Stormers favourites for top?

2012-07-08 15:09

Cape Town - Another Saturday, another Stormers win without a bonus point.

For the amazing 13th time in Super Rugby this season, the SA conference leaders (and now also confirmed winners again) emerged from a match with the “basic” four-pointer rather than with the cherry-on-cake additional point for scoring four tries.

Once again the Stormers scored low for entertainment value - yes, that has become a habit despite the indignation of some of their honchos when you suggest it - but in the latest, attrition-based 13-6 triumph over the Cheetahs in a miserable Bloemfontein there were at least some strong mitigating circumstances.

With the Cheetahs also putting their normal, free-running plans on hold in acknowledgement of the chilly and wet conditions and surprising with their level of defensive structure and resolve (not normally their best suit) a high-scoring feast always seemed unlikely.

And give the visitors their tactical due: as the clock wound down, and adding significantly to their solitary try just not a feasible option, they realised the importance of simply holding off the tenacious hosts in a tense finish.

Even as some of the television commentators strangely kept banging on about the bonus point with fewer than 10 minutes left, Jean de Villiers and company stayed mindful of the bigger-picture requirements.

For the fact remains that the Stormers arguably hold inside lane for the precious top-placed finish on the overall table.

Provided that mid-winter Newlands is not a mudbath next Saturday (15:00 kick-off), there must be every chance that the home side, currently trailing the log-leading Chiefs by one point, will finally and with potentially exquisite timing snare a five-pointer against the humdrum Melbourne Rebels.

A day earlier, the Stormers camp will all be quietly rooting for the Hurricanes (Friday 09:35 SA time), still not mathematically out of the playoffs picture themselves, to either beat the visiting Chiefs in a New Zealand derby at the Cake Tin or at the very least prevent them from winning with four tries.

Either scenario seems a fair enough prospect, doesn’t it?

After all, even in the home fixture against the ‘Canes in late April, the Chiefs could not land the bonus point; they registered three tries despite prevailing by a comfortable 33-14.

And in the corresponding clash at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium last season, the Hurricanes will be buoyed by the knowledge that they were the winners on that occasion 29-26.

At the very least, it is now desperately unlikely that the Stormers will fall out of the top two, as a losing bonus point against the Rebels, whom they beat 40-3 away last year, is enough to secure second and a home semi-final.

Whatever the remaining permutations, there is probably a fair case for arguing that, if the going is suitably firm, the Stormers do have an obligation to treat their supporters to some overdue sparkle next weekend.

There were alarming occasions at Free State Stadium, in spells where the rain relented and they had some good try-scoring prospects in the Cheetahs’ quarter, where moves were butchered either by lack of composure, poor passing rhythm or wrong options.

A niggling feeling will persist among many Super Rugby neutrals, you can be certain, that the Stormers’ admittedly exemplary focus on defence could yet come to bite them against a quality offensive outfit like the Crusaders or Chiefs.

The argument is roughly this: any side is capable of quickly going a try or two down; do the Stormers really have the capability, given their current mindset, to come from behind under such circumstances?

So their showing some ball-in-hand lustre against the Rebels, weather permitting, would be a timely tonic immediately prior to a semi.

The Stormers also need to address two successive weeks of angst at scrum-time, although the expected return of strong-man No 4 Eben Etzebeth to the second row ought to go at least some way to rectifying matters.

Meanwhile the fifth-placed Bulls and domestic rivals the Sharks, one spot below them, will be heartened by the knowledge that they will know exactly what they have to do themselves next Saturday - at home to the Lions and Cheetahs respectively - to earn spots in the finals series.

It is possible both will require “maximum” wins but it also has to be kept in mind that if there are some upset results slightly earlier in the round, like the Reds losing at home to the Waratahs, then both may be safe for the playoffs already.

The likeliest scenario remains that both SA teams will have to travel overseas for qualifying games ahead of the semis, although one of them might yet earn a home fixture - in the very, very improbable event that the Crusaders slip below fourth place by losing in Christchurch to the Western Force.

Next weekend’s last-round programme (home teams first):


Hurricanes v Chiefs

Brumbies v Blues, Crusaders v Force, Reds v Waratahs, Stormers v Rebels, Sharks v Cheetahs, Bulls v Lions

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  • tom.tardis - 2012-07-08 14:14

    will be good for the stormers to score 4 tries on saturday to gather momentum and confidence going into the semis.

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-08 14:16

      but if they dont start coming out their shell they will come undone against the saders/chiefs/sharks

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 15:06

      THE MIGHTY STORMERS will not 'come undone', Tom!

      chaplinncharlie - 2012-07-08 15:28

      Tom can't see it happen... AC told them yesterday they are peaking.. Apparently that was a beter performance of that against the Lions...

      francois.smith.7 - 2012-07-08 15:32

      Tom, the problem is that Allister said after game 5 that he does not care if the Stormers do not score 4 tries as long as they win. Now they have not won always and secondly, they have like stated in the article not got the skills to score the tries. It is going to be difficult to turn that around. Ideally the Stormers will probably want the Brumbies in a semi and someone else than the Crusaders in the final.

      francois.smith.7 - 2012-07-08 15:41

      Chaplin, you must remember this is AC. Peaking may also refer to looking illegally at McGyver when you were young.

      mario.borchards - 2012-07-08 17:23

      Why are people so obsessed with scoring 4 tries? Do you win a game if you score 4 tries? The bonus point system is just a salvation for teams that DO NOT win games. Scrap the 4 try bonus point system. In football you can win a match 6-0 and only get 3 points why should rugby be different?

      john.edwards.733450 - 2012-07-08 19:15

      Because it's entertaining and they're rewarding the teams that play positive rugby to get them to be more entertaining ! ..which is what Rugby is suppose to be ..are you really this dense ? I'v seen some ppl on international forums calling the stormers game torture and calling for the Internationale Criminal Court to get involved.

      thomas.cannon.712 - 2012-07-08 19:19

      To be brutally honest after watching the Chiefs and Crusaders game, our teams have to play out of their skins to even have a slight chance!! The Sharks are the only team in our conference that showd the intensity needed to win, and then it would still be a long stretch!! I am a Bulls supporter and we were well beaten on saturday, but you must give credit where credit is due!!! If the Sharks play the Brumbies in one semi I think they should edge out a win!! If we play the Crusaders I think we need two bounces to go our way!! One the bounce of the ball, the other have Bryce Lawrence bounced out of any part of that game!!!!!

      john.edwards.733450 - 2012-07-08 19:27

      I agree Thomas I think the Sharks are our best hope

      Stoffel - 2012-07-09 09:40

      @tom, another fake blue bulls supporter, why do you have a photo of Justin Valentine on your profile?

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-09 14:32

      more importantly why does justin valentine have a picture of me?

  • jack.bleck - 2012-07-08 14:20

    Stormers - 2 cups in the bag, 2 to go!!!

      Johan - 2012-07-08 15:14

      2 cups? BWA HA HA HA Win the tournament then maybe someone will take you seriously, for the Sport Pienaar medal you received, NO ONE cares

      peter.britz1 - 2012-07-08 15:17

      Hilarious! Good chirp

      chaplinncharlie - 2012-07-08 15:30

      Johan his taking about the Vodacom cup... I get one every month from them when i pay my Mobile contract...

      francois.smith.7 - 2012-07-08 15:33

      At present the only SA team with more impressive silverware in their trophy cupboard is the Lions - well done Josh!

      Jed - 2012-07-08 15:33

      Johan what happened to the Bulls again?

      Johan - 2012-07-08 15:37

      @vallem They are bored with all the Super trophies they've won so far. And a 4th coming up

      theunis.botha.96 - 2012-07-08 17:12

      @ vallemj-Something that the Stormers can't take credit for and also take serious note.The Sharks are awaiting them,and much comfort should have been taken the way the Stomers suffered again to scratch out a timid non convincing victory over the Ceethas.

      Jed - 2012-07-08 17:22

      Johan after you get raped by the Lions I reckon, you will be replaced by the Kings.

      Jed - 2012-07-08 17:23

      Theunis, sorry Sharks had there good game , a bad one coming up. Remember the Lions game?

      theunis.botha.96 - 2012-07-08 19:18

      Vallemj,the Sharks sometimes allow the little fleas to bite so that the irritation cause them to bring down the high flyers in the game with devastating awe-T'is why they dismantled the Bulls with so much fury.We have seen this pattern of play so many times before.If they do get past the one that lay ahead,well then...guess the Stormers can try again next year.

      jacques.l.roux.3 - 2012-07-08 19:26

      The Sharks waiting for us hahahahahaha, isnt it true that the team with the home ground advantage are the ones waiting. Although the Sharks had a good game against the Bulls you have to ask yourself, how good are the Bulls anyway. One player stood out for the Bulls and as expected it was an ex Stormers player. I believe Bulls and Sharks supporter should rather focus on next week seeing that those games are kind of important to your teams getting somewhere in this comp.

      Provence - 2012-07-08 20:14

      @Johan and chaplin, you are completely correct it is very easy to win the Vodacom cup, But alas not even the poor bulls could win the easy one! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ag shame!!!!

      chaplinncharlie - 2012-07-09 00:40

      Poppies we are talking about the Stompies here not the Bulls.. Why are you so concerne about the Bulls you living in denial???

      bushpigeventsbar - 2012-07-09 11:53

      johan.spies.18 : Jy bly maar n nar ne!!!

  • grant.butler.104 - 2012-07-08 14:28

    Going to be a thrilling last weekend.......and I have great tickets on the grandstand!!

  • sean.bagley.50 - 2012-07-08 14:28

    Congratulations Stormers, your fight to reach the top should be applauded..........with so many injuries to no.1 players, hope the S15 trophy joins the Vodacom cup! Second trophy in 2 years so the Cabinet is not empty anymore. Well done Stormers! Two from two is a good return. If the log stays as it is after the final round, then the Brumbies gets the Sharks in Australia and the Crusaders gets the Bulls in NZ.The Chiefs will get the winner of Brumbies vs. Sharks and the Stormers gets the winner of Crusaders vs. Bulls. The Crusaders should beat the Bulls in NZ,however the Sharks can beat the Brumbies in Australia. That means the Stormers,who most likely will finish in second place finish will play the top ranked playoff winner, probably the Crusaders at Newlands, while the Sharks will then have to play the Chiefs in NZ if they manage to beat the Brumbies. The Stormers path looks much tougher in my opinion. If the Stormers do beat the Crusaders in Cape Town, then in all likelihood ,we will then have to travel to NZ to play the Chiefs in the final. Unless off course the Sharks can manage to beat both the Brumbies in Australia and the Chiefs in NZ and then they have to fly to CT to take on the Stormers in the final. The scenario for South Africa then is Chiefs 1st Stormers 2nd Brumbies 3rd Crusaders 4th Bulls 5th Sharks 6th.

      sean.bagley.50 - 2012-07-08 14:28

      continue.... Finishing second is not all bad. The Brumbies and Crusaders play either the Sharks or Bulls, and if the Crusaders finishes in 4th place semi-final means then they will take on the top team,most likely the Chiefs. The Stormers however will then play either one of Brumbies, Sharks or Bulls. That would be far more preferred than having to take on the Crusaders in the semis. So is that case 2nd place is not that bad,meaning avoiding the Saders until the final?

      ray.stadlerjd1 - 2012-07-08 15:00

      If u wana be called the best for the year u should end top and win anyone that is in your way

      sean.brady.14224 - 2012-07-08 15:54

      Sean, there may be another twist in the tail. If the Reds don't win the Bulls and Sharks are virtually assured of 5th and 6th place. The Sharks play at 17h00 next week, the Bulls play after. Say the Sharks win against the Cheetahs. Then the Bulls will be in 6th place, and assured of making the playoffs. Just maybe, they have a "bad" game and lose to the Lions ;-) (I'm happy with this btw). So the Bulls travel to Brumbies, probably beat them. If they beat then beat the Chiefs, and the Crusaders beat the Stormers then the final is Bulls vs Crusaders in Canterbury. The road to this final is good for the Bulls though as the Crusaders at that point have beaten the Sharks at home, traveled to Cape Town to beat the Stormers, then traveled all the way home again to play the Bulls - benefit to the SA side. Of course this same scenario works for the Sharks if they end up 6th! The Crusaders have been a bogey side to the Stormers for years, and I just can't see the Stormers "defending" their way to the title this year. So the SA side ending 6th may just have an edge in the outcome of the Super Trophy in 2012...

      shooshyu.tu - 2012-07-08 16:59

      @ Ray - you don't WIN a team you BEAT a team, just like you don't BEAT games/matches you WIN them. @sean.brady IF your mother had balls she would be your father. If If If.

      theunis.botha.96 - 2012-07-08 17:20

      O,seaner van Rensburg huh?Now you just had to go off and spoil all my forthcoming super rugby hopes and expextations for this year-also taking into account that I am so much anti Stormer :-(

      sean.brady.14224 - 2012-07-08 18:20

      @Shoosh Why such a stupid comment? There is a good chance that the Tahs will beat the Reds. Do you agree? This probably leaves the Bulls and Sharks fighting out for 5th and 6th. So not that many ifs actually! @Sean The Brumbies vs 6th game is of interest to whomever finishes 2nd. The Crusaders against the Force is a guaranteed 5 points for the NZ side. Jake may get his team to play above themselves and win their qualifier. Then the Saders finish as lowest qualifier and play 1st place. This would be a remarkable feat for the Brumbies though. All things considered they should battle in the qualifier and the Saders won't be the lowest placed qualifier and therefore play the team ending 2nd on the log. @Shoosh I understand that there is much speculation in this, due to the fact that sport is not completely predictable. Unlike a smart person like yourself I do not know the results of these games in advance. I only wish I had met you last week, you could have given me the winner of the July!!!

      Enrico Capazorio - 2012-07-09 08:12

      Interesting permutations, Sean. However, one also has to consider the Hurricanes beating the Chiefs. The 'canes are playing for comp. survival and the Chiefs will be feeling the heat. The same could be said for the Reds and I don't think the Tahs will have enough to stop them.

  • orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 15:02


      chaplinncharlie - 2012-07-08 15:11

      you forgot to write the THERE IS in Caps... just to let you know...

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 15:20

      read the CAPS, FH .. read the CAPS ;)

      Johan - 2012-07-08 15:32

      @orrinf8 Stop swearing here, you'll get seriously hurt fat boy

      chaplinncharlie - 2012-07-08 15:41

      Johan leave the man.. They say Swearing is a sign of weakness...

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 15:48

      FH = Fake Herald .. old man, i doubt even you could 'seriously hurt' a fly .. but .. whatever blows your hair back (if you have any left), go for it :)

      sean.brady.14224 - 2012-07-08 15:57

      Orrin you need to do two things before you can win this trophy. Firstly get the bonus point against the Rebels. Secondly take that four try rugby into the semi final. Neither of these is negotiable unfortunately, miss one and the trophy is gone.

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:06

      @orrinf8 Shame, that's all you got? What if Dr pays for your one-way ticket to Canada and show you?

      chaplinncharlie - 2012-07-08 16:07

      Fake Harold...who is that???

      pomene.stormer - 2012-07-08 16:19

      @Dr Aston Martin Spies - I will take you up on your offer !!- but please make sure you and your team (everyone commanded to assist you - probbaly your style !!) are all available in one room on the airport when I get there - I dont want to waste time - need to get back on a plane to watch the Stormers win their next game in sunny South Africa !!

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:24

      @pomene The only way you'll return is in your coffin. When can you come? Who needs a team to fight a cockroach living in a dream world?

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:25

      @pomene And it's "at" the airport, not "on" the airport. Shame no Einstein are you

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 16:43

      old man, you better calm down before you have a stroke or something .. and you call yourself a dr ?? talk about professionalism! Anyhoo, your 'pink cow' mind games, don't work on me, WANT ONS STORMERS SKRIK VIR NIKS !!

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:46

      @orrinf8 Antwoord die vraag grootbek

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 16:59

      pops, you are just about as scary as a moth-ball !! get over yourself !!!

      Johan - 2012-07-08 17:05

      Once again avoiding the question. I'm moving on, you are boring and your IQ is so low i'm not even laughing anymore. Get immediate help, Cheers

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 17:36

      HERE WE GO STORMERS, HERE WE GO !!! 4 LIFE, you hear, 4 LIFE !!!

      john.edwards.733450 - 2012-07-08 19:24

      Dr ..I'll chip in on the fee send him via ATL

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 20:16

      right Johan Spies aka Dr. I'll see you at NEWLANDS for the FINAL: STORMERS vs THE BLUE BULLS .. and we can continue this conversation .. I'm gonna ask my brother (the one with the 'kroes' hair) to organize box-seats .. oh, and, 'BY DA WAY', are the Bulls gonna play in PINK ?!?

  • ej.smith.589 - 2012-07-08 15:02

    well this isn't new. Stormers finish on top of the table yet again then come finals time they capitulate or to put it nicely they 'choke'. Maybe they should finish second overall so they can actually win their first super rugby tittle.

      khanyib1 - 2012-07-09 09:44

      Yip, like they did in the Shark Tank, and then played it down...seriously.

  • Johan - 2012-07-08 15:12

    Who are the Stormers? I don't see their name on a single Super trophy. And I checked the full history of Super rugby, is it possible they've never won it before?

      pomene.stormer - 2012-07-08 16:28

      Correct - they never won before but they also prefer to live in the future rather than the history. The 3 titles for the Bulls were great - won them with players now retired and if I remember correctly - 2011 no play offs and no cups and 2012 similar where Stormers in 2011 - won Conference Cup ( something that still only has two familiar names on it - Stormers and again Stormers ) and reached the semi finals - 2012 won Vodacom Cup and again the Conference Cup ( which the Bulls claimed for themselves 6 weeks ago already ???) and there is a possibility of a S15 Cup as well. The Stormers is the team that was placed above the Bulls in 2011, again placed above the Bulls in 2012 and just for fun whipped your pink asses twice in 2012 - anything else doughnut !!

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:34

      How many cups?

      pomene.stormer - 2012-07-08 16:51

      Three the last 12 months - can't you count - you're going to loose a lot of money in your backyard practise if you cannot count Aston .......big time !!!!!!!!!

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:56

      I said cups, Supercups. The Vodacom cup is not even the equivalent of the Craven Week, every other union has won it how many times, even Griquas has done it 3 or 4 times. So 1 Vodacom cup in the history of the competition after the ref let the game go to the 87th minute is hardly an achievement. So I repeat: How many Super cups for the Stormers?

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:58

      And it's "lose" a lot of money, not "loose" Ouers, kan jy asemhaal sonder hulp outjie?

      bfvillet - 2012-07-08 19:05

      jy is darem n bitterbek koei huh loop le nou jy het verloor

      ruan.vanniekerk.754 - 2012-07-08 20:05

      Lmfga. Doghnut. Hahahaha. Help nie julle redineer met die horings nie. Jy kan mos sien hul logika is nie soos ons normale mense nie. Suurgeit seker die brein aangetas. Hahaha

      jacques.l.roux.3 - 2012-07-08 20:13

      Johan had a bad weekend people, we should excuse him, o wait, he had a bad weekend 3 times in a row before the Cheetahs game as well! Hey at least you have 3 cups...sorry SUPER cups hahahahahahahahaha! One thing thats amazing is Johan is sitting in Canada but chatting in real time with SA people. Isnt there a huge time difference between Canada and SA? Something like 8-9 hours? Also if you are a doctor in Canada you definetaly have alot of time on your hands. Also share with me, where is the traction control button located on your Aston Martin? And about Vancouver, do you know what the "hull" is at Stanley Park?

      backstabber.adder - 2012-07-08 22:02

      Isn't this "Dr." the guy who claimed his apartment looked out over "Vancouver Beach" from Coal Harbour. I have a buddy who actually owns a house (not just an apartment) in a swishy part of Vancouver who laughed when he heard this. There apparently is no such thing as "Vancouver Beach", and Coal Harbour has no beach to look out over. Apparently this "Dr." works in Prince George, a crappy town in Northern BC with snow all year and lots of pollution from the the lumber mills. No wonder he is so frustrated - he would rather have lived in Clifton looking out over a real beach. Herheheheheheheheehehehehehe....

      Tom - 2012-07-08 22:05

      Love this Johan spies chap, keep it coming boet

      Johan - 2012-07-08 22:31

      @jacques.l.roux.3 9 Hours difference Vancouver to SA, so go check the times I posted and you'll see it was from around 7am. (Canada time you little idiot, remember to count 9h BACK not forward, we are west of SA!) As a orthopedic surgeon I have the privilege not to work on a Sundays, therefore all the time on my hands. Stanley Park is a huge urban park bordering downtown Vancouver, as far as I know there's a shipwreck referred to as the hull, why is that important? Traction control for my DB9 is right at the bottom of the middle panel of the car under the clock and aircon. There are 4 buttons, Left says "S", second one from left is Traction control. Next please

      jacques.l.roux.3 - 2012-07-09 04:08

      Hey Johan, Hoeveel klippies sit onder jou skoen vas? Hahahaha.

      lean.sadie - 2012-07-09 06:03

      Johan "As a orthopedic surgeon I have the privilege not to work on a Sundays, therefore all the time on my hands." Probably the dumbest doctor ever. Can't write, has no brains, and crap talks everyone. Sure as hell hope you don't tell people there you are from SA, you are an embarrassment to the whole of South Africa, not just your team. If you really are a doctor, it's probably doctor of crap talk, that is all you can do.

      backstabber.adder - 2012-07-09 08:26

      Have to agree on that one. If his postings are anything to go by, this "Dr.". Spies must be a PR disaster for us Boere there in Canada. The Canadian Immigration net would obviously have a few large holes in it. "Dr." Spies, if your colleagues and patients were aware of your reliably depraved comments on this blog, I think they would be concerned.

      Johan - 2012-07-09 15:02

      Guys, jealousy makes you nasty! Ai, lekker kry ek nou. En ou jacques.l.roux, dit was darem maklik om jou stink bek toe te kry, wil jy Dr se DB9 se Traction knoppie kom druk? Dokter sal jou bietjie coach hoor

      backstabber.adder - 2012-07-09 23:36

      Hey Spies, where did you buy that Ford Escort to Aston Martin conversion kit? Are you sure your "Coal Harbour" is not actually located in Tsawassen or Surrey? Why are you always going on about cups in the trophy cabinet, when the only cup that really really counts is a D-cup? You probably would not know that, except if you have a blow-up doll. Try and focus on the current and the future - how are the Stormers doing this season compared to the Bulls? Trying to always convince us that the Bulls are hot based on past accomplishments, is like saying Bridget Bardot is hot because she was hot years ago. Do you want a date with Bridget, Spiesie? Hehehehehehehehe...

  • LeonTheShark - 2012-07-08 15:27

    Congrats stormers

      theunis.botha.96 - 2012-07-08 23:09

      Don't congradulate them.T'is the same as kissing a puff adder-They also dont recognise our massive victory over the mighty Bulls.If you paste further up you will note there is a blockhead who already see a Stormer-Bulls only final.

      hvanderlinde - 2012-07-09 08:50

      Thank you Leon, and congratulations to the SHARKS as well. What a game!!

  • malcolm.molver - 2012-07-08 15:48

    More hope than anything else. The Stormers failed to score a bonus point against sides like the Force and Lions. Why would they finally find their attacking "mojo" and score four tries against the Rebels? Really now. Besides, the Chiefs will do the Sharks and Bulls a favour and send the Canes packing!

      sean.brady.14224 - 2012-07-08 18:26

      My predictions were the kiss of death this weekend, but reluctantly I'm inclined to agree with you. In fact I think the Chiefs may make the Stormers game meaningless by getting five points out of this game! Stormers will only need a single point to stay in 2nd place...

  • wanderering.wanderer - 2012-07-08 16:41

    The more I see what Orrinf8 writes, the more I think that Isaak has a laptop with a 3g hidden in his scrottem and a few IT literate sperm cells, lomfao.

      Johan - 2012-07-08 16:48

      Ja nee kyk, die orrinf8 vent is so dom soos 'n boks hare. Ek lag my besimpeld vir die aap, so lekker uit my sphincter van Oddi uit

      orrinf8 - 2012-07-08 16:55

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...... but you are funny :)

      Tom - 2012-07-08 22:06

      Orrins comments are by far the most inane

      backstabber.adder - 2012-07-09 23:27

      Spies, you probably have an odd sphincter in your Ampulla of Vater. hehehehehehehehe...

  • bossie.delport - 2012-07-08 18:40

    Aaaaaaaaaahahaha- vir die wat pvr het... Kyk bietjie die bulls sharks catch-up op sport.. Net nadat niknaks sy drie gedriuk het..kyk vir daai tannie met Haar pink bulls trui wat Haar tiet vas hou.. Kommin met n groot K.. Dis lekker om n bloubul te wees!!!

  • Jco - 2012-07-09 07:27

    Stormers, this year can be your year! Do not slip, I hope you will get the 5 points coming weekend. Congratulations from a Bull supporter.

  • selma.botha.9 - 2012-07-09 11:24

    Bonus points are crucial - they have saved the Bulls and Sharks from embarrasment. I cannot see the Sharks, Bulls, or Stormers beating the Chiefs, Brumbies or Crusaders in a semifinal or final. We knew from the outset that we need a South African final to win the Super 15. The Bulls and Sharks let us down. Sadly, despite the remarkable feat of 13 wins from 15 games I have no faith in the Stormers.

      Ross - 2012-07-09 11:55

      I honestly don't see the Brumbies as a threat- too little experience. There is still a small possibility of Stormers ending on top so a home final is still a possibilty but unlikely. Let's hope Bryce Lawrence does not ref or TMO any away knockouts as he has a large say in the outcome of matches.

  • rudyrzl.pedro - 2012-07-09 12:50

    Stormers are too good for bonus points. You put your team on the field, we'll beat them, if your team aint the conference champions i suggest you keep quiet and continue supporting the "springbulls". STORMERS 4 LIFE!!!!

  • ian.klaasen - 2012-07-11 05:58

    Everyone is making a big deal about the 'lack' of tries that the Stormers are scoring. What have you been watching? I've seen some magnificent tries by them this season! By the way, the Boks have won 2 RWC finals try-less!!! I agree also that a team that looses a game should get NOTHING from it - not for 4 tries or loosing within 7. Currently the Chiefs are ahead of the Stormers on a better points difference, but have won less games. The Bulls and Sharks are ahead of the Reds, even though the Reds have won more. In the final, is the winner determined by the amount of tries scored or the points difference? No. They look at the score after 80 minutes. It should work like that throughout the tournament.

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