Star quartet extends Cape stay

2013-04-22 18:30

Cape Town - Key Stormers forwards Eben Etzebeth, Deon Fourie, De Kock Steenkamp and Rynhardt Elstadt have extended their playing contracts with Western Province Rugby.

Etzebeth - the 2012 SA Rugby Young Player of the Year, and WP Players' Player of the Year - has extended his stay at Western Province until 2016, the powerful young lock having quickly established himself as a key man for Western Province, the Stormers and his country.

The 21-year-old also made his Springbok debut last year, going on to play in 11 Tests for South Africa, and also being a key member of WP's Currie Cup-winning team - all in his first season of senior rugby.

Fourie (hooker/flank), Steenkamp (lock) and Elstadt (flank/lock), meanwhile, have all put pen to paper until 2015.

Fourie was a standout at flank for WP last year as he captained them to their first Currie Cup title since 2001 and has shown his immense talent by slotting back seamlessly into the hooker's berth for the Stormers this season. The 26-year-old also walked off with the 2012 Currie Cup Player of the Year Award for his efforts, as well as the Western Province MVP Award last year.

Steenkamp, 26, has been a consistent performer for the Stormers this season, packing down in the No 4 jersey after wearing the No 5 shirt in his team's memorable Currie Cup final triumph. Having played over 50 provincial matches for WP, he is also nearing the magical 50-match mark for the Stormers at Super Rugby level.

Elstadt, despite being just 24 years old, adds a physical presence to the Stormers and WP packs with his no-nonsense style of play, having worked his way up through the WP ranks at Under-19, U21, Varsity Cup, Vodacom and Currie Cup level.

Speaking about these four re-signings, Stormers coach Allister Coetzee commented: "Eben, Deon, De Kock and Rynhardt are all key members of our pack - it's great news that we have re-signed all four players; all of whom are still young and have their best rugby ahead of them.

"Eben showed last year that he is one of the best young rugby players in the world, Deon showed great versatility and leadership during the Currie Cup last year and De Kock and Rynhardt are also massively crucial to our future and depth. We're delighted to have secured the futures of all four players."

The Stormers are currently on their four-game Australasian tour, which starts with a game against the Hurricanes in Palmerston North on Friday. After that, they also face the Blues, Waratahs and Rebels.

Fact files:

Deon Fourie
Position: Hooker/flank
Stormers appearances: 62
WP appearances: 80

Eben Etzebeth
Position: Lock
Stormers appearances: 13
WP appearances: 3

De Kock Steenkamp
Position: Lock
Stormers appearances: 41
WP appearances: 50

Rynhardt Elstadt
Position: Flank/lock
Stormers appearances: 32
WP appearances: 17


  • Doc Tyson - 2013-04-22 17:34

    Good news for all other teams.

      sean - 2013-04-22 17:56

      @Doc Tyson You know fake paramedic if you click on Rugby at the top of this page of this forum you'll get the option of Super Rugby and then the option of all Super Rugby franchises of 2013.It's made easier for you even in alphabetical form.So you can pick your own team,the Bulls,and read or comment on any articles written about them and your team.Stop wasting your precious time wanting to post garbage each time a Stormer Article comes up,when you can just aswell do the same thing under a Bulls article. Oh and the way I see Chrisin Oz has really knocked the wind out of your sails yesterday with that HM having to wait 8 years for Super Rugby success with the Bulls argument shutdown didn't he?So tell me are you too embarrass to post anything original anymore is that it fake nurse?What's the matter then receptionist,have you become so lost in the repetitious garbage that you always post?So now you can't come up with anything new to say on this forum any longer hey retard?

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 17:58

      @bean, There you go again.

      Izz Hayes - 2013-04-22 18:05

      Sean why are you trying to argue with an idiot who cant read words that have more than 2 syllables?

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 18:08

      doc= 1, crybaby sean=0

      Gerhard Woody Swart - 2013-04-22 18:19

      Weereens bewys die nurse dat hy absoluut geen rugby kennis het nie. Kan darem nie lekker wees om heeltyd jou naam so met n plank te slaan nie nurse. Daai 4 is ysters wat n aanwins vir enige span in die wereld sal wees. Jy weet dis waar maar sal dit nooit admit nie. Jy het mos geen sportmanskap of etiket nie. So praat sense of hou jou bek.

      sean - 2013-04-22 18:47

      @Izz Hayes I'm trying to help the poor bastard to his senses that's all.Nobody is beyond help even the total loser from "Vancouver".As you say the moron is so far gone on this forum,he doesn't even know which page he's on anymore.Each year he keeps doing the same k^k year after year.He can't moan about the Stormers being 11 year cupless anymore as WP are Currie Cup Holders,so he'll now has to find other Stormers insults to buy his time.He goes on and on about his showing of "tribalism hatred" in sports,when everyone else are saying that was done and dusted in the 1970 & 1980's bygone days.Yes rivalries in sport is what its about,but these "Bulls" supporters and "Stormers" supporters with all their k^k tribalism are giving other South Africans a bad image when they read all these mind-numbing "you'll have go" and "we'll have a go" nonsense and hardly anything rugby related.

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 18:55

      Doc=2 crybaby bean=0

      Stephen Axtell - 2013-04-22 20:11

      A brick = 99 , Masjien BlouBloed = 0 On what basis do you give points to the Vancouver Receptionist, when for not the first time gets totally owned. Please can someone explain, how stupid one must be to post on an article that is clearly about the Stormers, yet we see the majority of comments from sloping foreheaded Buls supporters.

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-22 20:12

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      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-22 20:29

      Good afternoon Plumstead stevie! Is it norm there for you and your dog to use the same tree?

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-22 20:31

      You know you live in Plumstead when: -You can entertain yourself for more than 15 minutes with a fly swatter. -Your boat has not left the driveway in 15 years. -You burn your yard rather than mow it. -You think "The Nutcracker" is something you do off the high dive. -The Salvation Army declines your furniture. -You offer to give someone the shirt off your back and they don't want it. -You have the local taxidermist on speed dial. -You come back from the dump with more than you took. - You keep a can of Raid on the kitchen table.

      Dirk Visser - 2013-04-22 21:40

      Is it Doc or Dom???

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-22 21:56

      Slim "doc", of as jy wil "dokkie", I'm good with either.

      Stephen Axtell - 2013-04-22 22:18

      No Dom Tyson is fitting. You are pretty stupid.

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-22 22:35

      But stevie I really want to know if you and your dog use the same tree when you walk each other? I've heard that's a Plumstead thing

      Chrisin Oz - 2013-04-23 04:11

      Steven, Dom Tyson. That's very fitting. And he probably is just as dom as his namesake. Both also talk with a bit of a sleeptong. Both have been m$#. ered that way. The only difference is that Mike Tyson used to hit back every now and then. But I must say I also like the nickname the loser gave himself: donkie. So which one is better? Donkie or Dom Tyson?

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-23 04:14

      Wow chris, best post ever. You're the man.

      Chrisin Oz - 2013-04-23 04:18

      Chris - 3, donkie - 0

      Yagyah Rabin - 2013-04-23 07:59

      WOW a bunch of nothing, you people must have no friends

      Donder Wolk - 2013-04-23 12:42


  • BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 17:46

    Nog nie reg vir groot Rugby nie.

      René Muller - 2013-04-22 18:13

      The only 'star' I see in that quartet is Eben...

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 18:37

      @ Rene, Stem saam.

      René Muller - 2013-04-22 19:26

      Limited vocabulary Sean!

      Brian Johnson - 2013-04-22 19:46

      Hi people is the blue bulls really sdo negative u need christ in ur life please , be happy withe those that r happy some thing to think about

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 19:52

      Die meeste stormpies se steretjies het geval,

  • sean - 2013-04-22 18:22

    Eben should sign a 10 year contract with the Stormers.We need you buddy,bigtime.Can AC please use Deon Fourie as a no6 instead of a no2?It doesn't look like he's enjoying the lineout feeding role.He is an explosive runner with ball in hand,off-loads well and steals the ball at the breakdown.

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 19:02

      Stealing is a criminal offence!

      Priesterb - 2013-04-22 19:04

      Se die wereld se beste rugby kenner!!

      René Muller - 2013-04-22 19:26

      Oh heavens forbid! Beste sarkastiese kommentaar Priester :-)

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-22 20:14

      bla bla bla diesel diesel diesel bla bla bla diesel diesel diesel bla bla bla bla bla

      Chrisin Oz - 2013-04-23 03:11

      Of the 5 comments above mine, only sean's is worth reading. I wasted my time with the other. It is clear that only sean has watched any rugby over the past two years or so and is the only one who knows something about rugby. I would suggest the other 4 venture outside the mullet gordyn and get introduced to the game called rugby.

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-23 04:15

      Do I hear something echoing? It must be very very far away, it's very faint, possibly from the 11th position on the log?

      Chrisin Oz - 2013-04-23 04:22

      So wanneer se jy my jou naam, bang-gat donkie?

      Doc Tyson - 2013-04-23 04:36

      Extremely faint, nothing higher than 11th

      Chrisin Oz - 2013-04-23 05:04

      Pik-pik PIKEK!!! Is that a chicken I hear? Why, yes, it's an afraid, insecure, gutless chicken. What's your name, donkie?

  • Jacobus Wynand Rautenbach - 2013-04-22 19:32

    goeie nuus, gou boys, wys julle is die beste, sterkte met julle toer, 4 uit 4 gogogogogogo stormerssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 19:38

      Yebo Gogo?

  • Jacobus Wynand Rautenbach - 2013-04-22 19:34

    rene, jy moet n bietjie wakker word voor jou pap koud is

      BlouMasjien BlouBloed - 2013-04-22 20:00

      @Jacobus, Wakker word voor die mail order bride koud word!

  • Chrisin Oz - 2013-04-23 05:03

    It is good to see the WP and Stormers are keeping these four players who rank amongst the best in the world, with Etzebeth the best lock the world has ever seen. EVER. The other teams are probably getting a bit nervous while they get rid of their dead wood, like Kirchner etc.

      Pierre Rear Spear - 2013-04-23 09:36

      Really? I think he's brilliant, but the best lock ever? I think Matfield an Eales may disagree. Martin Johnson too. Bakkies will definitely see it as a challenge. And a few of the old ones, like Benoit Douga, Walther Spanghero, Gordon Brown, Colin Meads and Frik would just moer him.

      Tieno Bloubul - 2013-04-23 13:44

      spear, this christina popeye is a bit thick between the ears, that is why he is doing night shift boom gate duty at the shopping mall deliveries

      Chrisin Oz - 2013-04-23 23:00

      Pierre, Rear, I did never say he was the best fighter the game has ever seen. He can certainly hold his own as we've seen, but it is irrelevant whether Meads or Frik would moer him or not. And only Meads and Frik would challenge him as the best lock in history. Frik had the explosive running and good jumping ability. Meads jumped well too, but were strong in the loose. Etzebeth, is good at all three aspects. Eales was a good captain and goal kicker, but far from the best lock in history. Matfield was good as well, but only a brilliant lineout strategist. His general play and his lack of strength in the loose doesn't make him the best all-round lock in history. And Martin Johnson was just a big blob of blubber who scrummed well. And please don't insult the best locks in history by including K. akkies on that list. Gordon Brown? Seriously? And in contrast with the other players you mentioned, I can almost guarantee you that if you name Douga and Spanghero to the majority of people outside France, they'd go: Who?

  • Stan Damyst - 2013-04-23 14:39

    Over the next four weeks people on this forum will support NEW ZEALAND and AUSSIE teams against the Stormers and the Sharks, and some you will support foreign teams who play against the Bulls here in SA. So what is wrong with that, you may ask. Absolutely nothing, because you are merely exercising you freedom of choice and expression. So why the hullabaloo when a certain section of the population supports the Crusaders and the All Blacks? Don't they have that same freedom of choice and expression you have, or is it because they are not white are regarded as different from you and have fewer rights? I have notion that race plays a role in this anomaly. Just remember: What's good for the goose must also be good for the gander

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