Ludeke praises Matfield effort

2011-06-13 08:23

J.J. Harmse

Pretoria – The captaincy of Victor Matfield was a crucial factor in the Bulls’ Super Rugby victory over the Stormers at Newlands on Saturday, coach Frans Ludeke believes.

The Bulls won 19-16 and had to see off a spirited fight back from the home side in the closing stages. Ludeke said that his team had been focused and knew what was required to get the victory.

“Our tactical decision-makers were very good and here one has to emphasise Victor’s role. His decisions were very good and he provided good leadership on the field. You could see everybody knew the plan throughout. The guys were committed to ensure that it was executed,” said Ludeke.

Matfield captained the team for a 73rd time (a Super Rugby record for a South African captain) and succeeded in keeping his team on the front foot throughout.

“While we conceded more penalties (16 against 8) than them, I believe we were disciplined in our play. We played in the right areas,” said Ludeke.

He added that the Stormers did not produce any surprises.

“Things went pretty much as we expected, though the Stormers carried the ball more than we thought they would. They put a lot of effort into crossing the advantage line and into trying to break the line, but our defence was incredible,” said Ludeke.

The Bulls made 126 successful tackles against the 68 of the Stormers.

Ludeke said he was calm at the end.

“I thought it would be a nerve-wracking few minutes, especially if they could keep the ball. A moment on inspiration could easily have decided the game. That was also the case when (Bjorn Basson) was responsible for that moment with his defence.”

Ludeke was full of praise for his opponents.

“Both teams really wanted to win. They were playing to secure a home semi-final and we were playing to keep our tournament hopes alive.

We finished a little better than them and made better use of one or two opportunities, but other than that it was a very equal match.”

The coach believes it was probably the Bulls’ best win of the year.

“That was probably the case if you look at it in the context of what was at stake.

“We have turned the season. If you look at where we were and where we are now, it has been a great fight back effort. We put in a lot of hard work and are grateful for it.”

Ludeke said that the task had not yet been completed.

“With our fight back effort we have created the opportunity for ourselves to be involved in the playoffs, so we want to capitalise on that.”

Ludeke expects an equally tough match against the Sharks at Loftus Versfeld on Saturday.

“It’s still a must-win scenario. We have the same number of points and are in a battle for a playoff spot. Once again it’s like a final. This week we will focus on nothing else than beating the Sharks.”

The Bulls will not train seriously on Monday as a number of their Springboks are involved in a training camp in Durban.

Meanwhile, Fourie du Preez and Bakkies Botha may be involved this weekend.


  • Ace Ventura - 2011-06-13 08:36


      Frikkie - 2011-06-13 09:30

      @Ace Hy het vir parkiebank bekker gewys hoe om rugby te speel!!! YSTER!!!!

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-13 09:38

      Het Bekker gespeel?

      WPBEFONK - 2011-06-13 09:50

      Ventura = LLOYD en Frikkie = LLOYD se OUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      clivegoss - 2011-06-13 09:51

      Ja Hennie was daar as flyhalf ! !

      Paul - 2011-06-13 10:00

      WPBEFONK = LOSER ...LOL ...Victor gave Bekker a good lesson !!!

      GILLBERT - 2011-06-13 10:08

      frikkiie bekker was daar tussen die senters het jy nie gesien nie... dink hy kan vir fourie dalk lig vir die bok trui want hy gan def. nie vir victor lig nie

      Marcell - 2011-06-13 10:10

      Dis een ding om op die parkie se bankie te sit en vry en dis 'n heel ander ding om die Bulle te wen as hul rug teen die muur is.

      Frikkie - 2011-06-13 10:45

      @Gillbert was hy regtig op die veld?

      Kok - 2011-06-13 11:38

      Jy is seker Lloyd, ne?

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-13 11:42

      All righty then.

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 08:38

    I will also heap praise on Victor. It was the first game he has actually played all season. It seems he CAN still motivate his old bones to get up for the big ones - and as a Bok fan, I am delighted with this. (Serious)

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-13 09:26

      He knows how to pace himself to peak at the right time (Like the rest of his team). Unlike his opposite number Mullet Bekker who looks more and more like a burnt out, alcoholic, 70 year old cripple.

      Frikkie - 2011-06-13 09:34

      Aan die anderkant was parkiebank bekker nog nooit werklik 'n bedryging vir Victor, Bakkies, Danie of Flip nie...

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 09:37

      @Marx - let me prove you to be the LIAR. I will copy and paste my posts from yesterday tonsil sucker. And then you will apologise to me, your superior.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 09:38

      And PS: Marxie - class can't be bought. (And supposed decent Christian chap like yourself shouldn't be calling others 'w****rs" on public forums. Very trashy and Dominee might see it.

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-13 09:40

      Marx, Bekker's mom and dad's genes make him look like an idiot. Matfield makes him look like a moron.

      Clayton - 2011-06-13 09:41

      There is a reason the rest of the world regards him as the best! Glad he came good when it counts the most.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 09:42

      @Uncouth Marx - go to the :Stormers late rally was vital" thread from yesterday. You will see my comments. Made at 8am yesterday morning. Just because you have no internet access at home, and no airtime on your "smartphone" doesn't mean the rest of us are "kospakkie" recipients as well. Now apologise hobbit. In fact, don't. Rather go and google a swear word more original than "w****r". Jammer dominee.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 09:42

      Fact is you weren't on the Blog when everybody was calling for you, period, and that was yesterday morning and afternoon when I checked. Don't try to turn things on me.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 09:47

      Spot on Ace !!!!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 10:04

      @Marx - People calling for me? Oh dear Saints. Not sure how it works in your neck of the woods, but when I am NOT online, I can't hear you chaps calling for me from the blog? How does it work in Pretoria? I called for you yesterday morning and early this morning as well on the blog? Did you just not hear me? Point is, I was HEAR yesterday, twice............ Now apologise to me inferior.

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 10:05

      @Saffa,Amazing how big Marxie's mouth has got all of a sudden,that Mighty Mouse meeting the boys have attended sure brings something out in them.If it makes you feel better Marxie,well done Saturday,remeber we in the playoffs,you still gotta get there....

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 11:00

      @Gooinat - the comment of the day has to be old Marxie telling me that I wasn't online when they "called" for me yesterday. Do you know where to get/buy the "special pagers' old Marxie and his mates obviously use? The ones that will beep me and let me know Marx and Co are looking for me on the blog when I am busy cycling/surfing/wine tasting etc? If I had one of those, old Marx would have had no reason to "shout" at me this morning for not being on the blog when they were calling for me. I don't want that to happen again......I hate being shouted at.

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 11:10

      @Saffa,Marxie and Co. don't have lives they sit 24/7 at there Compo's and wait for someone to interact with them,sad but true.

      Deon - 2011-06-13 11:30

      Saffa well done happy to see that you can also complimet where due. Imagine we have 3 teams in the playoffs so lets hope the Brumbies does all of us a big favour. I am also very happy to see that the old people (as you guys call them) started playing rugby. We will need all of them in WC.

      gnus wakker - 2011-06-13 15:31

      SAFFA, Piss off you idiot

  • rugby_guru - 2011-06-13 09:02

    Nobody needs to get Mullet Boi going, that oke plays Rugby!!!! he is a superstar, he is like our Lambie... Man, if the Sharks could have him at 9 and Lambie at 10, we would be unstoppable.

      Count Olaf - 2011-06-13 09:05

      Mullet boy Vermeulen can't play scrumhalf.

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-13 09:29

      Mullet boi (hougaard)

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-13 09:35

      Yeah right Hahahahah

      Frikkie - 2011-06-13 09:37

      Guru Hougaard speel loskakel in Engeland

      Deon - 2011-06-13 11:36

      Guru not having a great weekend hey. Well like I said I hope the Brumbies does us and you guys a favour by beating the Warratahs. I also hope that the Highlanders can do us a favour and beat the Blues. That means then whoever win this weekend between you and us will move into 4th place which helps a lot with the playoffs.Damn this year is getting exited. Impossible to predict a winner but the Crussies are starting to peak so all the SA teams should be carefull.

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-13 14:21

      Deon: ja, will be nice, but i'm a fair guy... If the sharks cant put a good fight against the Bulls, lets say even if we do lose within 3 or 5, we can still do well in this compo if the tars lose, but if the Bulls rip us apart and the tars do lose and we still make it, we won't go any further than that... It's all up to us how much gas we turn on... I just get sooo freaking excited when Mullet Boi gets going, he is so quick and a class act! man, how lucky is South Africa to have that guy in the squad?

  • phil.smuts - 2011-06-13 09:08

    Bulls supporters (I was one for many years), should ask themselves how they scraped a win against an error ridden outfit. Their dependence on kick and charge rugby will still come back to haunt them.

      Count Olaf - 2011-06-13 09:22

      3 Cups in 4 years against 0 cups in 17 years. Thanks for leaving by the way.

      Frikkie - 2011-06-13 09:38

      Al wat jou gaan "haunt" is nog 'n trofeelose jaar...

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 10:05

      @phil.smuts For a sh*tty Bulls team, that was 7th on the log, that was written off more than 6 weeks ago and was said they will never make it back to the top, to beat the best team in the world, 2nd on the log, God's gift to rugby, with ONLY 3 points is not scraping through. Is it?

      Marcell - 2011-06-13 10:15

      I'll rather be haunted with three cups than with no cups! Die Bulle se patroon is niks besonders nie. Plaas druk op die ander en duik hulle moeg. Maar nog steeds kan Alice en Trassie dit nie begryp nie.

      chrismtb007 - 2011-06-13 11:05

      @Phil.smuts... I am going to tell you the same thing as I have told the Sharks supporters after their loss to the Bulls, the ONLY reason there were so many errors, was because the Bulls put the whole stromers team under constant pressure... to be honest, if you go and look at the stats for the game, the stormers had double the amount of penalties awarded to them, so, your comment of a error ridden team is useless, they were forced to make errors. the pressure was to big for them. This was the same way that the Bulls beat the Stormers in last years final, and the same way that they have beaten the sharks in Durbs a few weeks ago..... If the Bulls didnt apply the pressure as they did, then it would have been a different ball game.

      Deon - 2011-06-13 11:38

      phil if you were a Bulls supporter then you never were one, for a Bull supporter NEVER changes to another side.....NEVER.

      DeonL - 2011-06-13 11:54

      They beat a form team in theire own back yard, but I agree Stormers made many errors. January and Habana played badly and should be moved to the bench.

      Paul - 2011-06-13 12:00

      Did not haunt us on Saturday. A win is a win is a win.Ou raasbek Schalk Visburger se groot geraas het hom nie veel punte ngekoop nie.

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 12:03

      Ek lees die 1 artikel wat Schalk Hamburger geweier het met 2 skoppe pale toe want hy wou 2 driee gehad het om te wen. Goeie kaptein goeie kaptein.

  • Schaun - 2011-06-13 09:25

    well the bulls stick to their plan, stormers cracked, as for phil smit ur coment of was a bull for many years....their kcking game gonna haunt them, sck it up big boy, we dont need u in bulls ring, still sour cause u went to support the other team and then u loose?? i hate these insults and no rugby talks, stormers r good yes but on the day the bulls won, they had a plan and it worked, was awesome to c how mentaly fit they r look at the tackles they made, thought stormers was best defending side but the stats shows different, thats what i luv about this game, u can never say who is the best in super rugby, u need years of playing and atleast1 cup to show for it,.. 1soldier goes to war, killled 500men his friend killed 1 but he came home to tell the story and recieve the medal, the one who killed 500 was just remembered by his friend and his family, so unfair but on end rugby is the same, the bulls got cups to show for it, even though they were not the best team in all three times but they won

      Foes - 2011-06-13 10:01

      It was a bun fight and the Bulls won the bun on the day.

      Lloyd - 2011-06-13 18:05

      Schaun have you ever heard of starting a sentence with a capital letter????? I do however agree with the part of your post where you say "fadsgrhcvyd ebgvdhsgasvshdjfkfnmchdgsbsgvavsbvc dgdfbdfgcdbgdbgdsgvdbvcvcddbcdgcdgdbbxgdxvcdbvchsxjsnzbzhcdbcdvc vcbvdfhdxjsnznzsh"

      Schaun - 2011-06-14 08:27

      lol, yes it do start with capitals, but been a while since i was in a sentence writing compitition or spelling, loyd i likie ur dark humour that u bring here, u peee a lot of peeps of and they dont understand whats it about, if it was rugby match u would of won as u always get under their skin. atleast i understand , olale player.. tyvm loyd i will however try to use a cap here and there

  • Licikityspit - 2011-06-13 09:29

    Victors reputation alone forced the stormers to vary their lineouts, having said that the bulls still look very one dimensional. Was at the game on saterday and we knew that for example when kirschner gets the ball he's gonna kick, olivier is neva gonna pass the ball, etc. For the sake of SA rugby hope they not gonna try the same against the NZ teams should they go through as I would like to see a rematch (bulls and stormers final) - GO stormers and well done to the bulls for winning Saterday

  • Gorilla - 2011-06-13 09:31

    Good win for the Bulls - I take back everything I said last week. Sadly I thought that the Stormers lost the game rather than the Bulls winning it, Stormers were off their game. I don't agree that Victor was pivotal in the win either. Most of the big names were invisible for 80 minutes. Habana and Januarie were terrible.

  • WPBEFONK - 2011-06-13 09:34

    Sharks by 10+ Stormers by 12+ Go coastal Boys Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-13 09:49

      Please NEVER become a weather forecaster

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 09:58

      @wpbefoek - I hope you are not the betting type?

      bullincapeto - 2011-06-13 10:00

      WPBEFONK THE delusions continue, did the voices tell you this?? When will you people ever learn.Take off the blinkers

      Marcell - 2011-06-13 10:17

      @WPBFONK: Is jy dom van al die papsak of het jy agter in die ry gestaan?

      Marx - 2011-06-13 10:37

      WPBEFONK, you are living proof that some people never learn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Deon - 2011-06-13 11:43

      WPBEFONK if you want to win a super rugby trophee then change your captain. Make Andries Bekker the captain for he stay calm and does not rush things. Schalk goes into tantrum mode and when he loses his cool then things like this happen.

  • Clayton - 2011-06-13 09:38

    Bulls were cr@p on Saturday, they were just less cr@p than the stormers. Don't think to many questions were answered in terms of player verse player. It is concerning that Bekker does seem to disappear in the big games, he is after all going to have to the fill the boots of Matfield next year. One thing is for sure, lets all pray (Bulls and Stormers fans) that come September, Ricky Januaries will be sitting at home watching the RWC on TV.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 10:31

      @Clayton - he won't be anywhere near the Bok squad mate - guaranteed.

      Deon - 2011-06-13 11:46

      Clayton I agree 100% both sides played not to their full potential but then again it was like a final. Both sides wanted to win the game but errors youd never expect crept in. Morne had a real bad game and not only because he missed a couple of times but his line kick was not great. Now the comp is open. The Crusaders is my biggest worry for they are starting to peak......TROUBLES

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 09:38

    And PS: Marxie - class can't be bought. (And supposed decent Christian chap like yourself shouldn't be calling others 'w****rs" on public forums. Very trashy and Dominee might see it.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-13 09:52

      Must admit,SAFFA has kept her side of the deal ,she did congratulated the Bulls yesterday and today,made very positive comments about some Bulls players, @Bulls fans,How sweet was Hougaards trie?

      Marx - 2011-06-13 09:53

      Correct, I have never seen any of our players swearing at the ref, you lot are a disgrace !!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 10:09

      Thank you Bloody Agent - please say that again so this MARX hobbit can crawl back into his government sponsored home.

      Foes - 2011-06-13 10:31

      @Marx, then you have not supported the Bulls for too long. I clearly remember Uli swearing at Fransie Mulder in the early nineties, and the Fransie returning the favour! Irrespective, Kaplan had such a poor game both ways on Saturday I would definitely have done more than swear at him had I been on the field.

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-13 10:36

      Marx, Sulk Burger is a disgrace and I hope he gets cited.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 10:46

      Saffa, you claim to be some sort of a boss somewhere, but hell, you and you're comments fall short of anything superior to anything out there. Is this the manner you talk to your employees?? Act what you claim to be for once. My apologies, I never saw your comment.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 10:57

      Foes, please grow up, we're not in the 90's. I'm refering to the current pro. players. The Stormers are lacking in so many areas it's a joke. Yellow Card King Burger is their biggest problem.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 11:02

      @Marx - I am my own boss. I treat people the way they treat me. On these blogs and in the real world. Calling me a 'wa***r" will not see you getting the decent treatment. Chatting normally will.

      Foes - 2011-06-13 11:42

      @Marx, wtf does age have to do with my comment, I merely stated a fact. You are obviously very excited about the Bulls' deserved win on Saturday, as I would have been had the Stormers won. I would not have acted like a f**k-faced c**t though.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 12:05

      Foes, grow up and stop swearing. We the Bulls are used to winning, you on the other hand, are acting like a sour loser. I've taken our loss earlier in the year like a man. The Stormers outplayed us on that day. You're behaviour now speaks volumes. Have I gloated anywhere in a childish manner today?? Do you call your behaviour grown up??

      Foes - 2011-06-13 12:17

      @Marx, all my posts this morning have been complimentary to the Bulls. I have clearly stated that it was an epic battle and that we were beaten by a better team on the day. You were the one that got personal after my comment on swearing at the ref, not?

      Marx - 2011-06-13 12:33

      Foes.... personal....what, you're acting and swearing at me like that for saying you should grow up?? I only said that cause we're talking about what happened on sat. not years ago with Uli Boelie. How is what happened in the 90's when rugby was amateur related to what happened on sat. in the pro. era ???

      Foes - 2011-06-13 12:51

      Marx, you stated that you have never seen any of your players swear at the ref, never being a very long time which would include the early 90's. My comment was made in this context. Further more I did not swear at you bud, I stated how I would not act. Anyway, no gripes, I have always perceived you as one of the more knowledgable on these forums.

  • Foes - 2011-06-13 09:59

    Congrats to the Bulls on a deserving win against a very poor Stormers outfit on Saturday. The fact that the Stormers lost against the Bulls is bad enough, but the manner in which they lost definitely makes it worse. Still positive that we can turn it around against the Cheetahs if we play to our full potential and may the best team win in the Bulls/Sharks derby.

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 10:02

      We did play very badly,no excuses,we are in the playoffs and if things go our way a home semi is calling!!!!!

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 12:30

      And if you do, what's the point? a Nice home semi? Your performance on your own field is more disastrous than on away fields.

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 12:32

      And what is it now? Then you say "we will finish 1st on the log" and now you say "if things go our way" Not very confident in your team

      Foes - 2011-06-13 12:37

      @Disa2011, valid point, but hopefully they can pull finger if they get the opportunity of a home semi. If the Stormers want to be a champion side, they will have to learn to win anywhere and under any conditions. As a loyal supporter I hope they manage both.

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 13:05

      If the Chiefs beat the Reds and we beat the Cheetahs then we go top and a home semi,so difficult to understand,If I were you I would worry more about the Bulls game Saturday,remeber one slip and you are out,Sharks are not going to make it easier,specially if the Tahs win!!!!!!!!!!

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 13:28

      @gooinat - you also said the stormers were going to run all over the bulls. So what happened? We also told you to forget about the Bulls and worry about your own Stormers and look what happened. Shame man. Must be sad to be a stormer. You lost more games at home than what's a home semi going to help?

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 13:40

      @Disa,why you post the same thing twice.I'm proud to be a Stormer supporter,If you guys can only beat us by 3 points with our 4th or 5th choice flyhalf then I think that is sad,remember we are there in the playoffs,you still gotta get there.

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 13:50

      @gooinat - for a 7th on the log, written off team with 10 oupas from the old age home AND a girl in the team, 3 points is not too bad. You might be there, but the big question is - will you stay there?

      Mrgreeky - 2011-06-13 14:49

      Hey Gooinat I thought your flyhalf had a half decent game, you were probably hoping the ref would provide you with an excuse. Who messed up Stormer balls? Scrumhalf and Wing, mostly. You got a chin, ever thought of taking one and accepting a defeat like a man. Focus on the Cheetahs boet, I dont think the ref of this one will dream of dishing out the favors that the previous ref did in the matchup with the sharks.

  • Brannas - 2011-06-13 10:54

    I heard someone was calling me . I’m back in the land of the living and trying to recover, thanks to my colleagues in Cape Town for inviting us down. We went the full 10 yards, it was like something out of the movie “ the hung over” Our 4 hunks from up north ( and this will be something my Cape Fans and followers will enjoy) even got Bliksemed in a bar when we chatted up some spunky girls and it turned out they got boyfriends, but hey!!! It was all part of the fun. To the Stormer fans I can just say, I TOLD YOU SO and I’m telling you now that the Cheetahs is going to moer you guys, the Cheetahs will be fresh after their by, and the Stormers must go and play at high altitude after a bruising encounter with the bulls.

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 11:01

      Don't lie Brannas,you ouens went to the Bronx and tried to chat up some biker dudes en toe kry julle lekker op julle donner.So lank jy die Kaap geniet.Ek sal my liewer bekommer oor die Sharks,Sharks het lelik opgeslip[ Saterdag en moet regmaak.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 11:05

      @Brannas? You were beaten up in CT? Nooit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I am officially LMFAO.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 11:06

      Brannas, byt vas, die intellektuele reuse, Saffa en Kie sal jou nou begin beledig, jy ken mos suur......ek's nou Hobbit, was al Sewer Rat, hehe, sy's classy hoor !!

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 11:27

      @Marxie,whats with the hatred all of a sudden there,Saffa put you on your place and now you can't stomach it.

      Brannas - 2011-06-13 11:29

      @ Marx, Moenie worry nie maat, ek vat maar die beledigings van wie dit kom, dit is al wat hulle doen in elk geval, ek steur my nie daaraan nie, ek is al gewoond daaraan. Wat anders kan jy verwag van n' klomp papsak drinkers, jy moes gehoor het hoe BOO hulle die spelers op nuweland, sommer hulle eie spelers ook. Klomp ongeletterde skepsels daar in die Kaap.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 11:50

      Hi Brannas, ek lag ook.....Skinstad het hulle glo lekker gesê oor die gebooo....patetiese spul.

  • Raka13 - 2011-06-13 11:00

    The Bulls won, congrats to you guys. I don't want to take anything away from the Bulls, but how on earth and please explain the following: The Stormers have a centre pair rated as one of the best in world rugby, still they can not break through a mediocre centre pair of Wynad and Pretorius? No backline, regardless of who they are will ever be on song with a scrumhalf like Januarie - he is slow and cannot control the game. Habana is seriously struggeling, he played almost every game this year, but still cant get his old form back? He should go back to the Bulls where he was brilliant.

      Count Olaf - 2011-06-13 11:18

      Question: The Stormers have a centre pair rated as one of the best in world rugby, still they can not break through a mediocre centre pair of Wynad and Pretorius? Answer: Stormers centers overrated, Bulls centers underrated.

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-13 11:42

      @RAKA - Is the centres of the Bulls that bad? Perhaps not. Both are defesively strong. The Stormers centres almost made it happen a few times, but were closed down by WO and Pretorius. I am NOT a Pretorius fan, but he is a very good defender. The Bulls stopped the Stormers with good defense, and this is how the Stormers have been winning games all year.

      Marx - 2011-06-13 11:51

      Olaf, you nailed it........

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 12:27

      Rather look at the line break stats for the game.....will probably give you a better idea.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-13 12:37

      In the whole game there were 9 linebreaks. 8 Made by the Stormers, of which Jaque Fourie made 3. The Bulls made one, Hougaards try. I am no fan of stats, and without context they mean nothing - the fact that Jaque Fourie's 3 line breaks led to zilch attest to that BUT in the case of line breaks full stop as they stood in the game - Jaque Fourie emerged victorious. That the Bulls centres defence was good (in fact the entire teams was), is a fact. Where is stat lover Krugga to explain all this - and defend HIS stats today? In fact today I prove to him that stats mean nothing once and for all.......Tackles made: Bulls 193 of which they missed 32. Stormers made 111 and missed 13.... But look at the scoreboard old Krugga....funny how a Bulls win finally proves to you that stats without context mean ZERO.

  • Storm Bru - 2011-06-13 11:01

    The bulls won playing their bst game of the season and the Stormers their worst according to their coaches and the difference was 3 points. Not much to get excited about! Stormers are now conference winners and assured of a home game and we will beat the Cheetahs ( who have nothing to play for and want to end their season quickly) to take second place and a home semi and a nice rest. What have the bulls got? Probable playoff to Blues in NZ? Enjoy the trip boys and the trip back with nothing!!

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 11:32

      The crusaders will beat the Hurricanes with a bonus point - say bye bye to your 2nd spot.

      gooinat - 2011-06-13 11:52

      @Disa,yes indeed we will say bye bye to 2nd spot as we will finish top of the log,Chiefs beat Reds and we beat Cheetahs with a bonus point.

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 12:06

      shame - good luck with that.

  • BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-13 11:11

    Captain my Captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • George - 2011-06-13 11:17

    To all of you, my biggest hope for the weakend, is that the Brumbies by some miracle wins the Thas', then the Sharks, Bulls and Stomers can go through to the finals... That would be great for our rugby.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-13 11:40

      George,whats so weak about the "weakend"? Weekend

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 11:43

      And the Crusaders beat the Hurricanes with a bonus point.

      gnus wakker - 2011-06-13 15:37

      @George Hou maar by die Afrikaans jou armsalige sot, die wereld val van hul stoele af soos hulle vir jou lag.

  • henco.swart - 2011-06-13 11:33

    How the heck do you get that? Please, someone tell me. Explain it to me in English, or Afrikaans.. 'The Bulls didn't win the match, the Stormers lost it.' Or is it the 'tik' or papsak that affected your ability to reason?... The team with the most points on the scoreboard, wins the match... yes, luck does play a role. But still... the Stormer didn't have enough points at the end of the 80 minutes, and that effectively means that they LOST. If you can't play proper rugby, because the opposition forces you into mistakes, and they outscore you, thru wichever way, that means they won, and you LOST. Last week's match against that blind team from Australia didn't have much pressure. A team that can win under pressure, is a team that does the right things in those 'high-pressure' circumstances. The Bulls did do what was needed from them, and kept coolheads and composure. The Stormers didn't have that composure on the day. Bulls WON!!! Stormers LOST!!! Now, is that so difficult to understand?

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 11:42

      @henco. Die stormers besef ook nie eers hoekom hulle so bietjies bietjies hulle broeke vuil maak nie. Hulle dink dit is van iets wat hulle geeet het. Om 12 jaar bekerloos te wees, moet dit te verstane wees.

      Juggernaut - 2011-06-13 11:45

      What really surprised me was how ineffective all the Stormers centres were: de Villiers, Fourie and that replacement. This against average Olivier and Pretorious. Bulle were actually not that good giving far too many penalties away and too much kicking the ball way. Kirschner is really a dud. Bekker again a bit average against strong opposition. Both Bulls and Sharks in the poo if Warathas get 5 points against the Brumbies which is very likley. Do not see the Bulls beating Sharks with 4 tries.

      Spartel - 2011-06-13 12:26

      Talking about Luck. Actually the Stormers are lucky not to have lost by a bigger margin!

  • Kok - 2011-06-13 11:40

    Ek is 'n All Black supporter, maar ek admireer Morne Steyn se skopwerk. Hy is verseker na Dan Carter die beste stelskopper op die oomblik. Matfield het na my mening vir die eerste keer rugby gespeel saterdag.

      Teebs - 2011-06-13 12:43

      Afrikaanse All Black supporters is nie geregtig op 'n opinie. Voetsek!

      Disa2011 - 2011-06-13 13:24

      En wat maak jou so special Teets?

      Kok - 2011-06-13 14:13

      Voetsek terug!!!!!!

  • Manus - 2011-06-13 11:59

    Los tog die provinsialisme: Matfield en Bekker is albei great - ons is gelukkig om sulke slotte te kan saamvat WB toe. Hougaardjie het dit, Morne Steyn is dalk nie flashy nie, maar hy gaan jou ook nie drop nie, De Jong, De Villiers en Fourie is sterre, met Wynand Olivier nie ver agter nie (gaan na Ruggastats en kyk na sy tackle count) en ons coach mot regtig breindood wees om Basson uit te laat. Ek het so 'n idee dat Dean Greyling dalk net 'n grote kan word, en daai rooikop van die Stormers ook ('n ou moet darem blerrie lief vir die game wees om voorry te speel).

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-13 12:32

      @Manus - ag, dit is lekker om n Bull te wees. Maar, waneer ons Tri-Nations en RWB toe gaan, sal die klomp by mekaar stann. Jou punte oor die spelers is reg, en ons kan a Bok span by mekaar maak wat vir niemand hoe terug te staan nie.

  • zule - 2011-06-13 13:43

    BULLE...BULLE...BULLE !!!!!!!!!!!

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