SBW can box but can't run

2011-01-24 07:24

Aaron Lawton - RugbyHeaven
Christchurch - All Black Sonny Bill Williams has a stress fracture in his foot and could miss the start of the Super Rugby season next month.

Williams, who says he will be fit for his professional boxing bout against Australian Scott Lewis next Saturday on the Gold Coast, succumbed to a leg complaint in the final game of last year's All Blacks northern hemisphere tour.

He is struggling to run and fears he will not be right in time for the Crusaders' opening match against the Blues on February 19.

''There's still a bit of a problem there and it hurts mainly when I run,'' Williams said. ''I haven't been able to run since the tour. I aggravated it in the last game but it doesn't affect my boxing at all.

''I can still bounce around but when I run at full stride it puts a bit of stress on it.''

Williams has been in close contact with All Blacks doctor Deb Robinson and hopes to resume full rugby training when he returns to Christchurch. He said he injured his leg early on the tour but played on because he was desperate to make his All Blacks debut.

''That was the start of a stress fracture. It was just a little niggle but I could get through on it no problems.''

But Williams said it flared noticeably in the final Test against Wales, when he was subbed early.

''I really started to feel it 10 minutes in. After the game it was pretty sore. I got a scan straight away and was told I was lucky I came off when I did otherwise I'd have ended up with a full stress fracture.''

Williams also revealed plans to fight his next professional bout at home. He said his contract with the New Zealand Rugby Union allowed for one more professional fight in 2011, potentially during the season.

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  • Lunga - 2011-01-24 07:45

    Everyone is going off about this guy like he is the second coming of Cantona or something.

      Makutu - 2011-01-24 08:37

      lol... True. He is a good rugby player though.

      Adrian_KZN - 2011-01-24 09:06

      He's good but not exceptional. What is exceptional is the All Black marketing machine - it's a simply tactic but very effective: publicise a player or players beyond all rational thinking & in so doing ensure that if a ref penalises them, they become public enemy number one

      Dujon - 2011-01-25 00:13

      And you guys did exactly the same thing with Patrick Lambie, only Lambie didn't really fire any warning shot to make the rest of the world shake in their boots, did he? Reality is SBW was a superstar in NZ and Australia BEFORE he even played a game of rugby union through his days as one of the best league players going around, hence his media coverage should and would reflect that. Don't you think it would've been the same in your neck of the woods, if I dunno... Jaques Kallis started playing for the Springboks or something?

      Dujon - 2011-01-25 00:22

      Adrian, stop being a paranoid prick!!! There is no secret agenda, you feed into your own bullshit far too much...

  • Bosduif - 2011-01-24 10:03

    Over hyped and over payed. NZ have to create some sort of buzz for the WC. Have you pll seen their semi finals and final turn out in their domestic competiton?

      rockster666 - 2011-01-27 14:46

      @Bosduif its not about the turn out at the semis and the final, it is about the quality of game played, fast and furious, not like your slow kicking game.

  • richietarr - 2011-01-24 10:27

    All I've wanted to see since he started Union is for him to lose his cool and donner someone. Can't wait for a Bakkies vs SBW match-up. Professional boxer vs Professional enforcer. EPIC match-up!

      Corry - 2011-01-24 11:24

      Uhm, Bakkies would still be trying to dodge the second punch when the 6th and 7th have already landed. Plus, SBW CAN take a punch or two as well. Make no mistake, this guy would clean up Bakkies and anyone else in our team for that matter. However, he is a very disciplined player and has no violent or serious misconduct issues on record. Rather exemplary.

  • sdsmurf - 2011-01-24 11:13

    It just seems really odd that his fight will go ahead, while his rugby fitness is questionable. I mean, 'bouncing around' on your foot HAS to put stress on the 'stress' fracture. Just seems like he's more interested in the boxing career, and that he's milked the NZRU here; great contract while letting him do what he wants.

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