South Africa backs Sharks

2011-06-23 10:09

Gavin Rich - SuperSport

Johannesburg - The Sharks will enjoy the rare experience this weekend of having the whole country behind them in a Super Rugby match as they tackle the Crusaders in their qualifier.

During the league phase of the competition it was something of a weird feeling for many South Africans. While in the past the country would get behind local teams when they played against overseas opposition, with the only exception being during the closing stages of league competition when results of those games could make a difference to their team’s chances, this year has been different.

The conference system swept in by the new format to the competition meant that the quest for supremacy in the local pool had both the teams and supporters of the other South African franchises rooting for overseas teams. It was an understandable phenomenon, as the result impacted directly on their own team’s chances.

It explained the disappointment on a Sharks supporters voice a couple of weeks ago when he phoned me to ask the score in the match between the Stormers and Blues in Auckland. The Stormers had been behind the whole game and he was obviously hoping the match would end that way.

As it turned out, he phoned just as Dewaldt Duvenage slotted the conversion that won the game, and while down in Cape Town the excitement was hard to contain, you could sense that wasn’t the case on the other end of the phone line. Had the Stormers lost that day the Sharks would have been playing for top spot on the SA conference log when they faced the Bulls later that weekend, so it really wasn’t a case of the Durban man being unpatriotic – he just wanted what was best for his team.

That changes now this weekend. The Bulls are out of it so they and their supporters will surely be squarely behind the Sharks in their quest to score a big psychological blow for South Africa’s World Cup chances by knocking over the All Black dominated Crusaders in their own back yard.

Ditto the Cheetahs and the Lions, who for a long time wouldn’t have had much interest in the conference log anyway. And even the Stormers, the other remaining South African team left in the competition, will be supporting the Sharks, with senior professional coach Rassie Erasmus making no secret of where his allegiances lie.

“It will be nice to be patriotic for the first time this season by shouting for the Sharks,” he said.

“During the league season you didn’t want your fellow South African teams to win in the league stage. It will be great to back the Sharks to beat the Crusaders, because we can’t play them in a semi-final.”

Of course the Stormers will be hoping for a Sharks win for more than just patriotic reasons. Not for nothing are the Crusaders recognised as the all-time success story of Super Rugby, and they beat the Stormers at Newlands a few months ago with an under-strength team.

The Stormers would prefer to avoid a semi-final against them if they can, for the Blues or Waratahs would present an easier passage to the deciding game on 9 July.


  • Anneleen - 2011-06-23 10:18

    Thank you, SOUTH AFRICA...being a SA SHARKIE feels absolutely wholesomely great!!! Dankie ondersteuners!!!

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 10:55

      As a Strong Stormers supporter , i will be wearing a Sharks jersey on Saturday in support for a S.A side.I am so proud of S.A rugby and we have to bring the S15 Trophy back home again.

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 11:22

      Ag dis sooo mooi Sparkie.

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:24

      Krugga, i know it is.You must feel the otherwise what other reason would you have to comment on this site.You side is out if i recall

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-06-23 11:28

      We are ONE...Go Sharks !!!! I will ALWAYS support any SA team in any sport !!!

      dranreb - 2011-06-23 11:42

      @Sparkie If you a stormers supporter why do you own a sharks jersey :)

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:48

      I dont, going to borrow one from my neighbor, if thats ok with you!

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:54 you battle to think out side the box??

      Anneleen - 2011-06-23 12:06

      @sparkies...thank you!!! Ons vir jou, Suid-Afrika!!!

      Pieter Myburgh - 2011-06-23 12:38

      Ha ha pcpcoetzee89. Julle koop seker nou blou bul steaks teen 'n kwart van die prys. Tiepies Bulle, Haal nie eens die kwarter finals nie en trek al klaar stuur!

      Marius Swart - 2011-06-23 12:39

      @Anneleen. Al is my hart nog seer oor my blou bul span wat teen jule verloor het sal ek die Sharks ondersteun al dink ek hulle speel teen die span wat S15 gaan wen.In rugby kan enige iets gelukkig gebeur.My vraag is egter as ek al die mense se bydraes lees of almal agter die blou bul span sou gestaan het.Ek glo nie maar sterkte vir die Sharks.

      Theuns - 2011-06-23 12:53

      I hate it when news24 make assumptions like this...NO THE WHOLE OF SA ARE NOT BEHIND THE SHARKS....Go Sadres!!!!

      Staalbal - 2011-06-23 13:35

      @ Bambie Suurgat Loser You make fun of a very talented player who pwnd yor team last weekend. How sad

      Marcell - 2011-06-23 13:36

      sparkies: Bly om te sien jy erken dat jy 'n tweegat jakkals is. Omtrent 80% van die bevolking weet nie eens daar word rugby gespeel nie.

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-23 13:39

      Bambie, 'assumption' is the mother of all f-ups.

      Black Falcon - 2011-06-23 15:59

      Don't count on the toothless tik smokers from Cape Town. They'll be cheering for the Crusaders, again.

      LexLuther - 2011-06-23 17:37

      @ Bambie: you seriously would rather the Crusaders win than the Sharks? Really?? Come on, how can you root for a New Zealand team? Show some patriotism man.

      Howzitekse - 2011-06-23 19:18

      Marius Swart, stem saam met jou, maar as jy die opmerkings van ander BB onderstueners lees sal jy sien waarom almal teen hulle is selfs as hulle teen oorseese spanne speel.

  • Vans - 2011-06-23 10:19

    YES.....I would prefer to see my Stormers play our SA counterpart. STORMERSSSSSSS

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-23 13:40

      Only because it gets you a home final. It's got nothing to with with being S.A. counterparts.

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-23 14:07

      I could not agree with you more ACE

      Theuns - 2011-06-23 15:15

      Hulle is al klaar bang...

  • Kok - 2011-06-23 10:23

    Not meeeeee!!!!!! Go Crusaders!!!!!

      Paddy - 2011-06-23 10:27

      Tipiese suurgar Bloubul werfetter kommentaar.Ja ou KOK julle bly maar scum.Lekker suurgat nê!Bulls sucks jou plonker!ASSEBLIEG geen BB ondersteuning nie dir sucks!

      Kok - 2011-06-23 10:33

      Ek is nie 'n blou bul nie. as jy 'n gereelde blogger was, sou jy weet ek is 'n crusader

      logical - 2011-06-23 10:48

      Last year all the Stormers supported the Crusaders when they played the Bulls in the semi. What goes around comes around. Let us not talk about the stomer supporters - Was at Newlands 2 weeks ago. Pathetic. Even though they lost they were still chiping all the Bulls supporters after the game. When my team lose I keep my mouth shut. For that reason I will be 100% behind the Crusaders (the only team with more trophies than the Bulls)

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 10:51

      Not meeeeeeee!!! Go Crusaders!!!! Very cool!!!!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 10:59

      @Logical - Oh no. I am now wailing and beating my chest. How will the Stormers and Sharks progress ANY further in this tournament without your suppport @Logical? Both teams have just taken a body blow on hearing this news. Jaque Fourie is inconsolable here in CT, and threatening to strike......Bismarck is refusing to take the field in Nelson on Saturday. That is how much not having your support means to these chaps old @Logical. NOT.

      Kevin - 2011-06-23 11:16

      Is your first name Small

      radar - 2011-06-23 11:45

      You really are a cock!!

      yagyah rabin - 2011-06-23 14:46

      His an idiot, south africans who bets for any over sea's team is no south african

      Sammy - 2011-06-24 01:15

      @logical Ahem... Check the Blues trophy case.

  • Kok - 2011-06-23 10:25

    Of course the Stormers will be hoping for a Sharks win for more than just patriotic reasons. Not for nothing are the Crusaders recognised as the all-time success story of Super Rugby, and they beat the Stormers at Newlands a few months ago with an under-strength team. The Stormers would prefer to avoid a semi-final against them if they can, for the Blues or Waratahs would present an easier passage to the deciding game on 9 July. PRICELESS!!! THE STORMERS FEAR THE MIGHTY CURSADERS!!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 10:36

      @Kok - Have you applied for residency in NZ mate? How did that work out for you?

      Kok - 2011-06-23 10:38

      Can you say something about rugby or the superrugby qualifiers or the semi finals plz.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 10:43

      @Kok - your confidence in the Crusaders is commendable. Quick question. How many knockout games have the Saders won in the last 3 years?

      Raka13 - 2011-06-23 10:58

      Kok = SA rugby traitor.

      rynier - 2011-06-23 11:03

      We can beat the Crusaders, but yes it will be a though to beat them. But I would prefer a South African final if both teams get that far. But good luck to both teams and the best team win this weekend

      Kok - 2011-06-23 11:22

      @Saffa Cat- We won the title and lost two knockout games the last 3 years. How many titles did the stormers win in the last 3 years?

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:27

      Kok, stand up straight when SAFFA talks to you.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 11:31

      @Kok - now now, tantrums are not flattering. (And you are dribbling...which is soooo not attractive) Point I was making.....the Saders are not the defending champs, and at THIS stage of the tournament, they are just like the Sharks are - a team in the playoffs. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. (Someone has to intervene....)

      Kok - 2011-06-23 12:25

      Oh. Thanks you Saffa. I'll keep it in mind.

      yagyah rabin - 2011-06-23 14:47

      He dont even know any New Zealanders

      Shaft-Your-Own - 2011-06-23 21:07

      Leave Kokkie alone, losers. Go Crusaders, Go All-Blacks, Go Brazil

      Joe_Massahar - 2011-06-24 01:40

      What a ....

  • WPBEFONK - 2011-06-23 10:28

    We are Indeed BEHIND them and we know, they can do it. Go Sharks Go!!!!!!!!!! From a STAUNCH stormers supporter..

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 10:45

      I support any S.A side that gets to the Final.I was even proud when the Bulls lifted the Trophy.You will always get your sad little under achievers who have no place in this country trying to support a foreign franchise.No names mentioned!!!!! Go Sharks, Go Stormers

      Marcell - 2011-06-23 13:40

      Slaapstad is nie verniet die pienk stad nie.

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 10:28

    The only chaps NOT supporting the Sharks, are those who feel they are making a little "political/ideological" statement.....Ne ou Krugga en Marcell? Pfffft - Ons vir jou O-R-A-N-J-HAAAAAA.

      Kok - 2011-06-23 10:35

      Kan ons nou politiek eers op sy skuif man. Ons praat nou rugby.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 10:42

      Some of us are talking rugby @kok. You, Krugga and co are talking sh*te.

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 10:49

      ...or only has st8 and cant leave the country.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 11:04

      @Sparkies - All these pseudo Kiwis/Aussies/SS soldiers must chuck....They offer our society very little, and are pretty irrelevant in the grander scheme of things. Flea bites on the skin of society they are....itchy, irritating but NON LETHAL.....

      Raka13 - 2011-06-23 11:05

      Kok - you know where your problem started?? When the surnames were handed out. Must say, you stood in the right que!!

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 11:16

      Very rich coming from a one dimensional like yourself Saffa, "RUGBY BLOGS ARE MY LIFE". Your holy and only idols in life, the Stompies, have other and bigger aspirations in life like family and success in their careers. I told you, they would rather associate with me than with you. Grownups arent hung up with frivolous crap like "Cape Town is the best!!!!". There's a bigger world out there toots. Sparkie, when are you going to let Saffa's hand go and stand on your own? Jy is mos nou al mooi groot seun.

      Kok - 2011-06-23 11:24

      @Saffacat and Sparkies - just don'tr cry hey. so much emotions.

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 11:33

      Just a reflection of your upbringing son, just a reflection.

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:35

      Krugga, you are still here, why??

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:37

      Kok, us true South African Rugby supporters are very emotional about our rugby(like you are about Tap Dancing).

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 11:37

      @Krugga - what a humbling message coming from a Bittereinder such as you. Thank you. However, I need to educate you once AGAIN. I explained it to you last week....You hate the Cape and all in it - because we are still "traitors' in your eyes. I also told you that just because a person is Afrikaans, does not mean they support your conservative ideologies - use me as case in point. The Stormer chaps, would rather associate with Ghaddafi than with an unpatriotic, bitter sod like you. FACT. Can I offer you some dip to go with the chip on your shoulder?

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:43

      SAFFA.swishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.(over kruggas head)

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 11:43

      Again, frivolous crap. Fact is YOU are hung up with bull like that, thats for children. Read my comment again and concentrate this time!

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:53


      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 12:03

      @Krugga - Most of what I say to you seems to whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh on by....(as Sparkies correctly mentions) Pray tell me where I am wrong in my summation of you and your ideology old chap? I read your comments, I 'get' the not so subtle innuendos you insert, so tell me where I have "missed" the bits in which you mention your patriotism, your love for the country, your pride in SA? I apologise if I missed those bits....Mate, you are as easy to profile, as what a sociopath is. You call me "childish"? Yet you are the one supporting a political ideology "through" your rugby team. ME, I am just a passionate fan.....Try is sometime Bittereinder, you might just enjoy it.

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 12:03

      Sparkie I dont mean to neglect you son, your comments just arent priority at the moment. I like your last comment though, very Batman sixties animation like.

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 12:15

      Ok, take a deeeep breath and get those emotions under control, ready? 1. Its only a game and the team will not determine YOUR life 2. I love SA, I just dont like YOU 3. Ask any successful 'grownup' Afrikaans or English if the North v South rivalry and your so called ideologies thereof is of any significant importance to them. I think not. 4. Bottom line - Grow up!

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 12:19

      Krugga, when someone is looking like a big poophol and has really been backed up into a corner and has been slam dunked badly they tend to say the same thing every time to get themselves out of the embarrassing situation they are in.A) Calm Down B) Grow Up.Sound familiar Krugga??? Move on Drol

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 12:24

      @Krugga - so if you love South Africa but just don't like me (I am distressed by this I must tell you....won't eat or smile ever again), why is it that you are spewing hate for all things Cape, all things Durban, and all things NOT Pretoria on these forums? Let me assist you: Stand up, look into the camera and say: "My name is Krugga, I do not love South Africa, I just love the Bulls - nothing more". Easy. Don't try and convince me (and others) that you are proudly South African, whilst actively abusing products of that VERY country you 'claim' to love (read your own comments for examples). Game over - thank you for playing - support the Saders mate - good luck with that. For what it's worth, I don't like you much either - but I do pity you. Sniff Sniff.

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 12:37

      I'll make it simple for you, its called the 'Pressing the Buttons' game and based on most of your and your Stompie mates' comments, I love pressing your buttons. Very simple game it is. Understand now? R E M O T E C O N T R O L

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 12:41

      Krugga, no you dont.You are like a scared little child before he receives his hiding."Im sorry mommy, i was only jocking!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 12:49

      Yes @Krugga - how convenient to suddenly 'rustle' up your remote-control excuse. (It's not a remarkably original one either) You have been named and shamed - for the umpteenth time. Game over - you have 0 remaining lives. Good luck with YOUR Crusaders on Saturday chum. Enjoy the rugby.

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 12:58

      Again, not asking for approval. I approved my comments when I 'corrected' you the first time. Now, unlike you I cannot spend my whole day on a rugby blog. I'll be back soon to press those 'unoriginal' buttons of yours. Dont thank me, its just because I dont like you ;-)

      Marcell - 2011-06-23 13:45

      SAFFA-CAT: Klaarblyklik verstaan jy nie gewone Afrikaans nie maar hier is dit weer: 1. Ek is 'n Bul ondersteuner. 2. Ek is 'n Bul ondersteuner. 3. Indien die Bulle nie meer deel van die kompetisie is nie(omdat hulle nie goed genoeg was nie) dan ondersteun ek RUGBY! Nie 'n ander span nie! Is dit te moeilik om te bryp??

      Howzitekse - 2011-06-23 19:23

      Aag Marcell, niemand will jou verstaan nie. Jy is te skeef.

      Shaft-Your-Own - 2011-06-23 21:30

      You are all losers - go saders!!!!!

  • underdog - 2011-06-23 10:28

    Except the Bulls supporters. The suurgat morons will be backing the Crusaders.

      Jack Turner - 2011-06-23 10:35

      You are 1000% correct....Think of me on Saturday, when the Crusaders murder the Sharks.

      Renny - 2011-06-23 10:43

      The sharks are gonna get a hiding of note Sharks=Vrot Vis The sharks couldn't even beat the Lions The bulls were at least consistent throughout the season.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 10:50

      @Renny - Indeed your beloved Bulls were consistent. They lost consistently - when it counted. Whoop whoop for the consistent Bulls.

      terry - 2011-06-23 10:56

      @Renny - It is good to know that people like you are not supporting the Sharks - we don't need or want people like you. I guess your player-of-the-day last Saturday would have been the Bulls supporter who was shining a laser into Lambie's eyes when he was trying to take a kick at posts! the fact is - when it mattered most, the Bulls were found wanting - and they ended up outside the top 6.

      ShanMo - 2011-06-23 10:57

      @ Renny.... I think the expression for you is 'SOUR GRAPES' rather than vrot vis!

      On the Verge - 2011-06-23 10:58

      @Renny - which season of bulls rugby are you referring to dude? The bulls were pathetic for half the season. And lest us not forget what the bulls managed to score agaist the Crusaders.....0, zero, nil, nothing, squat, niks, F&%Kall. Thank god the sharks will be playing the Saders, at least they won't embarrass the country.

      Kevin - 2011-06-23 11:24

      The Bulls are history . Next year will see them where they belong . Stone last. In the mean time lets support the Sharks and Stormers and may one of our sides lift the S15. The Crusaders on the other hand will be beaten .As per usual the all black teams will choke under pressure as they do every World cup. Lets not forget that the on ly World cup the All Blacks won was when South Africa was not there. I WOULD HATE TO WIN A WORLD CUP WITHOUT ALL THE CONTESTANTS THERE

      Shaft-Your-Own - 2011-06-23 21:37

      Bulls suck, Sharks suck, Stormers suck, everyone in Saf Efrike sucks - GO SADERS!!!!!!

  • Clinton Premananthan - 2011-06-23 10:31

    SHARKS 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  • Die Skurk - 2011-06-23 10:33

    Die sharks kan maar net droom om te wen teen die saders. DIT GAAN NIE GEBEUR NIE!!!

      rynier - 2011-06-23 11:11

      Solank dit nie 'n weghardloop game is nie. Ek wil 'n goeie game sien van altwee spanne die naweek

      Karoobloed - 2011-06-23 16:30

      "Skurk", jy laat my glimlag - jou image is snaaks in beide ironiese en nie-ironiese dimensies. :)

  • kingswing69 - 2011-06-23 10:35

    i will never support the sharks as they never support my team, They are the worst supporters ever

      ShanMo - 2011-06-23 10:58

      What would your team be winger?

      kingswing69 - 2011-06-23 11:31

      Lions by the way. Sharks will never support any South African team.

      Kevin - 2011-06-23 11:59

      Who are the Lions?

      Staalbal - 2011-06-23 13:30

      Grow up Dave. If the Lions were playing on Saturday instead of the Sharks, I'm sure most Sharks supporters would support the Lions.

      Feds - 2011-06-23 13:48

      Im a sharks fan and I liked the rugby the Lions played this season and enjoyed supporting the Lions in their games as well... oh no!!! I'm a figment of my own imagination! Pricks... unbelivable how much hatred SA rugby supporters are dealing with. Let it go wankers... Its a fantastic 23 degree winters day down in Durbs... life is good

  • Sunray33 - 2011-06-23 10:43

    Go Sharks....this is your time to show the world the true champions that you are.

  • BardofAvon - 2011-06-23 10:47

    Almost the whole of South Africa... a handful of us hard core Bulls supporters will be gathering at the Voortrekker Monument on Saturday morning and burning Sharks rugby jerseys at precisely 09h35. Just kidding! Go Sharks. If you can pull the Crusaders game off you will have earned serious respect. Btw... why the pic of a Stormers player when the headline is about the Sharks? How very odd.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 10:51

      @Baard - there is more truth in your words than what you think. (See comments)

  • StaalBurgher - 2011-06-23 10:48

    And this is the very reason why the new system sucks ass. I don't want to be hoping for SA teams to lose... unless maybe if we are playing them in a final game.

      Shaft-Your-Own - 2011-06-23 21:43

      StaalBurgher you are not making any sense Bhwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • smallies - 2011-06-23 10:55

    almal behalwe ek,sorry maar ek kan nie vir n klomp diewe skree nie,hierdie vrystater back die crusaders saterdag

      Staalbal - 2011-06-23 13:31

      Sad little boy

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-23 13:43

      Hierdie gemaakte Kapenaar ook.

      smallies - 2011-06-23 14:29

      @staal balletjiejiejie wys jou gesig ou bees

      Shaft-Your-Own - 2011-06-23 21:49

      Ace, I LOVE you comments - any way we can get together for a bit of "back"line play

      frans.visserdsb - 2011-06-24 11:15

      Ace, by the way - how is your wife and my kids?

  • jochem - 2011-06-23 11:00

    Hey, what about all those people down in Cape Town who shouted for the Crusaders against the Stormers?

      Raka13 - 2011-06-23 11:08

      they are called SA rugby traitors

      Krugga - 2011-06-23 11:27

      You cant say that Raka, I then thought CT is sooooo 'Cosmopolitan'????

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-23 12:06

      @Krugga - and this comment of yours, basically confirms what I have been trying to tell you....Your political ideology is outdated and flawed mate - now once again, garlic dip for the chip on your shoulder?

      JustinD - 2011-06-23 12:16

      It's only a small percentage of the colourds in Cape Town, the one's with the scrawny shoulders.

      Raka13 - 2011-06-23 13:22

      Krugga - the person next to you who reads on your behalf is taking you for a ride. Please get another script reader

      Kleinboet - 2011-06-23 15:27

      Jochem, there are Bull supporters in the coloured community as well. Some of them are expatriates from up North; some of them are plain without IQ; some are just sorry people for whom I feel sorry because they do not know better. These were the ones who booed the Stormers. And you know what? They are still alive! Try booing the Bulls at Loftus and you're dead. (Ask me, it resided up North for 30 Years!) Don't say we boo our own team at Newlands; it's YOUR people who booed the Stormers at Newlands. And, frankly, you can have them. If you send me the fare, I will put them on the first train headed for Pretoria straight away. (Must say, they seem a more likable lot than some Bull supporters on these pages!)

      Shaft-Your-Own - 2011-06-23 21:53

      Those are my people

      frans.visserdsb - 2011-06-24 11:27

      Jochem I was at newlands, sitting amongst a bunch of these Crusader supporters. I found them intelligent, passionate rugby supporters. Most of them were appreciative of the rugby being played - by both sides. However, they support the All Blacks/ NZ sides, mostly I suppose because their parents did as a result of the past. I respect their choice. I may not agree with it, and think their reasons may not be sound, but hey - this is sport. How many South Africans support Man U - even when they play aginst local SA soccer sides? I mean... you even have people supporting the Bulls - there's no accounting for taste. BTW - I am a Stormers supporter, and will be shouting for the Sharks this weekend - and it is not only because we don't want to play the Crusaders...

  • JJRR - 2011-06-23 11:03

    Neeeee, ek back niemand behalwe die Bulle nie. Hulle sit op ons stadions met crusaders en chiefs truie aan, net nie die Bulle nie!. Enige iemand behalwe die Bulle!, en dan wil HULLE he ons moet HULLE support . I DON"T THINK SO!!!

      Chuck Norris - 2011-06-23 11:33

      I tend to agree! There's no way I'm supporting the Sharks, nor the Stormers...

      sparkies - 2011-06-23 11:50

      Hi Lloyd

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-23 13:43

      You got it wrong Sparkies. Again.

  • a.h.joubert - 2011-06-23 11:14

    not me, I hate them mercenaries

      Gilgamesh - 2011-06-23 16:40

      Do you hate them when they represent SA?

  • Andrew - 2011-06-23 11:20

    Why a photo of Jaque Fourie with this article???????

      BardofAvon - 2011-06-23 15:40

      Exactly. I also commented on it. Very best for Saturday.

  • andre.dique - 2011-06-23 11:32

    Why is there a pic of Jaque????

  • Adrian Naidoo - 2011-06-23 11:35

    The new format is terrible! Too many Derby's! Not good for SA Rugby!

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-23 14:44

      the new format was thought up by the Australians for the Australians

      yagyah rabin - 2011-06-23 14:49

      Its like the currie cup

  • huffelsuffel - 2011-06-23 11:39

    who is the p...... that blocks me go sharkies brake a leg

  • htiek - 2011-06-23 11:45

    Snotklap coming the way of the Sharks!

  • Cobus - 2011-06-23 12:03

    ill support the Sharks and Ferrari, both teams MUST win this weekend!!!! Dankie Baai!!!

  • -141-Sean - 2011-06-23 12:07

    GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!! & STORMERS!!!!!!!! SA RUGBY HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denise - 2011-06-23 12:16

    We will wear our Shark Jerseys with pride....Go Sharks....Kick some Crusader butt that side....

  • BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-23 12:49

    Taking clothes of you neigbours washing line is called theft in the civil world Spark

  • Debbie - 2011-06-23 13:18

    @Bambie, you have a profile pic of a Sharks player and yet you want to support the Saders?? Change your pic to reflect your true colours!

  • Edwin Lennox - 2011-06-23 14:15

    Go Saders...

  • Hannes van der Linde - 2011-06-23 14:23

    It's really sickening to see how many knobs believe provincialism supercedes patriotism. You guys are supremely pathetic. GO SHARKS!!! GO STORMERS!!!

      Marcell - 2011-06-23 17:12

      Die tri nations begin eers later.

  • Kleinboet - 2011-06-23 15:46

    I'm a Stormers fan and I will shout for the Sharks this weekend! Surely, if the two teams should meet in the final, I will support the Stormers; but up till then, I wish the Sharks all the best of luck! Mind you, if the Sharks should win such a final, I will congratulate them as the champions for 2011. If they can manage such a feat as to win their last four games against good opposiition, they would be worthy champions! I will be able to live with the Sharks being the champions; I could not have lived with the Bulls in that position ~ not because I do not like the Bulls team as such; but because I despise the windbags who are the majority of their supporters. (I believe it is because of the postings by Bull supporters on these pages and their attitude in general that many people all over the country despise the Bulls team, which is actually a good team.)

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-24 16:18

      Kleinboet you are a bit biased don't you think? Have you read some of the comments from the Sharks and Stormers supporters? Every team has arrogant supporters even the Lions, just wait till they get back to winning ways and see them all climb out of the woodwork. Truth is people don't like the Bulls because the Bulls are a very good team and still the most successful SA Super franchise. Good luck to the Sharks for tomorrow, not going to be easy to beat the crusaders in NZ, but anything is possible :)

  • jan du preeaz - 2011-06-23 20:50

    Nou ja, my geliefde span is nie meer in die daar nie, was hartseer gewees maar alle goeie dinge kom tot n' einde. Saterdag skreeu ek vir die sharkies, en hopelik volgende week weer vir hulle en die stormers. Ja mense, die stoere bul supporter gaan die stormers ook support. een ding, as die sharks saterdag wen, dan gaan hulle n' goeie kans staan om die trofee in hulle kas te bere, want dis nie enige span wat die saders op tuisveld kan klop nie. sharks met 6 punte.

  • Rawter - 2011-06-24 23:31

    Sharks forwards can compete with the Saders but I think the Saders will win because they have a much,much stronger backline. Especially the centres. Anyways GO SHARKS

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