Off-field yellow for Jannie

2012-04-07 11:46

Cape Town - Sharks prop Jannie du Plessis has been issued with an off-field yellow card for contravening Law 10.4 (a) (Punching or striking an opponent) during a Super Rugby match at the weekend.

The incident occurred in the 32nd minute of the match between the Hurricanes and Sharks in New Plymouth when Du Plessis struck Hurricanes flank Karl Lowe after some pushing and verbal exchanges at a previous ruck.

The strike caused a number of players to rush in and several skirmishes broke out on the field.

An off-field yellow card may be issued by the SANZAR Citing Commissioner for foul play incidents that are very close to, but in his opinion do not meet the red card threshold for citings.

In this case the referee for the match, Glen Jackson, acted upon the incident by issuing a white card for the entire incident and awarded a penalty against Du Plessis after discussion with his assistant referee. On further review of the match footage the citing commissioner deemed an off-field yellow card was appropriate.

The Hurricanes won the match 42-18.

Meanwhile, props Ben Daley (Reds) and Dan Palmer (Brumbies) were also issued with off-field yellow cards for the same offence as Du Plessis.

The incident occurred in the 49th minute of the match between the Reds and Brumbies in Brisbane when Daley and Palmer started exchanging punches at the side of a ruck. The Reds won 20-14.


  • Terence - 2012-04-07 12:02

    What does it mean?

      malcolm.molver - 2012-04-07 12:21

      Basically nothing. It'll just go on his disciplinary record and when he does get cited again the card will count against him. Also if he gets two more yellows in this years competition then he'll get an automatic one week suspension.

      Terence - 2012-04-07 12:28

      Thanks Malcolm.

      David - 2012-04-07 12:46

      Kinda hoping for more. We better off with Chadwick and Herbst at the moment

      Anton - 2012-04-07 13:04

      So no suspension? Lucky doctor, lucky...

      malcolm.molver - 2012-04-07 14:03

      You welcome Terence. Yeah Anton, he's very lucky. Tank Lanning made a good suggestion that players who receive yellow cards must sit for 10 minutes in the next game, or their team must have 14 players for 10 minutes. Otherwise, there's no point with off-field cards.

      David - 2012-04-07 14:23

      Here's a class for Jannie:

      Rob - 2012-04-07 16:45

      Well, if he gets suspended, then, at least, less penalties will be given away!

  • malcolm.molver - 2012-04-07 12:24

    Really lucky Jannie! Three years ago Rory Kockott got a red card and a suspension for b!tch slapping Adam Thomson in a similar manner. For a medical doctor he isn't too bright. He concedes way too many penalties, but then again this is symptomatic of the Sharks' entire game right now. Got all the talent and experience required, yet play stupid rugby. The torture they're putting us supporters through is agonising. Time to step up, cut out the stupidity and realise their potential!

      Bootman - 2012-04-07 12:36

      There is only one doctor dumber than Jannie.................and that's doctor death from Canada.

  • Graham - 2012-04-07 12:31

    What about the punching by hurricanes after the slap? Double standards again.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-04-07 12:46

      Of course there is Graham... it's the way the pathetic kiwis roll.

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-04-07 12:34

    And the chap who punched JPP gets nothing. So typical of these kiwi referees. Jannie deserved a yellow and so did half of the Canes. Jackson, as an ex-player should be ashamed of his performance yesterday, it was as disgraceful as Bryce in the quarters. They are cheats, no matter how bad the Sharks played, the referee in this instance is still a cheat.

      Alan - 2012-04-07 13:26

      I absilutely agree with you. It is hard to comment on a biased ref after such a mauling which was in most part thanks to the woeful Sharks but look at all the tries again and you will clear as day see 3 fwd passes result in 3 tries and glen box jackson and his linesman are right there and let play continue - jeepers he was bad. I am no Sharks support so try to watch as a neutral but glen jackson was hands down the Caines best player. He also did the stormers in against the Lions earlier this year so I think he has it in for any SA team that could be a contender. The caines never threw 1 lineout in straight, their antics at the breakdown were deserving of yellow cards and he let them have free rain (ala bryce box lawarence style) at the breakdown. Also check out todays game Stromers v highlanders, the kiwi ref allows the highlander tackler to simply roll into the arriving supporting Stormers player every single time, obstructing them and allowing the highlanders time to steal the ball (didn't help mind you) this killed many build-ups in the 2nd half and prevented any chance of the 4 try bonus point. The kiwi refs are responsible for killing the game through pure bias against SA teams. SARU are doing anything cause they're filles with a bunch of kiwi, aussie and crusader supports. SARU your job is to stand up for the SA teams and players! Glen, Brown, Lawrence and Pollock must be cited and banned for match fixing - I am a ref (amatuer) and can do a better job - disgrace!!

      goyougoodthing - 2012-04-07 13:37

      Alan, a number of my friends and family are involved in rugby, on and off field, refereeing and management. From the mouth of a very good friend who is held in high regard as a referee and manager and has run clinics back in SA after leaving he said, that after analysing games and referee performance, especially the kiwis such as Bryce, he can't be honest and say that they do not cheat. This is from a referee himself, one who knows the laws at the highest level. The Sharks were woeful, that is true, they would't have beaten a bunch of Smurfs in handcuffs, but that does not negate the blatant cheating currently being meted out as 'refereeing'. It makes a mockery of the game.

      Rob - 2012-04-07 16:43

      "he can't be honest and say that they do not cheat."! Huh!! Some guys just need to read their comments through before clicking the button.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-04-07 17:18

      Tuner he said " I could not in all honesty say that they don't cheat" so he can't be honest and also say they do not cheat. My English is pretty good chump.

      Duncan - 2012-04-10 12:20

      It is a sad day indeed every time I watch and watch as these ref blatantly show bias towards a team. It brings back to memory what Bryce lawrences father sent to the aussie rugby union back when about showing us RSA guys a lesson. And somehow there seems absolutely nothing we can do. Where can we go and petition or something because this is getting worse every game and year?

  • Ken - 2012-04-07 12:38

    It means he gets sent to his room without getting supper!

  • Jeffrey - 2012-04-07 12:51

    Maybe the Sharks should start their next game with 14 men, only one prop - so non-competing scrums, then bring Jannie du Plessis on after 10 minutes.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-04-07 13:13

      Jannie played like a tool.

  • Gregory - 2012-04-07 13:58

    Rugby will always have a bit of \ hows your father \ makes for great viewing .

  • thamifraser - 2012-04-07 15:04

    In this case the referee for the match, Glen Jackson, acted upon the incident by issuing a white card for the entire incident and awarded a penalty against Du Plessis after discussion with his assistant referee. What is a white card??? Never heard of it.

      David - 2012-04-07 15:26

      It's a new idea for refs. If the ref isn't sure what happened he can issue a white for the citing officer to investigate. It's a good idea in principle, but allows the ref to avoid responsibility

      thamifraser - 2012-04-07 15:32

      Thanks David.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-04-07 17:26

      The white card allows for a review process, anything from nothing to a red and or suspension. What it could allow is for a ref to demand that the citing comissioner look at an incident whereas in the past citing commissioners were notoriously home-ground advantage, especially in the case of the NZ games. In truth, the white card does nothing for the team being transgressed against and can only help the next team that the offending team is up against with a suspension. Pure nonsense.

  • Tokolos - 2012-04-07 16:14


  • gustav.swanepoel1 - 2012-04-07 19:10

    I wonder, is there a website that's keeps record / track of how many yellow / red cards / infringements players have made in their playing career and for what those infringements were, e.g punching, mountaineering etc.? And if so, where would Jannie du Plessis place on the list? It seems that with some players (e.g. Jannie du Plessis) you only ever hear or get to read about them when they've done wrong.

  • didi.basson - 2012-04-07 21:30

    Nou wat nou? Speel die Sharks vir 10 minute sonder Jannie die volgende game of wat?

  • Raymond - 2012-04-07 21:57

    Jannie did'nt strike or punch,he pushed hand into a dirty opponent's face.

      Citroes - 2012-04-08 09:52

      Dude he gave the guy a P@es klap that I can tell you the guy felt the next day still. It was a beaut of a slap, right over the eye.

  • Zion - 2012-04-08 07:46

    What can be gathered from the comments it is ok to use fistfights on a rugby field. Poor sportsmanship is only and can only be displayed and resorted to by the opposition and never by our hero,s. Even the referee is now scrutinised to make our hero's look like little golden Buddha's . Even the final score forces the sane mind to accept the opposition was far, far superior to our cry-baby team. sies.

  • Robsschele - 2012-04-08 08:15

    Having a player off the field for 10 minutes in the next match for an off-the-field-yellow only benefits another team, not the team that suffered the act. It might be best if the team of that player must pay a penalty to the other team. In cricket a player looses his match fee. I am sure something similar can be done in rugby.

  • Reinie - 2012-04-09 10:55

    Time for a new coach! Plum has lost all urgency to win, surely there must be somebody local. I would love to see rassie in the mix in the shark tank. Lets start bringing players through the academy to start producing some good old gutsy Natal Rugby!

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