Stats show Peter Grant's worth

2011-06-28 22:00

Stephen Nell

Cape Town - It's not just on defence where the Stormers have distinguished themselves from other teams.

While the Cape side's tackling has been lauded for the past two seasons, their goal-kicking is also better than that of any other side in this year's Super Rugby tournament.

Peter Grant's success ratio of 84,7% makes him the most accurate goal-kicker in Super Rugby this season, while his direct opponent in Saturday's semi-final against the Crusaders, Dan Carter, is 10th on the list with 73,1%.

Grant has succeeded with 50 of his 59 kicks at goal, while Carter has slotted 57 of his 78.

"If your goalkicker has a success ratio of 85%, it will give any side confidence. Peter has been maintaining those high standards for the past two seasons," said Stormers kicking coach Greg Hechter.

"Schalk Burger, as captain, has a good idea of what the outcome will be if he asks Peter to kick at goal."

The Stormers have had to make do without Grant for a number of games, but he managed 9 out of 11 kicks against the Cheetahs on his return and was named man-of-the-match.

Even so, there has often been criticism of Grant that his line kicks do not travel far enough.

"It has been a valid point at times. The period that Peter had off in Japan has given him the time to work on that. He is definitely fetching greater distances this year and has more confidence to kick with his left foot," said Hechter.

It's encouraging from a South African perspective that the Stormers, Bulls and Cheetahs - in that order - have managed the best goal-kicking ratios.

Morné Steyn, who is expected to wear the Boks' No 10 jersey, is fourth on the list of goal-kickers with a success ratio of 79%. However, he has also attempted more kicks than anybody else.

Aaron Cruden is the best New Zealand kicker - in second place behind Grant on 80% - but Carter is expected to be the All Blacks' general in pressure games.

Grant did not make South Africa's preliminary World Cup squad of 49 players, but a duel with Carter may just be the ideal opportunity to serve the selectors a reminder of his talent.

"Carter is considered the best flyhalf in the world and it may well be an eye-opener for the selectors if Peter does well," said Hechter.

"Peter de Villiers has said that the door is still open and it's a good opportunity for Grant."

Kicking in game situations, of course, is about much more than just aiming to put the ball between the posts. Carter may not be as accurate as South Africa's best kickers, but is a master of the tactical game.

Hechter's portfolio as kicking coach is not just to see that the goal-kickers put in the necessary hours at training, but also about planning on how the Stormers will handle the opponents' kicking game.

Counter-attacking may well be a part of that strategy, especially when Schalk Brits is introduced in the second half.


  • Richard Prowse - 2011-06-28 22:11

    GO STORMERS !!!!

      Theuns - 2011-06-28 23:45

      Where should they GO???

      Marcell - 2011-06-29 01:35

      Up the mountain?

      flat bier - 2011-06-29 05:05

      Bamcell in distress

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-29 06:02

      Just to enlighten some of you.....Fake Mike crawled out of his hole last night and has again been using my profile. Most of the comments you read on this subject (especially the one liners that you will see) and other recent subjects under my profile are in fact Fake Mike. Come on something about this irritation!

      Reacher - 2011-06-29 12:21

      @Mike@CapeT then change your password (or are you that retarded?)

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-29 12:35

      Reacher.......are you being serious? Or are you one of the trolls on this site? Passwords have stuff all to do with all the profile poaching by this wannebe (maybe more).

  • Mr Green - 2011-06-28 22:16

    somehow I think that someone up there in SARU just wants to make it a bit tough for Peter Grant to get into the bok squad, this guy has been most consistent and his Uister c'mon. what more has he gotta prove?

      mike - 2011-06-28 22:57

      How about that he can kick the ball out on the half way line from his own in goal area! Consistantly!

  • Jeff - 2011-06-28 22:23

    Peter for the nr 10 Springbok jersey

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-29 09:04

      Sorry Morne is still the best and belongs in the Springbok no 10 jersey

  • BardofAvon - 2011-06-28 22:49

    Fair comment. But if you had a goal kick on which your life depended, you'd pick Morne Steyn. No question.

      The_Fox - 2011-06-29 07:58

      Yip - Lions tour springs to mind.

      chappy - 2011-06-29 13:37

      Um... no. If Grant is currently a more successful kicker, I'd pick him.

  • Henk - 2011-06-28 23:24

    Kan Saterdag tog nou verby wees sodat ons kan ophou om met sulke insiggewende artikels verveel te word !

  • Camiel Phillips - 2011-06-28 23:33

    Morne Steyn and Peter Grant should be the Springbok flyhalves without a doubt just for their kicking ability.As Naas pointed out on numerous ocassions that the the best kicker should be penciled in first.

      Theuns - 2011-06-28 23:49

      That is correct the best kicker should be pencilled in. The only problem is that he isn't the best kicker over-all...

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-29 04:29

      Camiel Camiel kom sit op my ...

  • Neilson - 2011-06-29 01:02

    For a team that don't score tries, they better have good kicking! Grant is an amateur, maybe SA 5th choice after Morne, Lambe, Sias, Butch... Sheesh, I thought 5th was an insult, but its not as there are more fly-halves around thats better than the ones I just named. - 2011-06-29 07:30

      Naaa you cant take any of those none of them in the Semi's , they have no defence and they miss 50% of our kicks. Grant Springboks no 10 stats dont lie.

      The_Fox - 2011-06-29 07:59

      That's not very nice Neilson.

      JustinD - 2011-06-29 09:17

      You are ge-rook Pielson.

      sharks4playoffs - 2011-06-29 10:23

      You kidding me. Lambie's defence is rock solid, very underrated player!!!

  • Marcell - 2011-06-29 01:35

    As ons van stats praat dan is die Chokers van Crusader Park vinning om dit van die hand te wys. Nou is hul heel gretig om stats aan te haal. Ek dink dsie stats wys dat die Choker gewoonlik choke as dit kom by die wedstryd wat saak maak. Crusaders by 9.

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-29 04:28

      The Crusaders pose no threat to the Stormers' cup chances.

      Marcell - 2011-06-29 05:28

      @Mike: Korrek, die Chokers is hul eie vyand.

      CliffB - 2011-06-29 05:57

      Marcell :Wens jy will nouchoke op jou Big Mac Burger wat jy by die agterdeur van McDonalds gekry het , jou dom swaap !!!

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-29 06:59

      @ Fake Mike....see my assessment of the game under Gary Boshoff's column.

      Frox - 2011-06-30 09:25

      Jou Pooosh!

  • Pears - 2011-06-29 06:06

    What these stats doesnt show though is that Grant never attempts a kick from outside his own 40m line as Carter, Steyn regularly does . So less difficult kicks for Grant. Also, all his kicks were in SA, its more difficult kicking overseas. But, Stormers can still win!!

      jacques.gerritsen - 2011-06-29 10:12

      Funny he had a 50m+ plus kick against the cheetahs which he slotted so either you dont watch any rugby or you are watching with beer goggles, True his line kicks still need work but tactically he is much more sound than he was 2 years ago. Defensively he is the best flyhalf and when he breaks with the ball he get over the advantage line more often than not and thus gives his forwards a chance to come and clean out. If we are going to rate flyhalves then you have to wonder about Morne Steyn's amazing hug defence where gives the guy running onto him a hug. True Pat Lambie is a great find but think he is better suited to 15 than ten. His surprize element is passing to his centers and with a good flyhalf it should be the break. Id rather have a non flash flyhalf doing everything a flyhalf has to do well than a showboat gloryhound trying to catch the limelight. And remember Peter is actaully a pretty decent 12 as well so that also gives him utility value.

  • WPBEFONK - 2011-06-29 06:13

    No more TIME for TALK, Stormers by 9!!!!!!!!!!!

      Marcell - 2011-06-29 07:54

      Just enough time to choke!

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-29 11:49

      @Tiger - jy klink vir my soos die rubish! Sies, het jy sulke goed by die huis geleer - skaam jou ou!

  • The_Fox - 2011-06-29 07:56

    The pressure will not solely be on Grant to perform but he needs to show whether he can at least match Carter in the tactical side of the game as well as creating opportunities for his backs. Bottom line? He must play the best game of his season to give the Stormers a chance. The fact remains, although he won man of the match in his last outing, he must exhibit brilliant temperament and skills to make the Bok selectors notice him or he can kiss his world cup ambitions goodbye. I truly hope he has the game of his life- we’re going to need it. On another note, the number 12 berth, JDV or JDJ? I can honestly say I have been a bit concerned about JDVs’ defence lately and against offload-supremo SBW he could be exposed. He unfortunately also doesn’t possess the acceleration and stepping JDJ has but possesses a wealth of experience.. What to do?

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-29 08:10

      @Fox - good post with some interesting points to ponder. Another point is how well Grant will do when ( if ) he receives a poor quality pass from #9 - let's hope Duvenage is able to play, else Grant may just be under a little more pressure. Good luck Stormers, we're all behind you 100% of the way, make SA proud.

      The_Fox - 2011-06-29 08:18

      Hi Rob, let's hope J Fourie and Duvehange are fit for Saturday..

  • KaB - 2011-06-29 08:07

    Come on Grant...we're rooting for you and that green and gold jersey! Good luck for Saturday and enjoy it :)

  • Grunk - 2011-06-29 08:10

    Stats mean nothing - where can a kicker get them over from on a regular basis and how does he respond to the pressure of the moment are the important criteria for place kickers and for line kicks the criteria are firstly was it the right decision; secondly was it belted into the stands at the right time (ie when the opposition mustn't be given the opportunity of a quick throw in; and thirdly can he make at least some yardage of the "wrong" line and does he endeavour to create an angle for himself when he is in that position. The other criteria for a kicker are does he use "pop", grubber; and up and unders properly? And even before all this is taken into account, he has to have a more than adequate game for handling, defensive etc skills. Which makes stats a load of rubbish because of one simple question. In a world squad would you pick Carter or Peter (lovely player/person that he is) in your team?.

  • zigster - 2011-06-29 08:18

    Good enough he does not clear the line that far but he makes certain at penalty time that he clears the line and with a jumper in bekker the stormers are certain to get back their ball,steyn this season treid clearing the line to far only to have the ball still in play form a penalty piece that is also not good in general kicking at all.I do believe that steyn and grant shoul represent sa in world cup but believes p divvy wil go with butch "the reckless tackler" james

  • Free_man - 2011-06-29 08:20

    Ek verstaan dit nie. P. Div kies eerder vir Elton Jantjes bo Peter Grant vir die Springbok training suad . . . . WTF ?!?!

  • Yvonne - 2011-06-29 08:26

    @Bambie - Enough of the sour grapes already. While our boys may not get into the final at least we ar in the semi's and not complaining that we "was robbed".

  • Kok - 2011-06-29 08:30

    Morne Steyn and Pat Lambie are streets ahead of Grant.

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-29 08:43

      @ Kok - I agree. They are my no1 and 2 for the RWC.

      Grunk - 2011-06-29 08:44

      Morne - yes. Lambie - No. Lambie is a full back.

  • JakibZoomer - 2011-06-29 08:41

    Kicking is important, but Grant is also better in defence than pansy Steyn!

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-29 09:14

      Oh please, enough with the name calling already! Steyn is better than Grant and will wear the Green no 10 playing next to Fourie

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-29 09:29

      Lets look at a telling statistic - how many games has Grant played in the S15? Now, Steyn's turn. Rest my case. I hear he has a niggle again.

      Oukoos - 2011-06-29 09:30

      @BlueRavin, I will try to refrain from name calling, so I will NOT call you stupid, ignorant, dofkop, tik-kop, or any other insulting names. Read my reply to your buddy, Justin

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-30 09:33

      @Oukoos Peter Grant's weakness is his kicking out of hand. His inability to gain sufficient distance with his clearing kicks puts his team under unnecessary pressure. Yes Morne had a terrible game against the Sharks but you can't judge him on one or two bad performances alone. He is still our most reliable kicker and his tactical kicking game is better than Grant's as is his drop kick ability. As far as you refraining from name calling goes let me respond in the same vain by not telling you what a pompous ahole I think you are. Maybe you should stop looking through your white and blue zebra striped glasses.

  • Justin - 2011-06-29 08:48

    Oh please, and yes, check the stats! Grant will never match Morné's brilliance. CT people can't read apparently, need to go back to Grade 3 for numeracy skills.

      Oukoos - 2011-06-29 09:26

      Morné is brilliant? Brilliant??? * Brilliant but single-handed lost the game for the Bulls versus Sharks with his inability to organize effective attack. * Brilliant, but completely outplayed by Michalak, the man of the match. * Brilliant, but displayed his inability to create pressure with attacking kicks. @Justin, Please take off your blue-tinted glasses before making absurd remarks.

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-29 13:49

      Morne can only play one style of play....Bulls style. In other words, he is one dimensional.

  • Dan - 2011-06-29 08:53

    BY the way: Good luck to the Stormers, I trust ALL SOUTH AFRICANS will be right behind you guys on Saturday.

  • Coenza - 2011-06-29 09:16

    Go Stormers!!

  • charl.erasmus1 - 2011-06-29 09:40

    Australia en New Zeeland supporters support their "rival" countrymen, when they succeed. They even have encouraging words for our teams, when they show strength. I look forward to the day, when we all dress in the SA colours of the only team which makes the finals. 1995 springs to mind as an example. Last year my blood was Stormers and the year before Bulls. This year my heart is Stormers and next year it will be any SA that makes it, when the Stormers does not. South Africa unite ... we need it boys.

  • Justin - 2011-06-29 09:43

    Shame Oukoos, wie is ingeluit by die Bokspan? Maak oop jou skrefies oë (wit & blou), en ruik die koffie broer. Morné, pure bred brilliance!!

  • Garth - 2011-06-29 10:30

    How do our guys, who have given there all, feel when they are opposed by spectators who dont even know where Christchurch is let alone know how to spell Crusaders !!!! Sis on you !!!!!! We have a bunch of one way cheap airflights to New Zealand's South Island. Please try and get a seat you traitors Stormers forever !!!!!!!! Garth

  • The_Lil_Wizard - 2011-06-29 11:52

    Ok, I am very bored at work, and I am a little sick of the Stormers fans and their moaning about Peter Grant. Since this article is regarding Peter Grant and his stats, and how the stats “don’t lie”, here are a few more interesting stats: Peter Grant played 9 games this season (more than half), of which the Stormers scored 15 tries, only 8 of which were scored by the backline. Of the remaining 7 games played by the Stormers, 18 tries were scored, 13 of which were by the backline. Is that not worrying? He has the Springbok backline playing outside him and he can’t put them away? The second-string players didn’t seem to have an issue! Now many of you will probably try argue that the games he played were tighter, and against stronger opposition, well he didn’t play against the Blues and Crusaders, or the Bulls and Sharks in the second round. Now I don’t have an issue with Peter Grant, he really is solid player, but Stormers fans get over yourselves, there is a reason he wasn’t selected! He also has little experience in a Bok jersey, and going into a World Cup do you really want that? Does anyone remember Hougaard in the 2003 World Cup?

  • ECS - 2011-06-29 16:00

    Grant for Bok 10 jersey!

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