Prayer saved me - WP prop

2012-02-14 07:40

Cape Town - Schalk Ferreira will make his long-awaited return to the rugby field at prop for Western Province when they tackle SWD in a friendly at Outeniqua Park in George on Tuesday.

In 2009, three specialists told the 27-year-old he should never play contact sport again after undergoing a second neck operation.

But according to Die Burger newspaper he's back onto the playing field after a prayer and a visit to another specialist.

"I was visited by a missionary friend of mine, Phillip Conradie, and asked him to pray for me. After that I started training and a specialist in Pretoria, Daan de Klerk, did tests and a scan.

"He said my neck responded well to the operation (of 2009) and that I could play prop again."

And Ferreira has no doubt that his friend's prayer played a role in his recovery.

"I believe it's a miracle."

Ferreira played the last of his 68 first class matches at hooker for Boland against Western Province on 26 September 2009. Before that, he also played 47 games for WP and 16 for the Stormers.

Ferreira was always deemed too light for a prop at 95kg, but he has since trained hard to increase his muscle mass and now weighs 115kg.

"My first goal is the Vodacom Cup competition, but Allister Coetzee (Stormers coach) said I might get another chance at Super Rugby level if I prove myself," said Ferreira.



Western Province: 15 William van Wyk, 14 Ghafoer Luckan, 13 JP du Plessis, 12 Berton Klaasen, 11 Ederies Arendse, 10 Demetri Catrakilis, 9 Ricky Schroeder, 8 Nic Fenton-Wells (captain), 7 Reuben Johannes, 6 Rohan Kitshoff, 5 Wilhelm van der Sluys, 4 Quinn Roux, 3 Tom Botha, 2 Sidney Tobias, 1 Schalk Ferreira.

Substitutes: 16 Yako Madoda, 17 Pieter Stemmet, 18 Alistair Vermaak, 19 Hilton Lobberts, 20 Donovan Armand, 21 Tyrone Holmes, 22 Yaya Hartzenberg, 23 Andries Truter, 24 Kurt Coleman, 25 Michael van der Spuy, 26 Tim Swiel, 27 Taariq Davids.


  • Lionel - 2012-02-14 07:58

    Welcome back!!!!Hope you can make the step up to Super rugby!!!!

  • Neil - 2012-02-14 08:08

    Just Because an individual says its a miracle doesnt make it so. Im tired of people claiming prayer healed them or saved them, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If his case was brought up in a reputed medical or scientific journal (where evidence and reasoning are required to back up claims) and no scientific or medical reason could be given for his ability to play again after 2 years, I would be somewhat impressed. As of yet there has still been not one case of prayer healing blindness, or making a disabled person walk again, or any other myriad of fanciful claims. It is rather insulting to the surgeons and specialists who devote their lives to the pursuit of scientific knowledge in order to heal our imperfect bodies. And another thing, how come god gets the credit for all the good stuff, and when bad stuff happens his hand is nowhere to be seen?

  • Bernard - 2012-02-14 08:19

    Schalk, don't forget to give yourself and the doctor the credit you guys deserve as well- the doctor for making it happen and yourself for all the hard work you put in as well.

  • Neil - 2012-02-14 09:15

    @JAcob: Im very happy. the fact that im not hoping or looking forward to an afterlife means that I spend every day as my last. because once it is over, there is probably nothing else. So I am going to enjoy every day I have on this earth. I dont mind people considering their own personal experiences as miracles, but to state it as a medical fact, without even looking into the different variables, is blatantly wrong. I am not a doctor, but I find it totally insulting towards their profession and the hours of study and research that these people devout to their profession. ANd then as soon as somebody makes an unexpected recovery, viola its a miracle. When Schalk Burger injured his spine against Scotland, im sure the majority of Doctors would have advised him against playing contact sport again. But through hard work, expert medical care, and physical attributes related to his DNA, he is still playing. Butch James another case. 5 serious knee operations. most people would not be allowed to play contact sport after one. @Al, Christians (like most religions)are not content in their faith and wish to spread their dogmatic irrational beliefs to all facets of our lives. from abortion, to marriage, education. If faith was just a private thing, I and the rest of the secular humanists would not be out defending our civic space from the encroachment of bronze age fairy tales. if you chose to believe in god great, but if you think your beliefs should define our laws, and scientific

  • Benmica - 2012-02-14 09:15

    All the it and keep safe. Long and healthy life...

  • hc12345 - 2012-02-14 09:20

    We serve a great God!!

  • Neil - 2012-02-14 09:21

    cont... understanding of the world, then badly written fairy tale from a few thousand years ago will not suffice. But Back to facts... there is no evidence of a miracle in this situation, and to assert that just from the personal experience of a player (with no medical evidence) is spurious. In fact large double and triple blind prayer studies organized by the templeton foundation ( A religious foundation, which tried to suppress the findings) showed that prayer can actually have a negative affect on recoveries of individuals after serious and life threatening injuries and illnesses. " There once was a time when all people believed in god and the church ruled. This time was called the Dark Ages!" - Richard Lederer

  • Merven - 2012-02-14 09:24

    Hopefully prayer will help getting rid of the pink Bulls Jersey.

  • Neil - 2012-02-14 10:03

    @Dewald: I can actually read the Bible in its Original Hebrew form, and have studied it since the age of 6. If you can read the old and new testament and not see and admit that it is not the work of man, then you are delusional. If you want to claim that you know god and his "word" read the bible in hebrew, so you can at least understand it in its original form. with regards to Schalks injury: its very easy to find information on its seriousness here we go: And yes, I may be no doctor. but I know enough about serious injuries to realize how amazing modern medical science is. I was told I would never be able to run again, after my knee cap (patella) was shattered playing rugby. I Went to three specialists, all said the same thing. I would have limited movement, and never be able to walk without a limp, and severe pain. I travelled overseas to see a specialist, who was doing an experimental procedure with stem cells (something the church tried to ban) He basically grew me new cartilage. I am now able to run, walk normally and play rugby again.. A miracle? No! scientific innovation ? Yes! Dont assume that I dont know about religion or god just because I think they are made up fairytales.

  • Elsabe - 2012-02-14 10:36

    The world would be a better place if more people believe in miracles.

  • Julian - 2012-02-14 10:58

    You keep chasing rainbows & butterflies Mr Ferreira..

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