Ndungane out of hospital

2011-03-06 17:41

Melbourne - There was good news for Sharks' dreadlocked wing Odwa Ndungane when he was released from hospital after being stretchered off against the Western Force following a spear tackle in their Vodacom Super Rugby match in Perth on Saturday.

The Sharks won 39-12 to remain unbeaten after three matches in the tournament.

Ndungane had to be stretchered off in the 17th minute of the game following a spear tackle from Rory Sidey which has earned the Force player a date with the Disciplinary Officer.

According to the Sharks website, Ndungane was taken to hospital, but was later released and returned to the camp.

“We're hoping he will be fine,” said coach John Plumtree from the team's base in Melbourne where they will be preparing ahead of Friday match against the Rebels.

“A lot of it was just precautionary. He underwent tests in hospital and was 100% in the morning. We will test him during week to make sure he's all fine for Friday.”

The Sharks other two matches on their Australasian tour are against the Chiefs (March 18) and Crusaders (March 25).

Sharks wing Odwa Ndungane is stretchered from the field against the Western Force (Gallo Images)


  • rugby_guru - 2011-03-06 17:56

    Thanks for updating us, hope he gets a life ban he could have ended his career

      StaalBurgher - 2011-03-06 18:20

      A life ban? There were two guys involved. It wasn't planned. The one flipped his legs slightly too far, which is a punishable offence and the second guy drove him to the ground. All players "drive" opposition to the ground if they get the chance... but there was no way the second guy knew in that split second the first is flipping his legs. It looked really bad and in the red card was probably fine but banning for life? Grow up. It was an accident, dangerous and deserving of a few weeks ban sure but not permanently. Typical over reaction.

      Ragged-Tooth - 2011-03-06 18:39

      Staal, "lifted his legs slightly" and probably slipped and accidentally rammed him head first into the ground and was unable to fall anywhere else but on Ndungane's head. Might not be worth a life ban, but it sure weren't as innocent as you're trying to make it sound.

      Travis - 2011-03-07 10:51

      @StaalBurgher...I honestly don't think that anyone really expects a life ban, but I disagree on the "accident" comment. It was possible for him to prevent the spear, and he made no effort to do so. I watched it a few times, and have watched the video online again to make sure that I wasn't over-reacting, and it is a shocker of a tackle that could easily have broken Odwa's neck. We are all really grateful that he is ok, but because of the risk of the tackle, and because the IRB is taking a hardline on spear tackles he needs to take a serious ban.

  • ChumScrubber - 2011-03-06 18:15

    Glad to hear Odwa ok, if harsh action isn't taken against Sidey I'm going to throw a wobbler.

  • Jou - 2011-03-06 18:22

    goooooooooooooo sharks!!

  • mike - 2011-03-06 19:24

    Glad his out of hospital. Suppose the offenders will get a talking too and maybe a weeks ban. Can't give Ausies a 9 week ban like us SA oaks now can they.

  • sneeky7 - 2011-03-06 19:27

    Quickly imagine Schalk Burger made that tackle....BIG TROUBLE! Since it was an Ausie, he'll probably be asked to try not to do it again.

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-03-06 19:31

    THANK GOODNESS. Damn I was worried when I saw him go down like that. It was a malicious tackle with intent to hurt - end of.

  • christav - 2011-03-06 19:33

    If Bakkies was the guilty party, he would have been banned for life. Keen to know what this idiot will get. A two week slap?

  • Trudy - 2011-03-06 20:03

    Good for Odwa he is one of favourite Sharks

  • Marie - 2011-03-06 20:03

    Hi Odwa, glad you are ok! Can Sport24 let us know how his twin is doing after breaking his leg? Although I am a BIG Sharkie fan I really like Akona as well. What really would be nice is an article about both of them - where they grew up, started playing rugby and of course photos of both???

      Bons - 2011-03-07 07:25

      Hi Marie, I'm sure I saw Akona playing in a vodacom cup match the other weekend against the sharks XV..

      ChrisG - 2011-03-07 08:24

      Yep, he's back in the Bulls Vodacom Cup side. He didn't play the full game, but he's recovered well.

  • Jaco - 2011-03-06 22:25

    Good to know he's o.k.

  • No_BS_Please - 2011-03-06 22:40

    Be very interesting to see how the citing goes. Let's contrast his punishment to that meted out to Jean de Villiers last season for an inadvertent spear tackle. This was absolutely malicious. That player had every chance to lower him down, not ram him headfirst into the pitch. C'mon Aussies let's see if you play fair

  • chriscam200277 - 2011-03-06 22:56

    This was always going to happen. The hits on SA players have gotten worse and worse with refs and citing officers taking less and less notice and even less action against offenders. Remember the hit on Fourie Du Preeze by Matt Gitteau and all he got was a slap on the wrist 2 week ban. I am so SICK of NZ and Aussie media rubbish saying "I know him, he is not that kind of person and would never do that intentionally" bullrubbish. It is intentional and very v ery dangerous. Just let an SA player even look wrong at 1 of there players and they all cry fould and dirty player, give him 8 weeks ban! Well news folks, your players have been putting hits on SA players (eg Luaki on Habana, Williams on Smit, Gitteau on Du Preez and the list goes on and on) and getting away with it for far too long. So tell me SANZAR and IRB is a South African's life worth less than that of players (people) from other countries? I want to see this oke banned properly and for a long time. Also please address the Adam Thompsons most intentional contact with the eye area of Deon Stegman (remember Bismark got suspended because his hand made contact with a players eye area as he fell while being tackled) - to all you NZ folks, no you don't know Thompson, he is that kind of guy, the contact was very clearly intentional and was covering both eyes - the rule is contact with eye area receives a ban FULL STOP!

  • eentyd - 2011-03-07 07:24

    Get well soon Odwa, we need you back buddy. As for Rory Sidey, lets see what is dished out. Should be 4 weeks at least...

  • richard.vonschumann - 2011-03-07 08:45

    Happy to hear he is ok.

  • Peter - 2011-03-07 09:06

    glad he is ok and I hope that the punishment is equal to the offence. What i cant take is this crouch touch pause engage bull..s Every ref has a different pause between commands.They should conform.One says crouch 3 secs Touch 3 secs pause 3 secs Engage.the next ref will have a different pause between the commands.It should be , crouch 3 secs Touch 2 secs pause- Engage.That way you will not have the unnessary free kicks

  • Janett - 2011-03-07 09:53

    Staal Burgher - accident? my behind

  • Gotcha - 2011-03-07 10:18

    "Ndungane had given his side the early momentum when he capitalised on a turnover by Sidey" and after that rammed him into the ground, Ndungane made him look stupid and he wanted revenge, I say ban him for a year. Good luck Ndungane, I'm very happy that you are ok.

  • FelixNam - 2011-03-07 10:55

    Is there footage of the tackle as I missed watching the game this weekend?

      gavin.spaz.taylor - 2011-03-08 09:34

      youtube it, it is on there

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