Schalk fired up for semi

2011-06-30 10:17

Gavin Rich - SuperSport

Johannesburg - A lot of those people who are tipping the Crusaders to overcome the debilitating effects of travel and a fired up Stormers team in their own backyard to advance to the Super Rugby final are doing so because of the emotion the Kiwi side are playing on because of the earthquakes that have ravaged their region.

One man though who does not quite buy into the theory that the Crusaders have a sort of destiny working for them this year – they topped the New Zealand conference and came third on the overall log playing all their games away from home – is Stormers captain Schalk Burger.

And one reason he is not so sure the Crusaders will be more motivated than his own team is because he has been comparing the respective trophy cabinets.

“Their trophy cabinet is quite full – what have they won, something like seven trophies in the last couple of years,” said Burger.

“Our trophy cabinet is still quite empty, we have made a lot of progress in the past year or so but we still haven’t nailed down a major trophy. We came very close to it last year before falling twice at the last hurdle, and now we are in a position where we can make up for that and go all the way. In a sense we are getting a second chance after blowing it last year and we want to make it count.

“Both teams are in different situations, both have different reasons why they want to win, but in the end I am not sure that one side wants it more than the other. We have worked hard this season and we want all that hard work to pay off for us.”

Asked if he sensed that the whole country was now getting behind the Stormers after being against them earlier in the year because they wanted to see their own teams do well at the expense of the Cape side, Burger said he hadn’t really thought about it.

“It was different last year because the Bulls were still in the competition when we played the semi-finals so there were two South African sides to support, but we weren’t able to watch their semi-final because it was played just before our game kicked off,” he said.

“It was good for us that a Bulls win meant we got to play the final in South Africa, which in a sense was like a home final, but we didn’t win it. We feel we have learned a lot since then and grown a lot since then so this year we hope to go one better than then. But our priority right now is to win Saturday’s game. That is all we are thinking of.

“The Crusaders mount a massive challenge, we are going to have to be very accurate and clinical to beat them. It is not about the World Cup or anything like that. If the Springboks face the All Blacks in a World Cup semi-final later this year that is a game we will start thinking about when we get to Auckland. Right now it is about the Stormers against the Crusaders.”


  • watalife - 2011-06-30 10:22

    Bok Captain..... Make us proud and sink the Saders good and solid.... Go Stormers...bulls...suck

      GILLBERT - 2011-06-30 10:31

      ja hy en andries bekker gan seker weer op hul span maats vloek en skree wanneer hulle verloor en sbw vir jean soos net nog n average senter laat lyk.... good luck schalk you gonna need it

      ShRoOm PoPsiCLe - 2011-06-30 10:42

      Ah Gillbert, the random Bulls supporter who always pops up on these articles regarding the Stormers. Obviously has nothing else to comment on seeing as though they are not writing articles about the 7th placed Bulls.

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-30 10:50

      @watalife - John is Bok captain already, idiot. You suck.

      watalife - 2011-06-30 10:52

      @ShRoOm...You will always find the flo nulle supporters having something to say. The bulls could only achieve 7th spot and they still think they have the Trophy coming to plebtoria, From Hero to a flat big Zero all in 9 months must really be a tragic experience. bulls...suck

      docraven - 2011-06-30 10:54

      Gilbert...EINA it's really hurting hey Chum???Poor Little Bulls!!!

      docraven - 2011-06-30 11:01

      graemeBB.You might just find that John wont be playing all the games in the RWC!!

      Marx - 2011-06-30 11:02

      Watalife suck ShRoom PoPsicle.......

      watalife - 2011-06-30 11:12

      @Graeme Humty Dumty (John Smit) will still fall off the wall and land on his big fat ass before the WC. No idiot you suck like your flo nulle.

      watalife - 2011-06-30 11:13

      @Marx No boet you suck Alwyn & Lloyd

      Marx - 2011-06-30 11:16

      Doc, maybe you will eventually find the fact Matfield is the Vice Captain.......1+1.........

      Frik - 2011-06-30 11:18

      @Getalife al wat jy gaan suck is jou eie tool na die naweek...

      GILLBERT - 2011-06-30 11:18

      feit bly staan julle troeffeee kassie is nog leeg en het nog niks gewen nie...... feit bly staan schalk en bekker het op hul span maats gevloek en skree toe hulle verloor het teen die chiefs....

      watalife - 2011-06-30 11:24

      @Frik.... You suck like your flo nulle hehehe..... No CC 2010....No VC 2011...No Super Cup 2011... and the list might say No CC 2011... Flo nulle......bulls...suck

      docraven - 2011-06-30 11:33

      Marx, and maybe he will stay as vice captain...2+2!

      CliffB - 2011-06-30 11:52

      GILLBERT : At least my team is in , where the hell is yours ? Washing cars in DANVILLE !!!!

      Marx - 2011-06-30 12:18

      Doc, I think you should definitely be our next Bok Coach, you're the man, exeptional knowledge, specially on the Captaincy front and how things work. Cliff, us Bulls are 3 time champions, there is nothing to be ashamed of, we didn't make the play-offs, so what, only one team will be victorious in this Comp. That will be in the History Books, not who almost made it my friend. We played the Crusaders in all the Semi's of the Cups we won, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy at all, they gave us hell, let's see how you do on sat. and how many excuses you will have should you lose.

      Frik - 2011-06-30 12:19

      @getalife en die stoffers en weerprobeer No cups 11 jaar... Siestog jy was seker heeeeeeeelagter in die ry toe verstand uitgedeel is... Maar toemaar ek is seker een of ander tandlose stoffers ondersteuner sal jou sy persoonlike "assistent" maak

      Theuns - 2011-06-30 13:08

      @ WATA $ SHROOM... you talk about commenting here as if WATALIFE never comments on the Bulls articles... As far as i know Watalife is always the first to spill the beans... anyway...Let say that you LOOSE come Saturday... In what position did you finish? How many Super Cups? If you loose Saturday then i don't know. Then you will just have another CUP-LESS year as the Last 11 years and then you have accomplish F-ALL again... SO what i can suggest is SHUT UR TRAP and start PRAYING you guys going to need it MUZZA....

      GILLBERT - 2011-06-30 13:14

      @CLIFF nee my maat hulle is op parkie banke besig om op hulle vroue te verneuk.....

      CliffB - 2011-06-30 13:40

      GILLBERT: I new it , you are like a poofter , a Stormer Supporter who is still in the closet !!! Marx : I was not actually talking to BB fans with brains , If that is you , I appologise. He started badmouthing the Stormers like a common Danville Slut !!!

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-30 13:48

      @getalife remind us again, when was the last time the Stormers won the Currie Cup, or any major trophy for that matter? The Bulls won both the Currie Cup and Super14 in one year... 2009, In the last decade the Bulls won the Super trophy 3 times and the Currie cup 4 times, in the same time span the Stormers won the Currie Cup ONCE (2001) and are yet to be crowned Super Champions. Enough said. Grootbek!

      GILLBERT - 2011-06-30 14:09

      @cliff jy moet wakker word, SARKASME..... was dit nie bekker wat sy rug besering opgedoen het op n parkie bank nie?????

      CliffB - 2011-06-30 14:39

      GILLBERT: I am awake , its the flou nulle supporters who are sleeping , like their team , RESTING !!!

      Dan - 2011-06-30 18:06

      As captain he certainly has a great track record right? Great player, but not really much of a captain. Sorry, you stink of provincialism.

  • GedorieHans - 2011-06-30 10:27

    Go Schalk, lead our team to victory!!!!!!!

  • Anneleen - 2011-06-30 10:30

    Alle sterkte vir Schalk en die manne!!!

  • GraemeBB - 2011-06-30 10:47

    Schalk - show us boet! It is your leadership that must make the difference! It is going to be close, and the men will need to be motivated in the last quarter to do the job - so dont choke, YOU need to lead your team to victory. And for goodness sake, take the 3 points when availible!!

  • KingSmurf - 2011-06-30 10:48

    Gilbert Ek dink jy sit die pot mis met die vloekery? En JdV is die Bokke se beste keuse op binne senter! Ek sal bitter graag wil he die Stormers moet wen, al is dit dan net on al daai onpatriotiese voortandlose CapeSaders se bekke stil te maak!! Ek haat daai goed!! Maar dit gaan moeilik wees, die Crusdaders is beslis die gunstelinge om die een te wen.

      Raka13 - 2011-06-30 11:03

      King Smurf, agree with you. Die CapeSaders gaan nog lang krokodil trane huil!!! Hulle is damn voorbarig, ongeskik en het geen GOEIE morele waardes nie. Ek dink die regte Crusaders ondersteuners kry verskriklik skaam vir die klomp en wil nie met hul assosieer nie. By gesê, dit is net sekere CapeSaders.

  • Stompies - 2011-06-30 10:51

    Not "quite empty" - VERY empty!

      The_Fox - 2011-06-30 11:25

      Like your head.

  • sharks4playoffs - 2011-06-30 10:55

    Lets go Crusaders!!!! Is there anything worse than a Stormers fan (when they're winning)

      Tiger - 2011-06-30 11:00

      Ja...'n stupid guppie soos jy.

      sharks4playoffs - 2011-06-30 11:05

      Im from durbs dude, here's a fact for you. Stormers fans come to durban and have a jol, Sharks fans go to CT and get cussed out because they support the Sharks and not the Stormers, although this only happens when the Stormers are winning, and by winning i mean, losing in the finals!!!

      WhoSaidWhat - 2011-06-30 11:06

      @Sharks4playoffs - please try and not be so lame. There are many things worse than a winning Stormers supporter -- how about a winning Bulls fan or a losing Bulls fan or a losing Sharks fan like yourself? I think it is time you suck it up and get behind the last SA team remaining in the competition. It is always good for SA rugby that a SA teams wins - good for confidence going forward in a RWC year. So try not to be so bitter and pathetic and get behind the team.

      Oukoos - 2011-06-30 11:11

      How would you know? It is 10 years since we won any competition of substance!!!! However, I agree that we are sometimes overly windgat about our team. On the other hand, we love our Province rugby with a passion and are always true supporters even during the lean years.

      sharks4playoffs - 2011-06-30 11:13

      im just having a go, im not seriously anti-WP rugby. I will say i went to the Sharks Bulls game at Loftus and the Bulls fans were surprisingly calm about the loss!!!

      Tiger - 2011-06-30 11:36

      "calm" or "shocked"?

      Robschele - 2011-06-30 12:14


  • silverflash - 2011-06-30 11:06

    just a though it will be like a home game for the crusaders with the kaapies !!! fully behind the "All Blacks "

      Oukoos - 2011-06-30 11:35

      Kaapies? You mean Capies?

  • The Goose - 2011-06-30 11:10

    Good! After a semi comes a full-on...CUP!

  • Frik - 2011-06-30 11:21

    @getalife arrogant? julle dom stoffers het nie eens 'n clue hoe 'n troffee lyk nie en die beste is mense soos jy wat veroorsaak dat die res van die land se... GO SADERS!!! Nie oor die stoffers se spelers nie maar oor ik-lose idiote soos jy!!!

      Theuns - 2011-06-30 15:15

      @Frik... Klink vir my die man bly in Danville...hy ken al die local lingo... EK sal nie verbaas wees as hy die kat in die donkerte jy weet wat ek bedoel... Los die kind hy raak glans en al te een van die PTA' aners wat vir WP skree elke Saterdag...het nie n TV nie so dan sit hy maar in sy 3.0L Ford met sy Brandy en Coke en luister die rugby oor die draadloos...pfff...

      watalife - 2011-06-30 15:26

      @Bambie Thats right Bambie make yourself known to the public.

      Theuns - 2011-06-30 18:09

      @Wat...what a come-back...want to try again???

  • bullincapeto - 2011-06-30 11:40

    Watalife I am a bulls supporter, I am fully behind the Strompies on Sat, why do you feel it neccesary to say bulls suck in your post. Dont you want all the bulls supporters to get behind your team??

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-30 11:48

      Bulls suck, fact!

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-30 11:48

      The only thing the Bulls supporters need to be behind or should I say on, is a tredmill. FACT

      watalife - 2011-06-30 12:02

      I have a copy cat on the site,from time to time i will say it as it/he/she will never do it. Do you honestly believe all bulls supporters are pleased to see the Mighty Stormers in the Semi's? no they wont they will be to pleased to see them drop out. Good for you if you do support the Stormers.

      Neutedop - 2011-06-30 13:25

      I, as a Stormer supporter, can fully understand why you will hate the Stormers - these comments are really pissing me off as well. Some bantter is fine, but if this was the Bulls people going on like these w@nkers - I would have supported North Korea vs the Bulls!

      watalife - 2011-06-30 15:13

      @Neutedop... Go Korea...bulls...suck

  • Grunk - 2011-06-30 11:52

    C'mon Stormers - pleeeeeeeze prove me wrong and drill the daylights out of the Crusaders.

  • Kok - 2011-06-30 12:03

    And they keep on talking. Don't these guys practise?

      Foes - 2011-06-30 12:39

      Kok, as per my previous post (with no response from you): You guys honestly need to get over your fear of commitment buddy, as this is what has caused you to feel stuck in the middle over the years. Stormers today, Bulls tomorrow. Crusaders today, Hurricanes tomorrow. Liverpoel (sic) today, Man-Chester (sic) tomorrow. Take a f'n stand for once and you may be taken seriously.

      Kok - 2011-06-30 13:02

      Really dude, you are lost. I took a firm stand way back in 2003. To support the All Blacks. And obviously I had to choose a Superrugby team from down under in the Land of the Long White Cloud. And since Dan Carter and Richie McCaw were my favourite players, I chose to support the Crusaders. Yes, I started to support the All Blacks because of my unhappiness with the way players of colour were treated and overlooked in this country. BUT, that all gone now. No such issues anymore. I developed a love and passion for the All Blacks, Crusaders and other NZ teams. Love for the haka, players, style of rugby and the brands. I just want to be associated with them. I met a whole lot of new friends who is shouting for the shame teams. And that love and passion grew from strength to strength. I watch the springboks and SA teams and attend matches if I can, but I choose NZ rugby.Even when PDiv was appointed as coach, I did not even consider changing my allegiance, because my passion for AB rugby is to strong. I am happy for the players of colour that's coming through strongly, but that's not gonna change my choice of teams. I don't have in general issues with white people, but I have with arrogant white people and those who still want to oppress my people (if you think I support NZ becoz of apartheid). I grew up with white people, played with them, went to school with them, work with them. That's why I get angry when bloggers here classify me as a rude, racist, toothless Crusader supporter

      Kok - 2011-06-30 13:05

      Hope my story is clear and understandable. There's a saying that goes: Once a All Black, you never turn back.

      kiwi - 2011-06-30 13:28

      it's once you go black you never go back and i've never looked back bigups to your comment, and the saders will do what is expected of them, so hath no fear 'cause we are here. (CAN YOU FEEL IT)

      Foes - 2011-06-30 13:29

      Just sad that the legacies of legends like Wilfred Cupido, Pompies Williams, Hennie Shields and Avril Williams are shunned in the process. As a white laaitie I grew up watching these guys alongside other greats such as the Du Plessis brothers, Neil Burger etc. and receiving passionate (although sadly segregated) support from behind the posts and they were my heroes. Your lack of support for the Boks may be justified as a matter of principle, but your non-support of your home province is unqualified. There's a saying that goes "Once a Province supporter, always a Province supporter". Ask your dad.

      Andre - 2011-06-30 13:54

      Just a question Kok. Which national soccer team do you support? Surely not the South African one. They only have non whites in that team. Did you take a stance against that as well? Didn't think so. For your information, I do support them because they represent my country. They are my people. I do not care about the color of their skins. I will never turn my back on any South African team, specially not after 17 years of a new democracy. Then again, it's like Foes said, as the wind blows hey?

      jk - 2011-06-30 14:00

      kok, you are really sad, thought there was hope for you guys, but no.. must be crap to have an adopted side, that you had to choose (shame..), tough life he.. you got no idea how wonderfull it feels to be born into the wp history and everything that goes being a supporter.

      Foes - 2011-06-30 14:19

      Any comment on my last post, Kok, or are you phoning your Dad?

      Kok - 2011-06-30 14:53

      Foes: I don't have a dad anymore. He was a Bulls supporter by the way. I can remember a Wilfred Cupido, but don't know the others - before my time. That's besides the point and has got nothing to do with my comment. rk: Sorry that I am sad. You have no idea what it feels like to be a Crusader supporter. Don't you thick head people get it that I will not change my mind. So, stop trying to. You waste precious energy. Support your team and leave me to support my team. Plz do me a favour and vote ANC during 2014 elections.

      Foes - 2011-06-30 15:14

      I disagree Kok, it has everything to do with my comment. By ignoring our shared rugby history in Cape Town which include and was moulded by the mentioned players, you are missing out on something special in my opinion: A real and rich rugby history and culture which you are really part of as opposed to an adopted one.

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:23

      Ok Foes. I surrender. You win.

      Foes - 2011-06-30 15:47

      Lol Kok, no winner here, but may the best side win on Saturday.

  • Musculus - 2011-06-30 12:19

    @watalife, wil jy nie asb saterdag my huis kom skoonmaak nie aangesien jou span stofsuig? Thanks man

      watalife - 2011-06-30 12:34

      Well it should not take me longer than 2min to clean your shack, I will have to use a broom my WAP suck up all those lose floor tiles....What time should I be there?

  • johnnylaw - 2011-06-30 13:08

    Go game at a time, and when that's done all hands on board for the Stormers. Let's get this one in the bag boys!

  • bullincapeto - 2011-06-30 13:13

    Rugby-gwarra and watajoke, you two are really pathetic little middle aged farts. As a South African I am behind the Strompies this weekend, but you two balding, spindly little cretins make that difficult, the Bulls are out why do you keep on harping on about them? Focus your energy on being positive about your own team. As for you rugby gwarra well done to YOUR team the Sharks for the performance they put in against the Bulls, I think that was the best game of the season so far, and I take my hat off to your team for the intensity they displayed. I really enjoyed the game even though the result went against us. You two please grow up we are (hopefully) all adults here. Good luck Stormers

      watalife - 2011-06-30 15:16

      After months you want to act all kleva after hurling insults to the Stormers fans? Is the pot calling the kettle black today? Old man....

  • hardiblu - 2011-06-30 13:15

    The use of the term "trophy cabinet" is a bit strong, should just be referred to as "the cabinet"

      Mojojo - 2011-06-30 13:30

      Dear Hardiblu. It is a fact that the WP Trophy cabinet is the fullest in the country. In fact all other unions’ cabinets have more empty spaces in them than trophies. Yes, there are the glaring omissions of the Super Rugby and Currie cups, but that will be rectified and added to our already full trophy cabinet. If not this year, then next. Good luck Stormers.

  • bullincapeto - 2011-06-30 13:33

    Hey KOK your long winded story does not impress me, just because you bear a slight resemblace to a South Sea Islander does not make you one. You are still a coloured South African. The fact that you can support another nation against your own in this day and age speaks volumes about your nature. You dont like being a coloured South African and in your wild fantasies you are Hosea Umfantalalala chasing whales in your canoe and doing wild haka war dances. Get a grip you are not that person, you have an identity crisis!!

      Kok - 2011-06-30 13:59

      Thanks for your comment. 1) Never did I say in my story that i want to be a South Sea Islander or like them. 2) I am not a coloured South African. I am a Griqua, coming from the Khoi-Khoi. Don't classify me and I know who I am - No identity crisis at all. 3) I quite easy when you don't see the springbok team as your nation; for me it's just a team. 4) My grip is the Crusaders and the All Blacks and nothing you say will change that. And don't feel ashame of it at all - I am proud of it. 5) In future, focus on your own life and make it worth living.

      Oukoos - 2011-06-30 14:05

      Ag shame, ou KOK-less is in essence an affirmative action Crusader supporter. No South African team needs this type of support, but if it makes her happy, so it is.

      Kok - 2011-06-30 14:57

      rk: I'm proud to be Boesman - nothing to be ashamed of. Do you know who and what you are (before you were an Afrikaner)?

      Kok - 2011-06-30 14:59

      Moet baas oukoos nie 'n middagslapie gaan vat nie?

  • Marcell - 2011-06-30 13:35

    Wat vir my baie opvallend is die afgelope paar dae is dat die Stormer ondersteuners besig is om erg te stress. Dit is goed om so nou en dan die draak te steek met hulle. Net jammer dat hul taalgebruik nie na wense is nie. Julee moet nie te veel vinger wys na die Kaapse Crusader ondersteuners nie. Die wedstryd het nog nie eens begin nie en julle gedrae julle reeds asof julle te veel papsak agter die blad het. Groete.

      gooinat - 2011-06-30 13:45

      En jy jou siek en baie sad expat gaan snuif weer 'n bietjie van daai goed wat julle like om te snuif daar in Tswane,ek gaan herhaal wat ek vroeer gese het,dankie tog jy bly in Oz hulle kan maar vir 'n chop soos jy daar hou,ons soek jou nie hier nie.

      Foes - 2011-06-30 13:52

      Wat vir my opvallend is die afgelope jare, is dat jy graag hier sou wou wees, maar soos 'n Soutie van ouds gestrand is met een voet in Perth (is ek reg?), een voet in Suid-Afrika en jou tokkel wat in die middel van nêrens hang. Jy het jou land verloën en jou reg op kommentaar verbeur. Hou asseblief jou oningeligte bek.

      gooinat - 2011-06-30 14:00

      @Foes,dipsctick Marcell lives in Melbourne,he thought the grass was greener there now he wants to come back but nobody wants him,thats why I say they can really keep him.

      Kok - 2011-06-30 14:02

      Baie goeie bydae Marcell. Ek salueer jou. Hierdie stormers mense is bang. Hulle weet hulle gaan verloor. Nou haal hulle die "kom ons laat voel ander minderwaardig" taktiek uit.

      Marcell - 2011-06-30 14:07

      Teer puntjie né? Ongelukkig vir jou is ek 'n Suid Afrikaner totdat ek die dag dood gaan. En wat die lekkerste is, is dat jy eindlik niks daaraan kan doen nie. So, get over it! Australie bestaan nie net uit Perth nie.

      Marcell - 2011-06-30 14:08

      Ons los die snuif vir die Kaap se mense. Hulle ken mos van Tik snuif?

      gooinat - 2011-06-30 14:10

      @Small Kok,p@ss off you are becoming very boring.

      Oukoos - 2011-06-30 14:10

      Marcell, hou nou op om papsakwyn so te degradeer. Met die huidige wynpryse is dit al wat ons kan bekostig. En ja, Saterdagaand sal 'n paar sakke wyn nadergesleep word om ons sorrows (hoogs onwaarskynlik) of vreugde (hoogs waarskynlik) te vier

      Foes - 2011-06-30 14:11

      @gooinat, I honestly do not have a problem with people emigrating, but as Marcell never makes any constructive contributions, he does seem a bit of a suurgat ex-pat. My advice would be to integrate, Melbourn is a lovely cosmopolitan city, much like Cape Town. Don't shop at the local Boerwors/Biltong/Castle shop, cut the umbilical cord once and for all, go native mate.

      Raka13 - 2011-06-30 14:14

      Kok, onthou Marcell is wit en 'n SA ondersteuner, so dit maak hom ook een van die wat jou en jou mense terug gehou het en so ook dan die rede is hoekom jy die All Blacks ondersteun. Jy praat so deurmekaar en klomp nonsens dat jy self nie meer kan onthou wat jy kwyt raak nie. Ter-loops, jy gebruik self die "ons voel minderwaardig" taktiek. Kok, ons voel niks vir jou Jannie Jammergat houding en verskonings hoekom jy 'n ander land ondersteun nie. Kom oor jouself, om so in die verlede te leef gaan jou niks help nie, dit maak jou net 'n groter Looser.

      Foes - 2011-06-30 14:27

      Nee Marcell, geen teer punt, jy was 'n Suid-Afrikaner en is nou bloot 'n buitestaander en 'n negatiewe een daarby. Sou net verwag dat jy meer positief sou wees na jy die skuif gemaak het.

      Marcell - 2011-06-30 14:28

      As ek 'n suurgat expat is omdat ek nie die Chokers ondersteun nie maar wel die huidige kampioene dan is dit reg met my.

      Andre - 2011-06-30 14:33

      @Raka13. As ek n Griqua was en n span moes ondersteun sou dit die Griquas gewees het. Maar jy weet hoe goed hulle is. So dan sou ek ook maar n ander span gesoek het en die jaar is dit die Crusaders. Wie weet wie volgende jaar is?

      Foes - 2011-06-30 14:35

      Kok, jou posts hang almal skeef van daardie donnerse groot chip op jou skouer. Jou gevoel van minderwaardigheid word duidelik van binne gegenereer en is nie deur ander se toedoen nie. Dit is omdat jy dit aanhou voed dat jy so tenagekom voel.

      Foes - 2011-06-30 14:44

      Marcell, die probleem is nie dat jy nie die Stormers ondersteun nie maar wel dat jy geen konstruktiewe bydrae maak nie. Wat is die nut van negatiewe of afbrekende kommentaar as dit nie betrekking op jou span het nie? Die gesegde is dat as jy niks goed het om te sê nie, sê eerder niks nie, of hoe?

      CliffB - 2011-06-30 14:45

      Marcell:Strange , the druggies in SA rugby come from Bulls Country !!!

      gooinat - 2011-06-30 14:51

      @Marcell,jy kan ondersteun vir wie jy wil maar as jy begin die Kaap en die Cape Flats afkraak dan begin dit klink asof jy suurgat is,anyway ek dink jy moet gaan slaap dus laat in Melbourne is dit nie!!!!!!!!

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:06

      @Raka13. Jy het Looser verkeerd gespel. Btw, ek was gevra om te verduidelik hoekom ek Crusaders skree. En dis wat ek gedoen. Is ek nie 'n nice mens nie?

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:07

      Marcell: Hierdie ouens wat nog in SA is net so negatief langs die braai vuur. Dit is mos hulle politieke platform daar langs die braaivuur. Ek weet. Ek braai saam met hulle.

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:11

      Foes: die feit dat ek so tenagekom voel is maar die invloed en gevolge van apartheid. Dit het groot skade berokken. En 17 jaar is hopeloos te min om die skade reg te maak. Maar jy sal nie verstaan nie, jy moet aan hierdie kant van die rivier kom staan om te sien waarvan ek praat.

      Maori - 2011-06-30 15:14

      Foes, aan jou kommentaar kan ek sien jou naam word verkeerd gespel - probeer 'n "P"

      gooinat - 2011-06-30 15:17

      @Kok,jy blameer apartheid maar jy kan nie eers vir Avril Williams onthou nie,ag nee jy klink net soos daai D@@S Julius Malema,julle altwee wet niks wat in die apartheid anngegaan it nie maar julle blammer dit,cool comment Kok baie Cool.

      Raka13 - 2011-06-30 15:23

      @Kok - nee jy is nie 'n nice mens nie

      Foes - 2011-06-30 15:31

      @Kok, is jy seker ek verstaan nie en hoe weet jy van watter kant van die rivier/hoofstraat/snelweg/treinspoor ek afkom? Miskien kom ek van Parow en jy van Cravenby en was ons ervaringe soortgelyk. Weereens, dis jou reg om enige span te ondersteun, maar in my opinie is dit jammer dat jy nie 'n span ondersteun waarin ons 'n gedeelde en ryk geskiedenis het nie. @Maori, wat in my kommentaar regverdig jou opmerking? Hartseer waneer jy dink jy is 'n grootman waneer jy anoniem persoonlik kan raak. My gesprek was in elk geval met Kok, maatjie.

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:35

      Ek weet gooinat. Het daar op 'n afgeleë plaas groot geword en het nie baie geweet wat in die land aangaan dai tyd nie. Maar het jy al gehoor van die woord: "navorsing"?

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:45

      Foes, jou ryk geskiedenis span het nog 11 jaar laas 'n beker gewen. Wat sê jy daarvan?

      Maori - 2011-06-30 15:51

      @Foes, ek is nie jou maatjie nie - spel jou naam met 'n "P", dit sal by jou pas

      Foes - 2011-06-30 16:01

      Kok, ons het die Currie Beker in 2000 & 2001 gewen, so feitelik is dit 10 jaar laas. Ongeag is ek die eerste om te erken die provinsie het die afgelope dekade onderpresteer, veral as jy die beskikbare talentpoel in ag neem. Dit doen egter geen afbreek aan die ryk rugbygeskiedenis van die unie of my passie vir WP rugby nie. Vra jouself die volgende: Waarom bly ons die bes ondersteunde provinsie ongeag ons onlangse gebrek aan sukses?

      Foes - 2011-06-30 16:11

      Tsek Maori, jy was nie eens deel van die gesprek nie jou holhanger. So hartseer dat jy die een is wat in die P-lokval moes trap. So baie wat nou weer sal sê tipies, nê? Anyway, jy is duidelik lanklaas uit een tekkie gemoer poenaas.

      Maori - 2011-06-30 16:34

      @Foes, now you also sound like one - very appropriate name mate

      BlouBos - 2011-06-30 20:15

      Gelukkig kan die Bulle volgende jaar weer probeer want met al hulle trofee wat hulle die laaste paar jeer gewen het het hulle geleer om pressure te hanteer en cool en kalm te bly. Maar dit sal die Stormers weer hele eeu neem om ooit weer sovêr te kom want die groot probleem is dat Schalk en Andries vloek hulle eie spanmaats en behandel hulle soos gemors wanner daar pressure is, met so houding kweek jy nie lojaliteit en eendrag nie.

  • jk - 2011-06-30 13:48

    we have to do this, no if or buts.. all in the mind

  • jk - 2011-06-30 13:53

    gilbert- keep your mouth shut mate, for once stop being a wanker and grow up!, this stormers side has done bloody well the last 3 years, and if you cant see or want o see it, keep your mouth out of this. all you do is throwing useless coments. This is western province we talking about mate, not the cheetahs or the lions or the bulls, but western province rugby. so, better start respecting it, or it will come and eat you for breakfast! idiot!!

      BlueRaven - 2011-06-30 16:57

      @jk ditto mate, please read your own comment back to yourself S L O W L Y... then look at your comments about other teams... do you see the irony or are you too slow? Hypocrite

  • Straightdeal - 2011-06-30 13:58

    The Stormers will only win if they ATTACK for 80 minutes. I'm worried...

      Marcell - 2011-06-30 14:26

      Congrats. At last an honest supporter. May the best team win without the help of the ref!

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:14

      Salute my masse kind!!!

  • JerusalemJet - 2011-06-30 14:39

    Kok - June 30, 2011 at 13:02 " but I have with arrogant white people " . What are you inferring son . Only with whites , or its OK to be mixed race or black , but arrogant

      Kok - 2011-06-30 15:36

      Mixed race?

  • BENNA - 2011-06-30 14:40

    Awesome Scalla. I admire your dedication, your mighty big reasoning and motivation for winning! The question is does all the other 21 players, sorry 20 and ½ ( Jantjes is playing to) also share your zest and determination to tumble the Saders??? Or are they just interested in their pay packets after the game. Win Or Lose!!!!!

  • Melck - 2011-06-30 14:44

    After reading most of the comments - it is very sad, yes i am a Bull supporter, we have lost and we have won, on average i found the supporters to be fairly good in excepting the losses, not that we like it and i do not think any team supporter like to lose -the thing that really gets me down is the personal attacks on the people, now it takes me back to 1982 when i made a decision to never support the Western province because of something that Carl du Plesis did on the field i just realize it got worse where is the good team supporters that can accept the wins and losses and respect the fellow supporter

  • BENNA - 2011-06-30 15:12

    Moet sê noudat Richie speel voel ek nie meer so sleg oor Janthes se insluiting nie. Die strafskoptelling gaan nou ten minste met 4 in ons guns opskuiwe!

  • Musculus - 2011-06-30 15:44

    @watalife, nee man dit is goed. Ek bly nou nie in die kaap dat jy my shack kan skoonmaak nie maar jy kan maar gerus my woonstel skoonmaak. Dan sien ek jou saterdag 16.40 dan kan jy nou sien hoe speel regte mans rugby. Nou praat ek van die Blou Bulle se onder 9's. Groete :-)

      gene lou - 2011-06-30 21:15

      @ musculus ja want die drag queens wat julle senior span is (botox ect) kon dit nie maak nie ne :P

      gene lou - 2011-06-30 21:19

      nou moet julle na die onder 9's kyk vir rugby

  • Bulkalf - 2011-06-30 22:49

    Ag shame watalife, en toe verloor die magtige Stormers teen die useless Bulle op Nuweland !!!

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