'Pick Jean and Jaque'

2011-05-25 07:55

Stephen Nell

Cape Town - It's going to be a tough call, but Stormers coach Allister Coetzee should revert to the experienced centre pairing of Jean de Villiers and Jaque Fourie if they are fit to play in Saturday's Vodacom Super Rugby match against the Brumbies in Canberra.

The same applies to the flyhalf position with Peter Grant, though Dewaldt Duvenage did well there after coming on as a replacement for the injured Lionel Cronjé in last Friday's remarkable 28-26 win over the Blues in Auckland.

That is the view of former Stormers utility player Leon van den Heever, who was a hero in 2003 when the Cape side did a similar backs-to-the-wall job against the Waratahs by beating them 39-29 in Sydney.

"It sounds a little harsh (on Juan de Jongh and Johann Sadie), but Jean and Jaque are world class players. They have competed at the highest level," he said.

"I would pick Dewaldt at scrumhalf in any event. He has played a major role in the Stormers' improvement over the past two seasons because he does the basics so well as a scrumhalf.

"What he managed on Friday (slotting in at flyhalf and kicking goals) does not surprise me in the least. Every player competing at that level has talent, but what distinguishes some is simply temperament. Dewaldt is not flashy, but is brilliant at what he does."

The epic nature of the Stormers' victory over the Blues brought back memories for Van den Heever of that remarkable comeback against the Waratahs on Corné Krige's 28th birthday in Sydney in 2003.

In that game the Stormers were down 0-21 just 15 minutes against the star-studded Waratahs. They lost fullback Gaffie du Toit and flyhalf Werner Greeff with injuries during the match.

The resultant reshuffle in the backline produced two very unlikely heroes - Van den Heever and Neil de Kock.

Van den Heever had to go and help out at flyhalf without knowing any of the Stormers' calls, while scrumhalf De Kock moved to the wing.

Van den Heever's cool head and goalkicking was vital, while De Kock showed incredible pace early in the second half to inspire belief in the Stormers that victory was a possibility.

Strange as it may sound, Van den Heever believes the injury crisis actually paved the way for the victory as the Waratahs no longer knew what to expect.

"I moved (from left wing) to fullback after Gaffie was injured and then had to play flyhalf in the second half. I had still joined the Stormers from sevens duty and didn't have a clue about their calls," he said.

"I told Bolla (Conradie) and Fleckie (Robbie Fleck) that we should just play standard moves that we all learned at school. In such a situation the unknown is a big factor in your favour. Your opponent cannot prepare for anything with video footage - especially if there are changes at 10, 12 and 13 (as there was against the Blues on Friday)."

De Kock (32) still plays for English club side Saracens, while Van den Heever (35) is a director at an information technology company in Cape Town.


  • WPBEFONK - 2011-05-25 08:28

    As much as I agree with you Leon, I think they must continue with Johan Sadie and De Jong for the Brumbies and Rebels games. That will give Jean and Jaque enough time to be fresh for the Bulls and Cheetah games. my team for Friday: 15. Gio 8. Koster 14. Poolman 7. Elstadt 13. Sadie 6. Schalk 12. De Jongh 5. Van Zyl 11. Habana 4. Steenkamp 10. Grant 3. Brock 9. Dewaldt 2. Tiaan 1. Kitshoff 16. Ricky 17. Jean 18. Kurt 19. Francois 20. Andries 21. Wicus 22. Deon This team can also BEAT the CURRENT BLUE BULLS team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      assan - 2011-05-25 08:31

      Ha Ha

      Neo - 2011-05-25 08:39

      Yeh, those youngsters are hungry and need more confidence boosters.

      The_Fox - 2011-05-25 09:02

      WPBEFONK, I agree with the bulk of your squad but will slot JF and JDV in on the wings just to be a bit adventurous

      Teal - 2011-05-25 09:33

      My preferred backline would be: 15.Gio Aplon - His counter attack much more effective from this position 14.Sadie - He does well at wing 13.Jacques Fourie 12.Jean De Villiers (De Jongh should replace Jacques or Jean during the match) 11.Poolman - Habana only does what is required, nothing more, and Poolman is more hungry. 10.Grant Also, give Kitshoff a start...AND REST ANDRIES BEKKER!

  • - 2011-05-25 08:34

    I would go with: Dewalt SH PG FH JDV IC Fourie OC BH LW D D Jong RW Appie FB My Motivation for RW is that he is fast, tackles and steps both ways. At centre he tries to much and the ball seldom goes past him

      danroodendal - 2011-05-25 08:42

      Great attacking backline but I fear the back 3 might be too light for the likes of the Bulls, it might however work against the Brumbies and Rebels.

      Hannes - 2011-05-25 08:43

      Sadie is faster than de Jongh. He also showed he can run into space from wing when he created JF's try in the Crusaders game. I'd rather go with him in your setup. But with said said, I wouldn't play Jean or Jacque at all.

      Grunk - 2011-05-25 09:22

      Why on earth can't Sadie replace Habana on the Wing? He showed far more ability there than anything Habana has been able to produce in the last year - and that was in his first game. When are we going to get out of this policy (National and Provincial) of waiting for hasbeens to hand in their letters of resignations in before replacing them with younger, superior players?

  • RobinHood - 2011-05-25 08:38

    Leon who?

      The_Fox - 2011-05-25 09:00

      Are you new to the wonderful world of rugby?

      RobinHood - 2011-05-25 09:18

      So where is this progeny now? What has he done since his 5mins in the sun?

      Lloyd - 2011-05-25 09:25

      Robin I've also never heard of the oke.

      RobinHood - 2011-05-25 09:34

      Loyd - why don't I have a warm feeling about your comment?

      Lloyd - 2011-05-25 09:54

      Who knows Robin and who cares?

      dante - 2011-05-25 10:24

      robinhood-if you are a new supporter thats fine-just go and do some research.Leon van den Heever was a great player.

      Janaman - 2011-05-25 16:16

      Loen is a business partner of mine and he did make a good name for himself, go do some research if you are clueless

  • Vegas - 2011-05-25 08:40

    In a word: Duhhh

      The_Fox - 2011-05-25 08:52

      That's more of an expression than a word, but thank you for your valuable contribution.

  • The_Fox - 2011-05-25 08:51

    My Team: 15 Gio 14 JDV 13 Sadie 12 JDJ 11 Jaque 10 Grant 9 Duvvies 8 Koster 7 Elstadt 6 Burger 5 Van Zyl 4 Steenkamp 3 Harris 2 Tiaan 1 Rooies

      RobinHood - 2011-05-25 09:20

      I actually like this team. At least no Jantjes and January. How about resting JdV and playing Koster on the wing - that was tried a long time ago?

      milswanka - 2011-05-25 09:24

      Now that is a team that I would like to see play. Give the young guns some game time and you will be picking the fruitt at latter stages. Sadie looking very promising at the moment, good utility back if your asking me. Again I say: "great team". From a proud Lions supporter

      Knorpantoffel - 2011-05-25 09:32

      good team, because Bekker and Vermeulen needs an break

      YB Normal - 2011-05-25 10:46

      Good team, but i will change Sadie and Jaque. We need jaque for his defense organization at 13 and not out wide at 11. the rest of the team is solid and depending on the bench players can be replaced if the situation requires it. Although brumbies is not at their best this season, the stormers should be carefull, as it is these suppose to be easy games where they have trip if few times in the past.

  • Lloyd - 2011-05-25 09:27

    Overrated hasbeens. Both of them.

      The_Fox - 2011-05-25 10:46

      Lloyd, your insightful rugby views are an asset to News24. Thank you for invaluable contribution.

      Lloyd - 2011-05-25 10:55

      That's what I'm here for Fox. I remember the days when the late great oom Zandberg Jansen always phoned for my opinion. The good ol' days. Goeie nag ou groote.

  • Glick - 2011-05-25 09:50

    i agree with Grunk, its about time Habana is dropped,Sadie showed his capabilities on wing against the Crusaders. Coetzee should also consider De Jongh ahead of de Villiers,personally I think his defence is superiour

  • The_Fox - 2011-05-25 10:31

    One thing that still bugs me is JJ Engelbrecht's continued exclusion. Has AC lost faith in the guy or is there something I don’t know? I rate the guy highly and believe he can take the permanent step up to Super Rugby quite successfully. Poolman is solid, quick and have a good step but have not really set the world on fire. Jantjies unfortunately has stepped into the Stefan Terblanche mold - old and slow. Sorry if my criticism of him sounds harsh but Gio is just such an awesome fullback and I can’t understand why he is wasted on the wing. In fact, the general play of our wings and fullback have been solid at best this season with Poolman just doing what he needs to do and Habana chasing every ball like a Jack Russel and hoping for the best. How long must we wait before real pace and fresh energy is injected in our back three?

      boyd.lance - 2011-05-25 11:45

      Comparing Jantjies to Terblanche is an insult of the worst order!! Jantjies is in the team because he is solid under the high ball, takes the ball up to the contact line well (rarely gets driven back), and has a massive boot on him to releave with pressure kicks. In fact, I don't know why he isn't used more to kick out of our 22 over Grant. Although, he has lost several yards of pace, and Aplon is a much more dangerous runner. He is by no means the best fullback in SA, but he certainly has been solid for us. I say lay off and let the man play.

      ikilladabull - 2011-05-25 12:36

      boyd.lance i think this is the very thing that bothers most people about Janjes, he is nothing more than a solid fullback. I think he lacks the flair that is required from a fullback and his lack of pace is concerning. Why settle for a solid fullback when you've got a gamebreaker in the shape of Aplon, who by the way doesnt lack a good boot either.

  • Kokkie - 2011-05-25 12:22

    I think Ricky should get a starter at tight head.

      ikilladabull - 2011-05-25 12:40


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