp. that Q.Cooper combination....they blow 'hot and cold.'...lets hope it's the later this weekend...' Stormers'...

  • Bulldozer - 2011-04-06 15:00

    Never have been, never will be team.

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-06 15:30

      ...yet the Stormers are top of the (combined) log by a country mile. So what does that make the Bulls? Has-been, never again will be team? Must be hell looking up into the Stormers' gatte from down there where you are. Fortunately for you, after this weekend the view will be from even further away, so it won't stare you in the face so much.

      JACKHAMMER - 2011-04-06 17:14

      Last year same thing on top untill the time that it mattered then the Big boys came through,,,Go Bulls

  • Robin Hendrickse - 2011-04-06 15:09

    amazing how many non stormers suporters read the stormers news haha

      gooinat - 2011-04-06 15:15

      Robin,cause the Stormers are the only positives coming out of SA rugby at the moment:)

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 15:19

      @Robin, you know these chaps up north, anything to "bask" in the aura of a winning team...My greatest concern is that should the Bulls continue this little downward spiral, will these gollums suddenly pull on Stormer shirts? Although I don't think our jerseys come in XXXXXXXL so we might be safe.....

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 15:24

      Robin, I am a hardcore blue bull supporter, but i can tell you one thing, when the stormers plays overseas team, i support the Stormers, so I guess i am entitled read any news relating the stormers? dont ya think? go bulls!!!, go stormers!!!!! bulls to take a win less 7, and stormers to take it by 10.

      Sheldon - 2011-04-06 15:27

      first the highlanders was suppose to be the first real test , after that it was the bulls , then it was the sharks and now the reds . Stormers fans , to hell with the suurgatte , lets enjoy our rugby . we are gonna tackle the reds PINK .

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 15:28

      DUANEROCKS, dont believe everything you see on tv. Yes there are a few large people at Loftus, but please do not stereotype. Some of us are indeed well built and still support the bulls. As for the jersey wearing it, not in this life time, i will be supporting the bulls even if they lose all their games in the next five years to come, the saying goes...Once a bull always a bull, no turning back.

      gooinat - 2011-04-06 15:33

      @Beatabull,thank you,at long last someone has seen the light,there are plenty of us that feel the same way as you,we put SA rugby before any team.Good luck Saturday,may the fastest gunslinger still stand after Saturday,we want to save him for someone special:)

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 15:38

      @Unbeatabull - Credit to you then chum. I will no longer beast you as one of the baddies. If you support all SA teams, you can't be all that bad.

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 15:39

      @ gooinat, thx mate, good luck to your team as well, although wp doesnt need luck, pure power and skill is all that is needed. Hopefully Vic and his boys actually wanna win this game against the saders? Here is to the Stormers winning the Reds by 15 or more.

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 15:56

      @Gooinat - I an hoping to meet the fastest gunslinger when they come to CT early May. Possibly I am the chosen one, the one who must ensure that the fastest of them eventually dies.

      JohnnyBB - 2011-04-06 16:02

      ..I will NEVER support the arrogant Stormers...!! ..........Go Reds...!!! ... Go Bulls...!!!! ....Go Sharks...!!!

      gooinat - 2011-04-06 16:05

      @Duanerocks-LMAO,like our dear friend Hugh Bladen always says,"Go you good thing go"

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 16:10

      @JohnnyBB - thank the rugby gods for that. For a minute I thought you were going to ask us all to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

      mummford - 2011-04-06 16:15

      Johnnyb...go check your nappy...oops!!

      molefeP - 2011-04-07 08:00

      Hehehe, just a thought here... but you HAVE seen the "Fat Statistics" SAFFA? CT is THE most obese city in SA. Gauteng was only 3rd! And somehow I don't think they meant "phat"! :-p Just a little reminder about generalisations

  • Leigh - 2011-04-06 15:18

    true that gooinat, atleast we winning our matches and agains big teams to

  • Wagga - 2011-04-06 15:26

    Good luck to all the South African teams this weekend, it's going to be an awesome rugby weekend I think, we will know after this weekend where we stand in regards to the Oz and the NZ Conferences. It will be basically the 2 top South African teams against the top Aussie and Kiwi teams. Go SA boys, make us proud.

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 15:34

      finally a supporter with common sense, Wagga you go Sir!!! Good luck to Province and the Bulls, although we know its not about luck ne.

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 15:39

      Howdy Wagga! How are things down under? Bad news with all your Cheetahs injuries mate.

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 15:46

      Wagga : OK now I am dumbfounded , but neverless proud to be a South African , when all of us can stand with one goal , whipping the sheepshaggers down under - GO SOUTH AFRICAN TEAMS !!!!- Thanks Wagga , Unbeatabulls ,Duannerocks , Gooinat & Leigh !!!!!

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 15:48

      And all the rest : Robin Hendrickse , RobinB, Shistirrer- Thanks

      JohnnyBB - 2011-04-06 16:04

      ....Go Reds...!! ...........Go Bulls...!! ....Go Sharks...!! ....Go Lions...!!!!

      Wagga - 2011-04-06 17:14

      @ DUANEROCKS, Howdy, I take that you might be someone else, maybe SAFFA-CAT ( correct me if I'm wrong ) I haven't been on this site for yonks, been quiet busy of late , I see nothing has changed, everybody is still going at each other and very little constructive rugby talk. Yeah, it's a pity about my Cheetahs, but on the other hand ( as Naas would say ) I'm quiet use to that by now, every year just brings out another excuse and if there is no change to the management soon, I guess it will stay the same. Aus is great thank you, although I am in the Middle East right now, Bahrain to be exact, will be here for a couple of months and then back to OZ, I will miss a couple of games down under though. Go well and all the best for your team this weekend, I'm really looking forward to this weekends rugby. Cheers Mate.

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 17:32

      @Wagga - it is indeed me :) Changed the name due to the usual suspects identity stealing. I can tell you one thing about the Cheetahs, Sarel Pretorious is FINALLY getting some recognition in this country for his incredible performances. At last! Enjoy your travels! And enjoy the rugby! This weekend is going to be festival :)

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 15:43

    Stormers= Losers!!

      Mork - 2011-04-06 16:04

      Games Played = 6 Games Won = 6 Position on Log = 1 (29 points) Shame, only loser here must be you

      Shistirrer - 2011-04-06 16:08

      My my - now that's original. Another returd committing identity theft. Is there no end to the gutter tactics you will use? (That's a rhetorical question - we all know the answer to that). JohnnyBB, we know it's you - the retarded commenting style gave you away.

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 16:51

      unbeatabulls: Hey let me inform you of one thing , ME insult the STORMERS , just come look at my pub at home , or my phone or my PC & N/Book : you can mail me at anytime - That prick who said that is some cliffbradley wannabee CHEERS

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 16:53

      Shistirrer: You know then: Just check the names , mine has a picture !!!

  • Raka13 - 2011-04-06 15:51

    We're gonna win

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 16:03

      you actually meant that the team ur supporting will win mate, you will not win this weekend, just saying....

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 16:02

    @unbeatabull Luister, ek klap vir jou teen die kop sommer nou! Jy skree nie op my nie jou tosser

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-06 16:10

      hey sunshine, pasop met wie jy praat..ek dare jou invite my op fb....Ettienne Smit...dan praat ons weer, jy is gewaarsku tappet

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 16:23

      @Unbettabulls - this is a FAKE Cliff Bradley dude. The same way a delusional schizo stole my nic yesterday...well "it" is doing the same to Cliff now.

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 16:44

      unbeatabulls: I tried but to many , you could invite me , if you want , but like the lady says , it aint me , my facebook is my name . Jeez this Alwyn Kruger is a TOSSER

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 16:57

      unbeatabulls: To many Ettienne Smit's , will take too long Try mine : Cliff Bradley.

      Jaco - 2011-04-06 17:20

      Cliff, I have actually looked for you on fb a couple of months ago, just to put a face to the name. Too many Cliffs as well.

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 19:17

      Jaco: You wont like the picture , It is a Stormer Logo / With my name , check it out , Easy one

  • Makutu - 2011-04-06 16:12

    I'm liking Rynhardt Elstadt very much! The way he outplayed Bakkies was just too amazing.

      gooinat - 2011-04-06 16:21

      The boy is amazing,hard but clean is the way he plays,also gave Alberts a go on Saturday.

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 16:21

      @Makutu - not sure if you watched him play any age group level rugby? His success at this level was inevitable, in fact almost guaranteed last year already. I am praying/hoping/making sacrifices to the rugby gods, he stays injury free for most of his career, as injury I feel is the ONLY thing that could influence the MASSIVE impact this kid is going to have on SA rugby. 21 years the calculations.

      Makutu - 2011-04-06 17:26

      Nope Duanerocks... The guy is completely new to me. I started seeing him this season. Never the less I'm super impressed with him. I'm going to Newlands on Saturday, let's hope that they tame the Reds. . It sucks to be a Blue Bulls fan in Cape Town, lol! On that note, there is a guy in the Reds team called Digby Ioane. A very much unsung hero, look out for him!

      molefeP - 2011-04-07 08:03

      Have to agree, The youngster is pure class.

  • GHT - 2011-04-06 16:20

    Thanks for finally including Lionel Cronje!! Oh wait. You didn't. Go Stormers!

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 17:06

      Lionel will tour with the team mate. In all honesty, I am happier that Lionel is getting plenty game time in the Vodacom Cup (he need it after sitting warming the bench for de Waal last year) Van Aswegen has played one full game for the VC team, 2 weeks back against Griquas - he has been on the bench for the Stormers the rest of the time. Lionel is PLAYING, and playing damn well, and finding some awesome form....He will get his chances - Him playing VC is a huge blessing disguise, for both him and the team. It's that or sit on the bench and watch Peter Grant? I know what I would rather have.....considering how long the season is still.

      Jaco - 2011-04-06 17:21

      Lionel should pack his bags. He will never get a fair shot in S.A.

      GHT - 2011-04-06 17:41

      True Duanerocks. He has received how many man of the match awards in the VC, so it is doing him some good. But would it be so bad if we brought him on early in the 2nd half, move Aplon to wing so that he could get game time at 15 for the Stormers? I think not.

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 19:19

      Jaco: Worried about that myself , no place in Durbs, PTA, so where does he go - LIMEYLAND but our own fault !!!

  • Kendall - 2011-04-06 16:20

    As a fellow South African i speak on behalf of most teams....GO REDS!

      Bootman - 2011-04-06 16:34

      You speak on behalf of most teams ????? That sounds so stupid, the only explanation could be that you're a bulls supporter.

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 16:39

      And BOOTMAN : Then they ask why they are the most hated supporters in the world !!!

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 16:51

      Oh dear..another Tswane Twister. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh - that was a constructive thought leaving your earthly body. Cheerio, and thanx for playing.

  • Shistirrer - 2011-04-06 17:07

    To all the Stormers haters out there, a few points to ponder: “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.” - Gandhi "In time we hate that which we often fear" - William Shakespeare “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” - Yoda (JohnnyBB, please get someone to explain this to you.)

      DUANEROCKS - 2011-04-06 17:34

      @Shistirrer - you want those retards to understand mate? I suggest you add a few pictures?

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-06 23:34

    @Bootman Please come over and make my day. Sounds like you think you're the man. 18 Endler Rd, Mostertsdrift, Stellenbosch

      Bootman - 2011-04-07 00:30

      Cliffwannabe, you're such a d**s. Actually giving up your address on a public forum. And to top it all, you're a bulletjie living in Stormers Land. I'm in Goodwood. See you in an hour biaaaatch. I'm gonna toilet paper your lawn after I kick you in the chompers.

      Bootman - 2011-04-07 00:38

      By the way, when I get there, who do i ask for, because I dont know your name....or do I just say " I'm here to see the old toppie living in the caravan in the backyard"

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-07 05:53

      Bootman: Dont bother to humour this prick , I am in the Eastern Cape , but sent one of my Buddies , told me the house owners have no Idea what he was asking about - FAKE CLIFF IS A LYING MOFO !!!

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-07 00:39

    @Bootman Oh, you from Goodwood. Gooroot. Say no more

  • Effel - 2011-04-07 01:18

    Yes yes al julle klomp stowe! Ek's terug, it's been a while, weet julle het my gemis. Ek se sommer van die begin af die Stormers gaan weer Choke, hulle is baie soos die Proteas, eintlik maar kakkerig maar vreeslik grootbek! 10 jaar se storie nou. Bulle vat hom weer. Dan's dit 4 Super rugby's in 5 jaar. Wow.

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-07 02:02

    Sorry, I was mistaken. I checked the stats again. If we go back starting 1939 Bulls vs WP the Bulls has won 23 CC and WP only 12. Bulls are our best team in history and also the best provincial team in world rugby. They are the defending Super rugby champions 3 out 4 years vs ZERO trophies ever by the Stormers.

      CliffBradley - 2011-04-07 05:46

      SHAME ALWYN - It must be terrible to want to be someone so bad ( He does not even run SUB 3 Marathons like you brag you do ,) that you must try to imitate him !!!

      unbeatabulls - 2011-04-07 07:07

      @fake Cliffbradley...aka Alwyn- hope not, dude,you are seriously waste of skin boet,I do not know why God created idiots like you and Malema, i dont care if we support the same team, in my books you are a P..s, I am sure you get what i am saying, i will not entertain your dumb ass, mentally handicapped remarks anymore, Here is hoping you die soon and slow...biaatchhh

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-07 15:40

    I hope the Reds nail the arrogant, low-IQ Stormers. I can't stand the f@ckin idiots

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-07 15:44

    @fake CliffBradley Man you are soooo gay! You send someone over to my house? LOL Get back on your brother

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-07 20:38

    @ unbeatabulls Jou PK is baie naby gomgat

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