Sharks' Daniel cited

2011-05-08 14:15

Durban - Sharks flank Keegan Daniel will appear at a SANZAR Judicial Hearing on Monday after being cited for a dangerous tackle during their Super Rugby match against the Brumbies on Saturday.
Daniel is charged with contravening Law 10.4 (e) relating to a late and dangerous tackle against Brumbies centre Christian Lealiifano in the 71st minute of the match.

Daniel received no sanction for the incident during the match.

The hearing will be chaired by SANZAR Judicial Officer, Jannie Lubbe and will take place at the Kwa-Zulu Natal Rugby Union offices in Durban on Monday 9 May at 12h00.


  • saltandpepa - 2011-05-08 14:37

    C'mon ...hes a great tackler..he had a fantastic game ..these things happen in the heat of the momoent

  • Marcell - 2011-05-08 15:27

    Wrong is wrong.

  • Loren - 2011-05-08 15:59

    It was wrong, but if if he was a Kiwi........

  • Robynsky - 2011-05-08 16:21

    Ithink he's going to be out for a while, saw that tackle, no need for him to have made it, he did that to hurt the guy, no other reason.

  • WPBEFONK - 2011-05-08 16:29

    I think he'll be watching from the side for a few weeks. Great player, but can't see why he was selected ahead of Francois Louw and Duanne Vermeulen for the end of year(2011) tour!!!!!!!!!!!

      Roderick - 2011-05-08 20:45

      If you think he's a great player, then why would you expect someone else to be picked ahea of him for last year's EOYT? Louw's form was off the second half of last year (but he's getting back to his best), and Vermeulen is a joke. He only plays well when his team are doing well, and when he has Louw and Burger with him. As an eighth man, he doesn't have decent ball skills and is more of a thug than a rugby player. I don't understand WP supporters love affair with him

      Henry - 2011-05-09 06:29

      Hey WPBEFONK, you definitely are still dronk!!!

  • FerretGee - 2011-05-08 16:39

    SANZAR citing commissioners will give him the heftiest sentence they can, that's how they roll against South African players. He is not a dirty player and some tackles do happen in the "heat of battle". But alas, they will apply the letter of the law as they usually do.

  • CliffBradley - 2011-05-08 16:42

    OK , now on one weekend a SAFFA & Nz cited , lets check the verdicts and see if I am paranoid

  • StaalBurgher - 2011-05-08 18:11

    bleh, was hardly even horizontal

  • Fiftybucks - 2011-05-08 19:20

    Complete joke, a piece of rubbish like CJ van der Linde gets no citings for the deliberate and late elbow charges into the Sharks players at Newlands and Daniel gets cited for a nothing tackle.

      Chiduli - 2011-05-09 06:38

      Not to mention Burgers blatant hits on Bismarck and co. And SBW on Kanko at Twickenham???? Where is this game going? Selective citings suck!!

  • Thomas - 2011-05-08 22:01

    Said it before, what is rugby coming to!! No Rucking- Put him down Gently-No Dumping, don't drop a rolling maul which is dangerious and illigal. There is nothing more illegal than the rolling maul itself!! The men who played under the old rules are either turning in their graves or their beer has gone sour after watching where rugby is headed! Today its more like the fittest pooftas on the planet!!!

      Bernard - 2011-05-09 08:08

      The men who played in the old days were generally smaller (apparently JdV is a lot bigger than Frik du Preez ever was), not as strong, not as fit (can you imagine the old 70's and 80's props lasting 80 minutes now?) and not as fast (on average). The impacts are massive nowadays compared to the amateur era. Just look at the scrum engage compared to the 70's. Some form of control has to be in place to protect the players. Skeletons, ligaments and tendons haven't evolved with the game and muscle mass and fitness can only protect so much. Calling them pooftas suggests you have thought about this enough.

      Bernard - 2011-05-09 08:10

      I agree with your rucking comment, though.

  • Dan - 2011-05-09 08:50

    Daniel made some really silly and mindless tackles during the match, although he had a great match. At a stage he looked like he was on drugs - totally oput of control as he dived into anything that moved. Really some silly stuff

  • Viv - 2011-05-09 09:11

    Oh please - bloody Oz teams being cry babies again. SA teams always get punshied and Oz and NZ teams can do what they like. Sickening. Keegan better not get a ban

  • The Patriot - 2011-05-09 10:01

    Yet no citings from the Stormers game? That seemed more like a free for all with all the off the ball boxing going on.

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