Stormers happy with venue

2012-04-03 17:50

Cape Town - The Stormers are happy that their clash against the Highlanders in Dunedin on Saturday will be played in an enclosed stadium, says forwards coach Matthew Proudfoot.

Dunedin is renowned for its inclement weather, which has given many a coach sleepless nights in the past. However, with the Highlanders now playing at the Forsyth Barr Stadium, which is an indoor arena, there are no more such worries.

And Proudfoot believes the scene is set for an entertaining match between the two pace-setters in this year's Super Rugby competition.

“We are looking forward to playing in Dunedin, winter here can get nasty, but in an enclosed stadium one can only expect a great spectacle of rugby by two sides," Proudfoot told the Stormers website.

They are currently settled in Queenstown after an extensive 36 hours of travelling.

“We are in good spirits and spent Tuesday analysing our previous game (a 20-17 home win over the Bulls), this week we will focus on execution and the consistency of our game plans," said Proudfoot.

On the injury front the Stormers are in a good space with no injuries to report.

They are back on the training field on Wednesday.

After the clash against the Highlanders, they take on the Crusaders in Christchurch, Reds in Brisbane and Force in Perth to finish their tour.


  • Jason - 2012-04-03 17:54

    LOL I cannot believe the Stormers have no injuries!!! That is awesome.....................remember this time last year???

      Ken - 2012-04-03 19:59

      @Saffa You are spoiling the forum with your idiotic comments! Get a life!

      Bootman - 2012-04-03 21:53

      Ken just ignore the asswipe. He's too much of a coward to post under his own profile so he steals someone elses................and a females profile at that. Im sure he wears his wife's underwear when she's not home. Piet you're a tranny just like your pink bulls.

      Saffa - 2012-04-03 23:25

      @Bootman Not only my wife's.

      Terence - 2012-04-04 06:14

      So Bootman, is Bootman your real name then?

      hvanderlinde - 2012-04-04 09:11

      Terence, there is a difference between stealing someone elses profile and creating your own pseudonym though

  • Terence - 2012-04-03 18:01

    Who's the ref for this game? Stormers have had all the luck so far this season.

      Marius - 2012-04-03 18:17

      Referee: Chris Pollock Assistant referees: Keith Brown, Kane McBride Television match officials: Vinny Munro

      Terence - 2012-04-03 18:19

      Thanks Marius.

      Johan - 2012-04-03 19:10

      Are you not flying Craig Joubert in?

      Saffa - 2012-04-03 19:21

      @Johan Or Mark Lawrence or Marius Jonker?! 12 points given to the Stormers, I don't even know why they bothered to pitch for the game, those refs already knew the result a week before the games. What a joke! The Sharks, Lions and Bulls were all better teams and will take the Stormers by 15 plus with a half-decent ref

      Justice - 2012-04-03 19:50

      Saffa... You should swallow the grapes whole... That way your mouth won't look like a pig's bum...

      Marius - 2012-04-03 20:36

      @Terence. Here is a link to the ref appointments for all the S15 games for the next 4 weeks

  • Saffa - 2012-04-03 18:49

    Lets hope it's a semi-decent neutral ref. Then Highlanders by 15-20 Stormers are cetainly not the pace-setters, at least 3 of their games were handed to them on a plate by blatant refs. They should be on around 6 points right now. Ma die wiel draai julle outjies, julle het al jul luck vir die volgende 5 jaar opgebruik

      Christo - 2012-04-03 19:01

      Haai ou word wakker,jou brein is besig om te vrot, hou op om deur jou neus te huigel.

      jaco.hoon - 2012-04-03 21:39

      Shoe nooit geweet watter groot poephol jy regtig is nie...glo jy die... Wat jy praat?

      Riaan - 2012-04-04 08:02

      @ Saffa. Still with the sour grapes? This is what is going on in Saffa's head...1.Inhale. 2. Exhale. 3.Damn ref. 4. Almost forgot to inhale! 5. Damn ref. 6. My sister looks good today! 7. Exhale. 8. Damn ref. 9.Inhale. 10. Repeat step 1 to 10. You are a sad,sad little man. Danville's finest!

  • Saffa - 2012-04-03 19:11

    It's actually ridiculous to see how blatantly the refs favoured the Stormers the last 6 weeks. I think SA rugby is just so embarrassed by their 16 year cupless history that they'll do whatever to try and get a cup at idiotic Newlands. Ma die wiel draai outjies, eerste verloor oor 5 daggies, ek gaan so lekker kry ek gaan van my huis se 4de verdieping af tuimel

      dawie13 - 2012-04-04 07:54

      One of the best comments I've seen here. Thanks saffa. I agree with you

      Riaan - 2012-04-04 15:30

      @ Dawie13. I dont think you should put your IQ next to your name. 13 Is pretty low even for a bulls fan!

      Riaan - 2012-04-04 15:33

      @ Saffa. I did not know the Salvation Army's house for destitute's has 4 floors?

  • Fanie - 2012-04-03 19:49

    Saffa jou idioot

      Saffa - 2012-04-03 21:05

      @Isak Is jy alweer dronk?

  • rudi.strydom2 - 2012-04-03 20:12

    Vir 'n verandering is Rene stil, dank die Vader en as saffatjie nou kan stilbly en kamer toe gaan, kan ons grootmense lekker oor rugby gesels.

      Priester - 2012-04-03 21:38

      Rudi dit is so dat Rene soms pedant is maar gee haar die krediet, sy weet meer van rugby af as baie ander idiote op hiedie forum en dit sluit jou in. Ek kan rerig nie onthou dat jy ooit konstruktiewe kommentaar op hierdie forums gelewer het nie. Blou Bul Groete vir jou ook my mater.

      Riaan - 2012-04-04 08:00

      @ Saffa. You are just more proof that inbreeding really does produce sub-standard offspring. Please stay away from your sister. This planet really doesnt need any more "indiscretions" like yourself.

      Neutedop - 2012-04-04 11:32

      Ag ou Crap, aangesien almal sy suster by kom, het hy gewonder waaroor alles gaan. Dis mos maar normaal daar onder die Bloubulle..... Dis net so goed jou pa kom met 'n pakkie lekkers by die huis, en jy moet kyk hoe hy alles self opeet....

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