'Stormers smashed us'

2011-05-02 08:06

John Bishop

The Sharks were pummelled physically and mentally and John Plumtree has described the 12-32 Super Rugby loss to the Stormers at Newlands on Saturday night as one of his worst since taking over as coach in 2008.
The contest, in terms of the winning margin and the style of rugby played, was a total reversal of the Currie Cup final won 30-10 by the Sharks last October. Both games were won by a 20-point margin and the Stormers on Saturday, just as they Sharks did back in October, built victory on a fiercely confrontational approach and stern defence.
Contests between these two teams have been won by the team dominating the gainline and the Stormers were far more intense and physical at the collisions at Newlands, smothering the Sharks’ big runners and forcing turnovers.
But victory was built on more than courage and brawn and the Stormers also exploited their superiority in midfield and towered over the Sharks at the lineout where lock Andries Bekker caught everything that was thrown in his general direction.
In contrast, and because they received very little frontfoot ball, the Sharks were static in attack while their lineout was again a shambles. They did make occasional sorties deep into Stormers territory only to cough up ball at the breakdown.
Plumtree said it all came down to the Sharks’ mental approach.
“The Stormers had a better attitude than us. They wanted to smash us. They wanted to hurt us, really hurt us.

“We’re disappointed with ourselves – it was boys against men,” added the Sharks coach.
The Stormers, after being exposed on three occasions in Durban last year, appear now to have the answers to the Sharks’ direct, combative approach.
“The physicality and the power shift was with the Stormers,” said Plumtree. “They wanted to win more. We talk a good game but we’re not delivering.
“The Sharks performance was embarrassing more than anything else. It’s one of the hardest defeats I have had to endure as the Sharks coach.”
The contest was settled in the space of 17 minutes in the first half when the Stormers’ midfield domination was translated into three tries. The Sharks, trying to keep the ball in hand or use short kicks to break down the Stormers’ defence, were pinned in their own half for long periods and the three Stormers’ tries were as clinical as they were simple.
And, to Sharks captain John Smit’s chagrin, all were scored off set-piece possession.
The first saw centre Jean de Villiers easily ghost outside Meyer Bosman on a 35 metre run to the line; the second came when the Sharks tried to move the ball from inside their own half and De Villiers’ tackle on Bosman released the ball for Gio Aplon to nip over, and the third was from a Stormers’ lineout with flank Francois Louw’s short pass in midfield presenting centre Jaque Fourie with an open path to score.
The Sharks, on another day, might have questioned two of the tries with Bosman convinced that De Villiers had knocked down his attempted pass in making the tackle while the feed from Louw to Fourie looked forward.
But this was not a day to complain about decisions, not when the defeat was so comprehensive and the victory so deserved.
Smit admitted that he was suspicious about how easily the Stormers were wining the ball from the breakdowns .“I’d like to have a look at a video of the game.”
“But to have three tries scored against us off set pieces is inexcusable. We have only ourselves to blame and it left us chasing the game.”
At times the Stormers, in their determination to bully the Sharks on and off the ball, did overdo the physical stuff with Smit, Stefan Terblanche and, later, Bismarck du Plessis taking heavy hits off the ball.
But the Stormers had suffered similarly in the past and their bristling approach, in a game of this importance and in front of 46 000 supporters, was to be expected and admired.
Even the second-half replacements could do little to lift the gloom on a dark day for Sharks rugby but there was just time for both flank Jean Deysel and lock Alistair Hargreaves to at least show they are over their injuries.
There was nothing for Smit to smile about and he left the field limping heavily with a leg injury early in the second half while replacement Bismarck du Plessis was yellow-carded for a professional foul in the closing moments.
It was that sort of day for the players, coach Plumtree and the many Sharks supporters.


  • Grunk - 2011-05-02 08:34

    If you want to start a game with John Smit as Hooker (where from now on I'm going to call him "Pop Up" because over the past couple of weeks he's been looking like a Jack-in-the-box, his head is jerked out of the scrum so often) and leave Bismarck on the bench then you can only look forward to getting smashed up front in the tight loose where the difference in effort ability and commitment between the the two is like comparing day and night. Add the fact that the Sharks midfield has never been better than mediocre the entire season and Sharks were on the backfoot right from the start.

      suiker - 2011-05-02 09:15

      aggreed. Starting tinky winky the farking teletubbie when you have the best hooker on the planet available is madness. j and j made our midfield their bitch. Mcleod is a vodacom cup player at best.Im so upset after this game. Go saders!

      haha - 2011-05-02 09:32

      John Smit is only playing because some idiots think we need him as Captain for the World Cup..but the Sharks just lost under his leadership against another SA team with Burger as Captain. Is Smit so much a better Captain than Burger or anyone else?

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-05-02 09:50

      Sharks were on the back foot from the start? They were 4 meters away from scoring a try in the first 20 seconds.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-02 10:37

      Martin du Plessis : I am lost now , so they were 4 meters away , tell me did I and the scorekeeper miss the great try they scored , I must need new spec's , they were only there because of Lambies kick , not good play !!!

      Storming-On - 2011-05-02 11:10

      last week all you sharks supports were praising Smit, you are all cry babies, take a loss when it is handed to you fair and were smashed as a team, not just because of Smit selection. grow up!!

      Showahed - 2011-05-02 14:50

      @haha...And John Smit is indeed your Bok captain. Any surprises? I am a bit off topic, but I got a feeling the Boks will be returning home just as soon as the Artichokes...

      Andy49 - 2011-05-02 16:44

      And he still has the audacity to make the following remark/excuse for their dismal performance that ultimately resulted in their loss:- "Smit admitted that he was suspicious about how easily the Stormers were wining the ball from the breakdowns .“I’d like to have a look at a video of the game” sounds like a great captains remark doesn't it?

      Henry - 2011-05-02 19:17

      I agree . The Stormers blown up for scrumming in and the next 3 scrums were "pop ups" without being penalised. Please Mr. Ref. keep a eye on the Sharks scrumming. The press wrote that the Sharks were the favourites and praised their bench. Alberts and Deysels played like Pierre Spies agains Namibia.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 05:37

      @Martin Just kidding, the Sharks should have scored. Stormers very lucky and lots of help from the ref

      Squire - 2011-05-03 11:03

      Not sure I agree Grunk, what changed when Bismark came on? Agree on the midfield commnet though...might be time for Stefan to also look at hanging up the old boots. It's a sad day when you actually look forward to Adi Jacobs coming on to try and spark something!!!

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 15:30

      CliffBradley: Hey you worthless wannabee , I see I was on line 9 hours ago , funny we had a storm and my internet was down since last night till 15:30

  • Rob Mengel - 2011-05-02 08:35

    As a Sharks upporter. we were torn apart on the field. Few too many ego's there. We have to get the balance right. Stormes deserved their 20 point win.

      Henrich - 2011-05-02 08:56

      Bob, i like it when sumone can admit to a poor performance! I'm a Stormer and i'm in heaven after Saterday! But the reaction from Plumtree and i have to ad, the most of the Sharks supporters are nice to see and read! Sharks in my mind didn't pitch! The Sharks are a quality side and i've got a lot of respect for them, unlike the Bulls and their faithfull!

      Lloyd - 2011-05-02 09:19

      No cups - 10 years.

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-05-02 09:51

      Lloyed: OPEN TOILETS!

      Gert BB - 2011-05-02 10:31

      LLOYD's mouth is an open toilet

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-02 10:40

      Martin du Plessis : Ok I see it's no good talking to you , bringing the Da's good work , ( The Toilet walls were for your info , torn down by ANC ( Youth League) ,into a rugby discussion , when your team gets manshamed the way the sharks were , take it and shut up !!!

      Dal2000 - 2011-05-02 11:14

      We had a bad game which was compounded by the fact that the Stormers were having the game of their life. We need to fix the midfield or we are going down faster than we think. Midfield was exposed against the saders and stormers, worrying times if plumtree doesn't sort it out. Stormers I hope you put on that performance against the saders! Good show from the cape team.

      ZOLLAZAP - 2011-05-03 07:32

      Lloyd moet jou nie aan die spul papsaksuigers steur nie,hulle spannetjie se einde is naby,Saterdag vreet Nuweland gras voor n magtige Crusader pak en oor 3 weke sal die Bulle die selfde doen aan hierdie spul sitbokke van Nuweland

      Lloyd - 2011-05-03 08:36

      Ag nee wat ZOLLA. Dis soos water op n eend se rug.

  • Rob Mengel - 2011-05-02 08:36

    Supporter!!!! damn typo's

  • Knop - 2011-05-02 08:37

    Cowboy`s dont cry, now how about Alister coaching the Boks, ,just imagine

      ChrisG - 2011-05-02 12:04

      Surely we want a coach that can win trophies?

      jan du preeaz - 2011-05-03 18:18

      bwaah hhaaa haaa, AC is nie eers goed genoeg om die bokke se boots te polish nie!! hy ry op Rassie se rug dis al ou maat

  • WPBEFONK - 2011-05-02 09:00

    Who is WIllem Alberts and Patrick Lambie?? Can someone please assist, cause I did not hear those names on Saturday. The Sharks is a GREAT team, currently the second BEST team in SA, but they did not have enough in the engine to threaten the no 1 SA team. But who is Willem Alberts and Patrick Lambie??

      jontheb - 2011-05-02 09:13

      who are...

      Leonard - 2011-05-02 09:41

      Lambie is the one who waved goodbye to Schalkie on his way to the Currie Cup tryline , remember! ( Will never 4get That Handoff)

      HanHan - 2011-05-02 10:11

      Well, you are either from Mars or got lost on the internet. Take time off and you will find out that both are top class rugby players. They have proven themselves over a period of time - aagh what's the use. Get someone to introduce them to you.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-02 10:42

      Leonard : Just one thing , I never saw the Great one ( Lambie) move more than 2 meters without getting smashed . ( Schalk just underestimated him , CC , snuffed him good on Sat)

  • WPBEFONK - 2011-05-02 09:01

    Who is WIllem Alberts and Patrick Lambie?? Can someone please assist, cause I did not hear those names on Saturday. The Sharks is a GREAT team, currently the second BEST team in SA, but they did not have enough in the engine to threaten the no 1 SA team. But who is Willem Alberts and Patrick Lambie??

      EXBULL - 2011-05-02 11:18

      Sa rugby suppoters are so desparate for a "Dan Carter" type saviour that they see brilliance where there is only a slight promise of talent. Lambie is good but definately not bok material at the moment. He looked average at best and needs lots of work. These youngsters come in with a bang but gets figured out by the opposition all too soon. I would rather go with the stalwarts like Peter Grant and even Morne Steyn.

      ChrisG - 2011-05-02 12:06

      @EXBULL, firstly the guy is 20. It'll take him a few years to master his craft and hopefully by the time he'll have someone more talented than Meyer Bosman on his outside. He's going to be one of the world's greats in the years to come.

      EXBULL - 2011-05-02 13:22

      @ ChrisG...This is my point exactly. Calling for lambie to go to the WC is a bit premature. Remeber in 2003 when Louis Koen had a bad game against England in the pool stages, he was replaced by a young, inexperienced Derrick Hougaard in the next game. Would you want an under-cooked Lambie as a replacement if, lets say Morne Steyn doesnt perform or gets injured? The other thing that bothers me is all the "ifs" "buts" and "maybes" that surrounds young Lambie. Do we gauge a good flyhalf by the pack he plays behind or by the player outside him. No. A good fly-half keeps his pack going forward and creates opportunities for the players outside him. Will Lambie be our "go to" man in 2015? I certainly hope so. Will he be our saviour in 2011? I doubt it.....

  • Michael - 2011-05-02 09:22

    Its quite simple Sharks management: Spend some $$$ for numbers 12,13 and rearrange the back three. We need some line breakers in the back line.

  • sessisie - 2011-05-02 09:36

    May be someone will start to listen now: Please get rid of John Smit

      Howzitekse - 2011-05-02 13:18

      John Smit was one of 22 guys who were smashed back for 80 minutes. Hardly his fault. Bismark hardly fared better than him.

      jan du preeaz - 2011-05-03 18:22

      bismarck was constantly being moered by cheap shots, the weepie boys can be glad he did not pull a bakkies on them, well done Bismarck, you could not play your game, but at least you showed that you have better class than these cowards. next saturday, 007 and the boys gonna slaughter these rubbish stormer forwards

  • Peter - 2011-05-02 09:44

    I really admire John Plumtree's honesty when summing up the sharks performance. Yes there could be a bit of doubt about the pass to Jaque Fourie but as he said it made no difference as the Stormers were just to good for the Sharks on the day!!! There seems to be a shift of the rugby power returning to the Cape if take into account that UCT won the Varsity Cup as well!!!

      Justin - 2011-05-02 10:31

      Don't get ahead of yourselves...

      wpisbo - 2011-05-02 13:24

      Obviously you watch rugby, unlike some of the other people on this blog. WP won both the u-19 and u-21 currie cups last season as well. Look at the school rugby results (Paarl Gym, Paarl Boys High, Boland Landbou, Paul Roos) and you can see where the talent is. Only Grey College ever seems to make an impression - the Cape will be dominant in the next few years

      Brevan - 2011-05-02 15:58

      ...and WP lost in the Vodacom Cup Quarters this past Saturday. It takes a lot for a shift of power. There are definately promising signs but what do you think will happen if the Stormers get a few key injuries. Lets say Grant out for the rest of the season and Duvenhage gets injured. It will be a crisis. Once there is adequate depth at the top level and the trophies to support it then you can talk about a shift.

      Dolittle - 2011-05-03 05:55

      but then again Peter the mighty WP Vodacom side lost to the Sharks on the week-end. The WP Vodacom campaign has once again ended prematurely. Once again they have no silverware to show. Maties did not even make the Varsity Cup play offs. As for Ikeys they had to get professional players in to help them secure a win over Tuks. If you want to see true rugby power look North, Varsity Cup finalists, Vodacom Cup Semi-finalists & defending champions, 8th place in Super Rugby & climbing and defending champions, as for their throphy cabinet! they had to get a bigger one!

      jan du preeaz - 2011-05-03 18:25

      waar is die super rugby en curry cup bekers ou tjom, jou bek is groot. wanneer jou spannetjie n' kas vol van daai goed het dan kan julle saam met die bulls supporter gesels

  • Chepato - 2011-05-02 09:48

    Sharks problems are at 9, 12 & 13.

      scud - 2011-05-02 14:08

      and 2,4,5,6,11

      WPBEFONK - 2011-05-02 18:28

      And 4 ,5 and 15

  • Chepato - 2011-05-02 09:49

    The Sharks problems are at 9,12 & 13

      Justin - 2011-05-02 10:29

      I disagree with 9. I think Charl Mcloed is very good, and compliments Lambie well. He might not have the X factor of Kockott, but his distribution is better, and he makes very few mistakes. Bosman is a solid 12, but he's no Jean De Villiers - he lacks creativity, and Stefan is a fullback through and through. What happened to the talk of Marius Joubert??

      EXBULL - 2011-05-02 13:48

      Chepato I disagree. On Saturday the Sharks problems were the Stormers 12 & 13.

      Wayne Hawkey - 2011-05-02 14:01

      @Justin, marius joins the sharks later this year, maybe the last game or two of the the super rugby tournament

      Showahed - 2011-05-02 14:53

      How many more players are the Sharks going to buy...I mean try?

  • Justin - 2011-05-02 10:02

    Sorry Plum - but you have to blame yourself for this one. Your tactics of playing down the line from 1st phase, played into the stormers hands, whose backline are world class. It's great to know that the boks centre pairing are firing though! The sharks should have played our normal game, of driving up around the fringes with Alberts and co (would have been nice to have Bismaark there too from the start), hold onto the ball, and starve the stormers of possession. What amazes me, is how long it took the players to realise that Plan A wasn't working. I'm afraid Stefan is no outside centre! If we're going to play aussie style rugga, then play AD Jacobs at inside centre and Bosman at outside - and play Stefan at 15, where he's best, and still better than the younger Ludik. Otherwise if we're going to bash it up at 12, with a flat backline, then 13 needs to be a better defender. I gave up watching by half time, as the match was over as a contest by then. Please also drop Jannie DP - and bring back Van Staaden - he should be a bok. Stormers, enjoy riding the wave, and good luck against the Saders - this will be the real test of where SA rugby is. My Bok 15: Beast, Bismaark, Van Staden, Bekker, Botha, Burger, Alberts, Kanko, Pretorious, Lambie, Mvovo, DeVilliers, Fourie, Basson, Aplon.

      CK - 2011-05-02 10:33

      Bismark is like Stegman - a definate penalty - or six - and a yellow card in the waiting each game

      Gert BB - 2011-05-02 10:51

      Kanko? What did you smoke? Spies is #1 with Vermeulen a close second.

      pietpompies2 - 2011-05-02 11:45

      This is an insightful Rugby comment on your part Justin...nice!

      pietpompies2 - 2011-05-02 11:52

      Kanko as our Bok number 8? You must be joking! He's a show pony. Spies is not the same player he was of two years ago. Vermeulen is the form number 8, tough as nails and very hard to bring down.

      Howzitekse - 2011-05-02 13:28

      Vermeulen put more tackles in yesterday than Spies does in a whole season. Spies has one or two good games a year. I am sure that the All Blacks and Ausises will be smiling if Spies and Kanko get the nod ahead of Vermeulen.

      EXBULL - 2011-05-02 13:53

      First our real test was the Bulls at Loftus - passed Then our real test was the Sharks in Durbs - passed Then our real test was the Sharks at Newlands - passed Now our real test will be the Saders........... Stormers, the team that stood the test of time.

      jan du preeaz - 2011-05-03 20:01

      exbull, waars die trofees my ou?

      jan du preeaz - 2011-05-03 20:04

      duan "cheapshot" vermeulen gaan sy gat sien oor drie weke, Bakkies gaan hom laat tjank soos n' verdwaalde Parrow hond in die winter

      Howzitekse - 2011-05-04 14:00

      Bakkies is a coward. Aplon, Duvenhage and Cowan are all about 75 kg, and were all looking the other way. That B&I Lions prop he shouldercharged was also looking the other way.

  • Bernard - 2011-05-02 10:31

    The Sharks need a consistent tight head prop as well. One day du Plessis is solid and the next he looks like a pretzel. Also, he misses too many tackles and loses the ball in contact too often. I know we lack a bit of dep[th at tight head in SA, but I don't think he is the answer.

  • Gert BB - 2011-05-02 10:48

    Knap gedaan Stormers; julle Stormer ondersteuners kan met reg trots wees op julle span. My boodskap aan die Sharks: dit is die eindresultaat van stront aankoop en 'n has-been as kaptein aanhou. Smit se tyd as speler EN as kaptein is verby. Dit lyk my almal behalwe Plumtree en Snorre weet dit. Nog lekkerder, die Bulls het karakter getoon en teruggeveg toe alles verlore gelyk het. Enigiemand wat nou nog aan Victor se leierskap twyfel, is 'n idioot. Victor MOET die Springbokkaptein wees.

      HanHan - 2011-05-02 11:02

      Kan Matfield regtig bo Schalk geag word na een beter vertoning? Ek is 'n Shark en was beindruk met Schalk as speler en kaptein. Hoekom moet Victor goedsmoeds volgende in die kapteinry staan?

      EXBULL - 2011-05-02 11:09

      I can just picture Victor doing one of his "back to the drawing board" speeches in a bok jersey.

      Chris Holtshausen - 2011-05-02 16:32

      @Gert BB: Met jou stelling van Victor as springbok-kapt. bevestig jy net wie die idioot is!!!

  • Walter - 2011-05-02 10:58

    Should John Plumtree not question the ongoing selection of rapidly ageing Stefan Terblanche, who is way past his brilliant best. The Sharks hirearchy should also question their decision to buy in Bosman and not easily let Strauss return to the Cheetahs. They should also look to recruiting decent locks. Our current bunch are really shown up against the Bekkers and Matfields of this world! I disagree with the negative comments about John Smit. He has to have the players around him to show off his best. I wasn't all that impressed with Bismark's return after Smitty hobled off!

  • Bob - 2011-05-02 11:04

    Congrats Stormers, superbly played.

  • terry - 2011-05-02 11:24

    To all the Stormers supporters out there - well done. Your team was far better than the Sharks on Saturday. Having said that - it seemed that several of the Sharks players simply didn't pitch up on the day .... that was the worst performance that I have seen from Charl McCloud in a Sharks jersey, and the backline suffered from poor ball. Maybe it was all caused by the Stormers pressure - or maybe he just had a bad day. I have had my doubts about Meyer Bosman, and they were confirmed on Saturday ...... I think we made a mistake swopping him for Strauss. Also - Bekker showed what propper locks look like - and the Sharks have been missing decent locks for a while now. Anyway - having disposed of the Sharks last weekend, we will now see if the Stormers are the real deal in the next 2 weeks when they play the Crusaders and then the Blues ....... time will tell!

  • ellard - 2011-05-02 11:27

    As a fully commited Sharks/Natal suporter for the last 30 years I must say"WELL DONE STORMERS". They did smash us and it was well deserved. At least it was a coastal team that klapped us!!! Well done again to the Cape Boys and Sharks, WAKE UP. King's Park needs a good show Saturday.

      Hannes van der Linde - 2011-05-03 07:45

      And I'm sure you guys will have one!! Sharks are hurting and will want to make right, looking forward to a big game. GO STORMERS!!! GO SHARKS!!! STORM VOORT!

  • stormloop - 2011-05-02 12:03

    i must commend all the sharks fans outhere. its not easy taking a beating( like we did in the cc final) and most of the sharks fans has shown grace in defeat. you have my respect and i know your boys in black will be back. you have a good team and a coach who understands the game. to my stormers boytjies- im walking on cloud 9 . i live in durban and this week ive got bragging rights ( finally) thank you schalla!!!!!!!

  • RugbyMentor - 2011-05-02 12:53

    What a great weekend for SA rugby. Even the Lions bag 4 points. The Sharks deserved a zero after their dismal performance. The Sharks have had a mixed season, but were never on top of their game (the whole season). The Stormers were well prepared, and proved to be the best SA team, by quite some margin. The Bulls had a better performance, but one win against an out of form Chiefs team is hardly reason to think that they will continue their winning streak. A realistic Springbok 30: 1 Beast and Coennie - Steenkamp if not injured (sorry Coennie) 2 Bismark and Chilliboy 3 Jannie and John Smit 4 Bakkies and van Der Merwe 5 Bekker and Matfield 6 Schalk and Brussouw 7 Smit and Alberts 8 Spies and Vermeulen 9 Fourie and Sarrel 10 Steyn and Lambie 11 Basson and Habana 12 DeVilliers and Olivier 13 Fourie and DeJongh 14 JP and Aplon 15 Steyn and Kirshner As I see it, this is the team you are most likely to see at the RWC, barring there are no injuries. I think that this is close to the best team, and a few positions will be debatable. eg. Grant, who is going to be first choice eighthman, and the current form of Bakkies. Chilliboy will also be questioned, as will be the Burger - Brussouw issue if the latter finds his best form. But, it is still a long way to the RWC, and things can change.

      MrMojoRising - 2011-05-02 13:25

      Nah, leave Chillyboy, Olivier and Kirchner at home.

      Sean Binder - 2011-05-02 14:12

      Peter Grant has to start at 10. no doubt, the guy is a machine on attack and defence, his place kicking is phenomenal too

      Showahed - 2011-05-02 14:58

      I think you have inside info since you think just like Snorre & the North would... In my opinion you only have half more or less right if the choices were based on best performance - not old time merit.

      RugbyMentor - 2011-05-02 15:41

      I am saying that this is what we can expect, not the form players. I am thinking in terms of what the selecters will go for, and this isnt the viewer's choice. Keeping that in mind, I dont think I am too far off the mark.

      Chris Holtshausen - 2011-05-02 16:37

      @RugbyMentor: Utter rubbish.... its quite clear this is the team YOU want!!! Anyone can see you think like a Blue Bull-idiot!!!

  • patrice - 2011-05-02 12:58

    Hey Plumtree - teach the boys to pass the bloody ball before they are wrapped up - not to hit the deck in the hope that after 23 phases they might have made up some ground. The Crusaders have proved this point in a no uncertain fashion. Your grind and maul tactic is so predictable (and boring) and you are sitting ducks for a more physical side (read -in this case - Stormers)

      JOHAN - 2011-05-02 20:18

      No centres to talk off

  • Hunter 008 - 2011-05-02 12:58

    John Smit, Meyer Bosman and JP must go !!!!

      JOHAN - 2011-05-02 20:18

      I agree re Meyer

  • Jonathan Fernandes - 2011-05-02 13:48

    just to point out one thing to all stormers fans who at this time have huge heads how many finals have you won in the recent past never learn quietly optamisic would be a better road to follow .... but in true wp fashion lest boast about our results all year but when that final happens suddenly all is so quiet and sensitive

      EXBULL - 2011-05-02 14:08

      @ Jonathan Fernandes Stormers supporters are boasting no more than what the Bulls, Sharks, Lions or Cheetahs supporters would have been doing had they been in the same position. I dont hear our players and management boasting. This is what supporters are supposed to do. This makes these forums interesting and I think the Stormers have earned the right to boast a bit. If you cant handle that, then maybe it's time you leave and go and consume your sour grapes elsewhere.

      Lloyd - 2011-05-02 14:23

      You right Janathan. The moment they win someting that matters, they can be grootbek. But leave them, they will never change.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-02 14:44

      Jonathan Fernandes: I don't want to be quietly optamisic , but what I am is quietly optimistic , I for one , and a few others , Saffa, Mike etc have never said we have already won , we take it game at a time. LLoyd: Before you jump into you Brannas , Effel skin , no , I don't jerk off after each game the Stormers win, because otherwise at the rate we are winning , I will never stop !!!

      MrMojoRising - 2011-05-02 14:51

      Hahaha, look at this guy's profile pic! He is wearing a turtle neck! Hahahahahahahaha.

      Chris Holtshausen - 2011-05-02 16:43

      @Jonathan F: It is quite clear you are new to this forum as this utter rubbish you are trying to convey, is downright boooooring!!! Really, try to bring something new to this forum or shut your mouth!!!

      CK - 2011-05-02 17:24

      If you want history then.... Did it not take Natal like a hundred years before they won anything and then only after they started buying all the Free State players to be able to win the Currie Cup.

      Jacques Hollands - 2011-05-02 17:38

      Just remember that Province won more Currie Cups in the first half of the 80's than you have won in your entire history... Also keep in mind that the Sharks lost in 7 finals (Super Rugby and Currie Cup) before they eventually won again in 2008...

  • jock van wyk - 2011-05-02 14:19

    dead right coach but why has it taken you so long to learn you dant have a backline that can create gaps

  • Effel - 2011-05-02 15:10

    I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Stormers with the 10 year (yes one decade that is) anniversary of their last cup. This is quite an achievement and will be very hard to beat. And even more impressive, in only 2 years they could be the first team in history to go 20 YEARS cupless in the Super competition. Go boytjies, go go go. Go die Stome (sorry tanne nogsteeds min)

      MrMojoRising - 2011-05-02 15:36

      Dude, you're really full of it. First team to go 20 years without a Super cup. As far as I know, only 4 teams won the cup. And again with the 'geen tande' insult, you fat ass lazy wife beating inbreds from Pretoria are the last people on earth to throw an insult like that.

      EXBULL - 2011-05-02 15:39

      I would like to congratulate the Bulls on going from Super Rugby heros to Super Rugby zeros in the space of a few months and also for going from blou nulle to rooi nulle within a matter of days. The other great achievement of the Bulls was handing out free tickets to Moftus and still being unable to fill the stadium. This goes to show that even people in Pretoria think the Bulls are K@K. The cherry on the cake, however was those siff red t-shirts the supporters were wearing. It would appear that only mediums were handed out but most required xxxl. Those guts hanging out was a sight to behold.

      RJ - 2011-05-02 15:50

      HUH wot is that all about

      Brevan - 2011-05-02 16:49

      Just a little reply to your comments... WP won the CC in 2001 which means that they were champions till the latter part of 2002. So that means that at the end of this year's competition it would make it 9 years if we don't win the cup. Simple maths. As for Super Rugby, and Traansvaal, Northern Taaansvaal and the Sharks participated in the Super 10. The Super 10 lasted 3 years and was won by Traansvaal once and the Redds twice. Province only competed in the Super 12 which started in 1995. So with the Bulls went 14 years wihout a Super Rugby trophy before they won it. This is the Stormers' 15th year and the Shark's 18th year and it's 17 years since Transvaal/ the Lions won it last. I don't mind being ragged by supporters of other teams, but at least get your facts straight.

      Effel - 2011-05-02 18:35

      Bevan, get a life u stupid prick. The last time the WP won was 2001, 2002 the Bulls started their unbelievable run. So it's 10 yr ago! And 15, yr, 16 yr, 17 yr cupless, it's pathetic. BULLS has 3!!!

      Brevan - 2011-05-02 22:05

      @Effel. I guess it's pointless explaining something to someone that can't comprehend a simple concept. You are champions for a year not a day. Let me try one more time. Bulls won the title on 22 October 2002. Lets count 03=1, 04=2, 05=3, 06=4, 07=5, 08=6, 09=7, 10=8, 22 October 2011 = 9 years. Comprehend. So at this point it's just over 8 and a half years. Grade 1 maths. So if you can argue with that with some facts or logic, without name calling or childish retorts feel free.

      MrMojoRising - 2011-05-02 23:25

      Bevan, hy sal nie verstaan nie. Okay Effel, it's like this. Your first brannas was at 13:00=1, 14:00=2, 15:00=3, 16:00=4, 17:00=5, 18:00=6, 19:00=7, 20:00=8, 21:00 = 9 Brannas. So 9 Brannas.

      Effel - 2011-05-03 01:28

      If you win it in 2001, you are the 2001 champions, yes, you have it for a year, but you have to win the 2002 cup to be considered the 2002 champions. So bottom line is what was the last year they have won the cup? 2001 They did NOT win it in 2002. So yes, it's 9 years to 2010, and this year, 2011, is the anniversary year because there is ZERO chance they'll win it. So sure, I can only call it 10yr anniversary after this years final, which I'll definitely let you know. We'll all agree they've been useless for the last decade and that the inbreed typical Stormes supporter is a disgrace for the human race

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 05:41

      @MrMojo Hey! What's your problem?? You are a disgrace for any rugby lover man, leave the other guys alone. They entitled to their opinion

      Lloyd - 2011-05-03 06:34

      Brevan 9 years, 10 years. Tomato tomato, whatever man.

      MrMojoRising - 2011-05-03 07:15

      Cliff, of course he is entitled to his own opinion. The guy insulted me and the team I support, so obviously I will retaliate. All in good fun though. - 2011-05-03 10:21

      Effel the last time you played the Stormers what happend? I forget didn't we beat you? Where are you sitting on the log? is it 3rd in the S.A division? There's a big possibilty that you arent gonna make the wild card position. So PLEASE keep your bek shut until you ahead us. And by the way Province still have more Currie Cup Trophey's than the Bulls.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 15:34

      MrMojoRising : I said some where else , my internet been down for 15 hours , I never commented that , I only came on line 10 Min ago

  • Chris Holtshausen - 2011-05-02 16:29

    @Exbull; Well said!!!

  • rugby_guru - 2011-05-02 18:30

    To be honest this was the stormers first good game this season. You ate us sharks.. well done, that is the style of rugby that can win you guys the championship... nicely done guys, hope we still have a chance in the play offs.

  • Henry - 2011-05-02 19:10

    The Sharks do not fear Chuck Norris but they are are scared of Schalk Burger

  • JOHAN - 2011-05-02 20:14

    John I implore you to now realise Meyer and Stefan is not the best centre pairing ,maybe call up Riaan Swanepoel to replace Meyer as he is a specialist centre .

  • CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 05:25

    I must admit the Bulls looked very impressive on Sat. It's an honour and a privilege to watch them fire on all cylinders like that. I'd love to be part of that elite Blue Bull family, so this is official now, I'm changing to be a Bulls fan! Go Bulls go, lets make it 4 cups in 5 years!!

  • CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 05:38

    Schalk Burger is an idiot, but Duane Vermeulen is the lowest scum that's ever walked this planet. Man, what an idiot!!

      richard.vonschumann - 2011-05-03 09:04

      That's just Blasphemy.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 15:36

      richard.vonschumann: Richard , you know from my comment , I am a Stormer through & through , anyway my tel was down and so was my net , came on to min ago !!!

  • Dolittle - 2011-05-03 06:07

    it has become laughable how Francois Louw is allowed to use the ball carrier as a bridge to steal the ball. Schalk Burger can shoulder charge as much as he wants to, because he is Scalla! Forward pass is ok when you have a Stormers/Wp jersey on, we do not want rules to get in the way of "entertainment" do we? I do not care if my beloved Bulls loose against the Stormers on the scoreboard, as long as they win the fight. Arrogant little prcks like Jaque Fourie, Jean De Villiers, Duane Vermeulen and their wanneby hooker like to take cheap shots at the opposition.

      Lloyd - 2011-05-03 06:36

      Forward pass to Fourie's try and Aplon ahead of the kicker when he scored.

      ZOLLAZAP - 2011-05-03 07:37

      Lloyd,die refs het van die eerste game af die Stormers bevoordeel hierdie jaar,Hulle moes verder teen die REDS verloor het so 26 punte maar nou ja,skelmstreke sal ook tot n einde kom

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-03 08:09

      Cry me a Jukskei river chaps.........I have but 3 words for you illiterates: CHECK THE LOG.

      Lloyd - 2011-05-03 08:37

      SAFFA, check the trophy cabinet.

      jaco.combrink - 2011-05-03 09:48

      @ Lloyd.... Aplon did not score from a kick. Makes me wonder if you even watched the game? @Dolittle.. You are probably the one shouting the hardest for the two prcks when they play for SA. Dont be a bad loser. If she sharks cant take a physical batle they should not play in the super 15! - 2011-05-03 10:34

      Bakkies "the Piece of White trash" Botha. And Bismark "the scum of the earth" Du Plessis. Sharks and Bulls the Dirtiest side's in the S15 even the Aussie and New Zealander's say. Lloyd, Log is what counts enjoy the time off cause the Bulls aren't making the wild card Positions DOOS.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 15:38

      SAFFA-CAT: Dont worry about these little cheap pieces of crap , I see I have a wannabee again , This time picture & all !!!

      jan du preeaz - 2011-05-03 19:59

      sifkat, your mother must be charged with crimes against humanity for vomiting out trash like you

  • ZOLLAZAP - 2011-05-03 07:35

    Wie is die Stormers? .............n Papsaksuigende span wat net soos hulle sekslewe te vroeg peak,11 jaar sonder enige noemenswaardige trofees bevestig dit, hulle koop die wereld se has beens net om weer niks te bereik nie,Hulle Choke altyd op die einde,,,,"watch this space"

  • Anneleen - 2011-05-03 09:36

    Well done, Stormers...i must say you ripped my heart out... Though my support for the Sharks will not be smashed! Please Sharks, pick yourselves up and march on!

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 15:39

      Please pick yourselves up against the Bulls PLEEEEEZE

  • Tokozaan - 2011-05-03 09:56

    A lot can be said about Saturday's game and a lot can be said of the off the ball incidents and arrogance but the fact remains, Charl had a crap game, Bosman is no proper centre and some calls just went "forward" hint hint but with this said, it's Tuesday morning, the score was settled, the Stormers won and the Sharks simply just did not pitch up So much hype around this game and it ended up being settled that moment Bosman missed his tackle to let Jean through... still on the comment of the best Bok team on current form 1 - Beast 2 - Bismarck/Smit 3 - Jannie 4 - Van Der Merwe 5 - Bekker 6 - Brussouw 7 - Alberts 8 - Kankowski\Spies 9 - Sarel 10 - Lambie\Grant 11 - Mvovo\Habana 12 - De Villiers 13 - Fourie 14 - Pietersen 15 - Steyn Bench 16 - Bismarch/Smit 17 - Matfield 18 - Burger 19 - Russouw 20 - Steenkamp 21 - Grant\Lambie 22 - Spies\Kankowski

      Tokozaan - 2011-05-03 09:58

      Hope I got the surnames right though

      Tokozaan - 2011-05-03 10:02

      Also with regards to this, You'd have to swop smit around between 2 and 3 to have the captain on else we'de be in trouble as having him on field to keep the calm is important also depending what type of game we playing you'd need to have morne steyn on coming off the bench when the game has been settled as his kicking is good if not the best when it comes down to penalties and drop goals which would end up being the choice factor come the last 20 minutes of a world cup game

  • Jan - 2011-05-03 13:20

    Ek kannie glo wat ek hier lees nie. Meer as die helfte van julle is so provinsialisties dat julle nie 'n idee het wat buite jul plekkie aangaan nie. Julle van KZN het 'n honderd jaar geneem om die CB te wen en daarna 'n dik tjekboek gekry om elke jaar meer Vrystaters te koop. Arme Cheetahs. Die Sharks het ongelukkig baie arrogant geraak (net soos hulle ondersteuners). Smit se kommentaar na die wedstryd was baie suur en sonder erkenning vir die Stormers. "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". "The last outpost" - julle kan maar in die vervolg Saterdae na 'n video van die Prins se troue kyk sodat julle nie hoef te kyk na goed wat julle nie wil sien nie. Gun iemand anders ook iets. Baie Pretorianers haat in elkgeval alles wat uit die Kaap kom uit blote minderwaardigheid. Ek hoor baie hoe hulle buitelandse spanne ondersteun teen die Stormers en die Sharks. Dit is baie laag. 'n Klomp van julle se woordeskat is blykbaar baie gebrekkig, want iemand wat hierdie tiepe vloekery gebruik om 'n punt te maak moet julle skole (of waar julle ook al was) dagvaar vir die geld wat julle daar gemors het. Het julle nie werk nie om so 'n klomp strooi hier te verkondig nie. My verskoning aan julle wat ek nie hierby insluit nie. Sterkte aan al die SA spanne, maar veral die Cheetahs en Stormers.

  • Damian@bulls - 2011-05-03 15:11

    The stormes look like a champion side, they play exellent rugga . Hope still the bulls can sneak a quarter final place lol. well done stormers from a big bull supporter.

      CliffBradley - 2011-05-03 15:40

      Thanks man !!

  • jan du preeaz - 2011-05-03 18:15

    where was teletubbie's great "captaincy" this weekend, it is an all to familiar sight for SA rugby, the team is down by 10 to 15 points and he is huffing and puffing the poles trying to lift his team performance. mind you, i smaak to see ol' skalkie and his fellow cowards dishing out cheap shots to bakkies and the other bulls like they did last saturday.

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