Sharks want Steyn in playoffs

2012-07-12 08:12

Cape Town - The Sharks have issued a request to SANZAR to allow them to pick Springbok Frans Steyn should they make the Super Rugby playoffs, according to Beeld.

SANZAR rules stipulate that only players registered before April 1 are allowed to play in the knockout phase of the competition. This means that Steyn, who only recently joined the Sharks from French club Racing Metro, is not eligible to play in the latter stages of the competition.

He played his first game against the Bulls last week, with his contract at the Sharks starting from July 1.

However, there is a slim chance that inside centre Steyn might be allowed to play should the Durbanites reach the playoffs, which start next weekend. There's a rule which states that a player who's not contracted could play in an extreme scenario - if there are so many injuries that no contracted player is fit to be utilised.

The Sharks are struggling at centre with Paul Jordaan and Marius Joubert still injured. Tim Whitehead and Meyer Bosman are available though. Whitehead partnered Steyn in midfield against the Bulls last week, with Bosman on the bench.

Sharks have tried their luck with the request even though it's highly unlikely that SANZAR will budge and allow Steyn to play. It would also cause somewhat of an uproar in Cape Town after SANZAR earlier this week denied a request from the Stormers to utilise Canadian loose forward Jebb Sinclair in the playoffs.

The Capetonians are set to play in the semi-finals without loose forwards Duane Vermeulen, Schalk Burger, Nick Koster and Nizaam Carr. This has forced coach Allister Coetzee to pick regular hooker Deon Fourie at No 8 for their clash this weekend against the Rebels. They had hoped for Sinclair to be made available for the knockout phases.

The Sharks are currently in sixth position on the overall log - the last playoff berth - and a good win over the Cheetahs in Durban on Saturday (17:05 kick-off) should see them stay in contention.



15 Willie le Roux, 14 Nico Scheepers, 13 Robert Ebersohn, 12 Barry Geel, 11 Philip Snyman, 10 Riaan Smit, 9 Piet van Zyl, 8 Boom Prinsloo, 7 Pieter Labuschagne, 6 Heinrich Brüssow, 5 Izak van der Westhuizen, 4 Andries Ferreira, 3 WP Nel, 2 Adriaan Strauss (captain), 1 Trevor Nyakane

Substitutes: 16 Hercu Liebenberg, 17 Marcel van der Merwe, 18 Waltie Vermeulen, 19 Ashley Johnson, 20 Jacques Coetzee, 21 Sias Ebersohn, 22 Andries Strauss


  • lionel.kemm.9 - 2012-07-12 08:16

    Sorry Dudes but I doubt its gonna happen Wonder if Aussies would get it right if they had more teams in the playoffs??

      dave.roberts.182940 - 2012-07-12 08:18

      It doesn't really matter anyway because the Sharks are crap away from home so are no chance of going past the first week of playoffs.

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 08:19

      If Sinclair can't play for the stormers then steyn must also sit out. Rules is rules

      lionel.kemm.9 - 2012-07-12 08:22

      Tom,you feeling ok there buddy,must we call a Doc or something:):):)

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 08:22

      On second thought they should let him play because he s south African and a Bok, Sinclair is from Alaska or something

      lionel.kemm.9 - 2012-07-12 08:26

      New it was to good to be true,hey Tom:):)

      jason.children - 2012-07-12 08:28

      Tom hows the BMW Kompressor hahahahahahahahaha?????

      bootman.bokke - 2012-07-12 08:41

      OMG an interior decorator who uses self-tan, drives a BMW and has a David Hasselhoff hairstyle.................I thought Elton John was gay.

      rinus.groeneveld.7 - 2012-07-12 08:42

      Rules is rules .... and I are Weasel...

      jason.children - 2012-07-12 08:42

      @Bootman there is no way this dude watches rugby, and i use the term "dude" loosely!

      bootman.bokke - 2012-07-12 08:51

      @Jason................I'm sure HE uses it "loosely" as well.

      jason.children - 2012-07-12 08:54

      As much fun as it is taking the piss out of Tom, I have to talk Rugga because contrary to popular belief, thats why most of us are here. There is noway that the Sharks will get that right. They are just going through the motions. Centre is not a "specialist" position so even with injuries they will just have to plug the whole with whatever they have. If it was a prop or lock or hooker then its a different story because of possible injuries etc!

      lionel.kemm.9 - 2012-07-12 09:01

      I think you got it spot on Jason.

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 09:11

      elton john is gay if steyn were to be authorised to play, the stormers omg the whining that would follow. would be hilarious. but i think it was summed up perfectly by dave roberts. people will be contracted for playoffs. so thats the bit of reason and logic out the way, back to trash talk bud boet huh chaan

      lionel.kemm.9 - 2012-07-12 09:15

      Candle in the wind Tom,Candle in the wind:):):)

      Ronnie - 2012-07-12 09:31

      @ Jason, I wish I was fortunate enough to have a BMW Kompressor HAHAHAHA @Tom Re-Tardis , Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn't have given you any worse advice.

      jed.vonallemann - 2012-07-12 09:57

      You guy's must leave tom alone, LEAVE HER ALONE I TELL YOU!!!!! She did nothing to deserve this.

      seanb09 - 2012-07-12 10:36

      hahahaha Tom, where can I get me a BMW Kompressor, is this a new model? What time is your appointment at the self tan salon ? you need to get yourself looking good to watch the bulls bow out of the tournament and watch the Stormers take top of the log :)

      Ronnie - 2012-07-12 10:47

      I think those BMW Kompressors are reserved for gay, tanned roid heads, that are interior decorators and a cross-breed between Pauly D, Lyle Lovett & a touch of Elton John

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 10:52

      u okes are global hey, u will believe anything okes.

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 10:53

      * gulble sorry typo

      jed.vonallemann - 2012-07-12 10:55

      Lay off those donuts tom.......

      Ronnie - 2012-07-12 10:56

      No need to apologize Tom, a lot of people have no talent!

      jed.vonallemann - 2012-07-12 11:04

      Not often you find a stupid and an ugly person all in one. It's (gullible) tom.

      jason.children - 2012-07-12 11:14

      Tom here is a piece of advice, not because i care, because i dont but i hate to see a grown man struggle! I dont care what the other gym bunnies told you, taking your moms Menopause medication will not help you cut just messes you up boet. all of a sudden you are putting on self tan lotion and pampering yourself. driving non existent cars! Things just get all from one Rugga bugga to another take it easy.

      isikhuluesimhlophe.esimhlophe - 2012-07-12 11:51

      The regulations were put in place many moons ago. Yes, Steyn is a contracted player for the Sharks, BUT, was he included in the players group registered by the Sharks at the beginning of the S15 2012? No, he was not. Steyn is not eligible. If you think the Sharks have a problem, What about SARU regarding Southern Kings & Lions, hahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha

      Denése - 2012-07-12 12:17


      frans.visserdsb - 2012-07-12 12:23

      Tom... sorry to be a grammar Nazi - it's not global, or gulble. it is 'Gullible' it's ok to apologise for a typo... but then make sure you get it right the next time, ok? As for the Interior decorating self-tanning BMW driving thing... it's ok. it is clear now why you support the Bulls in Pink, and have a special soft spot for Wynand...

      frans.visserdsb - 2012-07-12 12:26

      And guys, we need to lay off Tom, he was just emulating his idol, that Canadian doctor driving an Aston Martin... lol

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 12:45

      frans bud, my chaan, u being a spelling nazi not a grammar nazi. u ous have made me laugh all morning, shot guys. not everyone can be as good looking, successful and jacked as me. nor as tanned. dont be so jelly

      jason.children - 2012-07-12 12:59

      me thinks Tom is Harold!!

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 13:41

      u thinks wrong buddy boy

      john.edwards.733450 - 2012-07-12 21:46

      Tom , cracking me up

  • dave.roberts.182940 - 2012-07-12 08:16

    Ridiculous request. Of course he shouldn't play otherwise what's to stop players being contracted just for playoffs. - 2012-07-12 09:28

      Contracting someone just for the playoffs is exactly what the rule is trying to prevent. However in this case that is not what has happened. Steyn has a 2 or 3 year contract 2with the Sharks There are rules and there are exceptions that are allowable. There is nothing wrong with the Sharks asking. SANZAR then has to make a decision. Provincialism that is shown here (not by you) is not relevant.

      sean.lambie.3 - 2012-07-12 09:47

      @David , you have a valid point , Steyn has a contract with the Sharks for 2-3 years ! But then again , other teams can also say the player signed a 2-3 year contract and after the competition the contract gets treminated . I hope he will be able to play , but I doubt it - 2012-07-12 11:54

      Interesting the thumbs downs I got considering I didn't even say whether I thought he should be allowed to play or not All I said was * There are rules and a process for appealing those rules * Sharks are following those appeal rules and everyione knows its a bit of a long shot since they do have reserve centres * SANZAR need to make a decision free from provincial considerations * Some other posters get provincial about these things (Go Stormers gives it away). I would say the same thing regardless of who Steyn was playing for.

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 12:15

      david baker dont get too disheartened bud, i get plenty more thumbs down and look at me, got a hot piece of poontang in my profile pic and biceps that can open walnuts bud some people cant handle the truth chaan

      rohann.olivier.1 - 2012-07-12 12:51

      Hahaha Tom! I'm not too sure about those guns, but the chic aint bad at all. ;-)

      frans.visserdsb - 2012-07-12 13:45

      tom... poontang? seriously? You have to be more respectful of any girl that consents to appear in a photo with you... mind you... she was obviously hired to pose in pictures of you as part of your cover... I think she looks familiar... does she perhaps work at Flamingoes?

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 16:20

      bud have some respect, that bird works a very respectful job bud, she is a waitress at a cocktail bar called the grande bud. just a waitress boet. her name is candy bud, she says like candy cane. sexy hey? yisses poontang whats wrong with that bud? u prefer muff?

      frans.visserdsb - 2012-07-12 18:39

      I actually did not think you still got men who referred to women as ' a piece of poontang' any more... How's that working for you? Maybe with those 'biceps that can open walnuts' and the BM compressor you can call them what you want...

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 22:06

      Bud my broads know where they stand if the refuse a photo opp with "the situation" (that's me by the way) , just like for pomping consent Is not an option

      tom.tardis - 2012-07-12 22:07

      U ous in the cape have gone soft boet, if a woman didnt have a poontang no one would talk to her. Yirra sensitive chaans in the cape hey

  • yuri.maharaj - 2012-07-12 08:17

    the aussies and the kiwis will never allow steyn to play. pity. Saru needs to throw its weight around a little more.

  • claude.felbert - 2012-07-12 08:44

    Why should Sanzar authorise Steyn to play if they have not sanctioned Jeb Sinclair for the Stormers. In any event Sanzar is dominated by Australia and New Zealand and they protect themselves and do not look favourably on SA teams as it is not in their interests. With the number of eighth man injuries in Province their case was far stronger than KZNs would be.

  • sarvesh.govinder - 2012-07-12 09:12

    Well anything is possible...I mean the EP Kings might play Super Rugby next year so....

  • heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2012-07-12 09:17

    Won't happen they have reserves at wing so JP can play at centre he did it already this year sharks management don't be a bunch of idiots u know u can't get it right just go with the flow ul drop out anyway why waste your time with such a ridiculous request

  • andrew.cooks.5 - 2012-07-12 09:56

    It won't happen because the Ozzies & Kiwi's fear Steyn would be an X factor for the sharks. This is a stupid rule anyway and in a proffessional rugby era teams should be able to contract anyone as they please.

  • mardeo.bezuidenhout - 2012-07-12 10:06

    SANZAR has already said no 2 the stormers, so they cant allow this. I hear what ur saying bt steyn having played for the sharks for 2-3 years, but then surely the stormers should be able to get FLO or schalk Britz? They made the call on Sinclair & in all fairness the same should apply here.

  • victor.freeman.39 - 2012-07-12 10:08

    A lot of bitter Bullies. 32 - 10.

      aidan.w.naude - 2012-07-12 10:23

      That they are my son , did the Sharks not SMASH them on Friday? And yet they still persist to chirp Sharks and Stormers fans. If the Lions can just win on Saturday I will cry my eyes out with joy. Guys like Jap Jap , Charlie Chapman, Harold the legend Chirper , Blouvitroel etc etc to be relegated to the sin bin.

      paul.sdoow - 2012-07-12 11:10

      sin bin? you mad ten minutes ain't enough for that lot.!

  • luke.sportify - 2012-07-12 10:16


  • theo.greeff.5 - 2012-07-12 11:33

    As much as I would like to see Steyn play, it would be an absolute farce if this goes through. The Stormers have a much stronger case for letting Sinclair play, considering the injuries they've had at loose-forward, than the Sharks have in this case. I very much doubt that SANZAR would actually allow this though.

      werner.coetzer.311 - 2012-07-12 12:14

      except where its already been established that Steyn DOES have a 2 to 3 year contract and not just contracted for the playoffs (which this rule was brought in to prevent), unlike Sinclair

      theo.greeff.5 - 2012-07-12 12:58

      In the current rules, it doesn't matter how long his contract is - It only allows for a slight possibility that a player may join the squad in cases where all the other potential players are injured. The Sharks have more than enough fit players in the midfield - probably not their specialist positions, and definitely not in the same league as Steyn, but that isn't supposed have any effect on the outcome.

  • Vanman1979 - 2012-07-12 11:45

    TO be honest with you the rule sucks. Not even in World Cup does this happen. If a player is injured and can't play further in the tournemant a replacement is allowed. SANZAR should wake-up and apply the same rule in SupeRugby. But only if injury is involved and no other player in the original squad can fill it. In Steyn's case he would then not be allowed to play as the Sharks have fit centres. In Sinclear's case he would be allowed as they original contracted loosies of the Stormers are all out injured.

      frans.visserdsb - 2012-07-12 12:38

      Yeah - it was brought in because the Stormers brought in Schalk Brits for the play-offs. And the Kiwis and Aussies were all bitter and twisted about it. So now you have to be clairvoyant about the injuries you will have... Wonder how quickly the rules will change if the Crusaders or Brumbies need a key player...

  • Ashley - 2012-07-12 12:18

    it might be a stupid rule, but all the teams was aware of this before super 15 started.

      paddy.pereira - 2012-07-13 07:19

      China , if you ain't got a line in the water , you aint gonna catch a fish .

  • brendan.beeby.5 - 2012-07-12 14:47

    Even If they don't allow Steyn to be picked and sharks lose play offs which I don't want Steyn will still make them pay In the rugby championship. I still want to see him destroy SBW.

      frans.visserdsb - 2012-07-12 16:29

      Is SBW going to be playing in the Champs? I thought he is going to Japan straight after the Super rugby season?

  • paul.sdoow - 2012-07-12 14:57

    the excuse the sharks have is they can't find any one to drop kick from their own 22 !

      paddy.pereira - 2012-07-13 07:18

      My cousin , have you checked the weather forecasts - judging by the windspeed predicted , Cabous's famous gran , would get a kick over from her own 10 yard line bru .

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